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THE NASHVILLE BLUEGRASS BAND Rounder 0212 My Native Home ● CD $15.98

THE NASHVILLE BLUEGRASS BAND Rounder 0232 Idle Time ● CD $15.98
15 tunes, produced by Bela Fleck. With Brand New Tennessee Waltz, Prodigal Son, Up Above My Head, The Train Carryin' Jimmie Rodgers Home .

THE NASHVILLE BLUEGRASS BAND Rounder 0242 To Be His Child ● CD $15.98
This band has, since its inception shown an affinity for finding and performing unique gospel songs and they've finally made an all gospel album. They're especially effective on numbers from the black gospel idiom such as Goodnight, The Lord's Cominbg/ Every Humble Knee Must Bow and No Hiding Place. the band's vocals have always had a bluesy feel, due in large part to guitarist Pat Enright's biting tenor voice. Banjoist Alan O'Bryant's voice is smoother but no less moving. Mandolinist Mike Compton sings baritone and Mark Hembree sings and plays bass. newest band member Stuart Duncan contributes his heavenly violin and a couple of nice lead vocals. Among the other outstanding cuts on the album are Hold Fast To The Right/ Gospel Plow/ New Born Soul and a striking original called A Child Enters Life.

THE NASHVILLE BLUEGRASS BAND Sugar Hill 3778 Boys Are Back In Town ● CD $16.98

THE NASHVILLE BLUEGRASS BAND Sugar Hill 3793 Home Of The Blues ● CD $15.98

THE NASHVILLE BLUEGRASS BAND Sugar Hill 3809 Waitin' For The Hard Times To Go ● CD $15.98
11 tracks, 34 min., recommended. This highly acclaimed band has issued another of their typically eclectic recordings, featuring a mix of traditional gospel songs with trademark four-part harmonies, a nice version of the title cut written by Jim Ringer, two train songs, and a particularly effective version of Richard Thompson's Waltzin's For Dreamers, sung by guitarist Pat Enright. As always, the band features the heavenly fiddling of Stuart Duncan, the fine banjo and vocals of Alan O'Bryant, the stalwart mandolin of Roland White, the impeccable bass of Gene Libbea, and the guitar and vocals of Pat Enright, one of the finest lead vocalists in bluegrass. (RP)

THE NASHVILLE BLUEGRASS BAND Sugar Hill 3843 Unleashed ● CD $15.98

BILL NEELY Arhoolie 496 Texas Law & Justice ● CD $12.98
Reissue of 1974 album by folk/ country singer and guitarist from Austin, Texas - with guitar, violin & harmonica on some cuts. With 8 bonus previously unissued tracks.

RICK NELSON Ace CDCHD 670 Bright Lights & Country Music/ Country Fever ● CD $18.98
Two albums from 1966 & '67 featuring Rick's fist venture into country music recorded on the West Coast with great session men like Glen D. Hardin, Clarence White, Glen Campbell, James Burton and others. Includes You Just Can't Quit/ Kentucky Means Paradise/ Hellow Walls/ Congratulations/ Funny, How Time Slips Away/ Big Chief Buffalo Nickel/ You Win Again, etc.
RICK NELSON: (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle Blow/ Alone/ Big Chief Buffalo Nickel (desert Blues)/ Bright Lights And Country Music/ Congratulations/ Country Fever/ Funny How Time Slips Away/ Hello Walls/ Here I Am/ I'm A Fool To Care/ Kentucky Means Paradise/ Louisiana Man/ Mystery Train/ Night Train To Memphis/ No Vacancy/ Salty Dog/ Take A City Bride/ Take These Chains From My Heart/ The Bridge Washed Out/ Things You Gave Me/ Walkin' Down The Line/ Welcome To My World/ You Just Can't Quit/ You Win Again

WILLIE NELSON Atlantic 7262 Shotgun Willie ● CD $11.98
The 1973 album that brought him to the attention of a wider audience including a substantial number of rock fans. Recorded in New York in 1973, this mix of new and old Willie material includes his classic version of Johnny Bush's Whiskey River, as well as Shotgun Willie / Sad Songs and Waltzes , and Slow Down Old World . Musicians include Larry Gatlin, Jimmy Day, Bobbi Nelson, Doug Sahm, David Bromberg, and Sammi Smith. A classic. RK

