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Emmylou Harris -> Johnny Hicks

EMMYLOU HARRIS Reprise 25776 Bluebird ● CD $11.98
Another genteel folk/country album by this endearing, wispy voiced songbird. Drawing on the writing talents of composers as diverse as Carl Belew, Johnny Cash, and Butch Hancock, Emmylou won't lose any fans with this one, and may win some, mainly because of intelligent song choices and tasteful (if calculated) production by Richard Bennett. More earthy than Emmylou usually gets, especially on John Hiatt's Icy Blue Heart, the old Kitty Wells hit Lonely Street, and Cash's I Still Miss Someone, a country weeper that lends itself readily to folkie sensibilities. (RP)

EMMYLOU HARRIS Reprise 25791 Duets ● CD $11.98
12 song collection compiled from past and present pairings with The Desert Rose Band, Gram Parsons, Roy Orbison, Neil Young, George Jones, Ricky Skaggs, Willie Nelson, The Band and more.

EMMYLOU HARRIS Reprise 26309 Brand New Dance ● CD $11.98
Combine a worn-out Emmylou with a great producer (Richard Bennett) and a schlockmeister (Allen Reynolds, Crystal Gayle's old producer) and you've got the makings of a disaster. Reynolds calls the shots here and by and large they're shots in the dark. When the best songs are a Bruce Springsteen tune and a remake of Rick Nelson's Never Be Anyone Else But You, that's not saying much. Perhaps the worst of all are In His World and Rollin' And Ramblin' (The Death of Hank Williams), a lame-o folkie number by Robin and Linda Williams that sounds like some Woody Guthrie fanatic's view of ole Hank. Emmylou must want her stuff to get played on VH-1 (the yuppie's MTV), but I suspect even they have better taste than this. (RK)

EMMYLOU HARRIS Warner Bros. 3115 Luxury Liner ● CD $11.98

EMMYLOU HARRIS Warner Bros. 3141 Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town ● CD $11.98
1978 album

EMMYLOU HARRIS Warner Bros. 3258 Profile - Best Of ● CD $11.98

EMMYLOU HARRIS Warner Bros. 3318 Blue Kentucky Girl ● CD $11.98
1979 album with Sharon Hicks, Don Everly, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Tanya Tucker, etc. Brilliant collection of material with some of her finest singing.

EMMYLOU HARRIS Warner Bros. 3422 Roses In The Snow ● CD $11.98
Bluegrass oriented with hot pickers - Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Douglas, Tony Rice, etc. This album brought Ricky Skaggs to the attention of a wider audience outside bluegrass and helped make the entire bluegrass idiom accessible to a greater and wider group of people. Her performances are first-rate and if you can only afford a couple Emmylou albums that is one to get. Ricky Skaggs, for his part, feels his musicianship on Darkest Hour is some of the best stuff he's ever done. (RK)

EMMYLOU HARRIS Warner Bros. 3484 Light Of The Stable ● CD $11.98
With appearances by Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, etc

EMMYLOU HARRIS Warner Bros. 25161 Profile II - The Best Of ● CD $11.98
Greatest hits again

EMMYLOU HARRIS Warner Bros. 25585 Angel Band ● CD $13.98
Emmylou's 14th album finds a return to the country gospel stylings of "Roses In The Snow" & the more recent Trio material. The traditional material is given a fairly straight reading by Harris and her cohorts, tenor vocalist Vince Gill, baritone Carl Jackson and bass vocalist Emory Gordy. Unfortunately the tempos of each song are very similar but the quartet of voices sing sweetly enough. So unless you are a big fan of gospel music, supported by bluegrass musicians (Mike Auldridge, Jerry Douglas & Mark O'Connor) this may not be your cup of tea. Songs include When He Calls/ Where Could I Go But To The Lord/ We Shall Rise and 9 others. (SG)

DICK HARTMAN B.A.C.M. 259 And His Washboard Wonders/ Tennessee Ramblers ● CD $14.98
26 tracks, recommended
Fine collection of old time string band music and jazzy swing type numbers by group led by banjo, mandolin & guitar player Dick Hartman with group featuring guitar, fiddle, kazoo, bass and washboard. The group was formed in the late 20s and first recorded in 1935 as Dick Hartman's Tennessee Ramblers performing a standard old time string band repertoire without the washboard. In 1936 they added the washboard and played a mix of jazzy treatments of pop songs and novelty tunes issued as The Washboard Wonders. They also recorded a number of risque songs under the name of Hartman's Heartbreakers which are not included here. The first 20 tracks feature all their issued recordings as The Washboard and the last six feature earlier Tennessee Ramblers sides. All the music is fine with excellent sound and usual high quality notes by Kevin Coffey. (FS)
DICK HARTMAN'S TENNESSEE RAMBLERS: I Got The Carolina Blues/ Leechburg Polka/ Long, Long Ago/ Pennsylvania Hop/ She’s Long She’s Tall/ She’s My Curly Headed Baby/ DICK HARTMAN'S WASHBOARD WONDERS: All Is Quiet On The Old Front Porch Tonight/ And Still No Luck With You/ Apple Tree – Part 1/ Apple Tree – Part 2/ Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)/ Cheatin’ On Me/ Down Yonder (In The Valley)/ Feather Your Nest/ Follow The Bugle/ I Take To You/ It Ain’t Right/ Let’s Incorporate/ Margie/ Meet Me At The Ice-House/ Oh, My Goodness/ Roll Your Own/ Sailor’s Sweetheart/ She Takes Her Time/ You’re Everything Sweet/ You’ve Gotta Eat Your Spinach, Baby

