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THE CALLAHAN BROTHERS Cattle 267 In Memory Of The Callahan Brothers ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 72 mins, highly recommended
The Callahan Brothers from North Carolina were one of the most popular of the many fine brother acts performing in the 30s and 40s. This collection features 25 of their sides recorded between 1934 and 1951. The brothers Homer (aka Bill) and Walter (aka Joe) sang (and sometimes yodeled) in harmony accompanied by their own guitars and some cuts featured the splendid mandolin playing of Roy "Shorty" Hobbs or Paul Buskirk plus the occasional fiddle or piano. They perform traditional songs, blues, novelty, gospel, sentimental songs and the like. The brothers have the occasional solo including Joe doing the lovely Sweet Thing and Bill doing several including the excellent blues My Good Girl Has Thrown Me Down with great guitar. A few cuts issued as by The Callahan Family featured female vocalist Alma including a lovely version of the gospel song Lord, I'm Coming Home. A few cuts duplicate the Old Homestead release of a couple of years ago though sound here is better but still not great. (FS)
THE CALLAHAN BROTHERS: Blue Letters/ Brown's Ferry Blues No. 2/ Carolina Sweetheart/ Cowboy Jack/ Freight Train Blues/ Gonna Quit Drinkin' When I Die/ I'll Be Thinking Of The Days Gone By/ I'm Alone Because I Love You/ If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again/ Limb From The Old Apple Tree/ Little Poplar Log House On The Hill/ Lonesome And Weary Blues/ Lonesome Freight Train Blues/ Lord I'm Coming Home/ Mother, Pal And Sweetheart./ My Good Gal Has Thrown Me Down/ New Birmingham Jail No. 3/ She's Always On My Mind/ Somebody's Been Using That Thing/ St. Louis Blues/ Sweet Thing/ Sweet Violets/ They're At Rest Together/ This Crazy Crazy Feeling/ When It's Lamp Lighting Time Up In Heaven

THE CALLAHAN BROTHERS Cattle 277 More Memories Of The Callahan Brothers ● CD $18.98
Complementing Cattle 267 this features and other fine collection of 20 tracks from this fine brother duo from North Carolina recorded between 1934 and 1939. Accompanying themselves on guitars they perform a mix of blues, sentimental songs, traditional ballads and more. Some fine music though sound quality on a number of tracks is pretty rough.
THE CALLAHAN BROTHERS: Ashville Blues/ Don't You Remember The Time/ Drive My Blues Away/ Gonna Quit My Rowdy Days/ I Don't Want To Hear Your Name/ I Want To Ask The Stars/ I've Just Been A Brakeman/ Just One Little Kiss/ Katie Dear/ Mean Mama/ My Blue Eyed Jane/ North Carolina Moon./ Seventeen Years Ago/ She's My Curly Headed Baby/ She's My Curly Headed Baby No. 2/ The Best Pal I Had Is Gone/ The Price I Had To Pay/ True Lover/ When A Man's Lonesome/ Would If I Could (but I Can't)

BIG BILL CAMPBELL B.A.C.M. 001 Rocky Mountain Rhythm ● CD $14.98
English country & western music from the 30s! Big Bill Campbell was a Canadian who moved to England in the early 30s and initially called himself Zeke Winters and subsequently Big Bill Campbell. He had several popular radio shows on Radio Luxembourg and the BBC running from the late 30s through the early 50s. Most of the musicians and vocalists were English and it tells. Not particularly compelling music but an interesting offshoot of country music that is little known these days.
BIG BILL CAMPBELL: Covered Wagon Lullaby/ Goin' Down To Santa Fe Town/ Hillbilly Jamboree/ I Like Mountain Music/ I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart/ Moonlight Valley/ My Wagon, My Horse And Me/ Old Cowboy/ Red Hills/ Rocky Mountain Melodies/ Rocky Mountain Rhythm/ Rollin' Plains/ Sourdough Dan/ The Call Of The Canyon/ The Lonesome Trail Ain't Lonesome Any More/ The Old Red Barn/ The Strawberry Roan/ Wait For Me Old Faithful/ Wouldn't Take A Million For The Old Grey Mare

