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Old Timey & Early Country Collections


VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 030 The Panachord Label - Early Country Music ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, 72 mins, recommended. Excellent and varied collection of country sides issued on the British Panachord label in the 30s. These releases drew on the ARC, Decca, Brunswick and Gennett catalogs and this collection includes a Montana Slim cut recorded for Decca but only issued in the U.K. on Panachord. It also features one cut by the British group The Hill Billies under the pseudonym of The Prairie Serenaders. Among the artists featured here are Otto Gray & The Oklahoma Cowboys, Al Bernard with Carson Robison, Sons Of The Pioneers, Fileds & Hall, Gene Autry & Jimmy Long (with some fine steel guitar from Frankie Marvin), The Texas Drifter (aka Goebel Reeves - a riotous performance with some outrageous yodeling), The McCravy Brothers, Phil & Frank Luther, The Pickard Family, Floyd Turner & His Hometowners, Hank Keene & The Connecticutt Hillbillies, W.Lee O'Daniels's Light Crust Dough Boys and others. (FS)
GENE AUTRY & JIMMY LONG: Missouri I'm Calling/ AL BERNARD: The Preacher & The Bear/ WILF CARTER: How My Yodeling Days Began/ BILL COX: Lay My Head Beneath A Rose/ FIELDS & HALL: Funny Old World Rolls Along/ OTTO GRAY & OKLAHOMA COWBOYS: I Was Born Four Thousand Years Ago/ HANK KEENE & THE CONNECTICUT HILLBILLIES: Runaway Boy/ BRADLEY KINCAID: Red River Valley/ PHIL & FRANK LUTHER: Jacob's Ladder/ FRANK LUTHER & CARSON ROBISON TRIO: Ninety Nine Years/ FRANK LUTHER & CARSON ROBISON: Twenty One Years/ FRANKIE & JOHNNY MARVIN: I Want My Boots On When I Die/ THE MCCRAVY BROS.: Why Can't We Be Sweethearts/ MCFARLAND & GARDNER: When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain/ W. LEE O'DANIELS' LIGHT CRUST DOUGH BOYS: Please Come Back To Me/ THE PICKARD FAMILY: She Never Came Back/ THE PRAIRIE SERENADERS: Last Of The Texas Rangers/ GLEN RICE & HIS BEVERLY HILL BILLIES: Ragtime Cowboy Joe/ CARSON ROBISON & HIS PIONEERS: Hot Time In New Orleans Tonight/ THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Our Old Age Pension Check/ TEXAS DRIFTER: Reckless Tex/ FLOYD TURNER & HIS HOMETOWNERS: Ida Red/ She Wore A Yeller Ribbon/ MARC WILLIAMS: Old Montana

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 41 Memories Of Renfro Valley ● CD $14.98
A fine collection of 20 sides featuring some of the artists who appeared on the radio show "Renfro Valley Barndance" broadcast from Renfro Valley, Kentucky. These are from commercial recordings not radio transcriptions.
HUGH CROSS: No Business Of Mine/ THE CUMBERLAND RIDGE RUNNERS: Goofus (instr.)/ Rounding Up The Yearlings (instr.)/ KARL DAVIS: My Blue Eyed Boy/ RED FOLEY: Echoes Of My Old Plantation Home/ Just One Little Kiss/ Going Out West This Fall/ ANT’ IDY HARPER & THE COON CREEK GIRLS: Lulu Walls/ Poor Naomi Wise/ The Old Apple Tree/ DOC HOPKINS: Wreck Between New Hope & Gethsemane/ Wreck Of Old 31/ JOSIE (CUMBERLAND RIDGE RUNNERS): The Old Maid/ KARL & HARTY: I Didn‘t Hear Anyone Pray/ Little Sweetheart I‘m In Prison/ LILY MAY LEDFORD & THE COON CREEK GIRLS: Pretty Polly/ LINDA PARKER: I‘ll Be All Smiles Tonight/ Lonesome Valley Sally/ My Ozark Mountain Home/ Take Me Back To Renfro Valley

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 050 The Okeh Label Classic Old Time Music ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, 77 mins, highly recommended. Fine collection of old time country recorded for the Okeh label between 1924 and 1930 - most of it making its first appearance on any kind of reissue. Includes a few relatively familiar names like The Scottdale String Band and Narmour & Smith but most of the artists are pretty obscure like Blind Andy Jenkins, Bill Chitwood's Georgia Mountaineers (the delightful When Married Folks Run Out Of Cash - also known as I'm S-A-V-E-D), Bela Lam's Greene County Singers (some lovely old time gospel singing), Ralph Richardson (the very strange Little Dog Yodel), J.D. McFarland & Daughter, Fiddlin; Bob Larkin's Music Makers (the nonsense song Women Wear No Clothes At All), Phil Pavey (fine bluesy yodeling with banjo and piano accompaniment), Roba Stanley (one of the first women country singers to record with a fine version of All Night Long from 1924). A few tracks are from pretty rough 78s but sound quality is generally fine and there are brief notes. (FS)
BILL CHITWOOD'S GEORGIA MOUNTAINEERS: When Married Folks Are Out Of Cash/ THE FOUR VIRGINIANS: New Coon In Town/ ANDREW JENKINS & CARSON ROBISON: Sidewalks Of New York/ BLIND ANDY JENKINS WITH MARY LEE: Alabama Flood/ BELA LAM'S GREENE COUNTY SINGERS: Little Maud/ Sweet Bye And Bye/ Tell It Again/ The Sweet Story Of Old/ FIDDLIN' BOB LARKIN'S MUSIC MAKERS: Women Wear No Clothes At All/ J.D. MCFARLAND & DAUGHTER: Devil In The Woodpile/ NARMOUR & SMITH: Dry Gin Rag/ Tequila Hop Blues/ Texas Breakdown/ Texas Shuffle/ NORTH CAROLINA COOPER BOYS: Daniel In The Lion‘s Den/ PHIL PAVEY (AKA ROY EVANS): Bronco Bustin‘ Blues/ RALPH RICHARDSON: Little Dog Yodel/ HUGH RODEN & ROY RODGERS: Hogs In The Tater Patch/ SCOTTDALE STRING BAND: Carolina Glide/ Chinese Breakdown/ My Own Iona/ Old Folks Better Go To Bed/ Scottdale Stomp/ ROBA STANLEY & BILL PATTERSON: All Night Long/ GEORGE WALBURN & EMMETT HETHCOX: Lee County Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 057 The Columbia Label - Classic Old Time Music ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended. Wonderful collection of old time country music recorded for the Columbia label between 1924 and 1931 - many cuts making their first appearance on CD. It opens with the remarkable novelty song My Little A-1 Brownie, the only recording of the mysterious Charles B. Smith whose accompanying musicians include King Benny Nawahii on steel guitar and Benny Goodman on clarinet! Other artists include Riley Puckett, Dock Walsh, Charlie Parker & Mack Woolbright (two delightful performances including the great The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home). The Pelican Wildcats, Dan Hornsby (two fascinating topical songs with accompaniments by Claton McMichen & Riley Puckett), The Skillet Lickers, Obed Pickard (vocals and Jews harp!), Gid Tanner & Fate Norris, Smith's Sacred Singers (beautiful old time gospel), Gid Tanner & His Georgia Boys, Miner Hawkins, Vernon Dalhart, Arthur Tanner's Corn Shuckers, McMichen's Melody Men, Chubby Parker, The Deal Family and The Grady Family. Sound quality is fine and their are brief notes by Brian Golbey. (FS)
AL CRAVER (VERNON DALHART): Kinnie Wagner/ VERNON DALHART: Frank Dupree/ THE DEAL FAMILY: Be A Daniel/ THE GRADY FAMILY: Carolina‘s Best/ MINER HAWKINS: Song Of The Sea/ DAN HORNSBY: The Shelby Disaster/ The Story Of C. S. Corres/ MCMICHEN’S MELODY MEN: House Of David Blues/ CHUBBY PARKER: Down On The Farm/ CHARLIE PARKER & MACK WOOLBRIGHT: The Man That Wrote Home Sweet Home/ Ticklish Reubin/ THE PELICAN WILDCATS: Walking Georgia Rose/ OBED PICKARD: The Old Grey Mare/ RILEY PUCKETT: Old Joe Clark/ THE SKILLET LICKERS: Cotton Baggin‘/ New Arkansas Traveller/ CHARLES B. SMITH: My Little A-1 Brownie/ SMITH’S SACRED SINGERS: Where We‘ll Never Grow Old/ GID TANNER & FATE NORRIS: Goodbye Old Booze/ Where Did You Get That Hat/ GID TANNER & HIS GEORGIA BOYS: Just Gimme The Leavings/ GID TANNER & RILEY PUCKETT: Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane/ ARTHUR TANNER’S CORN SHUCKERS: Dr. Ginger Blue/ DOCK WALSH: Bulldog Down In Sunny Tennessee/ Educated Man

