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BUCK OWENS Bear Family BCD 16850 Act Naturally - The Buck Owens Recordings, 1953-1964 ● CD $139.98
Bear Family does the giant of Bakersfield country music Buck Owens which means it's done right! Five CDs with 159 tracks in an LP sized box with an 84 page hard cover book. It ranges from his earliest known demos through such ground-breaking early Capitol hits as Under Your Spell Again/ Above And Beyond/ Excuse Me (I Think I've Goyt A Heartache)/ Foolin' Around/ Under The Influence Of Love/ Act Naturally/ Love's Gonna Live Here/ I've Got A Tiger By The Tail and more. It includes ultra rare 1953-54 MGM sessions from when Buck was working with Bud Hobbs. It includes his pre-Capitol recordings for Pep and Chesterfield, including his stab at rockabilly Hot Dog and Rhythm & Booze that were issued as by Corky Jones. It also includes solo items recorded for Buck's albums by his groundbreaking guitarist Don Rich. The book by country music historian Rich Kienzle provides a detailed and frank overview of Buck's career drawing on interviews with Buck himself, his sidemen and business associates. It includes a complete discography, many previously unissued photos and an introduction by Dwight Yoakam.

BUCK OWENS DBK Works 125 Down On The Corner Of Love ● CD $12.98
11 Tracks in just over 19 minutes, recommended
A rather short collection of some of the rarest of the rare Buck Owens tracks. All songs are from Buck's early recordings from the mid 1950's before Owens had really solidified his own style and before he found his soul mate / harmony partner Don Rich. The first nine tracks feature an artist and backing musicians heavily influenced by Hank Williams, lots of weeping pedal steel guitar and melancholy lyrics. The last two tracks drop the steel guitar and head for foreign ground; track number 10-- That Ain't Right -- is the only attempt at Rhythm & Blues that I have ever heard from Buck Owens and sounds mostly like a throwaway track. Track 11 makes the collection, with the wild and rare, Rhythm & Booze, originally the b-side of his Hot Dog single (originally released under the pseudonym Corky Jones), it is one of his only attempts at Rockabilly and probably his craziest. I'm thrilled to get it here so that I can finally retire my scratchy old vinyl version. (JM)

BUCK OWENS Sundazed 6043 You're For Me ● CD $13.98
14 tracks, 34 min, recommended. This is a reproduction of Owens' Capitol lp ST-1777 from 1962, including bonus cuts of the mono versions of Capitol singles Under The Influence Of Love and You're For Me, both of which are also included on the original album. In addition to four chart hits from the era (the title cut, Under The Influence Of Love/ Nobody's Fool But Yours, and House Down The Block), the album includes two instrumental demonstrations of just what a fine guitarist Buck was; The Mexican Polka and Country Polka provide hot workouts for Buck on his Telecaster, as well as the rest of the band. Also included are Fool Me Again/ Mirror, Mirror/ On The Wall/ Bad, Bad Dream, etc. Hard nosed, exciting honky tonk, seminal Bakersfield Sound from one of its prime practitioners. (RP)

BUCK OWENS & HIS BUCKAROOS Sundazed 6044 On The Bandstand ● CD $13.98
Alvis Edgar "Buck" Owens, who, born to poverty & sharecropping in Texas, earned his honky tonk chops in Phoenix, and burst out of Bakersfield in the early 60s to teach Nashville a hard drivin', honky-tonkin' lesson on what country music is all about. Combining an irresistible, shuffling dancebeat, twangy, Fender-cured guitar chops, and a snappy band seconded by fiddler/ guitarist Don Rich, with an innate knack for catchy lyrics of adoration, heartbreak, quarrels, and hard-lived life, he let loose a string of hits with few equals in music history. His classic Capitol LPs have been out of print in this country for many years and have only been available as expensive Japanese imports. Sundazed Records is now issuing many of these classics at an affordable price. Each package features the original album (with bonus cuts on the compact disc version), original album design plus new notes by Rich Kienzle, rare photos, session data and more. All these releases have been remastered from the original session tapes. This is a reissue of a 1963 "country favorites" LP featuring plentiful solos and vocals by the Buckaroos. With Orange Blossom Special/ Cotton Fields/ Release Me/ Diggy Liggy Lo and others. The CD bonus cuts are two of his acclaimed duets with Rose Maddox (Sweethearts In Heaven/ We're The Talk Of The Town) (AK)

BUCK OWENS & HIS BUCKAROOS Sundazed 6046 I Don't Care ● CD $13.98
Some of Buck's albums during the 60s followed a formula mixing his vocals, band members' vocals and instrumentals. This one has Buck's hits of the moment, in this case his 1964 # 1 record I Don't Care, and a lesser hit, Don't Let Her Know. He and the Buckaroos also covered other artists' hits (Dang Me sung by Buck and Don Rich), Buck sings This Ol' Heart, You're Welcome Anytime and a superb version of Wynn Stewart's Bakersfield classic Playboy. Bassist Doyle Holly (later to record the first version of Queen of the Silver Dollar) sings Abilene and Johnny Cash's Understand Your Man. Don Rich tackles Rusty and Doug's Louisiana Man, and steel guitarist Tom Brumley performs Bud's Bounce. Buck, a veteran studio guitarist, also gives us Buck's Polka, There's a reissue of Buck's 1961 hit duet with Rose Maddox on the old Carl Smith hit Loose Talk. Reissue of Capitol ST-2186 from 1964. The bonus cuts are instrumental versions of I Don't Care and Don't Let Her Know.