CECIL CAMPBELL Bronco Buster 9003 And His Tennessee Ramblers ● CD $18.98
Cecil Campbell and his Tennessee Ramblers performed regularly on clear channel WBT from Charlotte, NC in the 1940. He and his band also appeared in several B-Western films in the 1930 - some with Gene Autry. Most of the recordings here are probably from the 30s and 40s with a couple being from 1956. Though he was less polished than Wills or Cooley, Campbell & His Tennessee Ramblers played some very listenable music. No Where, No Time, No Place, on this disc is terrific, Fog Rising On The Mountain (from 1956) has a haunting aura, depicting a Smokey Mountain scene and Catwaba River Blues is another good one from the Carolinas as is North Carolina Skies , composed and performed here by band member Roy Lear. Campbell does most of the vocals, and they come out fine, but he couldn't salvage Jimmy Work's Paper Roses, the one weak spot on this album. There are several instrumentals featuring Campbell's steel guitar, along with the band's fiddles, guitars & accordion. ( OJ)
CECIL CAMPBELL: Barn Dance Breakdown (Inst.)/ Catawba River Blues/ Contentment (# 1)./ Fog Rising on the Mountain (# 1)/ Gomango (Inst.)/ No Blues, No Blues for Me/ No Where, No Time, No Place/ North Carolina Skies/ One Little Flower/ Paper Roses/ Proud Papa Polka/ Put Some Meat on Them Bones/ Spookie Boogie/ Tar Heel Rag (Inst.)/ Tennessee Steel Guitar (Inst.)/ Tropical Island (Voc. By the Hendrix Sisters)

JIM CAMPILONGO Blue Hen 1 And The Ten Gallon Cats ● CD $16.98
10 tracks, 43 minutes, recommended
This high powered Bay Area quartet has updated the classic electric guitar - pedal steel ensemble with a vengeance! The idea of playing heavily jazz influenced solo lines in tight harmony on these instruments was invented by Eldon Shambin and Leon McAuliffe of the Texas Playboys and reached its greatest development in the flaming instrumentals of Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant. Campingo and company take a new slant on things, grafting heavy feedback tinged guitar reminiscent of Link Wray with smooth as silk pedal steel that alternately soars and colors in the best Western Swing tradition. The tempos vary between breakneck and relaxed on such titles as Splitsville, Snakestretcher, Night in Serramonte, and Bully Cat. This is powerful, innovative, and thoroughly enjoyable music any guitar fan will like. (DP)

JIM CAMPILONGO & THE 10 GALLON CATS Blue Hen 2 Loose ● CD $15.98
11 tracks, 41 mins, recommended
The second recording of these space age updaters of the Speedy West - Jimmy Bryant sound is a blistering affair. While West and Bryant brought the electric guitar/pedal steel duo into the bebop era, the interchanges between Camilongo and Joe Goldmark seem closer to Sun Ra meets Dick Dale, with some Link Wray thrown in for good measure! The material here is even more varied then the group's first release. Slow languid pieces like the title track lurch into frantic rave ups laced with feedback and rapid tempo changes. Goldmark's pedal steel wails like a theremin one minute peals like heavenly chimes the next. Campilongo's guitar cackles like a chicken on "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" and creates slapstick Spike Jones effects throughout the album. Wait till you hear what they do to Ellington's "Harlem Nocturne"! The dialogue between the two guitars is ever changing but always complimentary and consistently interesting and it's clear that these guys have been playing together a long time. A great album not for the faint hearted! (DP)

BILL CARLISLE B.A.C.M. 034 Duvall County Blues ● CD $14.98
20 tracks, 58 mins, highly recommended Complementing the recent releases on Cattle and Collector this is another fine collection by this superb singer and guitarist featuring 20 tracks recorded between 1933 and 1939. A varied selection - blues, sentimental songs, gospel songs and more. Includes solo sides as well as sides with his string band The Kentucky Boys.  (FS)
BILL CARLISLE: A Shack By The Side Of The Road/ Are You Going To Leave Me Lil/ Beneath The Weeping Willow Tree/ Cowgirl Jean/ Drifting Together/ Duvall County Blues/ I Done It Wrong/ I Dreamed I Searched Heaven For You/ I Know What It Is To Be Lonesome/ I'll Always Be Your Little Darling/ I'm Heading For Home Sweet Home/ If Jesus Should Come/ Little Wild Rose/ Lost On Life's Sea/ Penitentiary Blues/ Rattlesnake Daddy/ Roll On Old Troubles, Roll On/ Sugar Cane Mama/ The Girl I Left So Blue/ Why Did The Blue Skies Turn To Grey

