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DAVE RICH Bear Family BCD 15763 Ain't It Fine ● CD $21.98
RCA recordings from mid/ late 50s by distinctive singer.

DON RICH & THE BUCKAROOS Sundazed 11091 Country Pickin' - The Don Rich Anthology ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, essential
When he was 18, guitarist/ fiddler/ singer Rich teamed up with Buck Owens & would eventually lead The Buckaroos for the rest of his short life. He died in a bike accident in '74 at the age of 32, which was the beginning of Buck's spiral down, not to be picked up again until he teamed with another young buck, Dwight Yoakum. Rich's sound was the sound of The Buckaroos, & this set highlights Rich's showcases on the multitude of Buckaroos solo LPs, as well as the hit instrumental Buckaroo with the boss present. Whether honky-tonk vocals, hot guitar instrumentals or fiddle breakdowns, Rich's distinctive style shines through on such tunes as I'm Layin' It On The Line/ Happy-Go-Lucky Guitar/ Tim-Buck-Too/ Buckersfield Breakdown/ Round Hole Guitar, etc. Many tributes to Don written by Buck, Merle Haggard, Chris Hillman & the Buckaroos. (GM)

RIDERS IN THE SKY MCA MCAD 31244 The Cowboy Way ● CD $7.98
For their major label debut, The Riders, supposedly live in the studio, go through their live act, but filled with so much cutesy-pie humor to make you wanna break the record in half. If you want real cowboy music, buy any Sons Of The Pioneers LP that has Bob Nolan on lead vocals. If you can sit through the humor (I couldn't) they do 15 digitally recorded tunes, originals with such titles as Concerto For Violin & Longhorns and Salting Of The Slug , with cowboy favorites Riders In The Sky/ Happy Trails/ Back In The Saddle Again & Bob Nolan's When Payday Rolls Around (GM)

RIDERS IN THE SKY Rounder 0102 Three On The Trail ● CD $15.98

RIDERS IN THE SKY Rounder 0147 Cowboy Jubilee ● CD $15.98
Mostly original songs

RIDERS IN THE SKY Rounder 0170 Prairie Serenade ● CD $15.98

RIDERS IN THE SKY Rounder 0186 Live ● CD $15.98
1983 recordings.

RIDERS IN THE SKY Rounder 0220 New Trails ● CD $15.98

RIDERS IN THE SKY Rounder 1038 Weeds & Water ● CD $15.98

RIDERS IN THE SKY Rounder 8011 Saddle Pals ● CD $15.98

RIDERS IN THE SKY Rounder 11517 Best Of The West ● CD $15.98

RIDERS IN THE SKY Rounder 11524 Best Of The West Rides Again ● CD $15.98
25 cowboy songs culled from the Riders five albums on Rounder.

JEANNIE C. RILEY Collectables 6022 Harper Valley P.T.A. ● CD $13.98
24 track collection of Jeannie's Plantation recordings cut between 1968 and 1971 including, of course, her monster hit Harper Valley P.T.A., the wild follow up The Girl Most Likely and others like The Wedding Cake/ Good Enough To Be Your Wife/ Help Me Make It Through The Night/ The Back Side Of Dallas/ Things Go Better With Love, etc.

TEX RITTER B.A.C.M. 257 Froggy Went A-Courtin & Other Children's Songs ● CD $14.98
Ol' Tex wraps his deep warm pipes around 23 songs intended for children recorded between 1945 and 1954 - some on Capitol's "Junior Records" imprint.
TEX RITTER: Animal Fair/ Billy The Kid/ Cactus Jackson Had A Ranch/ Carbon The Copy Cat/ Down In The Valley/ Egg A Bread/ Froggy Went A-Courtin'/ I Love My Rooster/ I Was Born A Hundred Years Ago/ I'll Be A Sunbeam/ Is There A Santa Claus/ Jesus Loves Me/ Mr Buzzard/ Muskrat/ Night Herding Song/ Old Tex Kringle/ One Misty Moisty Morning/ She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain/ Texas Rangers/ Thank You/ The Noise Song/ The Pony Express/ Wreck Of The Number Nine

TEX RITTER Bear Family BCD 15634 High Noon ● CD $21.98
This upgraded version of a previous Ritter LP compilation (BFX 15126--out of print) now brings together 27 selected Capitol recordings by the legendary cowboy film star ranging from 1942 (the year Capitol was founded) to 1957. Ritter classics as Rye Whiskey, Blood On the Saddle, Cattle Call, My Little Cherokee, Jingle, Jangle, Jingle, Remember the Alamo, The Texas Rangers, The Bandit and such novelties as Boogie Woogie Cowboy and He's A Cowboy Auctioneer make up the collection. It also includes two versions of his classic High Noon. the American recording and a remake released in England. Again, the sound is outstanding, especially when compared to the pitiful attempts at sound enhancement on a Curb Records CD on some of the same Ritter material (Curb simply slaps on echo to muffle the imperfections). Includes excellent notes by Guy Logsdon. (RK)

TEX RITTER Bear Family BCD 16356 High Noon ● CD $99.98
Four CD set featuring all of Tex's recordings made between 1947 and '54 including three versions of the big hit title song.