WILLIE NELSON Atlantic 82192 Phases & Stages ● CD $10.98
11 tracks, 34 mins, recommended. Produced by Jerry Wexler in Muscle Shoals for a grittier rhythmic edge, Phases was a unique country concept album, telling in song form the breakup of a marriage, one side of the LP from the woman's viewpoint, the other the husband's, tied together by instrumental thematic segments. Some of its songs, including Bloody Mary Morning and It's Not Supposed to Be That Way, have long been Nelson concert staples.

WILLIE NELSON Bear Family BCD 15831 Nashville Was The Roughest ● CD $189.99
8 CD box set with 72 page hard-cover book featuring all of Willie's recordings for Monument and RCA between 1964 and 1972 - a period where his producers experimenting with a wide range of styles.

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CK 34092 The Sound In Your Mind ● CD $9.98

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CK 34695 To Lefty From Willie ● CD $9.98
Great tribute to the legendary Lefty Frizzell, one of the major influences on Willie's career. Released in 1977, it includes Willie's versions of songs from throughout Lefty's 25-year career, from I Love You A Thousand Ways to I Never Go Around Mirrors . Willie's genuine affection and respect for Lefty and his music comes through on every cut. (RK)

WILLIE NELSON Columbia G2K 35642 Willie & Family Live ● CD $22.98
Two CD live set. Willie runs through a variety of material, ably assisted by that band that had been with him, in much the same form, for nearly 15 years. Choice of tunes runs the gamut, with all the classics wounding more immediate and vibrant than even the studio versions. Mickey Raphael's harmonica work is also fine. (RK)

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CK 36188 Sings Kristofferson ● CD $9.98
Excellent 1979 LP of Kristofferson classics. As shopworn as some of these numbers were even then, Willie's performances are a reminder of just how good Kristofferson's best songs have been. Most should hold up well, as they do here. (RK)

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CK 36189 Pretty Paper ● CD $9.98
Includes: title song / Silent Night, Holy Night / Jingle Bells / White Christmas, etc.

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CK 36883 Somewhere Over The Rainbow ● CD $9.98
Nelson performs pop standards with an acoustic jazz feel, rooted in Willie's longtime admiration for the music of Django Reinhardt. Includes outstanding vocal assistance from Freddie Powers, Johnny Gimble's swinging fiddle, Paul Buskirk's mandolin, Bob Moore on acoustic bass, and Dean Reynolds on second bass. Material includes Who's Sorry Now / I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter, and even the Bob Wills fiddle classic Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. (RK)

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CGK 37542 Greatest Hits & Some That Will Be ● CD $17.98
Two CD set with 20 songs - Railroad Lady/ Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain/ Good Hearted Woman, etc

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CK 37951 Always On My Mind ● CD $9.98
1982 album, another best seller, though one with far less interesting material than his earlier efforts. Willie had begun to do so many albums by this point that his energy dissipated. The title track, however, was a huge hit. Includes Do Right Woman, Do Right Man/ A Whiter Shade Of Pale/ Staring Each Other Down/ Old Fords And A Natural Stone/ The Party's Over, etc. (RK)

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CK 38248 Tougher Than Leather ● CD $9.98

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CK 39110 Without A Song ● CD $9.98
Another album of standards by Willie - produced and arranged by Booker T. Jones - Willie ain't no Frank Sinatra! Better title would be Without A Point!, for "Stardust" this isn't!! (RK)

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CK 39145 City Of New Orleans ● CD $9.98
Mostly a selection of old songs - title song + Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues/ She's Out of My Life/ Cry, etc. Typical Willie LP. Nothing horrid, but nothing totally memorable, either.