CLIFF CARLISLE Arhoolie-Folklyric CD 7039 Blues Yodeler And Steel Guitar Wizard ● CD $13.98
24 tracks, 70 mins, essential
An outstanding collection of recordings from the 30s by this outstanding singer, blue yodeler and steel guitarist. Like a number of artists from that era Cliff was strongly influenced by the great Jimmie Rodgers but Cliff was very much his own man thanks his dynamic vocals and his drive slide guitar work on a steel boidied National. The earlier cuts usually feature him in the company of guitarist Wilbur Ball and the latter cuts have brother Bill on guitar. On My Lovin' Kathleen his 11 year old son "Sonny Boy Tommy" provides some wonderful vocal harmonies. Cliff was a master blue yodeler on a number of cuts here and on No Daddy Blues and Shanghai Rooster Yodel he does some original scat yodeling. He does a cover of the Darby & Tarleton classic Columbus Stockade Blues and the soon to become bluegrass standard Footprints In The Snow with Shannon Grayson on mandolin. A number of cuts fall into the risqué category including the very raunchy That Nasty Swing. This tracks have been particularly well chosen to display all the aspects of Cliff's prolific career. Sound quality is superb and there are excellent notes by the evr reliable Mark Humphrey. (FS)

JENKS "TEX" CARMAN Bear Family BCD 15574 Hillbilly Hula ● CD $21.98
I've always enjoyed the music of Kentucky singer/ steel guitarist Jenks Tex Carman. Though no virtuoso as either a singer or guitarist there there was a great sense of fun in his performances which communicates itself to the listener. He was at his best on the upbeat items where he gives his steel guitar a good workout with his distinctive clipped phrasing - Hillbilly Hula/ Hilo March/ Locust Hill Rag and my personal favorite Dixie Cannonball. His ballads are less succesful and his attempts to reach notes he can't quite make on Ten Thousand Miles are quite painful. Great sound and a nice booklet with notes by Carey Ginnell and discography round out a most enjoayble set. (FS)

THE CAROLINA PLAYBOYS Cattle 253 Play Country & Western Classics ● CD $18.98
25 tracks from around 1946/47 recorded for the Sonora by this group that was very popular around Charlotte, North Carolina. The group featured Fred Kirby (whose solo recordings are featured on Cattle 252), Don White and others including "Whitey" and "Hogan" who do most of the vocals along with a third unknown vocalist. The group has a smooth vocal sound in the vein of The Sons Of The Pioneers with accompaniments including guitar, steel guitar and occasional fiddle and trumpet. Includes All I Have Is Love/ Divorce Me C.O.D./ Forget And Forgive Me/ Headin' Home/ I Traded My Soul For A Rose/ Is There Somebody Else/ Let's Be Sweethearts Again/ The Precious Jewel/ There's A New Moon Over My Soldier, etc.

JOE CARSON Bear Family BCD 15757 Hillbilly Band From Mars ● CD $21.98
First ever reissue of honky tonk singer who tragically died in an automobile accident in 1964 at the age of 27. 33 tracks recorded between 1953 and 1963 recorded for Mercury, Capitol, D & Liberty including several previously unissued.

FIDDLIN' JOHN CARSON Document DOCD 8014 Complete Recordings, Vol. 1 - June 1923 to April 1924 ● CD $15.98
First of seven discs presenting the complete recordings of this country music pioneer.

FIDDLIN' JOHN CARSON Document DOCD 8015 Complete Recordings, Vol. 2 - April 1924 to June 1925 ● CD $15.98

FIDDLIN' JOHN CARSON Document DOCD 8016 Complete Recordings, Vol. 3 - June 1925 to March 1926 ● CD $15.98

FIDDLIN' JOHN CARSON Document DOCD 8017 Complete Recordings, Vol. 4 -March 1926 to October 1927 ● CD $15.98

FIDDLIN' JOHN CARSON Document DOCD 8018 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 5 : 1927-29 ● CD $15.98

FIDDLIN' JOHN CARSON Document DOCD 8019 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 6 : 1929-30 ● CD $15.98

FIDDLIN' JOHN CARSON Document DOCD 8020 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 7 : 1930-34 ● CD $15.98

ANITA CARTER Bear Family BCD 15434 Ring Of Fire ● CD $21.98
26 Mercury sides by the youngest of the Carter sisters. (Love's) Ring Of Fire/ The Kentuckian Song/ I Will Never Marry/ Wildwood Flower and many more.

