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EDDY ARNOLD Bear Family BCD 15441 Cattle Call/Thereby Hangs A Tail ● CD $21.98
2 classic LP's on one CD, with rare pictures and discography. Eddy covers a range of traditional and contemporary Western songs including Streets Of Laredo/Cool Water/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie/Tom Dooley/Tennessee Stud/Wreck Of The Old 97/Ballad Of Davy Crockett and more - 25 songs in all.
EDDIE ARNOLD: A Cowboy's Dream/ Boot Hill/ Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie/ Cattle Call/ Cool Water/ Cowpoke/ Jesse James./ Jim I Wore A Tie Today/ Johnny Reb, That's Me/ Leanin' On The Old Top Rail/ Nellie Sits A-waitin'/ Ole Faithful/ Partners/ Riders In The Sky/ Sierra Sue/ Tennessee Stud/ The Ballad Of Davy Crockett/ The Battle Of Little Big Horn/ The Red Headed Stranger/ The Streets Of Laredo/ The Wayward Wind/ The Wreck Of Old '97/ Tom Dooley/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ Where The Mountains Meet The Sky

EDDY ARNOLD Bear Family BCD 15726 The Tennessee Plowboy & His Guitar ● CD $114.98
Long awaited collection of Eddy's earliest recordings. 5-CD box set with book which includes much new information. 120 songs from 1944 to 1950 including the original versions of some of his best earlier numbers that were later overdubbed or re-recorded

EDDY ARNOLD Bronco Buster 9013 Hillbilly Favorites ● CD $18.98
18 early recordings with Little Roy Wiggins on steel plus The Willis Brothers.
EDDY ARNOLD: A Penny For Your Thoughts/ A Sinner's Prayer/ Address Unknown/ All Alone In This World Without You/ Cattle Call/ Columbus Stockade Blues/ Don't Bother To Cry/ Drunkard's Child/ I Couldn't Belive It Was True/ I Hang My Head And Cry/ I Talk To Myself About You/ I Want To Be Sure/ I Wish All My Children Were Babies Again/ I'll Have To Live And Learn/ I'll Never Let You Go Little Darling/ I'll Step Aside/ In My Heart You'll Always Be Mine/ Land, Sky And Water/ M-O-T-H-E-R (A Word That Means The World To Me)/ What A Fool I Was (To Ever Let You Go)

CLARENCE "TOM" ASHLEY County 3520 Greenback Dollar ● CD $15.98
Fabulous collection of 20 sides from 1929-1933 featuring this brilliant performer - includes sides under his own name plus sides with Ashley & Foster, Byrd Moore & His Hot Shots, The Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers and The Carolina Tar Heels.
CLARENCE ASHLEY: 3 Men Went A Huntin'/ Baby All Night Long/ Coo Coo Bird/ Corrina Corrina/ Dark Holler/ Drunk Man/ Frankie Silvers/ Greenback Dollar/ Haunted Road Blues/ House Carpenter/ Little Sadie/ My Sweet Farm Girl/ Naomi Wise/ Old John Henry/ Rude & Rambling Man/ Sadie Ray/ Short Life Of Trouble/ Times Ain't Like They Used To Be/ Train Done Left Me/ You Are A Little Too Small

ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL Liberty 81470 Tribute To The Music Of Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys ● CD $11.98
18 songs, recommended
Ray Benson wanted to do this one a long time: an all-star Wills tribute using his current band and some former AATW members and Texas Playboys. Their instrumental version of Red Wing, with original Asleep steel player Lucky Oceans, and former Playboys Eldon Shamblin and Johnny Gimble, already won the Grammy for Best Country Instrumental. As for the other numbers, Benson sings a few alone; the rest are duets. A few surprises turn up along the way. Dolly Parton's Billy Dale (a re-gendered version of the Wills ballad Lily Dale) and Huey Lewis's Ida Red are both outstanding. Garth Brooks' melodic, no-frills version of Deep Water proves he can sing country, powerfully, when he wants to; Marty Stuart's soulful version of Misery and Lyle Lovett's Blues for Dixie are both masterful performances. George Strait, Merle Haggard (who started the whole Wills revival nearly 25 years ago), Willie Nelson, Riders in the Sky and even Huey Lewis are predictably good. Benson goofed only twice. Brooks and Dunn turn Corrine, Corrina into a near-blasphemous line dance nightmare. Vince Gill's voice, perfect on contemporary material, has a vocal touch too light to work on the Wills favorite (originally an old pop tune) Yearning, which demands a stronger vocal approach. These are about the only mistakes. Now, Benson should set his sights on a reunion album of the mid-70's edition of Asleep at the Wheel, still the best of all. (RK)