TEX RITTER Cattle 272 The Golden Age Of Tex Ritter ● CD $18.98
28 tracks from radio transcriptions made in the late 40s with a small group including guitar, fiddle, steel guitar, accordion and bass.
TEX RITTER: (tho I Tried) I Can't Forget You/ As Long As I Live/ Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt/ Born To Be Blue/ Careless Darlin'/ Detour/ Fort Worth Jail/ Gotta Have Some Lovin'/ Gotta Make Up For Lost Time/ I Don't Care Who Knows It/ I Hung My Head And Cried/ I Learned My Lesson Too Late/ I Was Wrong/ I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine/ Let's Forget/ Never Mind My Tears/ Shadow On My Heart/ Shame On You/ The First Rose/ This Lonely World/ Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry/ Trouble Keeps Hangin' 'round My Door/ Wave To Me My Lady./ When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/ When You Cry (you Cry Alone)/ You Brought Sorrow To My Heart/ You Can't Break My Heart/ You Can't Conceal A Broken Heart

JIMMIE RIVERS Joaquin 2501 Brisbane Bop ● CD $15.98
19 tracks, essential
Country-jazz guitar whiz Jimmie Rivers enjoyed regional success with his Northern California-based Western Swing band the Cherokees. In the early sixties, he led a cut-down version who played just south of San Francisco at Brisbane, California's wild and woolly 23 Club. The band, dominated by his formidable guitar, ex-Texas Playboy Vance Terry's pedal steel and the vocals of Gene Duncan, was captured by Terry on home recording equipment. In 1983, San Francisco's Western Records issued 12 numbers from the Terry tapes on LP and over time it became a cult classic. Bay Area music scene veteran Jeff Richardson, on of the principals in the long-defunct Western, reissued the album on CD to launch his new Joaquin label. With the original sequencing preserved, Jeff not only improved the sound considerably on the CD but went back to Terry's tapes to add a raucous spoken announcement by Rivers that sets the listener smack dab in the wild, raucous 23 Club milieu. Six never-heard songs follow, among them barn-burning versions of Air Mail Special, How High The Moon the Art Pepper bop anthem Surf Ride and Rose Room. Rivers, who blew a Dixieland trumpet as wild as his guitar, rides high on a jumping It's A Sin to Tell A Lie . The last track, Bob Wills's Twin Guitar Special is light years beyond the original version. The new graphics are outstanding, and Rich Kienzle, whose original liner notes captured the Old West atmosphere of both Brisbane (on the southern border of San Francisco) and the 23 Club, improves on those notes by adding material from a recent interview with Rivers. One of the best reissues of 1995. (AK)

THE ROANE COUNTY RAMBLERS County 3530 Complete Recordings, 1928-1929 ● CD $15.98
12 tracks by this excellent Tennessee string band featuring James McCarroll/ fiddle, Luke Brandon/ guitar, John Kelly/ mandolin & Howard Wyatt/ banjo. Includes Callahan Rag/ Johnson City Rag/ Green River March/ Step High Waltz/ Southern No. 111/ Tennessee Waltz, etc.

MARTY ROBBINS Bear Family BCD 15568 Hawaii's Calling Me ● CD $21.98
Marty's longstanding love for Hawaiian ballads is thoroughly explored on this collection which combines both the Columbia LPs "Song of the Islands" and "Hawaii's Calling Me" on one CD. With added tracks, there are a total of 28 tunes here. Robbins, not surprisingly, was a superb Hawaiian-style vocalist, able to handle these ballads as effortlessly as he did every other style of music. He first tried Hawaiian songs at a 1953 session in Dallas that produced Aloha Oe and My Isle of Golden Dreams, with his regular steel guitarist Jimmy Farmer playing the Hawaiian-style riffs behind him. He went further with it in 1957 when he recorded an entire album that became "Song of the Islands"including songs like Beyond the Reef and Sweet Leilani. Then in 1962 he tried it again with the "Hawaii's Calling Me" album with Jerry Byrd, formerly the top non-pedal country steel guitar session man before the pedal steel took over. Byrd, whose love of Hawaiian music was as strong as Marty's complements Marty's vocals perfectly. As a result, the second album was even better. (RK)