SARA & MAYBELLE CARTER Bear Family BCD 15471 Sara & Maybelle Carter ● CD $21.98
In 1965 and 1966, Sara and Maybelle Carter had gone separate paths from their days with Sara's ex-husband A.P. Carter as the legendary Carter Family. Maybelle continued performing with her daughters on the Opry and as part of Johnny Cash's traveling show while Sara moved to California and retired from active performing though she never quit playing. But with the Carter Family still visible and the music of the original Carter Family considered a fountainhead for bluegrass and folk artists, the interest in their music remained strong into the sixties. In 1965, Maybelle recorded a solo album for Columbia with a small group of Nashville musicians backing her acoustically. That album, which combined traditional material with more contemporary numbers was released as "Mother Maybelle Carter: A Living Legend" and paid tribute to the Carter sound of the past in places while putting it in a (slightly) more modern context in others. Along with such vintage A.P. Carter compositions as Let's Be Lovers Again were her versions of San Antonio Rose and Johnny Cash's We'll Miss You, Joe. Shortly after that, June Carter with support from future husband and performing partner Johnny Cash, found an enthusiastic Don Law ready to produce Sara and Maybelle. The result was the LP, "An Historic Reunion", cut in 1966 with Maybelle's distinctive guitar playing and Sara's autoharp and featuring a dozen numbers, Mixing Carter standards with songs they never recorded. Included here are Weary Prodigal Son and Happiest Days Of All. No More Goodbyes was only released on a subscriber-only Time-Life Carter Family collection in 1982. Helping out was A.P. Carter's son Joe to re-create his father's vocal parts. The entire album was cut in 24 hours, not surprising given the duo's past experience in cutting 78s and transcriptions. Both albums are combined here on one CD, with the usual excellent Bear Family sound, the original notes to the "Historic Reunion" by Johnny Cash and new notes by Charles Wolfe, with extensive information about the origins of each number. A welcome package for Carter fans. (RK)

WILF CARTER Bear Family BCD 15507 Dynamite Trail ● CD $21.98
A fine collection of 30 songs recorded for Decca between 1954 and 1958 by this popular Canadian country singer and yodeller. Recorded in Nashville with top sidemen like Chet Atkins, Jerry Byrd, Tommy Jackson, Grady Martin, Don Helms, Hank Garland, and others he performs a mixture of western songs, sentimental songs, novelty songs, straight country and even a yodellin' rock 'n roll song! A few tracks feature the Anita Kerr Singers and there are two with Wilf's acoustic guitar accompaniment. The production is up to Bear Family's usual standards with superb sound and a 16 page booklet with notes, photos and full discographical information. (FS)

WILF CARTER Bear Family BCD 15754 Montana Slim - A Prairie Legend ● CD $94.98
A four CD set with 99 tracks by this popular Canadian cowboy singer and yodeler, also known as Montana Slim. It features all his recordings from 1944 to 1952 including rare sides for the Canadian Apex label plus a self produced session from 1959. These recordings show the transition from the simple guitar only accompanied western songs to a more commercial approach with added instrumentation and more mainstream country songs. His 1959 session returns to the purer sound of his earlier sides.

WILF CARTER Bear Family BCD 15939 Cowboy Songs ● CD $189.98
8 CD box set with 48 page book.

WILF CARTER Starday 389 Montana Slim ● CD $9.98

THE CARTER FAMILY Arhoolie 411 On Border Radio - 1939 ● CD $13.98
This 38 track CD is drawn from radio transcriptions made for powerful Mexican border stations beamed to the USA. In addition to versions of some some of their best know songs it also includes their theme song, station I.D.s and a few tunes by the Carter Sisters (Anita, June and Helen - then six, ten and twelve years old).

THE CARTER FAMILY Arhoolie 412 On Border Radio, Vol. 2 ● CD $13.98
26 tracks taken from rare 1939 transcriptions of radio programs over radio station XET (or XEG) in Monterrey, Mexico - Why There Is A Tear In My Eyes/ Corina/ A Broken Down Saint/ You Are My Flower, etc. In addition A.P., Sara & Maybelle there are also performances by Jeanette, Helen, June & Anita Carter.

THE CARTER FAMILY Arhoolie 413 On Border Radio - 1939, Vol. 3 ● CD $13.98
The third collection of recordings drawn from radio transcriptions made for powerful Mexican border station XET beamed to the USA. In addition to versions of some some of their best known songs and others it also includes their theme song, station I.D.s, rarely heard solo performances by A.P. and a few tunes by the Carter Sisters (Anita, June and Helen - then six, ten and twelve years old) - Cannonball Blues/ You Are My Sunshine/ Going Back To TexasWhen The Spring Roses Are Blooming/ Broken Engagement/ The Old ladies Home, etc.