BUCK OWENS & HIS BUCKAROOS Sundazed 6049 The Instrumental Hits ● CD $13.98
14 tracks, 31 mins, recommended This collection of instrumental tunes featuring the work of many of the excellent soloists in the band (including Buck himself). These cuts were assembled from Buck's various Capital recordings of the 1960's. Many of the tracks are country standards like Orange Blossom Special and Faded Love, both of which highlight Don Rich's frenetic fiddling. A number of original tunes are also featured, inclduing the classic country hit Buckaroo, various polkas, and some instrumental versions of hits like Act Naturally and I've Got a Tiger by the Tail. A whole disc of these tunes sometimes seems a little much but the songs certainly provide a vivid and very enjoyable illustration of the trademark Bakersfield sound as epitomized by the Buckaroos, with its driving guitar - steel combination. As Rich Kienzle says in his liner notes, "the musical excellence of the Buckaroos doesn't come across any better than on these songs". (DP)

BUCK OWENS Sundazed 6102 Sings Tommy Collins ● CD $13.98

BUCK OWENS Sundazed 6103 In Japan! ● CD $13.98
Reissue of 1967 live concert.

BUCK OWENS Sundazed 6105 It Takes People Like You ● CD $13.98

BUCK OWENS & HIS BUCKAROOS Sundazed 11090 Carnegie Hall Concert ● CD $15.98
The complete unedited show from 1966 with Ken Nelson's original stereo mix. Includes original cover art plus previously unpublished photos.

BUCK OWENS Sundazed 11166 Live In Scandinavia ● CD $15.98
20 tracks, 41 mins, highly recommended
Fantastic live review of Buck Owens, his family, and friends starting off with Don Rich and the Buckaroo delivering three great cover tunes and a sample of their theme song Buckaroo, showing just how fantastic and versatile they were. No doubt as to why Doyle Holly, the Bass player who sings lead on one track, left for a solo career within a year; they all were so damn talented and I definitely think that if Don Rich hadn't have died, he and Buck would have made a lot more great music together. In the ensemble of a show you also get a couple of tracks by Buck's son performing as Buddy Alan. Buddy had a budding career himself at the time and is in fine form. You also get a couple from Capitol records label mates The Hagers, which are o.k. The rest is pure Buck and is pretty Bucking great. You get a few medleys of his hits, then wild versions of Orange Blossom Special and Johnny B. Goode among other classic songs of Buck's. I loved this, the crowd loved it and I hope you will love it. (JM)

DUSTY OWENS Bronco Buster 9057 Early Star Of The Wheeling Jamboree ● CD $18.98
16 tracks, 40 mins, highly recommended. Terrific selection of honky tonk country featuring Michigan born singer and songwriter Dusty Owens who started his career in the 40s and is still active to this day. Although he never had any hits under his own name a number of his songs have become country standards most notably Once More which was big hit for Roy Acuff. Dusty's original 1956 recording is featured here as a duet with Donna Darlene. There are other fine songs here, mostly originals, like Hello Operator/ Cure That Shyness/ Our Love Affair/ Who Do You Think They Would Blame/ Give Me A Little Chance & others. Dusty is an excellent singer - a bit reminiscent of a young Faron Young and is acompanied outstanding musicians like Chet Atkins, Don Helms, Sammy Pruett, Jerry Rivers, Buddy Spicher and others. Sound quality is very good and there are informative notes. For a more extennsive autobiography of Dusty with loads of great photos from his collection you should check out www.hillbilly-music.com (FS)
DUSTY OWENS: A Love That Once Was Mine/ A Place For Homeless Hearts/ Cure That Shyness/ Forget My Broken Heart/ Give Me A Little Chance/ Hello Operator/ Hey Honey/ It's Goodbye And So Long To You (duet With Donna Darlene)/ Just Call On Me/ Once More (duet With Donna Darlene)/ Our Love Affair/ Somewhere She's Waiting/ The Life You Want To Live/ They Didn't Know The Difference (but I Did)./ Who Do You Think They Would Blame?/ Wouldn't You?

VERNON OXFORD Bear Family BCD 15774 Keeper Of The Flame ● CD $119.98
Five CD's 142 songs, recommended
Spindly, unfashionable Arkansas native Vernon Oxford was an obscure 24 year old singer when he landed an RCA Victor recording contract in 1965. Soon he discovered that the Grand Ole Opry , of all places. considered him too country to qualify for membership. Nonetheless, Oxford held on the label through the 1970's, championed by his producer Bob Ferguson and enjoying minor hits and brief Top 20 popularity with his 1976 Redneck! (Redneck National Anthem ). He did far better in Europe where traditional singers were appreciated. This set collects his complete 1965-1981 recordings for RCA, Stop, Meteor, Omni, Rich-R-Tone/Bear Family and his magnificent Nashville recordings for Rounder. Everything is here except two 1972 songs recorded for Cartwheel Records, never issued and lost. Oxford, unable to make a transition to smoother music, had only music biz insiders, traditionalist fans and critics on his side in the States. The fact most country radio programmers were as stupid and narrow-minded then as they are now aggravated the problem, so he got little radio airplay. Sadder but wiser, battered by Nashville, Oxford today concentrates on performing gospel and non-musical employment. That doesn't diminish Oxford's magnificent achievements on record, and this set is a celebration of that career. The booklet features an essay by Colin Escott based on 1995 interviews with Oxford, as well as a complete discography. For those who've bought Oxford albums over the years, this is a great way to have all the best in one place. (RK)

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