BOB ATCHER B.A.C.M. 068 Hunters Of Kentucky ● CD $14.98
22 tracks recorded between 1946 and 1948 in variety of styles - includes some duets with his wife Bonnie Blue Eyes, Randy Atcher and The Dinning Sisters. Includes Down With The Feminine Gender/ Never Trust A Woman/ One Kind Word/ Peek A Boo/ Walking The Floor Over You/ I'm Reading Your Letter Again Dear/ Wasted Tears/ In My Heart and more.
BOB ATCHER: Ain‘t You Ashamed/ Chain Around My Heart/ Christmas Island/ De Ladies Man/ Don‘t Give Your Heart To Someone Else/ Down With The Feminine Gender/ Hunters Of Kentucky/ In My Heart/ I‘m Reading Your Letter Again Dear/ Let‘s Start Life All Over/ Long Gone Baby/ Methodist Pie/ My Pillow Knows/ Never Trust A Woman/ On Account Of You/ One Kind Word/ Peek A Boo/ Smoke Comes Out My Chimney/ The Old Chisholm Trail/ Time Will Tell/ Walking The Floor Over You/ Wasted Tears

BOB ATCHER & BONNIE BLUE EYES Cattle 201 The Top Hand Of The Cowhands ● CD $18.98
21 tracks recorded between 1939 and 1946 by this husband and wife team who were stars of the WLS Barn Dance from Chicago. Mostly duets along with some solo performances by each.
BOB ATCHER & BONNIE BLUES EYES: A Long Road Ahead/ Always Alone/ Blow, Whistle, Blow/ Cool Water/ Doesn't Matter Anymore/ I Dream Of Your Bonnie Blue Eyes/ I Traded My Heart For A Tear/ I Want To Be Wanted/ I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/ In The Echo Of My Heart/ Let's Tell Our Dream To The Moon/ My Buddy, My Buddy, My Pal/ Poor Little Rose/ Seven Beers With The Wrong Man/ Take Me Back Again/ The Lonesome Mountain/ The Picture On The Mantle/ There'll Be A Day/ Those Eyes Of Grey/ Weary, Worried And Blue/ Will You Be True

BOB ATCHER & BONNIE BLUE EYES Cattle CCD 237 The Golden Age Of Bob Atcher & Bonnie Blue Eyes ● CD $18.98
26 tracks recorded between 1939 and 1949 featuring this husband and wife team who were stars of the WLS Barn Dance from Chicago. About 2/3 of the tracks are solos by Bob and the rest are duets with Bonnie.
BOB ATCHER: Blue Tail Fly/ Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die/ Don't Rob Another Man's Castle/ Foggy Foggy Dew/ Honest I Do/ I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers/ I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes (The Crying Song)/ Money, Marbles And Chalk/ Mountain Maw/ Nobody Knows But Me And You/ One Little Teardrop Too Late/ Pins And Needles (In My Heart)/ Smiling With A Broken Heart/ Tennessee Border/ The Nightingale/ The Warm Red Wine/ Time Alone/ Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/ Why Should I Cry Over You/ Answer To You Are My Sunshine/ Don't Say Goodbye Little Darling/ I'm Not Coming Home Tonight/ Now That You're Gone (Oh My Darling)/ Sorrow On My Mind/ You'll Always Have My Heart/ BONNIE BLUE EYES: I'm Lending You To Uncle Sammy

CHET ATKINS Bear Family BCD 15714 Gallopin' Guitar ● CD $94.98
Four CDs, 113 tracks, essential
After the domestic Chet Atkins RCA box set released earlier this year ignored all but a couple of his earliest tracks, this one is a revelation. Most of this material hasn't been available since it was first released, and only a handful of tracks were ever out on LPs. Chet himself downplays his early recordings these days, but many of them were what first earned him attention. The set begins with his first solo recording, Guitar Blues, recorded for Nashville's Bullet Records in 1946, then picks up all his early RCA output. Since RCA initially saw Chet as their answer to his idol Merle Travis, he sang on many of his early recordings (you either like his voice or you hate it). The early favorites (along with seven never-issued numbers) are all here, such as Canned Heat and The Nashville Jump as well as many of his excellent sides recorded with Homer & Jethro including Galloping on the Guitar, Main Street Breakdown and his signature tune, Country Gentleman. Other guest vocalists don't fare so well, and a couple of the numbers with outside singers are simply bad. But Chet's superb playing never falters. The main focus, however, are the instrumentals which even then featured plenty of pop material such as Memphis Blues, Caravan and Birth of the Blues, all done his way. The booklet includes amazing, never- seen photos of Chet in the early fifties, a complete RCA discography. Rich Kienzle's notes are exhaustive and insightful, though Atkins himself did not cooperate with the package. (AK)