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CK 39990 Half Nelson ● CD $9.98
10 duets - with Merle Haggard, Neil Young, Hank Williams (overdubs on acetate), Ray Charles, Carlos Santana, George Jones, etc. Half-assed would be the best description. This was all too typical of the type of gimmick LPs Willie sometimes wasted his time on. (RK)

WILLIE NELSON Columbia CK 44331 What A Wonderful World ● CD $9.98
I fell asleep trying to listen to this album, and I had the strangest dream: "Hello, friends! This is-a Lawrence Welk! I'd like to tell you about a wunnerful artist who despite needin' a shave and haircut sings some fine music. His-a name is Willie Nelson! Remember his wunnerful Stardust album eight years ago? Well, it was kinda wild and weird, and ol' Willie ain't had many hits lately, so this is another set of good wholesome pop music like-a Spanish Eyes, Moon River, Song From Moulin Rouge, Twilight Time and Some Enchanted Evening. It's just like our Champagne music you love so much! You can't tell one melody from the other and its-a perfect for rest homes and senior citizens of all ages! Next week on our show Aladdin and Joe Feeney will sing for you the wunnerful Bullmoose Jackson favorite My Big Ten Inch . I guess they're talkin' about a foot-long ruler! A vun and a two..." I woke up in a cold sweat... (RK)

WILLIE NELSON Columbia 63589 Red Headed Stranger ● CD $11.98
Classic concept LP from 1975 - with Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - the record that took Willie to the top. For $20,000, Willie and his new band went into a Texas recording studio and cut this classic album in three days in February, 1975. CBS thought it so rough-edged they didn't want to put it out, but it established Willie -- and became a million-seller as well. Still a classic "concept" album 25 years later.

WILLIE NELSON Columbia 65946 Stardust ● CD $11.98
Another country classic reissued in Columbia's American Milestone series. Includes two bonus unissued cuts.

WILLIE NELSON DCC Compact Classics 191 Me And Paul ● CD $11.98
1985 albums was one of his best in a long while. He had returned to the straight ahead but distinctive country format that he is best at. Some good new songs and a couple of old ones. Title song is dedicated to his long time drummer Paul English and Willie first recorded it for RCA. Other songs include I Been to Georgia on a Fast Train/ I Let My Mind Wander/ She's Gone/ I Never Cared for You, etc.

WILLIE NELSON EMI 48398 The Best Of ● CD $12.98

WILLIE NELSON Finer Arts 9605 How Great Thou Art ● CD $15.98
A collection of gospel songs - mostly standards with a couple of originals. Spare accompaniments - acoustic guitar, piano and occasional stand up bass.

WILLIE NELSON RCA 66590 The Essential Willie Nelson ● CD $15.98
20 tracks including Me And Paul/ Bloody Mary Morning/ Healing Hands Of Time/ Funny How Time Slips Away/ My own Peculiar Way/ I Gotta Get Drunk/ Hello Walls/ Night LIfe/ The Party's Over/ Goin' Home/ Phases, Stages, Circles, Cycles & Scenes, etc

WILLIE NELSON & LEON RUSSELL Columbia CGK 36064 One For The Road ● CD $12.98
A pleasant mixture of country, rock and pop with guest appearances by Maria Muldaur & Bonnie Raitt. All in all, the "guest appearances" could have been done away with, but this 1979 album works in part because both men understand each other. Russell was a studio musician on many of Willie's early Liberty sides cut in Hollywood, and their versions of Gene Autry's Ridin' Down The Canyon and Elvis's Heartbreak Hotel are so likeable and energetic that the album succeeds in spite of itself. And their version of One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) is perfect. (RK)

WILLIE NELSON & WAYLON JENNINGS Columbia CK 38562 Take It To The Limit ● CD $9.98
Features 5 great duets by these country superstars and 5 solos by Willie, none of which break any records. (RK)

