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JIMMY LONG B.A.C.M. 256 Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine ● CD $14.98
22 tracks, recommended
A collection of songs recorded between 1930 and 1933 by this singer, songwriter, guitarist and steel guitarist from Arkansas. Long is best known having worked with Gene Autry in his early days and wrote one of Gene's earliest hits Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine as well quite a few others for him. Long's version of that song is here along with 21 others - including Mississippi Valey Blues/ Yodel Your Troubles Away/ Have You Found Someone Else?/ Lonely And Blue, Pining For You/ The Soldier's Sweetheart/ My Old Cottage Home/ My Dreaming Of You/ When Father Was A Boy, etc. As you may gather from the titles the emphasis of Long's repertoire is one sentimental parlour-type songs which suited Long's pleasant, if not particularly compelling, vocals. A number of the tracks feature him accompanying himself with some nice steel guitar work and on six tracks he is joined by hid daughter Beverly Long who also sings two of the songs here. Sound quality is fine and booklet has informative notes by Don Cusic & Tony Russell. (FS)
JIMMY LONG: Alone With My Sorrows/ Buddy/ Doggone Blues/ Down And Out Blues/ Have You Found Someone Else/ I'm Always Dreaming Of You/ In The Cradle Of My Dreams/ Lonely And Blue, Pining For You/ Mississippi Valley Blues/ My Dreaming Of You/ My Old Cottage Home/ Seven More Days/ That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine/ That's Why I Left The Mountains/ The Answer To 21 Years/ The Old Church Choir/ The Old Folks Back Home/ The Soldier's Sweetheart/ Two Little Orphans/ Watching The Clouds Roll By/ When Father Was A Boy/ Yodel Your Troubles Away

LOST & FOUND Rebel 1112 Classic Bluegrass ● CD $15.98

LOST & FOUND Rebel 1668 Hymn Time ● CD $15.98

LOST & FOUND Rebel 1678 New Day ● CD $15.98

LOST & FOUND Rebel 1702 January Rain ● CD $15.98

JOHN D. LOUDERMILK Bear Family BCD 15421 Blue Train ● CD $21.98
26 songs recorded by this Nashville singer/ songwriter including his teen pop hits Language Of Hits/ Thou Shalt Not Steal/ Callin' Dr Casey & Road Hot and his country hits Bad News/ Blue Train/ Th' Wife/ That Ain't All & It's My Time. Usual superb Bear Family sound plus 20 page booklet with biographical details, song lyrics and discography. (FS)

JOHN D. LOUDERMILK Bear Family BCD 15422 It's My Time ● CD $21.98
23 original RCA  recordings + 24 pg. booklet

JOHN D. LOUDERMILK Bear Family BCD 15875 Sittin' In The Balcony ● CD $21.98
24 tracks cut for Colonial and Columbia by this talented singer and songwriter. Includes his original versions of the title song (covered by Eddie Cochran), Red Headed Stranger (which became Willie Nelson's signature song) plus Teenage Queen/ That's All I Got/ They Were Right/ Yo Yo/ This Cold War With You/ Midnight Bus/ Tobacco Road, etc

IRA LOUVIN King KSCD 5120 The Complete Recordings Of Ira Louvin ● CD $10.98
15 tracks recorded by one half of the legendary Louvin Brothers recorded for Capitol in 1964 and '65 after he and brother Charlie went their separate ways. Ira distinctive and expressive voice is used to good effect on a selection of mostly mainstream country with a bit of a Bakersfield feel to them. Includes three previously unissued sides. Songs include Empty Wallet And A Broken Heart/ It Ain't Funny Enough/ Make Believe It's Me/ Life Is Too Short/ Something Has Just Got To Give (particularly nice)/ Right Side Of the Road/ This Is The Door/ You're As Welcome As The Flowers In May, etc.