CHET ATKINS Bear Family BCD 16539 Mr. Guitar - The Complete Recordings, 1955-1960 ● CD $189.98
7 discs, 214 tracks, essential
Picking up where Bear Family BCD 15714 ("Gallopin' Guitar") left off, this represents Chet's complete RCA output from 1955 through 1960. More than even the earlier box, the songs here represent Atkins's most important legacy to guitarists like Eddie Cochran, Duane Eddy, John Fogerty, Mark Knopfler, the Ventures, Jerry Reed and countless other guitarists. During these years he began recording instrumental versions of current pop hits, a pattern he continued through the rest of his time at RCA. He also began working with innovative tone-altering devices like an amplifier with built-in tape echo, electronic tremolo and early "wah-wah" devices that later became commonplace among rock players in the late 60's. This collection covers all his singles, as well as such innovative albums as "In Three Dimensions", "Hi-Fi in Focus", "Stringin' Along with Chet Atkins", "Finger Style Guitar", "Chet Atkins at Home, In Hollywood", "Mister Guitar", "The Other Chet Atkins", "Teensville" and his best-selling album of all, "Chet Atkins' Workshop". It includes his rare singles with a studio band called the Rhythm Rockers, six 1959 songs (one previously unissued) featuring his older half-brother, former Les Paul Trio guitarist Jimmy Atkins crooning Crosby-style on six pop and country hits. An extremely rare 1956 EP featuring Eddy Arnold with a (thankfully) small group with Atkins performing songs from a Broadway Musical is among the surprises, along with alternate takes of Hot Toddy and the wah-wah-heavy Boo Boo Stick Beat. Among the less pleasant surprises are 20 tracks (five unissued) recorded for the song licensing company SESAC with the Anita Kerr Singers and the virtually unlistenable RCA LP "Hum and Strum along with Chet Atkins". The SESAC material, now owned (for what little that means) by Bear Family, is the worst kind of elevator Muzak as is the "Hum and Strum material". On most of the post-1957 material, Atkins recorded the tracks in RCA's Nashville studios and took the tapes to his basement home studio in Nashville to perfect his solos. By 1960, Atkins was beginning to change his style, curbing his assertiveness in favor of a light, easy-listening style that permeated his albums for over a decade, robbing his music most of the time of the spontaneity and fire it once had, but earning him fans who normally bought albums by people like Billy Vaughan. Happily, this collection doesn't venture into that sugary morass. (You'd need insulin if it did!). The sound is, not surprisingly, superb. Rich Kienzle's outstanding research goes track by track, with interesting discussions on how Atkins's growing role as an RCA producer influenced his records (not always for the better) and how Atkins's endorsement of Gretsch guitars impacted the marketing of his albums. The album closes with two odd numbers: never-before-heard 1940s vocal instrumental transcription discs from Knoxville's WNOX, where Chet did his first professional work from 1942-45. The 112 page book includes an amazing series of never berfore published black and white photos from the late fifties showing Chet at home, in the studio and around downtown Nashville, as well as color shots of virtually all the album covers (and variations). Also included is a 1966 Atkins cover story for 'Radio-Electronics' Magazine where Chet discusses his electronics and recording concepts. For Atkins fans and for guitarists in general, this one's a necessity. (AK)