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3502 Rural String Bands Of Virgina ● CD $15.98
16 tracks, 51 minutes, recommended
This great collection of old time music proves that there was a lot more to the Virginia rural music scene in the late 1920's than the Carter Family. Virginia has a very long tradition of fiddlers and banjo players and these instruments are featured most prominently on the Victor recording sessions from which these instrumentals and vocal numbers are taken. Selections include familiar chestnuts like The Girl I Left Behind Me by Dr. Lloyd & Howard Maxey and Soldier's Joy by the Blue Ridge Highballers. Uncle Eck Dunford & Hattie Stoneman (Ernest's wife) provide comic relief on What Will I Do, For My Money is All Gone. Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party features great harmony work and harmonica by the Floyd County Ramblers. The tour de force though is Old Virginia Reel by the Fiddlin' Powers Family. Originally recorded in two parts, it runs over 6 minutes. After a spoken and picked introduction by each instrument the band launches into a rousing medley of fiddle tunes that includes Flop Eared Mule, among others. Overall the playing and singing is excellent and if the sound is a little raw, believe me, you will not care! (DP)

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3504 Old-Time Mountain Ballads ● CD $15.98
18 cuts, 55 min, essential. More glorious old-timey and early country music from the fine folks at County, focusing on the venerated, but evolving tradition of mountain ballads. All songs were recorded from 1926-29, with early singers such as G.B Grayson, B.F Shelton, Buell Kazee, and others urged to compact their songs to 3 minutes, and to sing it with a guitar, banjo, or fiddle. This gave rise to powerful & emotional ballads, some from archaic sources and some newly composed, but all rooted in the "high lonesome" sound that permeated the mountains of the Southeast. Songs such as Dark Holow/Rose Conley/Darling Cora/Ellen Smith/Willie Moore/John Henry/& Wagoner's Lad have continued to thrive in the folk revival and blugrass, but it is wonderful to hear them sung by such unique performers as Clarence Ashley, Uncle Dave Macon, Ernest Stoneman, Burnett & Rutherford, Blind Alfred Reed, & banjoist John Hammond. Fine notes by Charles Wolfe & superb sound round out an exemplary CD of some of America's finest music. (JM)
CLARENCE ASHLEY: Dark Hollow blues/ GREEN BAILEY: The fate of Ellen Smith/ BURNETT AND RUTHERFORD: Pearl Bryan/ Willie Moore/ GRAYSON AND WHITTER: I'll never be yours/ Rose Conley/ JOHN HAMMOND: My mamma always talked to me/ KELLY HARRELL: Charles Guiteau/ THE HICKORY NUTS: Louisville burglar/ FRANK JENKINS' PILOT MOUNTAINEERS: The burial of Wild Bill/ BUELL KAZEE: The wagoner's lad/ UNCLE DAVE MACON: Death of John Henry (Steel Driving Man)/ BYRD MOORE: Frankie Silvers/ AULTON RAY: Dixie cowboy/ THE RED FOX CHASERS: Wreck on the mountain road/ BLIND ALFRED REED: The fate of Chris Lively and wife/ RUTHERFORD AND FOSTER: Six months ain't long/ B.F. SHELTON: Darling Cora

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3506 Echoes Of The Ozarks, Vol. 1 ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 66 min, recommended. CD version of a compilation first put together by Dave Freeman in 1969, featuring 22 examples of old time country recordings from the mysterious Ozark Mountain region of America during the late 20s and early 30s, featuring such outstanding outfits as The Morrison Twin Brothers Band (some real, uh, twin fiddling here on outstanding versions of Dry and Dusty and The Ozark Waltz), Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers, Luke Highnight's Ozark Strutters, George Edgin's Corn Dodgers, Fiddling Sam Long, Ashley's Melody Men, and especially Ted Sharp, whose fiddle workouts on Pike's Peak and Robinson County are awe inspiring. This collection and volume two hold special treasures for the dedicated traditional country music fan, especially fans of great country fiddling. (RP)
ASHLEY'S MELODY MEN: Searcy County Rag/ GEORGE EDGIN'S CORN DODGERS: Corn Dodger #1 Special/ My Ozark Mountain Home/ LUKE HIGHNIGHT'S OZARK STRUTTERS: Bailey Waltz/ Ft. Smith Breakdown/ Sailing on the Ocean/ There's No Hell in Georgia/ Walk Along John/ FIDDLIN' SAM LONG: Echoes of the Ozarks/ Sandy Land/ Seneca Square Dance/ THE MORRISON BROTHERS BAND: Dry and Dusty/ Ozark Waltz/ POPE'S ARKANSAS MOUNTAINEERS: Cotton Eyed Joe/ George Washington/ Get Along Home Miss Cindy/ Hog Eye/ Jaw Bone/ TED SHARP, HINMAN & SHARP: Old Grey Horse/ Pike's Peak/ Robinson County

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3507 Echoes Of The Ozarks, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
21 tracks, 62 min, recommended. This volume continues the documentation of recorded music from The Ozarks, circa 1928. Volume 2 celebrates the recordings of such stalwart groups as Dr. Smith's Champion Hoss Hair Pullers, Reaves White County Ramblers, Arkansas Barefoot Boys, A. E.Ward & His Plowboys, and The Fiddlin' Bob Larkin Family. My favorite group here is The Grinell Giggers; their Duck Shoes Rag, Ruth's Rag, and Plow Boy Hop are all lively, syncopated pieces that move things along in a sprightly fashion. As with volume one, authoritative, well researched notes by traditional music authority Charles K. Wolfe. (RP)
THE ARKANSAS BAREFOOT BOYS: Eighth of January/ BIRKHEAD & LANE: Robinson County/ HITER COVIN: Indian War Whoop/ Rabbit Up a Gum Stump/ THE GRINNELL GIGGERS: Duck Shoes Rag/ Plow Boy Hop/ Ruth's Rag/ FIDDLIN' BOB LARKAN & HIS MUSIC MAKERS: Higher Up The Monkey Climbs/ Kansas City Reel/ Saturday Night Waltz/ FIDDLIN' BOB LARKAN FAMILY: Prairie County Waltz/ REAVES WHITE COUNTY RAMBLERS: Arkansas Traveler/ Drunkard's Hiccoughs/ Flying Engine/ Rattler Treed a Possum/ Shortenin' Bread/ Ten Cent Piece/ DR. SMITH'S CHAMPION HOSS HAIR PULLERS: Going Down The River/ In The Garden Where The Irish Potatoes Grow/ A.E. WARD & HIS PLOWBOYS: Going to Leave Old Arkansas/ The Old Dinner Bell

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3511 Rural String Bands Of Tennessee ● CD $15.98
18 tracks from the 20s and early 30s.

