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JIM EANES Rebel 1116 Classic Bluegrass ● CD $14.98

JIM EANES & THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY BOYS Bear Family BCD 15934 The Complete Decca Recordings ● CD $21.98

JIM EANES & THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY BOYS Starday 3507 Your Old Standby ● CD $21.98
Two CD set featuring 35 tracks recorded by this smooth voiced singer for Starday in the late 50s and early 60s. A mix of bluegrass and honky tonk country with fine accompaniments. Has 16 page booklet with notes by compiler Gary Reid, photos and discographical info.

STEVE EARLE Hip-o HIPD2 40006 Ain't Ever Satisfied ● CD $25.98
2 CDs, 28 tracks, 114 mins, essential
In the mid 80s there was a return to hard edged country and of the several artists that carried the "new traditionalist" flag, Steve Earle, might just be the most talented. Unfortunately drug problems short circuited his career but he has licked them and recently returned with some excellent recordings for Winter Harvest and Warner Brothers. The 28 tracks here are drawn from his four studio albums and one live album for MCA between 1986 and 1991 plus some bonus cuts drawn from various artist collections, singles and foreign releases. Earle is an incredible songwriter with songs that often reflect life in the rural South with a simple directness and honesty that has been rarely heard since Hank Williams. Songs like Guitar Town/ Hillbilly Highway/ My Old Friend The Blues/ I Ain't Satisfied/ Nowhere Road/ The Week Of Living Dangerously and others are destined to become standards. But Earle is not backward looking and his music incorporates a lot of rock elements, particularly in his last two albums. Some songs, with their story/ song structure could be considered contemporary equivalents of the traditional ballad like Copperhaed Road/ Devil's Right Hand/ Johnny Come Lately and the moving Billy Austin. Production in the hands of people like Emery Gordy Jr, Richard Bennett and Tony Brown is superb ranging from simple almost acoustic feel to heavy rock. The bonus cuts are mostly covers like Six Days On The Road and She's About A Mover - not essential but nice to have. This exemplary compilation was put together by Andy McKaie and comes with nice booklet with notes by Mary Katherine Aldin, photos and discographical details. Oh, before I forget Earle is also a great singer! (FS)

STEVE EARLE Koch 7903 Early Tracks ● CD $11.98
14 tracks, 37 mins, very good Originally issued by Columbia in 1987 in the wake of Steve's MCA masterpiece "Guitar Town" and promptly deleted. Now Koch have reissued it with 4 more tracks drawn from Epic singles. On these recordings from 1983 & '84 Steve had not yet matured as a singer or songwriter. Much of this material is fairly underwhelming rockabilly though the distinctive Steve Earle sound is not too far away and the fine My Baby Worships Me and the wonderful Devil's Right Hand is strongly indicative of his future direction. Good notes by Billy Altman. (FS)

STEVE EARLE MCA MCAD 5998 Exit O ● CD $9.98
This follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Guitar Town" was a powerful step in a new direction. There is still plenty of country left in his sound but he also rocks with a vengeance. His writing is also taking on a similar dynamic, in allegiance with the likes of Bruce Springsteen & John Cougar Mellencamp. The themes are all universal - dead-end jobs, cool cars, care-free days on the high school gridiron (San Antonio Girls ), being young & pissed off at the world (Angry Young Man), the restless urge to keep on moving against all odds, and love that burns like fire & fades to black. Steve's 5 piece band tackles each song with consummate skill, and integrates country, rock, Tex-Mex, and the resulting hybrids with a flair, accentuating his vocals. Finely crafted & entertaining, but, perhaps, not for country purists. (SG) 

STEVE EARLE MCA MCAD 10749 The Essential Steve Earle ● CD $11.98
13 tracks, 50 min., good. This is a marketing idea, not the greatest hits package it claims to be. That's why the notes provide pictures of all the albums without telling which songs came from where. The music? It's fine. Just about the time you're sure he's cast his lot closer to John Cougar Melonball than to Bruce, he sings Billy Austin or The Other Kind and you have to reevaluate. Nice hair, though. (JC)