CHET ATKINS Country Route 32 Early Chet Atkins ● CD $16.98
32 tracks, 63 minutes, recommended with reservations
Don't get me wrong - the music on this CD is generally great, but this compilation and its packaging are incredibly misleading. More than half the tracks feature the Carter Sisters, Mother Maybelle and Chet Atkins, pulled from a mere fraction of the thirty-some RadiOzark transcriptions they recorded around 1950. Ten of these early tracks are vocals, featuring numerous combinations of the Carters and Atkins. Six instrumentals feature the classic Atkins guitar; and two feature his solid, if not superlative fiddling. If you only know the Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle from their Carter Family tributes and intrusive vocals on mediocre Johnny Cash records, these RadiOzarks are revelatory. Ill-served on record during their prime years, their transcriptions capture the quintet as it really was: a dazzling, self-contained showband from country music radio's golden age. This set also features a version of Atkins' early masterwork Canned Heat from a late '40s Shorty Thompson aircheck, plus eight mid-'50s Atkins solos culled from military recruiting transcriptions. For some reason, compiler Brian Pymm opted to include two Jimmy Dean vocals (neither of which includes Atkins), a mediocre Faron Young ballad (with Hank Garland on guitar), and two uninspired late '50s June and Helen Carter tracks with a guitarist that sounds nothing like Atkins. Pymm's brief notes are ill-informed at best; incredibly erroneous at worst. If you want to sample the Carter Sisters, Mother Maybelle and Chet Atkins as they sounded more than a half-century ago, this is a great set to have. If you're more interested in Atkins, save your money for Bear Family's seven-CD "Mister Guitar: The RCA Victor Years - 1955-1960", slated for release in late November 2004. (DS)
CHET ATKINS: Alabama Jubilee/ Country Gentleman/ Country Gentleman/ Dance Of The Golden Rod/ Five Foot Two/ Poor People Of Paris/ Poor People Of Paris/ Rainbow/ San Antonio Rose/ HELEN & JUNE CARTER: Poor Old Heartsick Me/ JUNE CARTER: It's My Lazy Day/ THE CARTER SISTERS, MOTHER MAYBELLE & CHET A: Beaumont Rag/ Cabin In The Valley Of The Pines/ Canned Heat/ Canned Heat/ Charming Billy/ Draggin' The Bow/ Grandma Told Me So/ Guitar Solo/ Guitar Solo/ Heartbroken/ I've Been Bitten By The Same Bug Twice/ Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider/ In The Pines/ Johnson Boys/ Late Evening Blues/ Little Sweetheart, I Miss You/ My Gal Sal/ One More Chance/ Radiozark Theme/ That Pretty Little Face/ The Leaf Of Love/ The Old Black Mountain Trail/ JIMMY DEAN: Bummin' Around/ Good Lord Saying, 'good Morning'/ FARON YOUNG: Moonlight Mountain

CHET ATKINS RCA 66855 The Essential Chet Atkins ● CD $15.98
20 tracks, fans only
RCA blew it several years ago with an Atkins box set reflecting Chet's own generally negative view that much of his early material doesn't merit reissuing. Accordingly, about the only thing you'll see here from the early days is a vintage photo on the rear cover. Despite the fact he first recorded for RCA in 1947 it's a 1954 track, Mr. Sandman, his first chart hit that represents the early years, none of the hot early material like Canned Heat or Galloping on the Guitar is here at all. The bulk if the songs are bland instrumental versions of 60's pop hits like Yesterday, Alley Cat, Snowbird, and Somewhere My Love, all perfect and sterile. There are exceptions, like his clever Boo Boo Stick Beat, the 1965 hit single Yakety Axe and the fiery 1971 Black Mountain Rag, and duet tracks with Jerry Reed (Jerry's Breakdown) and Doc Watson (Tennessee Rag/Beaumont Rag). (RK)

MIKE AULDRIDGE Sugar Hill 3725 Eight String Swing ● CD $11.98
Mike Auldridge is a veteran of bluegrass dobro playing, and his enthusiasm for a new 8-string instrument (most dobros have 6) makes this instrumental album a real treat. Support by members of Seldom Scene and friends is right in the pocket, producing a swinging hillbilly jazz that is much more satisfying than most dawg/ newgrass efforts. Mike blasts out of the gate with Little Rock Getaway, proving that he has no lack of chops. And while he excels at the torrid tempo of Bethesda and the wrist-wrenching Bluegrass Boogie, flashiness is usually downplayed in favor of genuine jazz sensibilities. Listen to Swing Scene/ Caravan/ Pete's Place/ Red Top/ Stompin' At The Savoy and you'll hear some brilliant improvisation using wide, pedal steel-like chords. And there's more - don't miss this very impressive solo project. (MB)