THE CARTER FAMILY Bear Family BCD 15865 In The Shadow Of Clinch Mountain ● CD $299.98
The long awaited comprehensive retrospective of the recordings of the fine and important country group. There are 11 CDs featuring every track recorded by the group between 1927 and 1941 for Victor, ARC, Decca, APS, Columbia and Bluebird. A 12th CD features and extensive interview conducted by Ed Kahn and Mike Seeger with Maybelle and Sara in 1963. Includes 12" square hardback book including all known photos of the original group along with photos from Mother Maybelle and Jeanette Carter's personal collection.

THE CARTER FAMILY Copper Creek 107 Diamonds In The Rough ● CD $16.98
Between 1938 and '41 country music pioneers, The Carter Family settled in Del Rio, Texas where they were featured on one of the border stations on a regular basis. Although many of the transcriptions have since disappeared some have turned up and this excellent collection features 16 songs from 1941. The group's style had remained consistent since they had there greatest success in the late 20s and early 30s. These performances are mostly versions of old favorites. In addition to the title song it includes Little Moses/ Room In Heaven For Me/ Your Mother Still Prays For You, Jack/ Where Shall I Be?/ Broken Hearted Lover/ Little Joe/ The Last Letter/ My Old Pal Of Yesterday, etc. Sound quality is generally excellent and there are informative notes by Dick Spottswood. (FS)

THE CARTER FAMILY County 112 Clinch Mountain Treasures ● CD $14.98
This session came near the end of the long career of the original Carter Family, but these 20 selections retain the trademark of their earlier successes. The artless simplicity, catchy melodies, rustic harmonies, and lilting guitar and autoharp accompaniments that made A.P., Sara and Maybelle Carter so influential are here in abundance. There are traditional ballads from England (Black Jack David), gospel standards (Meeting In The Air and We Shall Rise), cowboy songs (Buddies In The Saddle) and "modern" songs with religious themes (Heaven's Radio). There's even a rare solo vocal by A.P., (I found you Among The Roses). Loving liner notes are provided by Bill Clifton, one of the many musicians profoundly influenced by The Carter Family. (RP)

THE CARTER FAMILY JSP JSPCD 7701 1927-1934 ● CD $28.98
Another wonderful budget box set from JSP - this time focusing on the early recordings of the first family in country music - The Carter Family. Five CDs with 126 tracks featuring nearly everything they recorded between 1927 and 1934 including many of their most timeless recordings that have been recorded by generations of singers like Single Girl, Married Girl/ Keep On The Sunny Side/ Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone/ Wildwood Flower/ Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy To Me/ Engine One-Forty-Three/ Wabash Cannonball/ Worried Man Blues/ My Little Home In Tennessee/ Give Me Roses While I Live/ I'll Be All Smiles Tonight/ East Virginia Blues and loads more that are an integral part of America's musical heritage. Excellent sound and brief notes.

THE CARTER SISTERS Country Routes 40 And Mother Maybelle With Chet Atkins ● CD $16.98
The fourth and final selection of 1949 transcription discs by this fabulous group. Many superb Mother Maybelle features and a couple of dozen Chet Atkins solos - plus four of him on fiddle! Helen and Anita Carter, are abundantly featured. 37 tracks in all including Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/ Wedding Bells/ Tennessee Tears/ My Confession/ Wednesday Night Waltz/ If One Won't, Another Will/ Beautiful Morning Glory/ Guitar Waltz/ Goin' Home This Evening/ Keep Movin' On/ All The World Is Lonely Now/ The Wave On the Sea, etc.

AL CASEY Bear Family BCD 15889 Sidewinder ● CD $21.98
Recent recordings with guest appearances by David Grisman, Lee Hazlewood, Jody Reynolds and Glen Campbell.

JOHNNY CASH Bear Family DVD 20001 At Town Hall Party ● CD $29.98
DVD Wow! Here we have Johnny Cash and his group The Tennessee Two (guitarist Luther Perkins and bassist Marshall Grant) filmed live at the legendary Town Hall Party in Los Angeles in 1958 and 1959. Here are the group in their prime doing 24 songs - a couple of them repeated. Includes Get Rhythm/ Don't Take Your Guns To Town/ The Ways Of A Woman In Love/ All Over Again/ Guess Things Happen That Way/ Big River/ I Walk The Line/ Folsom Prison Blues and more including an impersonation of Elvis singing Heartbreak Hotel!