MARTY ROBBINS Bear Family BCD 15570 1951-58 ● CD $99.98
If you've been waiting for Bear's mid-eighties LP collection of the Marty Robbins Files to be issued on CD, wait no more. This 5-CD covers all Marty's recordings from the first session in L.A. in 1951 through 1958, arranged chronologically, for a total of 136 numbers, superbly remastered by Marty Brown's producer (and Down Home customer) Richard Bennett. The material is largely beyond criticism. You get the early hits like "I'll Go On Alone" and "I Couldn't Keep From Crying." All of the rockers are here, That's All Right," "Long Tall Sally" and "Maybelline," and the first pop crossovers" "Singing the Blues" and "Knee Deep In The Blues." All but one of the Mitch Miller/Ray Conniff sessions (the last was done in 1959) including "A White Sport Coat" and "The Story of My Life" are here as well. This means that it duplicates previously released material including everything on the recently released Bear CDs Rockin' Rollin' Robbins Vol. 1 and The Story of My Life: The Ray Conniff Sessions) and the earlier LPs covering the same material including the Just Me and My Guitar LP. The sound is nothing short of amazing, and the sound so clear you'd swear you were sitting in the middle of the musicians on some tracks. I do wonder about the fifth disc with its "a unique fly on the wall perspective" on Marty in the studio, with alternate takes and false starts from a New York session with Miller and a Nashville date with Don Law. Major differences in takes are interesting but hearing Mitch Miller tell the "kids" in the chorus where to stand in relation to the mike doesn't do much for me. The Nashville date has one interesting part. As the musicians blow a take of Bill Monroe's "Footprints in The Snow" and Marty yells "Now you guys aren't playin' like you were a while ago--SHIT! everybody quits!" You won't hear Mr. Teardrop in THAT kind of mood on other compilations. Great collection with detailed notes by Colin Escott and terrific photos. (RK)

MARTY ROBBINS Bear Family BCD 15571 A Musical Journey To The Caribbean & Mexico ● CD $21.98
This 25 song CD is a mishmash of Jamaican and Tex-Mex songs recorded at various Robbins sessions from 1963 to 1968. They aren't bad, though not exactly earthshaking, given the other high quality material Marty was cutting at the time. Includes everything from Bahama Mama and Kingston Girl to traditional Mexican fare like La Paloma and Maria Elena. Primarily a footnote to the other things he was doing at the time. (RK)

MARTY ROBBINS Bear Family BCD 15646 Under Western Skies ● CD $99.98
Four CD's 97 songs essential It's only fitting that Bear Family put all of Marty's brilliant cowboy songs in one place, both the hit singles and all the LP cuts. In one place, they drive home just what a tremendous singer and songwriter he was in this field. It starts in 1959 with his now-standard version of El Paso both the long version that became a hit and the edited version that Columbia thought disc jockeys would accept. Everything is here, from LP's like Gunfighter Ballads through the few Western songs he recorded during his short stay on MCA in the early 1970's. The big hits are known, from Big Iron and Cowboy in the Continental Suit/ Feleena (From El Paso)/ Tonight Carmen/ El Paso City and All Around Cowboy, the latter being the final Western hit of his career. Fine obscurities like the masterful Man Walks Among Us are also featured. The booklet features the usual rare photos, posters for Robbins' Western movies, stills from those same movies and never-seen onstage color photos of Robbins and his band. However, in a departure for Bear Family, the essay by Western music authority Guy Logsdon, a capable survey of this aspect of Robbins's career, is accompanied by full lyrics for all the numbers within. (RK)

MARTY ROBBINS Bear Family BCD 15655 Country, 1960-1966 ● CD $99.98
Four CDs, 102 tracks, essential Bear Family capably chronicled the Columbia recording career of Marty Robbins on a series of LP's in the pre-CD era and has now put together all his mid-period mainstream country material to accompany their CD's of rock, pop, Caribbean, Mexican and Hawaiian, the cowboy box set and the box of his complete 1951-1958 country material. If he recorded it, it's here, hits and all, including Don't Worry, (with the proto-fuzztone solo by Grady Martin) Devil Woman, It's Your World, Cigarettes and Coffee Blues and other hits. His gospel LP What God Has Done is presented in its entirety as are the My Kind of Country, Devil Woman and RFD LPs. The quality of the performances is typical Robbins, which means he rarely stumbles. Even his one political record, Ain't I Right , from 1966 is musically excellent, despite being an inflammatory anthem of hard-line conservatism recorded during the Vietnam War which Columbia refused to release. Everything else is far less political and typically fine Robbins. This is, apparently as far as Bear's going to go with Robbins at this point. No reissues of his 1970's Columbia material is planned at this point. No matter. Taken as a whole, the quality of the set is uniformly high. Booklet includes complete discography and an essay by Colin Escott. (RK)