MIKE AULDRIDGE Sugarhill 3780 Treasures Untold ● CD $11.98

GENE AUTRY B.A.C.M. 015 Hold On Little Dogies, Hold On ● CD $14.98
20 tracks recorded between 1931 and 1937 by the popular and prolific Gene Autry. Includes many duets with Jimmy Long. As far as I can tell there are no duplications with any other Autry reissues.
GENE AUTRY: After 21 Years/ Answer To Red River Valley/ Beautiful Texas/ Cradle Of My Dreams/ Daddy & Home/ Don't Waste Your Years On Me/ Gosh, I Miss You All The Time/ Hold On Little Dogies, Hold On/ I'm Always Dreaming Of You/ Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley/ Little Old Lady Waiting/ Memories Of That Silver Haired Daddy/ My Carolina Mountain Rose/ My Cross Eyed Gal/ Red River Lullaby/ Someday In Wyoming/ That Silver Haired Mother Of Mine/ When The Golden Leaves Are Falling/ Why Don't You Come Back To Me/ ‘Leven Months In Leavenworth

GENE AUTRY B.A.C.M. 016 We've Come A Long Way Together ● CD $14.98
20 tracks from the period 1937 through 1948 not duplicated elsewhere.
GENE AUTRY: Angel Song/ Bible On The Table/ Blue Montana Skies/ Don't Send Me Your Love By Mail/ End Of My Round Up Days/ I Don't Belong In Your World/ I Guess I've Been Asleep/ I'll Be True While You're Gone/ I'm Coming Home Darling/ I'm Gonna Round Up My Blues/ Little Pardner/ Sail Along Silv'ry Moon/ Sweethearts Or Strangers/ That Little Kid Sister Of Mine/ There Ain't No Use In Crying Now/ There's Only One Love In A Lifetime/ We've Come A Long Way Together/ When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget/ You Are The Light Of My Life/ You Waited Too Long

GENE AUTRY B.A.C.M. 037 Rollin' Around ● CD $14.98
20 tracks form the period 1947 through 1952.
GENE AUTRY: A Broken Promise Means A Broken Heart/ Blue Shadows On The Trail/ Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves/ Ellie Mae/ Gold Can Buy Anything But Love/ I Lost My Little Darling/ I Love You Because/ I've Lived A Lifetime For You/ Last Straw/ Loaded Pistols And Loaded Dice/ Love Is So Misleadin'/ Mister And Mississippi/ Old Soldiers Never Die/ Play Fair/ Rollin' Along/ Roses/ Stop Your Gambling/ Story Book Of Love/ They Warned Me About You/ When The Silver Colorado Turns To Gold

GENE AUTRY B.A.C.M. 038 Goodbye Pinto ● CD $14.98
21 tracks recorded between 1937 and 1947.
GENE AUTRY: A Face I See At Evening/ A Goldmine In Your Heart/ Address Unknown/ Amapola/ Darling How Can You Forget So Soon/ Don't Take Your Spite Out On Me/ Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse Tonight (2)/ Goodbye Pinto/ I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/ I Want To Be Sure/ I'm A Cowpoke Pokin' Along/ Keep Rollin' Lazy Longhorns/ Lone Star Moon/ Merry Go Roundup/ Old Buckaroo Goodbye/ Old November Moon/ Ride Tenderfoot, Ride/ There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder/ Too Late/ Twilight On The Trail/ When It's Roundup Time In Heaven

GENE AUTRY B.A.C.M. 039 Little Farm Home, 1930-1939 ● CD $14.98
20 Autry rarities.
GENE AUTRY: Back Home In The Blue Ridge Mountains/ Blue Days/ Convict's Dream/ Down A Mountain Trail/ Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse Tonight (1)/ Eyes To The Skies/ I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do/ Little Farm Home/ Little Sir Echo/ Pictures Of My Mother/ Roundup In Cheyenne/ She's Just That Kind/ That Mother And Daddy Of Mine/ That's Why I'm Nobody's Darling/ The Old Grey Mare/ There's A Good Gal In The Mountains/ True Blue Bill/ Under The Apple Tree/ When The Humming Birds Are Humming/ With A Song In My Heart