NEW GRASS REVIVAL Flying Fish 70050 Too Late To Turn Back Now ● CD $15.98

NEW GRASS REVIVAL Flying Fish 70083 Barren County ● CD $15.98

NEW GRASS REVIVAL Flying Fish 70254 Commonwealth ● CD $15.98

NEW GRASS REVIVAL Sugar Hill 3745 On The Boulevard ● CD $15.98

NEW GRASS REVIVAL Sugar Hill 3771 Live ● CD $15.98

THE NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS Flying Fish 70090 Twentieth Anniversary Concert ● CD $15.98
Recorded in 1978 at Carnegie Hall, this album features perhaps the most important old timey revival band in top form, along with guests pete Seeger (Barbara Allen ), Libba Cotten (Freight Train ) and the Highwoods String Band. The Ramblers featuring Mike Seeger, Tracy Schawrz and John Cohen, back up Libba on Wreck Of the Old '97 , and perform songs and tunes from their own repertoire as diverse as Keep On the Sunny Side/ Old Joe Clark and Lacassine Special . A fun live album. (RP)

THE NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS Smithsonian Folkways 40036 The Early Years 1958-1962 ● CD $15.98
The Ramblers were among the first, and certainly the most prominent of the old timey revival bands to perform music from the early days of recording. This outstanding collection includes 26 cuts from twelve albums by the original band, which included Mike Seeger, John Cohen and Tom Paley - over seventy minutes of music in all, with wonderfully informative notes that include the source for each selection. Their sources were as varied as the Carter Family, the Monroe, Dixon, and Delmore Brothers, Charlie Poole and others, and as obscure as the Library of Congress field recordings. Includes Colored Aristocracy/ Hopalong Peter/ Don't Let Your Deal Go Down/ When First Unto This Country/ How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live/ Foggy Mountain Top and many others. The repertoire is drawn mainly from the white country music tradition, and the performances are marked by their high spirits and good time feel. A wonderful introduction to the old timey genre, or a great replacement for the enthusiast whose original LP's have worn out. (RP)

THE NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS Smithsonian Folkways 40040 Vol. 2, 1963-1973 Out Standing In Their Field ● CD $15.98

THE NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS Smithsonian Folkways 40098 There Ain't No Way Out ● CD $15.98

THE NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS & FRIENDS Vanguard 77011 Old Time Music ● CD $15.98

JIMMY C. NEWMAN Bear Family BCD 15469 Bop-A-Hula ● CD $41.98
47 songs on two CD's that comprise Newman's entire Dot Records output from 1954 to 1958 including his first five Top Ten hits from 1954-56 which included Cry, Cry Darling, his cover version of Bud Deckleman's Daydreaming, another cover, of George Jones's Seasons of My Heart, and so on. Newman's big stab at the pop market, A Fallen Star, (which made it to # 23 on the pop charts in 1957) is also included, as are a number of attempts at everything from Cajun favorites like Diggy Liggy Lo to such old favorites as I Can't Go On This Way. All sessions were done in Nashville with backing from heavy hitters like Chet Atkins, Biully Byrd and Ray Edenton (gtr), Tommy Jackson, Jerry Rivers and longtime Newman cohort Rufus Thibodeaux (fdl), Buddy Emmons, Bob Foster and Sonny Burnette (gtr) and Floyd Cramer or Anita Kerr (pno). There's probably more Newman here than most people can take at one or two sittings, so spread this one out. (RK)

JIMMY C. NEWMAN Rounder 6039 The Alligator Man ● CD $15.98
Mainstream country star and Grand Ole Opry veteran Jimmy C. has always been proud of his Louisiana French heritage, and his country hits have always contained more than a hint of the high, keening wail so endemic to cajun vocals. But Jimmy has recorded very little straight cajun music; this is only his third album of all cajun material, mostly sung in French, and it's a dilly. Backed by an oustanding band that includes Bessyl Duhon on accordion, Rufus Thibodeaux, the most versatile of the cajun fiddlers, and dobroist Joe Rogers to add the honky tonk feel, Jimmy sings a mixture of traditional numbers like Chere Tout Toute/ He Madeline/ La Tit Cord, the bayou hits Jai Fait Une Grosse Erreur (Big Mistake)/ La Porte D'En Arriere (The Back Door), some swamp pop and more. Jimmy's vocal style owes as much to Webb Pierce as it does to his cajun forbears, but hey, Webb was a Louisiana boy too, and cajun music of the honky tonk era borrowed as much from western swing and country boogie as it did from Iry Lejeune. A nice return to his roots by a fine and original talent. (RP)