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3512 Old-Time Mountain Guitar ● CD $15.98
18 tracks, 54 mins, essential. Beautiful collection of country guitar instrumentals from the period 1926-1931. This is an expanded, remastered version of an old County LP and if a lot of the tunes sound familiar it's because many guitarists learned tunes from the original LP version of this collection. Lots of bluesy and ragtimey tunes from performers like Sam McGee, David Miller, Frank Hutchison, Melvin Dupree, The South Georgia Highballers, David Fletcher & Gwen Foster, Roy Harvey & Jess Johnson and others. Beautiful sound, informative notes - the real thing! (FS)
JOHNNIE CROCKETT/ALBERT CROCKETT: Fresno Blues/ JOHN DILLESHAW & THE STRING MARVEL: Spanish Fandango/ MELVIN DUPREE: Augusta Rag/ Norfolk Flip/ DAVID FLETCHER/GWEN FOSTER: Charlotte Hot-Step/ Red Rose Rag/ ROY HARVEY & JESS JOHNSON: Guitar Rag/ Jefferson Street Rag/ ROY HARVEY & LEONARD COPELAND: Back To The Blue Ridge/ Greasy Wagon/ Lonesome Weary Blues/ FRANK HUTCHISON: Logan County Blues/ SAM MCGEE: Buck Dancer's Choice/ Franklin Blues/ DAVID MILLER: Jailhouse Rag/ BAYLESS ROSE: Jamestown Exhibition/ THE SOUTH GEORGIA HIGHBALLERS: Blue Grass Twist/ LOWE STOKES & HIS NORTH GEORGIANS: Take Me To The Land Of Jazz

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3513 Mississippi String Bands ● CD $15.98
First of two volumes featuring traditional fiddle music from Mississippi recorded in the 20s and 30s.
THE CARTER BROTHERS & SON: Cotton Eyed Joe/ Jenny On The Railroad/ Miss Brown/ Nancy Rowland/ Old Joe Bone/ Saddle Up The Grey/ THE LEAKE COUNTY REVELERS: Dry Town Blues/ Mississippi Breakdown/ Old Hat, The/ FLOYD MING'S PEP STEPPERS: Indian War Whoop/ Tupelo Blues/ THE MISSISSIPPI POSSUM HUNTERS: Last Shot Got Him, The/ Mississippi Breakdown/ Possum On A Rail/ Rufus Rastus/ NARMOUR & SMITH: Avalon Quickstep/ Sweet Milk & Peaches/ THE RAY BROTHERS: Choctaw County Rag/ Jake Leg Wobble/ Mississippi Echoes

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3514 Mississippi String Bands, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
CLARDY AND CLEMENTS: Little Black Mustache/ FREELY'S BARN DANCE BAND: Croquet Habit/ Don't You Remember The Time?/ Mississippi Square Dance/ FREENY'S BARN DANCE BAND: Sally Anne/ Sullivan's Hollow/ THE LEAKE COUNTY REVELERS: Johnson Gal/ Lonesome Blues/ Molly Put The Kettle On/ Wednesday Night Waltz/ NARMOUR & SMITH: Captain George, Has Your Money Come?/ Carroll County Blues/ Charleston #1/ Mississippi Breakdown/ THE NATIONS BROTHERS: Bankhead Blues/ Magnolia Two-Step/ Negro Suppertime/ Sales Tax Toddle/ THE NEWTON COUNTY HILLBILLIES: Going To The Wedding To Get Some Cake/ Little Princess' Footsteps

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3518 Old-Time Music Of West Virginia, Vol. 1 ● CD $15.98
First of two albums featuring recordings of some of the great and obscure rural musicians from West Virginia who recorded in the 20s and early 30s.
CORN COB CRUSHERS: Ragtime Annie/ FRUIT JAR GAZZLERS: Kentucky Bootlegger/ FRUIT JAR GUZZLERS: Stack-o-lee/ HARVEY & COPELAND: Beckley Rag/ Underneath The Sugar Moon/ FRANK HUTCHISON: The Miner‘s Blues/ West Virginia Rag/ JARVIS & JUSTICE: Muskrat Rag/ JUSTICE & JARVIS: Poca River Blues/ THE KESSINGER BROS: Garfield March/ Sally Goodin/ LEFTWICH & LILLY: Lonesome Road Blues/ MCCLUNG BROS: Liza Jane/ BLIND ALFRED REED: Explosion In The Fairmount Mines/ You‘ll Miss Me/ TWEELDY BROS: Home Brew Rag/ WEST VIRGINIA NIGHT OWLS: Sweet Bird/ WILLIAMSON BROS & CURRY: Gonna Die With My Hammer In My Hand/ WILLIAMSON BROS & CURY: Waterfield

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3519 Old-Time Music Of West Virginia, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
19 more sides from Frank Hutchison, The Kessinger Brothers, Tweedy Brothers, Fruit Jar Guzzlers, Williamson Brothers & Curry, Dick Justice, Mostsville String Ticklers, West Virginia Ramblers and more.

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3521 Nashville - The Early String Bands, Vol. 1 ● CD $15.98
19 gorgeous sides from 1927 through 1938.Great sound and 16 page booklet has detailed notes by Charles Wolfe and rare photos.
DR. HUMPHREY BATE AND THE POSSUM HUNTERS: Eighth Of January/ Green Backed Dollar Bill/ My Wife Died Saturday Night/ Throw The Old Cow Over The Fence/ BINKLEY BROTHERS' CLODHOPPERS: Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents/ I'll Rise When The Rooster Crows/ UNCLE DAVE MACON: Oh Baby, You Done Me Wrong/ Railroadin' And Gamblin'/ I'm Goin' Away In The Morn/ SAM MCGEE: Chevrolet Car/ MCGEE BROTHERS: Charming Bill/ Salt Lake City Blues/ GRADY MOORE: Old Joe/ ARTHUR SMITH TRIO: Fiddler's Dream/ Stood On The Bridge At Midnight/ Sugar Tree Stomp/ BUNT STEVENS: Candy Girl/ PAUL WARMACK & HIS GULLY JUMPERS: Robertson County/ Stone Rag

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3522 Nashville - The Early String Bands, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
DEFORD BAILEY: Alcoholic Blues/ Ice Water Blues/ John Henry/ Muscle Shoal Blues/ CROOK BROTHERS STRING BAND: Going Across The Sea/ Jobbin Gettin' There/ Love Somebody/ THERON HALE & BAND: Fire In The Mountain/ THERON HALE & DAUGHTERS: Hale's Rag/ Jolly Blacksmith/ UNCLE DAVE MACON: Over The Road I'm Bound To Go/ Bake That Chicken Pie/ BLIND JOE MANGRUM: Bacon And Cabbage/ Bill Cheatham/ SAM & KIRK MCGEE: Brown's Ferry Blues/ MCGEE BROTHERS: Old Master's Runaway/ UNCLE JIMMY THOMPSON: Billy Wilson/ Karo/ Uncle Jimmy's Favourite Fiddling Pieces: Flying Clouds/leather Breeches