JOHNNY CASH Bear Family BCD 15247 Up Through The Years ● CD $21.98
24 Sun classics in chronological order - digitally remastered with superb sound - Cry Cry Cry/ Folsom Prison Blues/ So Doggone Loneseom/ I Walk The Line/ Train Of Love/ Goodbye Little Darling Goodbye/ Straight As in Love/ Don't Make Me Go/ Give My Lov To Rose/ Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/ Guess Things Happen That Way/ You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven , etc

JOHNNY CASH Bear Family BCD 15517 The Man In Black, 1954-58 ● CD $99.98
The definitive Sun Records collection on Cash, and one that not only brings forth a few more unissued tracks, but covers the first four Columbia sessions as well. Nearly all this stuff has been out on the Cash box set from Charly, but if you're a Cash completist, there are some new additions: alternate Sun takes of Hey Porter and Folsom Prison Blues, a partial version of Jimmie Rodgers' Brakeman's Blues, new alternates of, among others, Don't Make Me Go, Big River,Sugartime and Ballad of A Teenage Queen. Hearing how the Tennessee Two overcame their substantial musical limitations to give Cash what turned out to be one of the most distinctive styles in country music, the "boom-chicka" sound, is one of the more fascinating aspects of the package. The Columbia material starts with his July 24, 1958 session which included ex-Drifting Cowboy Don Helms on steel guitar (a rarity--Cash never cared much for steel), drummer Morris Palmer (Fluke Holland hadn't yet joined to expand the Tennessee Two into a trio) and pianist Marvin Hughes. These sessions made up the first Columbia LP, "The Fabulous Johnny Cash". Among the songs that became Cash standards here are his first big Columbia hit, Don't Take Your Guns to Town, from 1959, I Still Miss Someone and Pickin' Time. The fourth CD brings together every note recorded at the entire August 13, 1958 session, start to finish that produced Don't Take Your Guns To Town, etc. Admittedly, this can be a bit much to sit through for anyone but hardcore Cash fanatics. Comes with complete discographical data, many unseen color and b/w photos and extensive notes by Colin Escott. (RK)

JOHNNY CASH Bear Family BCD 15562 The Man In Black : 1959-62 ● CD $99.98
Volume two of Bear Family's comprehensive collection of Cash's early Columbia sides, picking up where Volume 1 left off. The five CDs includes the complete sessions for the Hymns By Johnny Cash, I Walk The Line and his unusual Western Swing/Honkytonk LP, Now There Was A Song! All the hits from this period, "You Dreamer You," "I Got Stripes," "Five Feet High and Rising," (a second take sung in German is also included) "Seasons of My Heart," "Smilin Bill McCall," "The Rebel-Johnny Yuma," the 1961 original "Tennessee Flat Top Box" and "In The Jailhouse Now." A number of respectable remakes of Sun hits, among them "I Walk The Line" (both slow and fast takes), "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Hey Porter" were also cut during this time. Among the other tunes are "The Fable of Willie Brown", his version of the Marty Robbins hit "I Couldn't Keep From Crying," As with the Robbins box, Disc five is a studio session complete with breakdowns, false starts, etc. Again, whether this is interesting is a matter of taste. Includes complete discographical data and a detailed 40 page book with rare photos. (RK)

JOHNNY CASH Bear Family BCD 15563 Come Along And Ride This Train ● CD $84.98
This 87 song, four-CD set covers all of Cash's saga songs and Americana numbers including everything of that style from 1960 to 1977, beginning with the material on his "Ride This Train" LP through "Blood, Sweat and Tears", the western album "Mean As Hell", "Ballads of the True West", the controversial "Bitter Tears," "America, From Sea to Shining Sea" and "The Rambler". Cash ran the gamut on these, from the Wild West, to dramatic incidents in American history, to country life and small town America, to vignettes from his own Arkansas boyhood. Cisco Clifton's Fillin' Station, for example, was based on a gas station near his hometown of Dyess. Fans of his ABC show 20 years ago may recall he even did a Ride This Train segment on the show that reflected a similar perspective. Other well known Cash numbers made their debuts on these albums, Busted, Mr. Garfield, The Ballad of Ira Hayes and 25 Minutes to Go among them. The Shifting, Whispering Sands includes Lorne Greene of BONANZA (whoopee!). But as Bob Allen states in his excellent liner notes "Much of this music is a testament to Cash's most vital, creatively focused, and thematically ambitious period as a writer, singer and interpreter . . . " The booklet also includes original comments about the "Ride This Train" LP from Merle Travis and Tex Ritter (the Travis notes are, as you'd expect, a gem). In addition, Charles Wolfe's notes are reprinted from the Bear Family LP reissue of "Bitter Tears". Also included in the booklet are various color publicity shots of Cash in cowboy duds, many of them never published, but obviously taken for LP covers. Tapes were remixed by Richard Bennett, and the only omission I can find and can't understand is the lack of discographical data. (RK)