MARTY ROBBINS Collectables 7451 Just A Little Sentimental/ Turn The Lights Down Low ● CD $13.98
Two of Marty's Columbia LPs from 1961 & '65 respectively featuring songs like A Little Sentimental/ To Each His Own/ Answer Me My Love/ Half As Much/ Are You Sincere/ To Think You've Chosen Me/ Turn The Lights Down Low/ You're Not The Only One/ But Only In My Dreams and more. 24 tracks in all.

MARTY ROBBINS Epic 65966 Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs ● CD $11.98
 Newly remastered version of Classic 1959 album with three bonus tracks including the full length version of El Paso.

MARTY ROBBINS Columbia CK 8435 More Greatest Hits ● CD $9.98
This disc proves that Marty has enough good music to merit a "more" greatest hits release. Includes El Paso/ I Told My Heart/ Saddle Tramp and cowboy classics like Streets Of Laredo/ Red River Valley and more. 12 songs in all, great sound quality, highly recommended. (PG)

MARTY ROBBINS Columbia CK 31361 All-Time Greatest Hits ● CD $11.98
2-LP set on one disc - this is Marty's top 20 from his later years as a Columbia hitmaker. El Paso/ Streets Of Laredo/ Devil Woman/ You Gave Me A Mountain/ Kaw-Liga/ My Woman, My Woman, My Wife/ The Hanging Tree/ Red River Valley/ Joli Girl/ It's A Sin/ Maria/ I Walk Alone/ Aloha Oe and more.

MARTY ROBBINS Columbia CK 38870 A Lifetime Of Song ● CD $11.98
20 songs - Tomorrow You'll Be Gone/ Knee Deep in the Blues/ The Story of My Life/ Devil Woman/ The Hanging Tree, etc

MARTY ROBBINS Columbia C2K 48537 The Essential Marty Robbins ● CD $24.98
This double CD Robbins package is the perfect collection for someone who wants all Marty's hits and landmark recordings in one spot and doesn't require the completeness of the Bear Family box (which only covers 1951-1958). This collection, beginning in 1951 and ending in 1982 (the year Marty died) assembles 50 songs covering all of his big hits and other favorites on two cassettes or CDs. Like most Robbins sets, it kicks off with his first recording, the non-hit "Tomorrow You'll Be Gone," and proceeds through his "Mr. Teardrop" phrase, when weepy ballads became his trademark. His brief flirtation with rockabilly is covered by Elvis's "That's All Right," Chuck Berry's "Maybelline" and Marty's own "Tennessee Toddy." The Mitch Miller era of "A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation)" and other teenage pop ballad isn't ignored. Nor are his classic Western saga songs from "El Paso" and "Big Iron" to "Song of the Bandit" and of course, "The Hanging Tree." The collection includes two samples of his Hawaiian ballads, "The Hawaiian Wedding Song" and the superbly haunting "Beyond the Reef" accompanied by legendary non-pedal steel guitarist Jerry Byrd. "Don't Worry," his 1960 hit that featured the accidental invention of the fuzztone, is also here. Later hits such as Gordon Lightfoot's "Ribbon of Darkness," "I Walk Alone," Marty's own compositions "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife," and "You Gave Me A Mountain," his 1976 hit sequel to "El Paso," "El Paso City" and "Among My Souvenirs" round it out. This is a far more extensive collection than the previously released A Lifetime of Song since it manages to give an overview of every aspect of Marty's career. Rich Kienzle's detailed, well-written liner notes give excellent background on all the high points. (AK)

MARTY ROBBINS Columbia CK 64763 The Story Of My Life - The Best Of Marty Robbins ● CD $11.98
18 of Marty's Top Ten hits - I'll Go On Alone/ I Can't Quit (I've Gone Too Far)/ Knee Deep In The Blues/ The Story Of My Life/ Stairway Of Love/ El Paso/ Don't Worry/ Devil Woman/ Begging To You/ Ribbon Of Darkness, etc


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