CHARLIE LOUVIN & CHARLES WHITSTEIN Copper Creek 119 Hoping That You're Hoping ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 33 min., fans only. This disc represents Charlie Louvin's return to the duet format after the break up of the Louvin Brothers' in the early 60's. Here he's teamed up with Charles Whitstein, who, with his brother, performed and recorded in much the same style. Hoping That You're Hoping covers selections from the Louvin repertoire. The vocal harmonies are a bit edgy and rough, sometimes lacking the blend that Ira and Charlie's records had, but the performances are sincere and emotional. I would suggest going back to a reissue of the Louvin material before getting this one. GR)

THE LOUVIN BROTHERS Bear Family BCD 15561 Close Harmony ● CD $189.98
Like their fellow Alabamians the Delmore Brothers, Ira and Charlie Louvin (born Loudermilk) of Sand Mountain, Alabama, long ago became legends for their exquisite vocal harmonies. Their influence in the bluegrass field and on both the music of the late Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris was immense. Various reissues of their Capitol and MGM recordings have existed on LP in the past along with the fine live recordings released by Rounder and Copper Creek. This collection, however, makes past reissues of their studio sides irrelevant. You have here 220 songs on eight CD's, starting (like the Johnnie and Jack) with the duo's first recording for Apollo, done at a 1947 Eddie Hill session. Their sole 1949 Decca single is included along with their dozen 1951-52 MGM recordings including Weapon of Prayer, The Get Acquainted Waltz and The Great Atomic Power. The over 200 Capitol recordings span 1952 to 1963, when the act broke up. 1965. This collection encompasses their classic LPs, including their gospel sets, the Delmore Brothers and Roy Acuff tributes and secular albums along with their single hits like My Baby's Gone, Cash on the Barrelhead, When I Stop Dreaming, You're Running Wild and Knoxville Girl (a traditional song those who decry violent rap lyrics should check out!). Those harmonies are further enhanced by the typically faultless Bear Family remastering. Again like Johnnie and Jack, a violent auto accident claimed Ira Louvin in 1965. The booklet by Charles Wolfe, based on recent interviews with Charlie Louvin and others is loaded with rare photos, outtakes from album cover picture sessions along with discographical and song data as well as session anecdotes. The stories about the Louvins' high and low times and Ira Louvin's complexity could spawn a movie. Ira, a gifted gospel composer could, in a foul mood or in his cups, become the mandolin player from Hell. He smashed mandolins onstage before any rock group ever thought of smashing guitars. His behavior not only ended the act, but Ira once nearly duked it out with Elvis on a tour after criticizing the trash the King sang onstage. An essential set worth every penny for the music and the booklet. (RK)

THE LOUVIN BROTHERS Capitol 37378 Satan Is Real ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 32 mins, essential Finally on CD. If you like old-fashioned hellfire and brimstone fundamentalist music, this may be the best Capitol Louvin gospel album. Kicking off with the Louvin original Satan Is Real, complete with a stomping re-creation of a wild-eyed sermon. The music is more primitive than a lot of their later gospel works. And as such it's a lot more authentic than you'd expect, with plenty of mouthwatering Atkins/Travis guitar, probably from their regular guitarist Paul Yandell. There's A Higher Power has the kick of the old Carlisles sides and The Christian Life is the original version of the song the Byrds later recorded on their Sweetheart Of The Rodeo. The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea has to be heard to be believed. I do have to admit that though SATAN may be real, the construction paper rendering of him that was done for the cover looks like some fifth-graders did it. However, the notes indicate that the Louvins nearly scorched themselves posing for the cover photo, complete with real fire. Note the nervous smiles on Ira's and Charlie's faces. Maybe Satan was getting back at them for the portrait! Reissue of Capitol ST-1277 from 1960. (RK)

THE LOUVIN BROTHERS Rounder 1030 Songs That Tell A Story ● CD $16.98
One of the finest brother duets in country music, Charlie & Ira nevertheless found themselves without a recording contract in 1952. But they did have an unsponsored gospel radio show that lasted for just three weeks. The show, Songs That Tell A Story, aired on WZOB in Alabama and featured guitar, mandolin, vocals, and nothing more. This approach offered Ira's excellent mandolin work a chance to shine, unlike the later Capitol LP's which tended to cover up the beautiful simplicity of their sound with a deluge of superfluous instruments. Winners here include I Have Found The Way/ The Weapon Of Prayer/ The Gospel Way/ The Family That Prays/ Jesus Is Whispering Now and many others. Between songs they hawk copies of their new song book which was the sole support of the show. 38 minutes long, this is a reissue of the Rounder LP of the same title. (JC)