ROY HARVEY Document DOCD 8050 Complete Recordings In Chronological Order, Vol. 1 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks recorded between September 1926 and October 1927 - usually in the company of The North Carolina Ramblers (Posey Rorer and Bob Hoke) with Charlie Poole himself joining on a couple - The Brave Engineer/ Willie, Poor Boy/ Daisies Won't Tell/ Please Papa Come Home/ Write A Letter To My Mother/ We Will OUtshine The Sun/ I Cannot Call Her Mother/ Pearl Bryant/ Willie My Darling, etc.

ROY HARVEY Document DOCD 8052 Complete Recordings In Chronological Order, Vol. 3 ● CD $15.98
24 sides recorded between May 1929 and December 1930. Includes more sides with earl Shirkey, guitar duets with Leonard Copeland and more.

HAWKSHAW HAWKINS B.A.C.M. 118 "Heavenly Road" & Other Country Classics ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, 63 minutes, recommended
Hawkshaw Hawkins deserves to be better known for being more a 1963 plane crash victim. A charismatic baritone crooner, he helmed one of country music's most dynamic touring ensembles in the years following World War II. If he isn't held in the same esteem today as many of his contemporaries, his early records - mostly for King - suggest why. Relying on outside songwriters, he recorded mostly forgettable ditties patterned after other singer's hits. Despite his considerable talents as a vocalist, Hawkins never developed into a distinctive stylist. Many of the songs here sound like uninspired Eddy Arnold or George Morgan knockoffs; some are imitative of Ernest Tubb. Nor did Hawkins fare any better when he jumped to RCA Victor; again, he was given material likely rejected by the label's 'A'-list country acts. Sharp-eared listeners will recognize some of the unidentified sidemen phoning it in. This collection largely covers 1946 to 1954; the sound is generally good, though some tracks were sourced from reverbed King LPs. Derek Taylor (not "the" Derek Taylor) penned a thumbnail bio. (DS)
HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: All Because Of My Jealous Heart/ Betty Lorraine/ Between The Lines/ Flashing Lights/ Heavenly Road/ I Can‘t Tell My Broken Heart A Lie/ I Hope You‘re Crying Too/ I Wanna Hugged To Death By You/ If You But Care/ It‘s Easy To Remember/ I‘ll Never Close My Heart To You/ I‘ll Trade Yours For Mine/ Jealous Fate/ Life Lost It‘s Colour/ Memories Always Linger On/ Nothing More To Say/ One White Rose/ Picking Sweethearts/ Tangled Heart/ That Mark Round My Finger/ Time Will Come/ Two Roads/ When You Say Yes/ You Go Your Way I‘ll Go Mine

HAWKSHAW HAWKINS B.A.C.M. 349 Vol. 2 - More Country Classics From "The 11 Yards Of Pe ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, 75 mins, recommended
Enjoyable collection of 26 sides by this fine singer from West Virginia recorded between 1946 and 1950. Hawkins had a warm honky tonk voice and is accompanied by fine small groups with electric guitar, steel guitar, rhythm guitar and sometimes fiddle - personnel varies over the sessions but includes such fine musicians as Zeke Turner, Hank Garland, Jerry Byrd, Louie Innis and others. This set includes a couple of his hits - I Wasted A Nickel and Slow Poke - the latter dubbed from an English pressing which changed the title to "Slow Coach" which is English vernacular equivalent! Or maybe the record company thought the word "poke" might send English buyers into a sex crazed frenzy. I'd like to think it's the latter but it's probably the former. The rest of the songs includes some originals, songs from various songwriters and covers of country hits includes a nice cover of I Love You So Much (It Hurts Me) from a radio broadcast. It also includes a nicely done cover of the Lucky Millinder R&B songs Loaded With Love. (FS)