GENE AUTRY B.A.C.M. 111 Texas Blues - Early Rare Recordings ● CD $14.98
21 of Gene's rarest sides cut between 1929 and 1937 including duets with Jimmy Long and accompaniments from Roy Smeck, Frankie Marvin and others.
GENE AUTRY: Alone With My Sorrows/ Angel Boy/ Black Bottom Blues/ By The Stump Of The Old Pine Tree/ I Hate To Say Goodbye To The Prairie/ I'd Love A Home In The Mountains/ I'm A Railroad Man (waiting On A Weary Train)/ In The Shadow Of The Pine/ Kentucky Lullaby/ Mean Mama Blues/ Money Ain't No Use Anyway/ My Shy Little Blue Bonnet Girl/ Railroad Boomer/ Ridin' All Day/ Seven More Days/ Texas Blues/ That Old Feather Bed On The Farm/ That Ramshackle Shack/ The Old Folks Back Home/ When The Shines On The Mississippi Valley/ Your Voice Is Ringing

GENE AUTRY B.A.C.M. 112 A Cowboy's Serenade ● CD $14.98
B.A.C.M.'s seventh Autry reissue features 24 tracks - mostly from the 40s and early 50s along with a few earlier titles.
GENE AUTRY: 20-20 Vision And Walking Round Blind/ A Cowboy's Serenade/ Blue Eyed Elaine/ Bonus Tracks: In The Valley Of The Moon/ Closing The Book/ Dear Old Dad Of Mine/ Don't Believe A Word They Say/ Goodnight Irene/ How Long Is Forever/ I Just Want You/ I'll Never Smile Again/ In The Garden (with Dinah Shore)/ It's A Shame We Didn't Talk It Over/ It's My Lazy Day/ Maria Elena/ Merry Texas Christmas You All/ Mule Train/ Riders In The Sky/ Roly Poly/ Rose Coloured Memories/ Same Old Fashioned Girl/ Sunflower/ The Old Rugged Cross (with Dinah Shore)/ When He Grows Tired Of You

GENE AUTRY Bear Family BCD 15944 That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine ● CD $259.98
Nine CDs, 225 tracks, essential
This isn't your grandfather's Gene Autry, the singing movie cowboy who gained wealth and fame crooning ersatz Western ballads penned by expatriate Tin Pan Alley wannabes and backed by indifferent L.A. union musicians who couldn't get to the nearest watering hole fast enough. The Gene Autry on this set was an Oklahoma country singer straight from the Jimmie Rodgers school, equally at home with blue yodels, Gene Austin-styled ballads and even raunchy numbers that even Cliff Carlisle wouldn't touch. Some of these early Autry records rank among the rarest, most sought-after prewar country 78s, and some Q.R.S. discs and a few alternate ARC masters have never surfaced among collectors' circles. But the rest of Autry's issued 1929-1933 output is all here, along with more than 20 previously unreleased Victor and ARC alternates. Autry was a warmer singer than Rodgers, but his records generally don't offer as much stylistic diversity as his hero's Victors. Most tracks feature just Autry and his guitar, but many benefit from skillful octachorda, harmonica and guitar backing by vaudeville vet Frankie Marvin. Jimmie Long harmonizes on about forty tracks, including their 1932 megahit That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine, probably the only title here a casual Autry fan might recognize. A celebrated Autry oddity, The Death of Mother Jones, appears in here in two takes. The fidelity is generally excellent though highly variable, considering the rarity of the source material; to its credit, Bear Family did not lop off the top frequencies like B.A.C.M., JSP, ASV and Proper routinely do. Packy Smith's notes offer a concise overview of Autry's pre-Hollywood days. Tip: Play the last two tracks on Disc Nine after the kids are in bed. (DS)

GENE AUTRY Cattle 242 The Early Yodeling Days Of Gene Autry ● CD $18.98
24 tracks from the period 1929 to 1934. Gene recorded for several labels during this period, often at the same time, and some of these records were issued under the pseudonyms Jimmie Smith and Gene Johnson - in some cases we have different versions of the same song recorded for different labels. In spite of the album title Gene only yodels on some of the tracks and we have a selection of blues, sentimental songs, novelty songs and more. Various musicians accompany Gene including Frankie Marvin, Johnny Marvin, Roy Smeck and some fine unknown musicians.
GENE AUTRY: Bear Cat Mama From Horner's Corner/ Dad In The Hills/ Do Right Daddy Blues/ Do Right Daddy Blues No. 2/ I''Ll Always Be A Rambler/ If I Could Bring Back My Buddy/ In The Jailhouse Now No. 2/ Jimmie The Kid/ Louisiana Moon/ Methodist Pie/ My Alabama Home (& Jimmy Long)/ My Carolina Sunshine Girl/ My Dreaming Of You (with Jimmy Long & Frankie Marvin)/ Roll Along Kentucky Moon/ She Wouldn't Do It (Perfect version)/ She Wouldn't Do It (Timely Tunes version)/ She Wouldn't Do It (Victor version)/ She's A Low Down Mama (Conqueror version)/ She's A Low Down Mama (Timely Tunes version)/ She's Always On My Mind (with Frankie Marvin)/ The Old Woman And The Cow/ Travelin' Blues/ Valley In The Hills (with Jimmy Long)/ Yodeling Hobo