JOHNNY CASH Bear Family BCD 15588 The Man In Black, 1963-69 Plus ● CD $145.98
6 CDs, 152 tracks,6 hours, 54 min; recommended (with reservations) What can be said about The Man In Black that hasn't already been said? Plenty, it turns out, as Colin Escott proves in his excellent essay that accompanies this monumental box set of material recorded during the period when Johnny leaped from country stardom to international superstardom. Escott covers once again Johnny's well chronicled troubles with pill addiction; he also chronicles Johnny's less well known troubles with the Ku Klux Klan (seems the Klan decided that Johnny's wife at the time was a little too dark to suit them). Other aspects of Johnny's career are also well documented in the fascinating 48 page booklet, which also includes many vintage photos and a discography of his output for Columbia for the period. Musically, the box contains an enormous lump of recorded material. There is much to admire here; there is also much that is tedious, trite, overproduced, self-conscious, and occasionally downright embarrassing. When Cash feels an affinity for the material, it seems, his recorded performances can be very powerful and compelling, as is the case with most of the material from his I Walk The Line album, my favorite of all his Columbia albums, or the best of the Bob Dylan material here, or the remakes of his Sun hits like I Walk The Line/ Hey, Porter, and Big River, or his excellent version of Merle Travis' Dark As A Dungeon. Less successful, in my view, are the gunfighter ballads, most of his native American tribute, nearly all the material from his unfunny topical humor album Everybody Loves A Nut, a lot of his contemporary folk type material from his "flirtation with folk music", and the album he recorded with his wife June and his in laws, The Carter Family, which I find essentially charmless. In any case, the hits from this period are all here, including Ring Of Fire/ Jackson/ Understand Your Man, and The Ballad Of Ira Hayes (a live version from the 1964 Newport Folk Festival, included in an eight song bonus CD). There's also an album's worth of Christmas material, another of gospel material, and several weird, heretofore unreleased selections. How weird? How about Thunderball, written for the James Bond movie of the same name but rejected? (RP)

JOHNNY CASH Columbia 65955 At Folsom Prison ● CD $11.98
Part of Columbia's new American Milestones series. This is a newly remastered version of Johnny's historical 1968 live concert at Folsom Prison. This new version features Johnny's patter uncensored, three previously unissued tracks and previously unpublished photos from that day by legendary photographer Jim Marshall.

JOHNNY CASH Columbia 69402 American Recordings ● CD $17.98
13 tracks, 41 min., recommended There has always been a somber edge to the recordings of Johnny Cash, and in these 1994 recordings, laid down when he was in his early 60's, a gloomy, wry, reflective view of life predominates. Singing the songs of Leonard Cohen (Bird on a Wire), Tom Waits (Down There by the Train), Kris Kristofferson (Why Me Lord), Nick Lowe (The Beast in Me), and Loudon Wainwright (The Man Who Couldn't Cry), as well as several self-penned numbers, Cash focuses on the loneliness of lost love, the pain of the Vietnam War veterans, and the terrible anger and violence that lies within each of us. Not coincidentally the unsteadiness that has now crept in Cash's rich baritone voice serves to intensify the image of lonely suffering that the lyrics and the solo guitar accompaniment already create. The music is not always conventionally pretty, but it is consistently powerful. (DH)

JOHNNY CASH Mercury 831 561-2 Classic Cash ● CD $11.98

JOHNNY CASH & CARL PERKINS Bear Family BCD 16130 I Walk The Line/ Little Fauss & Big Halsey ● CD $21.98
Contains two LPs on one CD plus bonus tracks.


ROSANNE CASH Columbia CK 40777 King's Record Shop ● CD $9.98
'87 album, digitally recorded, produced by Rodney Crowell.

ROSANNE CASH Columbia CK 45054 Hits 1979-1989 ● CD $12.98

THE CASS COUNTY BOYS B.A.C.M. 106 Beautiful Texas & Other Western Melodies ● CD $14.98
25 sides recorded in the 40s and the early 50s by this excellent Western trio who are best known as Gene Autry's backing group during this period.
THE CASS COUNTY BOYS: Beautiful Texas/ Boogie Woogie Cowboy/ Cowboy's Heaven/ Deep In The Heart Of Texas/ Gallopin' To Glory/ Go West Young Man/ Golden Wings And Silver Spurs/ I'm Gonna Gallop, Gallop/ Ida Red/ Just A Bouquet Of Yellow Roses/ Listen To The Mocking Bird/ Pecos Bill/ Roll Along Jordan/ Roundup In The Sky/ Sagebrush Serenade/ See That You're Born In Texas/ Silver On The Sage Tonight/ Sleepy Rio Grande/ Texas Song/ Touch Of God's Hand/ Was The Cowboy Right Or Wrong/ When It's Roundup Time In Glory/ When The Bloom Is On The Sage/ When The Curtains Of Night/ Yellow Rose Of Texas