STEVE EARLE MCA MCAD 31305 Guitar Town ● CD $9.98
Not since the emergence of singer/ songwriter Rodney Crowell in 1978, has the contemporary country music scene felt such a blast of crackling energy. Earle draws inspiration from Townes Van Zandt (songwriter extraordinaire) early on in his career, and on the ten tunes presented here, all originals, it's the slow ballads (My Old Friend the Blues, Fearless Heart and Little Rock 'n' Roller) which showcase his surprising maturity as a songwriter. The production quality is top-notch - Emory Gordy, Jr. & Tony Brown, two of Emmylou's Hot Band alumni, keep the focus on the Dukes, Steve's tasty five piece backing band. No horns, no strings, no fluff. The music stands tall on it's own - acoustic guitars, pedal steel, bass, drums, keyboards, Earle's authentic country-flavored vocals, and original material that will no doubt be covered by artists in both the country & rock fields. With songs like Guitar Town, Hillbilly Highway and Someday, he is sure to make a name for himself. (SG)

STEVE EARLE Universal UNID 7 Copperhead Road ● CD $12.98
The rock machine publicity and hideous heavy metal type cover made me fear the worst for this album by a man who made two of the best country rock records of the last few years. The last 5 tracks are generally forgettable songs with Spingsteen/ Jagger vocal mannerisms and heavy rock instrumental trappings.  The first five are another matter altogether with 5 songs that are as strong as anything he's done including a driving remake of one of his first recordings Devil's Right Hand, the fabulous title song and the moving Johnny Come Latelywhich is the best song here with great arrangements including a guest appearance by the Pogues. A schizophrenic record indeed but well worth it for the first half. (FS)

STEVE EARLE Warner Bros. 46201 I Feel Alright ● CD $16.98

STEVE EARLE Warner Bros. 46355-2 Train A Comin' ● CD $16.98
13 tracks, 40 min, recommended
Major label reissue, originally on Winter Harvest. Great 1995 CD from Earle, perhaps the best of the early 80s "new traditionalists" who reinvigorated country music then. In bad health the past few years and just out of jail for drug possession, one feared the worst for him, both personally and musically. He has allayed the last concern at least, with a lovely acoustic release of old & new songs, with a few covers. Aided by Peter Rowan, Norman Blake, & Roy Huskey on mandolin, guitars, and bass, he sings in his twangy, brutally honest, and touching style, songs written in the classic Guitar Town era- fine songs like Hometown Blues/ Mercenary Song/ Sometimes She Forgets & Tom Ame's Prayer. Especially poignant is his duet with Emmylou Harris on Nothin' Without You. Of more recent vintage, but equally fine are Goodbye/Angel Is The Devil & Train a Comin'. Covers of the Beatle's I'm Lookin' Through You/Rivers Of Babylon & Tecumseh Valley round out this very welcome return of one of country's most talented and hard living singers. (JM)

STEVE EARLE & THE DEL MCCOURY BAND E Squared 1064 The Mountain ● CD $15.98

STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES MCA MCAD 10315 Shut Up And Die Like An Aviator ● CD $11.98

THE EAST TEXAS SERENADERS Document DOCD 8031 Complete Recorded Works, 1927-37 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks from all instrumental group.

DON EDWARDS Warner Western 26933 Songs Of The Trail ● CD $8.98
One of three new releases on the new Warner Western label, this album reprises fifteen traditional cowboy songs. Don Edwards delivers them in a pleasant baritone, at times reminiscent of Marty Robbins. The fare here mixes familiar songs such as, I'd Like To Be In Texas When They Round-up In The Spring/ Cattle Call/ Diamond Joe/ Little Joe The Wrangler/ and Springtime In The Rockies, with less familiar items. Good notes on the songs by Edwards. RP