ROY NEWMAN Cattle 269 Dust Off That Old Piano ● CD $18.98
26 tracks from the 30s and early 40s by this fine western swing band which included Bob Dunn/ steel guitar, Cecil Brower/ fiddle & others.
ROY NEWMAN: Back In Your Own Backyard/ Dust Off That Old Piano/ Eleven Pounds Of Heaven/ Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby/ Everything Is Peaches 'neath The Old Apple Tree/ Everywhere You Go/ I Can't Dance (i Got Ants In My Pants)/ I Cried For You/ I Love My Baby (my Baby Loves Me)/ I Ought To Break Your Neck (for Breakin' My Heart)/ I'm Saving Saturday Night For You/ I'm Tired Of Everything But You/ I've Got The Walkin' Blues/ If I Ever Get To Heaven/ Kentucky, Sure As You Born/ Love Burning Love/ Mary Lou/ Rock-a-bye Moon/ Sadie Green (the Vamp Of New Orleans)/ Shine On, Harvest Moon/ Take Me Back To My Home In The Mountains/ Tamiami Trail/ Texas Stomp (inst.)/ The Devil With The Devil./ Where The Morning Glories Grow/ Wonderful One

THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND EMI America 46589-2 Will The Circle Be Unbroken ● CD $28.98
Classic three album set combined onto two compact discs. This ground breaking set from 1971 featured bluesgrass/ old timey band The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band performing bluegrass, country and old timey standards with guest artists like Mother Maybelle Carter, Earl Scruggs. Doc Watson, Roy Acuff, Merle Travis, Jimmy Martin, Vassar Clements, Norman Blake, and others. Includes Grand Ole Opry Song/ Nashville Blues/ The Precious Jewel/ tennessee Stud/ The Wreck On the Highway/ I Saw The Light/ Nine Poun Hammer/ Honky Tonkin'/ My Walkin' Shoes/ Cannonball Rag/ Flint Hill Special/ Earl's Breakdown/ Wabash Cannonball/ Way Downtown/ Pins & Needles (In My Heart)/ Sailin' On To Hawaii/ I Am A Pilgrim/ Soldier's Joy/ Both Sides Now and many more.

THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND MCA Universal 12500 Will The Circle Be Unbroken Vol. 2 ● CD $13.98

THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND Warner Bros. 25382 Twenty Years Of Dirt - The Best Of ... ● CD $13.98

THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND Warner Bros. 25573 Hold On ● CD $10.98
A must for everyone who likes Alabama & The Eagles. Shimmering guitar, crisp drums, beautiful harmonies with the right amount of twang, even an occasional mandolin to lend an air of authenticity and hey, they even do a Bruce Springsteen song! And check out the cosmic cover - a cosmic cowboy surrounded by flying saucers & an armadillo, and the band, faceless due to cosmicity, with the guy wearing the shirt with the album title levitating! Me, I like George Jones. Angelyine/ Keepin' The Road Hot/ Tennessee/ Baby's Got A Hold On Me , etc.. (GM)

NORTHERN LIGHTS Red House 94 Living In The City ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 45 minutes, recommended This strong release by the New England based bluegrass band features energetic and polished harmonies and a better than average level of musicianship. Purists may be a little put off by the non traditional arrangements present on some of these numbers but the quality of the picking and the obvious pleasure these guys take in playing will strike an immediate chord with most. Over half of the songs are originals by various members of the band, Taylor Armerding's Got the Spirit, the lively religious tune that opens the album is especially nice. Other songs worthy of mention include the Doc Watson song Valley to Pray and the instrumental tune Ariel's Hornpipe. Mike Kropp's work on guitar and banjo is a particular stand out, his fluid and lightening fast finger style guitar brought Clarence White to mind. Taylor Armerding's mandolin playing is also excellent. One or two of the songs stray to far in the direction of 70's style country-rock for my taste but overall this is an exciting and enjoyable addition to the Red House catalogue. (DP)

SCOTT NYGAARD Rounder 0267 No Hurry ● CD $15.98

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