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3523 Old-Time Music Of South-West Virginia ● CD $15.98
More great old time music from the 20s and early 30s from County - this time focusing on the music of South-West Virginia featuring
APPALACHIAN VAGABOND: Hard For To Love/ The Peddlar And His Wife/ ERMY ARTHUR: Careless Love/ Reuben Oh Reuben/ She Lied To Me/ Short Life Of Trouble/ DOCK BOGGS: Country Blues/ Danville Girl/ Down South Blues/ Old Rub Alcohol Blues/ Pretty Polly/ DYKES' MAGIC CITY TRIO: Callahan's Reel/ Free Little Bird/ Hook And Line/ Huckleberry Blues/ Shortening Bread/ BYRD MOORE: Bed Bugs Makin' Their Last Go-round/ Careless Lover/ FIDDLIN' POWERS & FAMILY: Callahan's Reel/ Old Virginia Reel Pt. 2/ Patty On The Turnpike/ ROBINETTE & MOORE: Favorite Two-step/ Last Days In Georgia/ Mama Don't Allow No Low Down Hangin' Around/ That Old Tiger Rag

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3524 Old-Time Texas String Bands, Vol. 1 - Texas Farewell ● CD $15.98
Another collection of great early string band recordings - this time from Texas.
THE EAST TEXAS SERENADERS: Acorn Stomp/ Three-in-one Two-step/ OSCAR HARPER: Beaumont Rag/ Terrell Texas Blues/ Twinkle Litte Star/ PRINCE ALBERT HUNT'S TEXAS RAMBLERS: Blues In A Bottle/ Houston Slide/ Wake Up Jacob/ LEWIS BROTHERS: Bull At The Wagon/ Sally Johnson/ When Summer Comes Again/ FIDDIN' JIM PATE: Prisoner Boy/ Texas Farewell/ RED HEADED FIDDLERS: Cheat 'em/ Far In The Mountain/ Texas Quickstep/ ECK ROBERTSON: Arkansas Traveler/ Great Big Taters/ There's A Brown Skin Gal Down The Road Somewhere

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3525 Old-Time Texas String Bands, Vol. 2 - Dallas Bound ● CD $15.98
CAPTAIN M.J. BONNER: Dusty Miller/ Ma Ferguson/ Yearling's In The Canebrake The Gal On The Log/ THE EAST TEXAS SERENADERS: Babe/ Combination Rag/ Deacon Jones/ Sweetest Flower/ OSCAR HARPER: Billy In The Low Ground/ Bitter Creek/ Dallas Bound/ Sally Johnson/ JOE HUGHES: Ragtime Annie/ Sally Johnson/ RED HEADED FIDDLERS: Fatal Wedding/ RED HEADED FIDDLER: Paddy On The Hand Care/ Steeley Rag/ HUGH RODEN & HIS TEXAS NIGHT HAWKS: Crazy Rag/ Possum Rag/ SMITH'S GARAGE FIDDLE BAND: Beaumont Rag/ Cuban Two-step/ Tom And Jerry

VARIOUS ARTISTS Country Stars 55472 I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow ● CD $10.98
"O Brother, Where Art Thou?" strikes again! This 20 track collection features vintage recordings of some of the songs made popular in the movie along with other miscellaneous American roots music. Includes the the title song by The Stanley Brothers (among the greatest musical performances of the 20th century), Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues by Skip James, I'll Fly Away by The Humbard Family, Indian War Whoop by Hoy Ming & His Pep-Steppers, Sandy Land by Fiddlin' Sam Long, Way Down The Old Plank Road by Uncle Dave Macon, Country Blues by Dock Boggs plus tracks by The Carter Family, Jimmie davis, Jimmie Rodgers, Blind Willie Johnson, Bessie Smith and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 8021 Georgia Stringbands, Vol. 1 1927-1930 ● CD $15.98
The complete recorded works in chronological order.
CARROLL COUNTY REVELERS: Georgia Bound/ Georgia Wobble Blues/ Rome/ THEO. & GUS CLARK: Barrow County Stomp/ Wimbush Rag/ COFER BROTHERS: Because He Loved Her So/ How Long?/ Keno, The Rent Man/ Rock That Cradle Lucy/ The All Go Hungry Hash House/ The Georgia Hobo/ The Great Ship Went Down/ Where The Morning Glories Grow/ THE GEORGIA CRACKERS: Diamond Joe/ I've Got A Gal In Baltimore/ Riley The Furniture Man/ Stockade Blues/ The Coon From Tennessee/ The Georgia Black Bottom/ THE SPOONEY FIVE: Chinese Rag/ My Little Girl/ WATKINS BAND: Bob Murphy/ Gideon Little/ Girl, You Know I Love You/ Tom's Rag

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 8032 Alabama Stringbands ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 69 mins, recommended. For whatever reason, the only state in Dixie to contribute less to the recorded legacy of old time music is its neighbor, Florida. While that makes these records rare and precious, it doesn't necessarily make them great. The exceptions here are Dr. Dix D. Hollis, one of the oldest and earliest fiddlers to record, whose 8 dimly-recorded solo sides are a window into an America already dead and gone, two glorious 1937 sides by the Dixie Ramblers--one of the last old-time string bands to record--and the legendary (and very rare) Hamilton's Special Breakdown, by Y. Z. "Wyzee" Hamilton. (Other acts: the Short Creek Trio; Akins Birmingham Boys.) (DW)
AKINS BIRMINGHAM BOYS: I Walked And Walked/ There Ain't No Flies On Auntie/ THE DIXIE RAMBLERS: Franklin County Blues/ WYZEE HAMILTON: Because He Was Only A Tramp/ Cornbread (with Luther Patrick, Vcl)/ Fifty Years Ago/ Grandfather's Liver (ain't What It Used To Wus) (with Luther Patrick, Vcl)/ Hamilton's Special Breakdown/ Old Sefus Brown/ DR. D.D. HOLLIS: Dixie And Yankee Doodle/ Glory On The Big String/ Lone Indian/ None Greater Than Lincoln/ The Girl Slipped Down/ Turkey In De Straw/ Walking In The Parlor/ Whistlebe/ THE SHORT CREEK TRIO: Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/ Huntin' Me A Home (with Ruben Burns)/ Nobody's Business (with Ruben Burns)/ The Buckin' Mule (with Cliff Click)/ The Burglar Man (with Ruben Burns)/ The Old Hen Cackled And The Rooster Crowed

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document 8037 Nashville, 1928 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 68 mins, highly recommended This CD pulls together the results of a Victor field trip to record a selection of Opry acts. The six heard here are mostly second-string--Uncle Dave Macon and Dr. Humphrey Bate, among others, having already recorded elsewhere--but capable of some fine, driving playing for all that. And there's one absolutely essential track, the Binkley Brothers' I'll Rise When the Rooster Crows: Jack Jackson, a singer added at Victor's insistence, turns in one of the greatest vocal performances in hillbilly music. (Other acts: Paul Warmack & His Gully Jumpers; Theron Hale & Daughters; Poplin-Woods Tennessee String Band; Crook Brothers; Blind Joe Mangrum.) Sound is better than Document's average. (DW)
BINKLEY BROTHERS' DIXIE CLODHOPPERS: All Go Hungry Hash House/ Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents/ I'll Rise When The Rooster Crows/ In The Lane/ It'll Never Happen Again/ Little Old Log Cabin/ When I Had But Fifty Cents/ CROOK BROTHERS STRING BAND: Going Across The Sea/ Jobbin Gettin' There/ Love Somebody/ My Wife Died On Friday Night/ THERON HALE & DAUGHTERS: Beautiful Valley/ Hale's Rag/ Jolly Blacksmith/ Listen To The Mocking Bird/ Turkey Gobbler/ BLIND JOE MANGRUM & FRED SHRIVER: Bacon And Cabbage/ Bill Cheatam/ POPLIN-WOODS TENNESSEE STRING BAND: Are You From Dixie?/ Dreamy Autumn Waltz/ PAUL WARMACK & HIS GULLY JUMPERS: Behind The Train/ Robertson County/ Stone Rag/ Tennessee Waltz/ The Little Red Caboose