PATTY LOVELESS MCA MCAD 6401 On Down The Line ● CD $10.98
Another winner from the lovely Ms Loveless. This set is very much in the spirit of her last album featuring a balanced mixture of upbeat rockers, intense ballads and the occasional hint of bluegrass, Highlights are the powerful and moving The Night's Too Long written by Lucinda Williams and some driving rockers from Kostas including the clever title song and Overtime. Though perhaps not quite as consistent as her last album this one is, nevertheless, excellent in every respect with superb instrumental backup and scintillating production from the indefatigable Tony Brown. (FS)

PATTY LOVELESS MCA MCAD 10336 Up Against My Heart ● CD $10.98
Another fine one from the powerful and expressive voice of this singer from Kentucky. This one is not quite as strong as her last two but is still better than most with fine vocals and crisp backup. The best songs here are the heart wrenching ballad I Already Miss You (Like You're Already Gone) and the uptempo Hurt Me Bad (In A Real Good Way) and Waitin' For The Phone To Ring - the rest of the songs are unexceptional and even the usually dependable Kostas has a couple of forgettable songs her. However, well worth a listen. (FS)

PATTY LOVELESS MCA MCAD 42092 If My Heart Had Windows ● CD $10.98
I liked Patty Loveless's debut album (MCA 5915) a great deal but I am sorry disappointed with this one. Gone are the hard driving rockers and the heart breaking ballads of that first album to be replaced with coy swing numbers, mushy pop ballads, pop blues and Eagles type country rock. The only decent songs on the album is the updating of Dallas Frazier's If My Heart Had Windows and Steve Earle's jaunty A Little Bit Of Love. Hank Williams's I Can't Get You Off My Mind is done to death by slickness. It sounds like Patty wants to be the next Linda Ronstadt. What a drag! (FS)

PATTY LOVELESS MCA MCAD 42223 Honky Tonk Angel ● CD $10.98
Patty Loveless's debut album in 1987 was one of the best new country releases of the year. Her second in 1988 was a real disappointment with its overly pop overtones. With her third album she has returned to the feel of her first and what may be her best yet. There is a wonderful selection of songs here including the rocking Blue Side Of Town (also recently recorded by Rosie Flores), her own powerful Go One, the fine moving Chains, a wonderful version of the Stanley Brothers' bluegrass tune I'll Never Grow Tired Of You and others. When she sings the Texas flavored Timber I'm Falling In Love I can see the ghost of Buddy Holly smiling down. Patty is accompanied by a great band including Albert Lee on guitar and mandolin, Mark O'Connor on fiddle and mandolin. Digitally recorded and mastered with superb production thanks to the talented Tony Brown. (FS)

LYLE LOVETT MCA MCAD 10475 Joshua Judges Ruth ● CD $15.98
Often casually brilliant in the way John Prine's Missing Years always is, Lovett's latest juxtaposes big, rolling, goodtime songs with quiet, acoustic-based ballads of love and family and life and death. The resulting contrast is as striking as that of the books of the Bible for which the album is named. But Lovett lets the boundaries blur where they will. The harmony vocals from Emmylou Harris, Rickie Lee Jones and Sweet Pea Atkinson is entirely appreciated but nonessential, as is the guitar from Leo Kottke. Lyle should go into the studio with just his guitar, his voice, and a handful of songs as good as these. Recommended. (JC)

LYLE LOVETT MCA MCAD 31307 Lyle Lovett ● CD $11.98
Another good debut from 1986. Lyle Lovett is a fine singer/ songwriter from Texas. All but one of the songs here is a Lovett original and range from tender ballads like The Waltzing Fool to western swing flavored items like Cowboy Man to honky tonkers like Farther Down The Line . Lovett is not a great singer but is an effective one and has some solid no nonsense accompaniments.