GENE AUTRY Cattle 243 The Golden Age Of Gene Autry ● CD $18.98
This collection features 24recordings from Gene's most successful period in the late 30s and 40s when he starred in dozens of Western movies and the music here has that polished Hollywood cowboy sound.
GENE AUTRY: Blue Hawaii/ Can't Shake The Sands Of Texas From My Shoes/ Don't Bite The Hands That's Feeding You/ God Must Have Loved America/ Gonna Build A Big Fence Around Texas/ Here's To The Ladies/ I'll Wait For You/ If You Only Believed In Me/ Little Band Of Gold/ Lonely River/ Old Missouri Moon/ Pretty Mary/ Silver Spurs (On The Golden Stairs)/ The Answer To Twenty-One Years/ The Last Mile/ The Leaf Of Love/ The Old Folks Back Home/ There'll Never Be Another Pal Like You/ Wagon Train/ Were You Sincere/ When It's Springtime In The Rockies (Previously Unissued)/ You Laughed And I Cried/ You Only Want Me When You're Lonely/ You're Not My Darling Anymore

GENE AUTRY Columbia CK 48957 The Essential Gene Autry ● CD $11.98
10 recordings from 1935 to 1944 - several featuring the Gene Autry Trio - Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ It Makes No Difference Now/ Amapola , etc
GENE AUTRY: (I've Got Spurs That) Jingle, Jangle, Jingle/ Amapola/ Back In The Saddle Again/ Blueberry Hill/ Deep In The Heart Of Texas/ El Rancho Grande/ I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes/ It Makes No Difference Now/ Maria Elena/ Mexicali Rose/ Ole Faithful/ Red River Valley/ Take Me Back To My Boots & Saddle/ The Call Of The Canyon/ The Last Round-Up/ The Yellow Rose Of Texas/ Tumblin' Tumbleweeds/ You Are My Sunshine

GENE AUTRY Jasmine 3527 That's How I Got My Start ● CD $11.98
23 track collection of early sides. No detailed information is given but it seems to cover sides from the late 20s through the mid 40s. Includes Wildcat Mama Blues/ Rheumatism Blues/ You're The Only Star In My Blue Heave/ That's How I Got My Start/ Rhythm Of The Heartbeats/ Pistol Packing Papa/ Oklahoma Hills/ My Star Of The Sky and others including a fine version of Dixie Cannonball with nice guitar pickin' from Merle Travis. Good music though the remastering has filtered too much of the high end for my liking.
ROY ACUFF: Automobile Of Life/ Devil's Train/ Eyes Are Watching You/ Fireball Mail/ Freight Train Blues/ Great Speckled Bird/ Honky Tonk Mamas/ I Couldn't Believe It Was True/ Lonesome Old River Blues/ Muleskinner Blues/ Night Train To Memphis/ Our Own Jole Blon/ Pale Horse And His Rider/ Precious Jewel/ Railroad Boomer/ Southbound Train/ Steel Guitar Blues/ Tennessee Waltz/ Wabash Cannonball/ Walkin' In My Sleep/ Weary Lonesome Blues/ Worried Mind/ Wreck On The Highway/ GENE AUTRY: At Mail Call Today/ Back In The Saddle Again/ Dixie Cannon Ball/ Dust/ Gallivantin' Galveston Gal/ High Steppin' Mama Blues/ I'll Always Be A Rambler/ My Rose Of The Prairie/ My Star Of The Sky/ Oklahoma Hills/ Panhandle Pete/ Pistol Packin' Papa/ Rainbow Valley/ Rhythm Of The Hoofbeats/ That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine/ That's How I Got My Start/ The Last Round-Up/ The Life Of Jimmie Rodgers/ The Rheumatism Blues/ The Yellow Rose Of Texas/ Way Out West In Texas/ Wildcat Mama Blues/ You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven)


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