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document 8038 Texas Fiddle Bands, Vol. 1 : 19250130 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks.
CAPTAIN M.J. BONNER: Dusty Miller/ Ma Ferguson/ Yearling's In The Canebrake/ The Gal On The Log/ RED HEADED FIDDLERS: Cheat 'em/ Far In The Mountain/ Fatal Wedding/ Never Alone Waltz/ Paddy On The Hand Car/ Ragtime Annie/ St. Jobe's Waltz/ Texas Quick Step/ Texas Waltz/ The Steeley Rag/ SMITH'S GARAGE FIDDLE BAND: Beaumont Rag/ Cuban Two-step Rag/ Dill Pickle Rag/ Done Gone/ Lime Rock/ Miss Jola/ Ragtime Annie/ The Gray Eagle/ Tom And Jerry/ Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star/ SOLOMON & HUGHES: Ragtime Annie/ Sally Johnson

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fremeaux & Associates 065 Hillbilly Blues, 1928-1946 ● CD $31.98
Another of those fine 2 CD sets from Fremeaux - this one featuring blues as played by country performers.
THE ALLEN BROTHERS: New Deal Blues/ CHET ATKINS: Guitar Blues/ MILTON BROWN: Somebody's Been Using That Thing/ Texas Hambone Blues/ SPADE COOLEY: You Better Do It Now/ BUSTER COWARD: Driftin' Texas Sand/ DARBY & TARLTON: Freight Train Ramble/ Heavy Hearted Blues/ JIMMIE DAVIS: Arabella Blues/ Easy Rider Blues/ Sewing Machine Blues/ THE DELMORE BROTHERS: Going Back to the Blue Ridge Mountain/ Lonesome Jailhouse Blues/ JACK GUTHRIE: The Clouds Rained Trouble Down/ HARTMAN'S HEARTBREAKERS: Grandma and Grandpa/ No Huggin' or Kissin'/ ADOLPH HOFNER: I'll Keep My Old Guitar/ HELEN HUNT: Married Man Blues/ BUDDY JONES: Mean Old Lonesome Blues/ BILL MONROE: Blue Yodel #4/ MOON MULLICAN: Lay Me Down Beside My Darling/ LES PAUL: Midnight Special/ RILEY PUCKETT: Chain Gang Blues/ THE RAMBLING RANGERS: Gettin' Tired/ JIMMIE RODGERS: Blue Yodel/ THE SHELTON BROTHERS: Somebody Baby/ GENE SULLIVAN: Kansas City Blues/ THE SUNSHINE BOYS: What's the Matter with Deep Elm?/ Worried Man's Blues/ MERLE TRAVIS: That's All/ ERNEST TUBB: Fort Worth Jail/ Mean Mama Blues/ T-TEXAS TYLER: T. Texas Blues/ BOB WILLS: Honey What You Gonna Do?/ Swing Blues #1/ JOHNNIE LEE WILLS: Milk Cow Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 3552 Yodelling Mad - The Best Of Country Yodel, Vol. 1 ● CD $11.98
A collection of 21 country songs with yodeling from the 20s, 30s and 40s including Roy Rogers, Goebel Reeves, Carson Robison, Ernest Tubb, Yodelling Slim Clark, Rosalie Allen, Gene Autry, Tex Morton, Patsy Montana, Hank Snow, Eddy Arnold, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Old Hat 1001 Music From The Lost Provinces, 1927-31 ● CD $15.98
Wonderful collection of old time country music from Ashe County, North Carolina and vicinity. Excellent sound and excellent 24 page booklet with detailed notes and rare photos.
FRANK BLEVINS AND HIS TAR HEEL RATTLERS: Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind/ Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss/ I've Got No Honey Babe Now/ Nine Pound Hammer/ Old Aunt Betsy/ Sally Ann/ THE CAROLINA NIGHT HAWKS: Governor Al Smith for President/ GRAYSON AND WHITTER: Handsome Molly/ I've Always Been A Rambler/ Short Life of Trouble/ Train 45/ THE HILL BILLIES: Cluck Old Hen/ THE NORTH CAROLINA RIDGE RUNNERS: Be Kind to a Man When He's Down/ Nobody's Darling/ JACK REEDY & HIS WALKER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND: Chinese Breakdown/ Ground Hog/ SMYTH COUNTY RAMBLERS: My Name is Ticklish Reuben/ Way Down in Alabama/ EPHRAIM WOODIE AND THE HENPECKED HUSBANDS: Last Gold Dollar/ The Fatal Courtship/ THE WOODIE BROTHERS: Chased Old Satan Through the Door/ Likes Likker Better Than Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smithsonian Folkways 40097 Close To Home - Old Time Music From Mike Seeger's Collection ● CD $15.98
38 tracks, 76 min., recommended A delightful compilation of field recordings made by Mike Seeger between 1952 and 1967. The program, as you might well expect, is composed of the traditional guitar, fiddle, and banjo numbers of the rural American South. The artists range from the well known - such as Elizabeth Cotten, Ernest Stoneman, Dock Boggs, and Sara and Maybelle Carter - to the obscure - such as Pearly Davis, Wade Ward, Emmett Cole, and Scott Boatright. But the music is consistently high quality and interesting. Among my favorites are Lost Train Blues by V. L. Sutphin, Shortening Bread by Vernon and Cleve Sutphin, He Will Set Your Fields on Fire by Kirby Snow on the autoharp, Last Gold Dollar by Edsel Martin and Bill McElreath, Three Nights Drunk by the Blue Ridge Buddies, Going to Lay Down My Old Guitar by Snuffy Jenkins and Ira Dimmery, and Black Mountain Rag, with a fiddle on lead, by Arthur Smith, Sam McGee, and Kirk McGee. Sound quality is very good, there are photos of most of the artists, and the liner notes are both copious and intelligent. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Trikont US 226 Black & White Hillbilly Music - Early Harmonica Recordings ● CD $21.98
Fabulous collection of country recordings from the 20s and 30s featuring harmonica. Only one of the artists is black - the great DeFord Bailey. The rest is white country performers (and a couple of Cajuns) like The Woodie Brothers, Floyd County Ramblers, Nelstone's Hawaiians, Riverside Ramblers, Louisiana Rounders, Joe's Acadiens, Lonnie Glosson, George Wade & Francum Braswell, Dr. Humphrey Bate & His Possum Hunters (including his classic Ham Beats All Meat), The Crook Brothers' String Band and others. Superb sound.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Trikont US 267 Prayers From Hell ● CD $21.98
Wonderful collection of old time country music from 1927 to 1940 featuring white gospel music and white blues. Includes The Dixon Brothers, Monroe Brothers, Dock Boggs, Frank Hutchison, Cliff & Bill Carlisle, Byron Parker & His Mountaineers, Sherman & Edith Collins, The Carter Family and The Carolina Ramblers String Band.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2013 Music of Kentucky-1927-37:
Vol. 1
● CD $15.98
26 sides, 71 min, essential. Wonderful old-time music from musicians based in eastern Kentucky, recorded from 1927-37. The 5 lovely Holiness gospel songs of Ernest Phipps are rousing paeans to rural church life, as are Alfred Karnes 4 guitar-backed hymns. His friend B.F. Shelton contributes 3 nice ballads like Darling Cora & Pretty Polly, backed by fine banjo. Two lively string bands, John Waler's Corbin Ramblers (2), and Elmer Bird's Kentucky Ramblers (5) contribute some great breakdowns and songs like Ginseng Blues/Unfortunate Brakeman. The other selections were collected by Alan Lomax, during a 1937 trip to isolated Leslie County, near Harlan. 5 lovely, archaic fiddle tunes by W.M. Stepp round out this fine release of old-time music. Informative notes from Guthrie Meade. (JM)
ALEX HOOD AND HIS RAILROAD BOYS: L&N Rag/ ALFRED G. KARNES: Called To The Foregn Field/ I Am Bound For The Promised Land/ We Shall All Be Reunited/ Where We'll Never Grow Old/ THE KENTUCKY RAMBLERS: Do Not Wait Till I'm Laid Beneath The Clay/ Ginseng Blues/ Glory To The Lamb/ The Unfortunate Brakeman/ With My Mother Dead And Gone/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS QUARTET: Don't Grieve After Me/ I Want To Go Where Jesus Is/ If The Light Has Gone Out Of Your Soul/ Shine On Me/ B.F. SHELTON: Darling Cora/ Oh Molly Dear/ Pretty Polly/ W.M. STEPP: Bonaparte's Retreat/ Callahan/ Silver Strand/ The Ways Of The World/ Mud Fence/ The Old Hen She Cackled/ WALKER'S CORBIN RAMBLERS: Ned Went A Fishin'/ Ruffles And Bustles