THE CASS COUNTY BOYS Cattle 273 Ride, Ranger, Ride ● CD $18.98
24 tracks from 1949 and '50 from this popular Western trio who are perhaps best known for their accompaniments to Gene Autry in the 40s and 50s. They perform in a smooth Western style in the same vein as the Sons Of The Pioneers and accompany themselves on guitar, bass and accordion with some tracks also featuring steel guitarist Noel Boggs.
THE CASS COUNTY BOYS: 'long About Sundown/ A Gay Ranchero (inst.)/ Along The Navajo Trail/ Careless Love/ Cherokee Strip/ Going Back To Texas/ Goofus (inst.)/ Heading For The Rio Grande/ Hidden Valley/ Hold That Critter Down/ It Won't Be Texas To You/ Little Big Dry/ My Texas Home/ Pass The Biscuts Mirandy/ Ride, Ranger, Ride/ Ridin' Down The Canyon/ Steel Guitar Rag (inst.)/ Sunny Side Of The Rockies/ The Big Corral/ Trail To Mexico/ Twilight On The Trail./ Wanderers Of The Wasteland/ When It's Night Time In Nevada/ You Don't Know What Lonesome Is (when You Get To Herding Cows)

LEON CHAPPEL Bear Family BCD 16254 Automatic Mama ● CD $21.98
Fine collection of 26 sides recorded for Capitol between 1950 and 1953 by Texas singer Chappell - six previously unissued. Chappel, under his real name of Chappelear had previously recorded with The Shelton Brothers as part of the Lone Star Cowboys in the 30s. On these sides Chappel performs in what was at that time a somewhat anachronistic style - a blend of blues, boogie and Western Swing. Chappel was a good singer and is accompanied by fine small groups featuring fiddle, guitars, bass & piano. Songs include You Hear Me Talkin'/ Slow Down Sweet Mama/ I'm A Do-Right Daddy/ Gonna Turn You Loose/ Don't Dog Me 'Round/ Lowdown Lonesome Blues/ Double Up And Catch Up, etc. 24 page booklet has extensive notes by Kevin Coffey, photos and discographical data.

THE CHESTNUT GROVE QUARTET County 2709 The Legendary Chestnut Grove Quartet ● CD $15.98
15 tracks, 45 min; essential
From the Chestnut Grove Methodist Church in the mountains of southwest Virginia, this legendary (but little heard outside the region where they live) a cappella quartet has had a profound effect on gospel a cappella singing that far outstrips their local renown, influencing such local luminaries as Ralph Stanley, Doyle Lawson, and Ricky Skaggs, both in repertoire and performance style. These selections are drawn from albums made by the group during the 60s, 70s, and 80s to capitalize on the enormous popularity of their local radio broadcasts and personal appearances in the mountainous areas of Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Stylistically, the quartet springs from the shape note singing schools of their youth and the Stamps-Baxter shape note hymnals so omnipresent in white Protestant churches of rural areas; their four part harmonies and parts singing is as old as the churches where they learned to sing. Deceptively sedate and dignified in their approach, The Quartet's vocals can be intensely emotional, stark and powerful, eerily reminiscent at times of the full harmonies of entire congregations of the churches which inspired them. A special and utterly unique album. Informative notes by Joe Wilson of The National Council for the Traditional Arts. Songs include My Lord Delivered Me/ Little Old Church By The Road/ The Light On the River/ I've A Mansion Over In Glory/ The Great Beyond and others. (RP)

THE CHUCK WAGON GANG Cattle 268 America's Popular Family Quartet ● CD $18.98
21 early sides by this fine family quartet who recorded gospel songs and are still active to this day.
THE CHUCK WAGON GANG: A Beautiful Life/ At The Rainbow's End/ Echoes From The Burning Bush/ Heaven Is My Home/ I Love My Savior Too/ I'd Rather Have Jesus/ I'll Fly Away/ I've Found A Hiding Place/ Jesus Hold My Hand/ Kneel At The Cross/ Looking For A City/ Love Is The Key/ Mighty Close To Heaven/ Shall We Gather At The River./ Sinner, You'll Miss Heaven/ Springtime In Glory/ Stormy Glory/ Take Me Back To Col-ler-rad-da Fer To Stay/ The Church In The Wild Wood/ The Little Green Mound On The Hill/ When The Saints Go Marching In


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