HAWKSHAW HAWKINS Bear Family BCD 16988 Car Hoppin' Mama - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight ● CD $21.98
33 tracks, 81 mins, highly recommended
In the last couple months Bear Family has put out collections from all three passengers on the doomed flight most famous for taking the life of Patsy Cline. Known as "Eleven and a Half Yards of Personality," Hawkins was better recognized at the time of his death for his dynamic live performances than his recordings. The handling of his catalog over the years has been spotty, but now Bear Family picks up the reigns, puts ole Hawkshaw back up in the saddle and gives him the proper treatment he deserves. Part of Hawkins' downside was his lack of an original sound, but he made a career out of doing great versions of others' work or great re-writes, like the kick off track on this CD, Pan American, which is Hank Williams' answer/ rip off record to The Wabash Cannonball. This collection is full of great covers of well known tracks by Hank Williams, Autry Inman, Hank Thompson, Shorty Long, Leon Payne, and other Country luminaries, as well as a brave cover of The Five Keys' Ling Ting Tong to prove the possibility of successfully covering R&B. Hawkins wasn't devoid of songwriting ability and shares the credit on a few good songs on here like Dog House Boogie/ Stop Please Stop, and Back To The Doghouse. Certainly his magic was in interpretation and this collection includes many more great tracks; possibly my favorite is his take on Earl Butts' I Wanna Be Hugged To Death By You. Bear Family puts it all together so well that when you are done with this CD, you will most likely feel like kicking yourself for not appreciating Hawkshaw Hawkins sooner. (JM)

HAWKSHAW HAWKINS Bronco Buster 9058 Radio Memories Of The Late Hawkshaw Hawkins ● CD $18.98
Radio transcriptions from the 50s by this fine country artist including three complete radio shows. Accompaniments include Jerry Byrd, Bud Isaacs, Tommy Jackson and others.
HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: A Heap Of Lovin'./ Act Like A Married Man/ All Alone In This World Without You/ Bad News Travels Fast (in Our Town)/ Blessed Jesus, Hold My Hand/ Borrowing/ Come A Little Closer/ Darkness On The Face Of The Earth/ Guilty Of Dreaming/ I'll Take A Chance With You, Love/ If It Ain't On The Menu/ Lonely Broken Heart/ Rebound/ Silver Threads And Golden Needles/ Steelin' The Blues/ The Long Way/ Unwanted/ Why Didn't I Hear It From You/ Why Don't You Leave This Town

HAWKSHAW HAWKINS Cattle 276 The Unadulterated Early Singles ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, highly recommended Excellent collection of 26 sides by this fine singer from West Virginia recorded between 1946 and 1950. These tracks were dubed from original 78s and so don't have the artificial echo or dubbed in instrumentation added to many of the reissues and we can really enjoy the basic stripped down of these recordings - often just acoustic and electric guitar accompaniment.. This is perfect companion to Westside 866 issued a while back and while there are no hits here there are lots of fine songs like I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye/ Wanted, Someone To Love Me/ I'll Get Along Somehow/ Walking The Floor Over You/ There's A Teardrop In Your Eye/ Yesterday's Kisses/ Never Say Goodbye/ That's When It's Coming Home To You/ Mean Mama Blues/ Teardrops From My Eyes and more. There are quite a few covers of country hits here - most notably from the Ernest Tubb catalog. (FS)
HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: After Yesterday/ I Didn't Have The Heart To Say Goodbye/ I Hate Myself/ I Love You A Thousand Ways./ I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye/ I'll Get Along Somehow/ I'll Never Cry Over You/ It's Been So Long Darling/ Mean Mama Blues/ Mean Old Bed Bug Blues/ Never Say Goodbye/ Pardon Me For Loving You/ Secrets Of My Heart/ Soldier's Last Letter/ Sunny Side Of The Mountain/ Teardrops From My Eyes/ That's All She Wrote/ That's When It's Coming Home To You/ The Longer We're Together (the More We Drift Apart)/ The Way I Love You/ There's A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas/ There's A Teardrop In Your Eye/ Walking The Floor Over You/ Wanted, Someone To Love Me/ Would You Like To Have A Broken Heart/ Yesterday's Kisses

JIMMIE HEAP & THE MELODY MASTERS Bear Family BCD 15617 Release Me ● CD $21.98
Texas honkytonk singer/ composer/ bandleader Jimmy Heap, leader of the Melody Masters, recorded the original version of The Wild Side of Life for Imperial, It became a massive hit for Hank Thompson when he covered it in 1952. The second number, Release Me, which Melody Masters recorded for Capitol, was originally a national hit for Heap in 1954 (his only one) and is now an American standard. 30 of Heap's 33 Capitol recordings from 1951 through 1955 (four of them unissued) make up this disc. Heap's band was built around vocalist/fiddler Perk Williams who specialized Texas honkytonk in the style of the early Lefty Frizzell. The band played well and Williams was a competent if unexciting vocalist. Though only Release Me ever became a national hit, a few other numbers stand out including Then I'll Be Happy, a 1920's pop number co-written by Lovesick Blues co-author Cliff Friend. The problem with the Melody Masters was their emphasis on medium tempo vocal ballads that, good as they may be, become monotonous when assembled in one place. The instrumentals from their final session are a welcome respite from that. Butternut sounds like a Texas honkytonk version of Martin Denny (complete with bird noises!) and the pleasant swing instrumentals Mingling/ Heap Of Boogie and Long John are great dance numbers. Jon Emery's liner notes reflect fine writing and solid research. Sound is remarkable, typical for Bear Family. (RK)