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2014 Music Of Kentucky-1927-37:
Vol. 2
● CD $15.98
27 sides, 73 min, essential More excellent fiddle and banjo music retrieved from Alan Lomax's 1937 trip to eastern Kentucky. Excellent, modally based fiddle tunes from Luther strong (7) contrast nicely from W.M. Stepp's numbers on vol. 1. Monroe Gevedon makes a valiant attempt at 3 ballads, while Basil May contributes a gripping Lady Of Carlisle. The rest are from commercial recordings by Emry Arthur, with 4 fine ballads backed by guitar, and Hayes & Bill Shepherd, in 4 intense, "high-lonesome" ballads & blues with banjo and fiddle, as well as 5 jumping string band numbers by the Carver Boys and 3 banjo tunes from the fine John Hammond. An excellent start to a series which promises to make available and safeguard classics of early American rural music. (JM)
EMRY ARTHUR: I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow/ Reuben Oh Reuben/ She Lied To Me/ THE CARVER BOYS: I'm Anchored In Love Divine/ Sisco Harmonica Blues/ Sleeping Lula/ The Brave Engineer/ Tim Brook/ MONROE GEVEDON: The Romish Lady/ The Two Soldiers/ Two Italians/Red Bird/ JOHN HAMMOND: Little Birdie/ My Mama Always Talked To Me/ Purty Polly/ BASIL MAY: The Lady Of Carlisle/ BILL SHEPHERD: Bound Steel Blues/Aunt Jane Blues/ HAYES SHEPHERD: Hard for Me to Love/ The Peddler & His Wife/ LUTHER STRONG: Bonaparte's Retreat/ Glory In The Meeting House/ Hickory Jack/ Nig Inch Along/ The Hog Eyed Man/ The Hog Went Through The Fence Yoke And All/ The Last Of Sizemore

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2045 The Cornshucker's Frolic, Vol. 1 ● CD $15.98
First of two volumes featuring recordings from the 20s and 30s of early American rural music - square dances, fiddling concerts, school house exhibitions and the like.  22 tracks in all.
JIM BAKER: Forty Drops/ BINKLEY BROTHERS' CLODHOPPERS: I'll Rise When The Rooster Crows/ CALLOWAY'S WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEERS: The Cornshuckers Frolic/ CATJUICE CHARLIE: On Our Turpentine Farm/ JAMES COLE'S STRING BAND: Bill Cheatham/ COON'S JOY BOYS: Husking Bee/ CROCKETT'S KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEERS: Little Rabbit And Rabbit Where's Your Mammy?/ FIDDLIN' POWERS: Old Virginia Reel, Pt. 1/ Old Virginia Reel, Pt. 2/ FREENY'S BARN DANCE BAND: Mississippi Square Dance, Pt. 2/ WINSTON HOLMES: Kansas City Hall/ LEWIS BROTHERS: Bull At The Wagon/ BASCOM LAMAR LUNSFORD: Kidder Cole/ MCCLAIN: Old Hen Cackle/ HAMBONE WILLIE NEWBERN: Way Down In Arkansas/ CHARLIE PARKER: Rabbit Chase/ RED HEADED FIDDLERS: Fire In The Mountain/ REEVES WHITE COUNTY RAMBLERS: Flying Engine/ SEVEN FOOT DILLY AND HIS DILL PICKLES: Sand Mountain Drag/ STONEMAN'S BLUE RIDGE CORNSHUCKERS: Serenade In The Mountains, Pt. 2/ JUDGE STURDY'S ORCHESTRA: Moselle/ TAYLOR'S KENTUCKY BOYS: Soldier's Joy/ HENRY THOMAS: Old Country Stomp

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2046 The Cornshucker's Frolic, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
Another 23 fine sides from the 20s and 30s.
ANDREW & JIM BAXTER: Georgia Stomp/ BLIND BLAKE: Blind Arthur's Breakdown/ BLUE RIDGE HIGHBALLERS: Darneo/ CANNON'S JUG STOMPERS: Mule Get Up In The Alley/ BILL CHITWOOD AND HIS GEORGIA MOUTAINEERS: Kitty Hill/ COFER BROTHERS: Rock That Cradle Lucy/ DA COSTA WOLTZ'S SOUTHEN BROADCASTERS: John Brown's Dream/ JOHN DILLESHAW: A Fiddler's Tryout In Georgia (pt. 1)/ A Fiddler's Tryout In Georgia (pt. 2)/ FIDDLIN' POWERS & FAMILY: Old Molly Hare/ PEG LEG HOWELL: Beaver Slide Rag/ BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON: Hot Dogs/ EARL JOHNSON AND HIS CLODHOPPERS: They Don't Roost Too High For Me/ THE LEAKE COUNTY REVELERS: Leather Britches/ MASSEY FAMILY: Durang's Hornpipe/ MEMPHIS JUG BAND: Memphis Shakedown/ BOB MILLER AND HIS HINKY DINKERS: Practice Night At Chicken Bristle (pt. 2)/ BILLY MILTON: Old Fashioned Square Dance/ STEVE AND HIS HOT SHOTS: The Grape Vine Twist/ FRANK STOKES: You Shall/ STONEMAN'S BLUE RIDGE CORNSHUCKERS: Possum Trot School Exhibition (pt. 2)/ HENRY THOMAS: Charmin' Betsy/ UNCLE JIMMY THOMPSON: Lynchburg