LYLE LOVETT MCA MCAD 42028 Pontiac ● CD $11.98
Let me be one of the first to nominate Texas singer/ songwriter Lyle Lovett's sparkling "Pontiac" for Top Ten album of the year (1989) honors. It's that exciting - rich, unique imagery, beautifully sung and embroidered with a variety of musical setting that will no doubt garner high accolades in both the country & rock camps. Lovett's golden timbred voice might bring to mind shades of Jesse Winchester, but his sly, tongue in cheek observations about the human condition reveal a sense of humor in tunes like If I Had A Boat & She's No Lady . On the serious side, there's a stunning duet with Emmylou Harris, Walk Through The Bottomland , which is followed by a toe-tapping, honky tonk L.A. County , with Emmylou & Vince Gill. Side two features more introspective & bluesy songs, with piano, sax & even cello on a few tunes, like cool jazz. M-O-N-E-Y is provacative and Simple Song is haunting. The abundance of musical diversity to be found on Pontiac guarantees many repeated trips in this smooth and elegant ride. Also available in cassette and Compact Disc. (SG)

LYLE LOVETT MCA MCAD 42263 And His Large Band ● CD $11.98
I never was as enthused about Lyle Lovett's first two albums as many were. But this time in letting his eccentric, quirky vision run wild, he may have created an eccentric classic: original compositions that mix country, blues, folk and bebop--sometimes all at once. Audaciously kicking off side one with a churning big-band instrumental version of Clifford Brown's The Blues Walk tips you off. From there he segues into some spoken, half-sung blues numbers including the brilliant Joe Williams-styled I Know You Know. Side Two switches to honky-tonk country and folk with I Married Her Just Because She Looks Like You and other numbers including a masterful reworking of Tammy Wynette's Stand By Your Man. Already on my top ten for '89. (RK)

LULU BELLE & SCOTTY Cattle 264 Blue Ridge Mountain Favorites ● CD $18.98
26 tracks by this fine traditional country duo drawn from radio transcriptions made for radio station WLS.
LULU BELLE & SCOTTY: A Petal From A Faded Rose/ Carolina Mountain Home/ Cindy/ Clouds Gonna Roll Away/ Darby's Ram/ De Ladies' Man/ Have You Seen Rover/ Home Coming Time In Happy Valley/ How Many Biscuits Can You Eat/ I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers/ I'm Goin' Back To Whur I Come From/ John Henry/ Love Me Now/ Mocking Bird Valley/ My Heart Is Where The Mohawk Flows Tonight/ No Dontcha/ On Top Of Old Smoky/ One Step More/ Please Think Of Me/ Remember Me/ Somebody's Tall And Handsome/ Tapping On The Garden Gate/ There's Somebody Waiting For Me/ Twilight Is Stealing/ Whistling Mother-in-law/ You Gotta Quit Kicking My Dog Around

LULUBELLE & SCOTTY Starday 206 Sweethearts Of Country Music ● CD $9.98
Re-recordings of some of their early hits

LULUBELLE & SCOTTY Starday 351 Sweethearts Still ● CD $9.98
More remakes

BOB LUMAN Bear Family BCD 15898 Luman - 10 Years ● CD $113.98
5 CD box set with book featurins all of Luman's recordings from Epic and Polydor between 1968 and 1977. Includes his "return to roots" LP produced by Johnny Cash, an unreleased session from 1974 and his later hits like When You Say Love/ Lonely Women Make Good Lovers/ Neither One Of Us/ Still Loving You and more.