JIMMIE HEAP Cattle 328 The Wild Side Of Life, 1949-1951 ● CD $18.98
22 tracks from the early years of this fine honky tonk bandleader recorded for Imperial between 1949 and 1951. Jimmie led a fine band which featured fiddler Houston "Perk" Williams who did most of the vocals, steel guitarist Cecil R. "Butterball Harris, pianist Arlie A. Carter and others while Heap himself was featured on lead guitar. Heap was the first artist to record The Wild Side Of Life though Hank Thompson' cover was the big heat. Curiously the version included here has overdubbed instrumentation - it would have been nice to have the original.
JIMMIE HEAP: A Coffin Built For Two/ A Million Tears/ Butter Ball Bounce / Carbon Copy/ Don't Steal My Dreams/ Drop In The Bucket/ Easy Way Out/ Honk Your Horn/ I Hope You're Satisfied/ If Mama Was Here/ If Tomorrow Could Be Yesterday/ It's One Thing To Forgive Another To Forget/ More Than Friends/ Morning, Noon And Night/ Somebody's Blue/ Sunset Sends Sorrow/ That's That/ There's A Broken Pane In The Window Of My Heart/ Till Death Do You Part/ When They Operated On Papa They Opened Mama's Male/ Wild Side Of Life/ You Were Meant To Ruin My Dreams

BOBBY HELMS Bear Family BCD 15594 Fraulein - His Decca Recordings ● CD $41.98
Surprisingly good stuff. I would not have thought that the man known primarily for the pop hits My Special Angel and Jingle Bell Rock would have recorded enough good material to justify a 62 cut double CD reissue, but, thanks to his solid country roots, he does. In fact, much of his output compares favorably with other Decca country artists from the same era. And the folks at Bear Family have wisely put his most country-flavored numbers on the first disc and his most pop-sounding cuts on the other. The country disc even includes his little-known first two records, made for the tiny Speed record label of Bloomington, Indiana in 1955. Helms' hits are here, of course, as well as Tennessee Rock 'n Roll, Far Away Heart, Sad-Eyed Baby, two versions of Just A Little Lonesome, one in a country vein and one in a pop vein, and others. The first disc is, not surprisingly, the stronger of the two, but even the second disc has its good moments. And everything else about this package is up to Bear Family's normal high standards. Excellent sound and notes. (DH)

BOBBY HICKS County 2706 Texas Crapshooter ● CD $16.98
12 tracks, 32 min; recommended Reissue of County album from 1978, when North Carolinian Bobby, an influential member of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys as a youngster and also an accomplished country fiddler was between band engagements. One side of the original album featured six western swing numbers, with a band that included Buddy Emmons, Buck White, Bruce Nemerov, and others, in addition to Hicks. Tunes include Panhandle Rag/ Goodbye Liza Jane/ Maiden's Prayer+3. The bluegrass "side" includes three Monroe compositions Scotland/ Big Mon, and Cheyenne, numbers on which Bobby was featured during his tenure with Monroe. The bluegrass selections feature a topnotch band including Sam Bush, Alan Munde Roland White, Roy Huskey, Jr., and on Paddy On The Turnpike, the twin fiddle of Vassar Clements. (RP)

JOHNNY HICKS B.A.C.M. 059 Gotta Gitta Gittar ● CD $14.98
22 tracks from the early 50s by Texas vocalist who was more of a pop than country singer. There's a substantial amount of forgettable novelty material here along with gospel, country weepers, western swing and country boogies. Some of the accompaniments are by members of the Light Crust Dougboys.
JOHNNY HICKS: A Good Man Is Hard To Find/ All My Life My Love Goes With You/ Crossroads/ Curb Service/ Get Your Kicks From The Country Hicks/ Gotta Gitta Gittar/ Hamburger Hop/ Heart After Heart/ Ho De Ree Dee Ah/ I Can‘t Get Enough Of That Ah Ha/ I Swear/ I Thought I Was Home To Stay/ Man On The Corner/ Mended One Broken Heart/ My Next Gal/ No Wild Side Of Life/ Pick-up Blues/ Rainy Night Blues/ So Long It‘s Been Good To Know Yuh/ Sweetheart‘s Waltz/ Take My Hand/ Too Late To


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