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2049 The Half Ain't Never Been Told, Vol. 1 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 70 mins, highly recommended. A superb collection of religious music from the 20s and 30s drawing on both black and white traditions. It opens with an all time classic - Alfred G. Karnes' sublime I'm Bound For The Promised Land - after you hear this you'll want to get Document 8013 ("Kentucky Gospel") which has all of Karnes' recordings. Other highlights include Washington Phillips' exquisite A Mother's Last Word To Her Daughter featuring the ethereal sound of his dulceola, Blind Willie Johnson's monumental Let You Light Shine On Me, wonderful sacred harp singing by the Alabama Sacred Harp Singers, superb gospel quartet singing from the Pace Jubilee Singers, a spine chilling performance of I'll Lead A Christian Life by Golden P. Harris with modal fiddle accompaniment only, and many more fine performances from The Virginia Dandies, Hendersonville Double Quartet, Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers, Rev. H.B. Jackson, Mrs L. Reed & Mrs T.A. Duncans, The Jones Brothers Trio, Lubbock Texas Quartet, Primitive Baptist Choir of North Carolina, Bryant's Jubilee Quartet, Rev. B.J. Hill and others. Sound is superb and my only complaint is the complete absence of biographical or discographical information in the enclosed booklet (FS)
ALABAMA SACRED HARP SINGERS: Religion Is A Fortune/ The Christian's Flight/ BRYANT'S JUBILEE QUARTET: I'll Be Satisfied/ ELDER CURRY AND CONGREGATION: The Good Lord Has Set Me Free/ REV. W. MCKINLEY DAWKINS: Is Not This The Land Of Beulah/ MRS.T.A. DUNCANS: Don't Make It Too Late/ FA SOL LA SINGERS: Happy On The Way/ ROOSEVELT GRAVES & BROTHER: I'll Be Rested/ GOLDEN P. HARRIS: I'll Lead A Christian Life/ HENERSONVILLE DOUBLE QUARTET: I Want My Life To Testify/ REV. B.J. HILL: Lower My Dying Head/ REV. H.B. JACKSON: He's The One/ BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON: Let Your Light Shine On Me/ JONES BROTHERS TRIO: I'm Gonna Sail Away/ ALFRED G. KARNES: I Am Bound For The Promised Land/ KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN CHORUSTERS: We'll Unerstand It Better Bye And Bye/ LUBBOCK TEXAS QUARTET: Turn Away/ UNCLE DAVE MACON & HIS FRUIT JAR DRINKERS: Shall We Gather At The River?/ PACE JUBILEE SINGERS: Certainly Lord/ WASHINGTON PHILLIPS: A Mother's Last Word To Her Daughter/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS: I Know That Jesus Set Me Free/ PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHOIR OF NORTH CAROLINA: Blessed Be The Tie That Binds/ VIRGINIA DANDIES: There's A Beautiful City Called Heaven

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2050 The Half Ain't Never Been Told, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 69 mins, highly recommended. The second volume is not quite as strong as the first but is still full of great and moving performances. (FS)
ALLISON'S SACRED HARP SINGERS: Journey Home/ BIDDLEVILLE QUINTETTE: Coming To Christ/ CAROLINA GOSPEL SINGERS: Beyond The River/ CLEVE CHAFFIN: Babylon Is Fallen Down/ DIXIE SACRED TRIO: Don't You Want To Go/ REV. J.M. GATES: Baptize Me/ HOWARD HANEY: If Jesus Leads This Army/ THE HEAVENLY GOSPEL SINGERS: Have You Got Good Religion?/ HENDERSON QUARTET: Take Time To Be Holy/ BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON: Nobody's Fault But Mine/ ELDER OTIS JONES: O Lord I'm Your Child/ KENTUCKY RAMBLERS: Glory Glory Glory Glory To The Lamb/ BASCOM LAMAR LUNSFORD: Dry Bones/ REV. MCGHEE: Leaning On The Everlasting Arms/ MEGGINSON FEMALE QUARTETTE: Oh, What A Change Took Place In My Heart/ MIDDLE GEORGIA SINGING CONVENTION #1: I Am Going Home/ CHARLEY PATTON: Prayer Of Death, Pt. 1/ WASHINGTON PHILLIPS: Mother's Last Word To Her Son/ PRICE FAMILY SACRED SINGERS: We Are Journeying On/ BLIND JOE TAGGART: Been Listening All The Day/ The Half Ain't Never Been Told/ UTICA INSTITUTE JUBILEE SINGERS: Leaning On The Lord/ VIRGINIA DANDIES: God's Getting Worried

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2051 The Story That The Crow Told Me ● CD $15.98
First of two volumes featuring recordings from the 20s and 30s of rural children's songs.
GENE AUSTIN: Cindy/ HOMER BRIERHOPPER: I Am Just What I Am/ BILL CARLISLE: Barnyard Tumble/ CAROLINA BUDDIES: The Story That The Crow Told Me/ BO CARTER: Sue Cow/ LEW CHILDRE: Horsie Keep Your Tail Up/ COUSIN EMMY: Johnny Booker/ DIXIE CRACKERS: The Old Bell Cow/ UNCLE ECK DUNFORD: Skip To Ma Lou, My Darling/ DYKES MAGIC CITY TRIO: Free Little Bird/ FOUR WANDERERS: Animals Coming In/ FRUIT JAR GUZZLERS: Sourwood Mountain/ FISHER HENDLEY & HIS ARISTOCRATIC PIGS: Hop Along Peter/ BRADLEY KINCAID: Liza Up In The Simmon Tree/ Pretty Little Pink/ CHUBBY PARKER: King Kong Kitchie Kithcie Ki-me-o/ THE PICKARD FAMILY: The Old Grey Goose Is Dead/ POPE'S ARKANSAS MOUNTAINEERS: George Washington/ RILEY PUCKETT: Old Molly Hare/ RIDGEL'S FOUNTAIN CITIANS: The Nick Nack Song/ THREE GEORGIA CRACKERS: Poor Little Thing Cried Mammy/ UTICA INSTITUTE JUBILEE SINGERS: Angels Watching Over Me/ VIRGINIA MOUNTAIN BOOMERS: Say Darling Say

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2052 The Story That The Crow Told Me, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
BUCKLEBUSTERS: Cluck Old Hen/ BILL CARLISLE: Little Honey Bee/ THE CAROLINA TAR HEELS: Somebody's Tall And Handsome/ LEROY CARR: Carried Water For The Elephant/ JULIETTA CONOVA: The Froggie Went A-courtin'/ VERNON DALHART: Jesus Loves Me/ FORD & GRACE: Kiss Me Sindy/ KELLY HARRELL: Charley, He's A Good Old Man/ LAKE HOWARD: Chewing Chewing Gum/ BRADLEY KINCAID: Paper Of Pins/ Sourwood Mountain/ THE LEAKE COUNTY REVELERS: Molly Put The Kettle On/ MCGEE BROTHERS: Charming Bill/ WALKER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND: Ground Hog/ LAND NORRIS: I Love Somebody/ NORTH CAROLINA COOPER BOYS: Daniel In The Den Of Lions/ CHUBBY PARKER: Get Away Old Maids Get Away/ THE PRAIRIE RAMBLERS: Beaver Creek/ JOE REED: Little David, Play On Your Harp/ SEVEN FOOT DILLY & HIS HOT PICKLES: The Old Ark's A Moving/ THE SKILLET LICKERS: Devilish Mary/ ARTHUR "GUITAR BOOGIE" SMITH: Pig At Home In The Pen/ HENRY THOMAS: The Little Red Caboose