BROTHER CLAUDE ELY Ace CDCHD 456 Satan Get Back! ● CD $18.98
23 tracks, 71 min., recommended
High intensity singing and preaching from a certified white Holiness Church preacher. The material here is drawn from three of Ely's King Records sessions, the first two of which, from the early 50s, demonstrate the raw spontaneity of a full scale revival meeting, complete with minimal instrumental accompaniment and brief sermonettes. The last session, from 1962, featuring the backing of professional musicians, is, speaking relatively, more polished and conventional. Highlights here include Talk About Jesus/ Thank You Jesus/ Jesus is the Rock/ There's a Higher Power, and the memorably titled Dip Your Finger in the Water (and Cool My Thumb). All of this and Ace's usual fine sound, graphics, and liner notes. This may be one chapter in Ace's current King label reissue series that you will want to think carefully about. On first listening, it can be pretty jarring. But I'm forced to admit that, after several listenings, it grew on me. (DH)
BROTHER CLAUDE ELY: Dip Your Finger In The Water (And Cool My Thumb)/ Do You Want To Shout/ Fare You Well/ Farther On/ Holy, Holy, Holy (That's All Right)/ I Want To Go To Heaven/ I Want To Rest/ I'm Crying Holy Unto The Lord/ I'm Just A Stranger Here/ Jesus Is The Rock/ Little David Play On Your Harp/ My Crucified One/ Send Down That Rain/ Stop That Train/ Talk About Jesus/ Thank You Jesus/ The Old Fireside/ There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down/ There's A Higher Power/ There's A Leak In This Old Building/ Those Prayers And Words Still Guide Me/ You Took The Wrong Road Again/ You've Got To Move

JOE ELY Hightone HCD 8008 Lord Of The Highway ● CD $14.98

JOE ELY Hightone HCD 8015 Dig All Night ● CD $14.98
Continuing in the tradition of "Lord of the Highway", "Dig All Night" is a hard rocking follow-up. Gone are the country mannerisms, traded in for a no-frills, hard edged, 80s rock'n'roll sound, complete with wah- wah guitar on Drivin' Man. The opening tune, Settle For Love, with its infectious start & stop bridges, and My Eyes Got Lucky both have that goodtime Lubbock rock & roll feel. For Your Love rocks hard and features Joe's hilariously oblique Dylanesque lyrics. Even throwaways like Jazz Street have cool lyrics, "He had a '65 Chevy and surfin' shirt with a parakeet", while kicking ass. Rich Man, Poor Boy with its hard time lyrics, wouldn't sound out of place on a John Mellencamp album. In true show-biz fashion, Joe saves the best for last, Behind the Bamboo Shade. A tale of passion and mystery on a black Spanish loveseat behind a bamboo shade? Throughout, guitarist David Grissom, with Davis McLarty (drums) and Jimmy Pettit (bass) provide either sympathetic or hardrocking backup as needed. Joe's most commercially aimed album yet, and an entertaining one at that. Good work Joe! (RJ)

JOE ELY MCA MCAD 10220 Honky Tonk Masquerade ● CD $9.98

JOE ELY MCA MCAD 10584 Love And Danger ● CD $9.98
Terrific new album from this great Texas country rocker is one of his best with almost every song, most of them written by Joe, being a winner. Lyrically the songs are more approachable than his sometimes elliptical texts and there is a strong element of romanticism coupled with his trademark razor sharp wit. Joe's band is, tremendous, spearheaded by the dynamic electric guitar of David Grissom who proves to this old fogey that rock guitar can be tasteful without being emasculated. Highlights include Love Is The Beating Of Hearts, Robert Earl Keens' wonderful drama The Road Goes On Forever and the hypnotic Settle For Love (reprised from his Higtone album "Dig All Night") but every track is winner. Production by Joe and Tony Brown is crisp and dynamic. 10 songs - 42 minutes. Recommended. (FS)

JOE ELY MCA MCAD 11222 Letter To Laredo ● CD $9.98
11 tracks, 52 min., recommended Mailed in Mexico, Ely's Letter brims with carefully-crafted songs, soaring with Flamenco, slide and steel guitars. His fine reading of Tom Russell's Gallo Del Cielo, in which a gambler and a cockfight rise to near-epic proportions, fits seamlessly along side originals like Saint Valentine ("Saint Valentine ate pizza every Monday night/And chased it with Johnny Walker Black") and I'm A Thousand Miles From Home ("a troubled mind is a heavy load") that focus on lost love and longing. That Bruce Springsteen adds his voice to 2 cuts and Jimmy Dale Gilmore to 1, only provides polish to an already finely-worked album. (JC)

JOE ELY MCA 70031 Twistin' In The Wind ● CD $11.98
New one from this talented Texan.