BASCOM LAMAR LUNSFORD Smithsonian Folkways 40082 Ballads, Banjo Tunes & Sacred Songs Of North Carolina ● CD $15.98
19 tracks, 57 mins, highly recommended
Bascom Lamar Lunsford was a remarkable man. Not only a fine singer and banjo player, as heard here, during his long life he was a fruit tree salesman, honey bee promoter, publisher, lawyer and political advisor. He also organized the first Folk Music festival in Nashville, North Carolina in 1927 - an event which continues to this day. He recorded for commercial labels and more than 300 songs for the Library Of Congress. The 18 songs and tunes on this collection reflects only a fraction of his repertoire but provides a good cross section which included traditional British and American ballads, banjo shouting songs, parlor songs and more. Lunsford was an immensly engaging singer and his banjo playing, while not flashy is spot on. Some cuts feature him playing a mandoline which combined a mandolin-shaped body with five-string banjo neck and the result is a lighter more melodic sound. He also plays some powerful fiddle on Ten Steps. This collection features five of his commercial recordings for Brunswick & Vocalion in 1928 including the wonderful I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground, Old Mountain Dew an original composition that has become a folk standard plus Little Turtle Dove/ Dry Bones, etc. The rest of the performances were made for the Library Of Congress in 1949 and include Swananoa Tunnell/ In The Shadow Of The Pines/ Bonny George Campbell/ On A Bright & Summer's Morning and others. Lunsford was diligent about giving credit to all the people who he collected his songs from and his Library Of Congress recordings are frequently introduced with a reminiscence of the person he collected it from. An excellent and valuable release with good notes by Loyal Jones and a brief introduction from one of Lunsford's daughters. (FS)

FRANK LUTHER & ZORA LAYMAN Cattle CCD 204 Pioneers Of Country Music ● CD $18.98

CLAIRE LYNCH Rounder 0464 Love Light ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 36 minutes, good Country/bluegrass performer Claire Lynch returns for her third outing on Rounder. This album highlights her songwriting talents as over half the tunes were written or co written by her. While her vocals are as strong as ever and the instrumental backing is fine, unfortunately the quality of the material is not up to the standards of her previous releases and the arrangements often have a formalistic feel to them. Part of the problem to my ears is a shift from an emphasis on ensemble playing to a focus on Lynch as the headliner. Lynch certainly has many strengths as a musician and I've greatly enjoyed hearing her live in the past, so I will wait for her next release and hope for the best. (DP)

LORETTA LYNN MCA MCAD 932 Greatest Hits Vol. 2 ● CD $10.98
11 selections, including Coal Miner's Daughter/You're Lookin' At Country/Love Is The Foundation.

LORETTA LYNN MCA MCAD 10083 Country Music Hall Of Fame Series ● CD $10.98
While all the attention has been showered on reissuing Patsy Cline at MCA, the next generation beyond both she and Kitty Wells was realized by Loretta Lynn. Loretta's freshness and pure, unadulterated country style thrived in a period from the mid sixties to the late seventies when Nashville was so awash in pop- flavored country that some cynics twisted the term Music City USA into Mucus City (who, me? naaaah!). This one collects 15 of her dead level best and one stupid mistake (more on that in a sec). There's Success, Mr. & Mrs. Used to Be with Ernest Tubb, Blue Kentucky Girl, Fist City, Your Squaw Is On The Warpath, You're Lookin' At Country, The Pill, One's On The Way, When the Tingle Becomes A Chill, After The Fire Is Gone (with Conway Twitty) Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' and, of course, Coal Miner's Daughter. The stupid move was including a 1968 Decca re-recording of Loretta's first hit, I'm A Honky Tonk Girl, which originally appeared on the Zero label. The CMF of all people, should avoids this kind of crap and it's absolutely inexcusable. Programmer Chris Skinker, who also wrote some excellent notes, blew it badly here. Better to have included You Wanna Give Me A Lift or the #1 record Woman of The World. (RK)

LORETTA LYNN MCA (UK) 19040 Golden Greats ● CD $9.98
Inexpensive import collection featuring 16 of Loretta's most popular sides from the period 1968 to '77 - mostly #1s. Includes Before I'm Over You/ Blue Kentucky Girl/ Fist City/ One's On The Way/ Trouble In Paradise/ Out Of My Head And Back In My Bed, etc.

LORETTA LYNN MCA Special Products 22041 You Ain't Woman Enough ● CD $7.98
1966 album

LORETTA LYNN MCA MCAD 31234 Greatest Hits ● CD $10.98


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