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2200 Kentucky Mountain Music ● CD $84.98
Seven CDs, 167 tracks, approx 8 hrs, 20 mins, essential. Wow! This is, I believe, the first ever box set devoted to old time country music and it's a killer. Seven beautifully remastered CDs featuring recordings made in the 20s and 30s by musicians from Kentucky - a state that featured perhaps the widest range of old time music styles - solo ballad singers, fiddlers, banjo players, string bands and more. Many of the musicians and songs featured here have had an indelible effect on American music. The compilers of this collection have included both commercial recordings and field recordings made for the Library Of Congress - the latter includes some ballad singers that may not have been saleable enough for commercial record companies and gives us a better picture of music in the state. Some artists may be familiar to the casual fan like Burnett & Rutherford, Rutherford & Foster, Buell Kazee, Doc Roberts, Pete Steele and Asa Martin but most of the names are little known to all but the diehard collector and there are wonderful performances from artists like Crockett's Family Mountaineers, Jimmy Johnson's String Band, The Walter Family (a wonderful group with fiddle, piano, banjo, guitar, washboard & jug), James Howard (a remarkable ballad singer who accompanied himself on violin and is featured on the very unusual ballad The Old Fish Song), J.W. Day, Jimmy Johnson's String band, Green Bailey, The Kentucky String Ticklers, Walter Williams (a stunning banjo player and fine ballad singer), Justis Begley, McVay & Johnson (wonderful old time gospel with guitar, banjo & fiddle), Bill Stepp, Rev. Sherwin Sizemore & Church Of The Ten Elders, Kentucky Mountain Chrorusters, The Oaks Family, Kentucky Woodchoppers, Mangrum & Shriver, Green Maggard, The Hatton Brothers, George Roark. Ted Chesnut and many more. The sound quality on these 70 year old recordings is astounding with cloarity and presence and a minimum of surface noise and crackle. The set comes with a 32 page 5"x11" booklet and this brings me to my only criticism of the set. The introductory notes by Rich Nevins and Charles Wolfe are excellent and there are some wonderful vintage photos but the discographical presentation is confusing with no dates or indications as to which are commercial and which are field recordings. Some of this information is in the introductory essays but it would be more useful to have it with the track list for quick reference. Still, a minor quibble since it's the music that really counts and that is incomparable. Once you've absorbed this set you'll probably want to check out Yazoo's two single albums of Kentucky music - Yazoo 2013 and 2014 ($15.98 each) (FS)
BOYD ASHER: Hickory Jack/ Old Christmas/ GREEN BAILEY: If I Die A Railroad Man/ Shut Up In Coal Creek Mine/ The Fate Of Ellen Smith/ GREEN BAILY: Is Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground/ HENRY L. BANDY: Five Up/ Going Across The Sea/ Sail Away Ladies/ JUSTIS BEGLEY: Golden Willow Tree/ I've Been All Around This World/ Run Banjo/ The Roving Boy/ BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINEERS: Old Flannigan/ Old Voile/ MAYNARD BRITTON: I Came To This Country/ BILL BUNDY: Poison In A Glass Of Wine/ BURNETT & RUTHERFORD: All Night Long Blues/ Billy In The Low Ground/ Curley Headed Woman/ I'll Be With You When The Roses Bloom Again/ Ladies On The Steamboat/ Little Stream Of Whiskey/ Lost John/ Pearl Bryan/ Rambling Rickless Hobo/ Willie Moore/ TED CHESTNUT: He's Only A Miner Killed In The Ground/ The Rowan County Feud/ CROCKETT FAMILY MOUNTAINEERS: Bile Dem Cabbage Down/ Buffalo Gals (medley)/ Little Rabbitt/rabbitt Where's Your Mammy/ Medley Of Old Time Dance Tunes, Part 1/ Medley Of Old Time Dance Tunes, Part 2/ Sugar Hill/ Sugar In My Coffee (medley)/ J.W. DAY: Forked Deer/ Grand Hornpipe/ Little Boy Working On The Road/ The Wild Wagoner/ Way Up On Clinch Mountain/ ROBERT L. DAY: The Rowan County Crew/ FORT THOMAS GROUP: The Red Hill Special/ TED GOSSETT'S BAND: Bow Legged Irishman/ Eighth Of January/ Fire On The Mountain/ Fox Chase/ Going To Jail/ Rocky Mountain Goat/ GREEN'S STRING BAND: Pickaway/ CLIFFORD GROSS: Leather Breeches/ Rocky Mountain Goat/ Run Them Coons In The Ground/ HACK'S STRING BAND: Kentucky Plowboy's March/ Wink The Other Eye/ HATTON BROTHERS: Hook And Line/ Wish I Had My Time Again/ DAW HENSON: Lady Margaret And Sweet William/ Swafford Branch Stills/ The Moonshiner/ Wallins Creek Girls/ THEOPHILUS HOSKINS: Ellen Smith/ Hog Eyed Man/ JAMES HOWARD: My Little Carpenter/ The Old Fish Song/ The Peddler And His Wife/ HOWARD & PEAK: I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart/ Three Black Sheep/ JIMMY JOHNSON'S STRING BAND: Ching Chow/ Drink More Cider/ Gate To Go Through/ Jenny Baker/ Old Blind Dog/ Shipping Port/ Soap In The Washpan/ Washington Quadrille/ BUELL KAZEE: I'm Rolling Along/ Short Life Of Trouble/ The Butcher's Boy (the Railroad Boy)/ The Cowboy Trail/ The Dying Soldier/ The Orphan Girl/ The Roving Cowboy/ The Sporting Bachelors/ KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN CHORUSTERS: The Great Reaping Day/ We'll Understand It Better Bye And Bye/ KENTUCKY STRING TICKLERS: Crooked John/ Leaving Here Blues/ Tipple Blues/ KENTUCKY WOODCHOPPERS: New Harmony Waltz/ Pine Tree/ LONESOME LUKE & HIS FARM BOYS: Dogs In The Ashcan/ Wild Hog In The Woods/ MADISONVILLE STRING BAND: B Flat Rag/ My Pretty Snow Deer/ Next To Your Mother, Who Do You Love/ GREEN MAGGARD: Come All Ye Fair And Handsome Girls/ Lord Daniel/ MANGRUM & SHRIVER: Bacon And Cabbage/ Bill Cheatham/ ASA MARTIN: Gentle Annie/ My Cabin Home Among The Hills/ MARTIN & HOBBS: I Must See My Mothers/ MARTIN & ROBERTS: Hot Corn/ Lillie Dale/ MCVAY & JOHNSON: Ain't Going To Lay My Armor Down/ I'l Be Ready When The Bridegroom Comes/ ED MORRISON: A Western Union Telegram/ Blackberry Blossom/ We'll All Go To Heaven When The Devil Goes Blind/ J.M. MULLINS: Working's Too Hard/ OAKS FAMILY: Wake Up You Drowsy Sleepers/ Will It Pay/ You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone/ GEORGE ROARK: I Ain't A Bit Drunk/ SHORTBUCKLE ROARKE & FAMILY: I Truly Understand You Love Another Man/ My Mother's Hands/ DOC ROBERTS: And The Cat Came Back/ Deer Walk/ Martha Campbell/ New Money/ Rye Straw/ Waynesburgh/ Honeymoon Stomp/ RUTHERFORD, MOORE & BURNETT: Cumberland Gap/ RUTHERFORD & FOSTER: I'm As Freee Little Birdie As Can Be/ Let Her Go, I'll Meet Her/ Richmond Blues/ RUTHERFORD, MOORE & BURNETT: She's A Flower From The Fields Of Alabama/ RUTHERFORD & FOSTER: Six Months Ain't Long/ Storms May Rule The Ocean/ Taylor's Quickstep (monroe County Quickstep)/ There's More Pretty Girls Than One/ There's No One Like The Old Folks/ Two Faithful Lovers/ REV. SHERWIN SIZEMORE & THE CHURCH OF THE TEN ELDERS: Jesus Walking Through The Land/ PETE STEELE: Johnny O Johnny/ Lack Fol Diddle I Day/ Little Birdie/ Payday At Coal Creek/ Pretty Polly/ Rambling Hobo/ BILL STEPP & WALTER WILLIAMS: Wild Horse/ TAYLOR'S KENTUCKY BOYS: Forked Deer/ Gray Eagle/ Maxwell Girl/ Soldier's Joy/ Sourwood Mountain/ The Dixie Cowboy/ TAYLOR, MOORE & BURNETT: Grandma's Rag/ Knoxville Rag/ MARVIN THORNTON & FORT THOMAS GROUP: The Soldier And The Lady/ MARION UNDERWOOD: Coal Creek March/ WALTER FAMILY: Flying Cloud Waltz/ Shaker Ben/ That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It/ Walter Family Waltz/ CLAY WALTERS: Come All You Roving Cowboys/ TOM WEST: The Valentine/ WALTER WILLIAMS: (fragment)/ East Virginia/ John Hardy/ Mississippi Sawyer/ Pass Around The Bottle/ ALICE & MARTHA WILLIAMS & ELIZABETH FLATT: The Last Appeal/ CHARLIE WILSON & HIS HILLBILLIES: Cuttin At The Point/ Shelvin Rock


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