JOE ELY Rounder 3171 Live At Antone's ● CD $14.98
15 tracks, 72 mins, recommended Dynamic live set from this Texas country rocker recorded at the famed Antone's club in Austin, Texas in January 1999. Joe, accompanied by his exciting band (Jesse Taylor/ electric guitar, Teye/ flamenco guitar, Lloyd Maines/ steel guitar and others) performing a selection of songs, mostly drawn from his previously available albums. Mostly original songs plus some from his buddies Robert Earl Keen, Tom Russell, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and others plus a storming version of Buddy Holly's Oh Boy!. Joe's music takes you down the highways and byways of Texas in grand style. (FS)

JON EMERY Bear Family BCD 15897 If You Don't Buy This, I'll Find Somebody Who Will ● CD $21.98
16 tracks, 51 mins, highly recommended
Bear Family doesn't put out too many contemporary country recordings but this one is a real winner. Emery is a fine singer, an excellent songwriter and a hot guitar player. The material - mostly written by Emery or Leroy Preston strikes a nice balance between upbeat rockers and soulful honky tonk. In addition to songs of love there are some interesting and moving tributes to veteran Berkeley based harmonica player Bill White, pioneer country performer Fiddlin' John Carson and farm labor organizer Caesar Chavez (The Man Who Never Lies). I particularly like the storming Hold That Train with it's Scotty Moore guitar riffs and the honky tonkin I Bought Her Roses ("but she preferred the rosé"). Check it out! (FS)

MELVIN ENDSLEY Bear Family BCD 15595 I Like Your Kind Of Love ● CD $21.98
A few years ago Bear reissued the complete RCA recordings of Endsley, the gifted singer-songwriter who created such country classics as Singing the Blues and Knee Deep In the Blues for Marty Robbins, and Why I'm Walkin' for Stonewall Jackson. This CD reissue adds to excellent RCA tracks like I Like Your Kind of Love, I Got A Feelin', Lovin' On My Mind and Let's Fall Out of Love Endsley's complete MGM and Hickory recordings for a total of 29 tracks. Among the six MGM sides are his version of Don Gibson's I'll Get Even With You and his own Let Me Sing the Blues Just One More Time. The eight Hickory songs make this the definitive document of a brilliant singer- composer who triumphed in the face of polio and though he had no hits as a singer, Endsley was far more vocally talented than some singers who went further. Recorded with neutral, country-pop Nashville Sound production, ably backed by everyone from Chet and Hank Garland and Grady Martin to (on one session) L.A. guitar whiz Jimmy Bryant. Endsley deserved greater success, and this set proves why. Complete notes by Colin Escott. (RK)

LYMAN ENLOE County 2707 Fiddle Tunes I Recall ● CD $14.98

DAVE EVANS Rebel 1119 Classic Bluegrass ● CD $14.98

DAVE EVANS Rebel 1757 Bad Moon Shining ● CD $14.98
Excellent new album from one of the finest and most soulful voices in bluegrass. A mixture of originals (Bad Moon Shining/ C.O. Come And Get Me/ Somebody's Here For Me, etc) and covers of country and bluegrass tunes (All The Good Times Have Passed And Gone/ Last Public Hanging In West Virginia/ It's Raining here This Morning/ I Cried Again, etc). the two tracks with Dave accompanied only by his own guitar are particularly fine.

DAVE EVANS Rebel 1777 Hang Out A Light For Me ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 42 mins, highly recommended
Dave Evans is one of the finest and most soulful singers in bluegrass and on this new album he performs a superb selection of gospel songs including old favorites like Wait A Little Longer, Please Jesus/ The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn/ Take Me In A Lifeboat along with more recent compistions including several fine original songs including the title song, Who Really Cares and The Line In Between. He is accompanied by a fine group including Scottie Sparks who plays rhythm guitar and also provides excellent tenor vocals, Dan Rigsby plays mandolin and produced this album, Ray Craft/ guitar & baritone and others. (FS)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Ace CDCHM 75 Songs Our Daddy Taught Us ● CD $12.98
12 traditional country songs.
THE EVERLY BROTHERS: Barbara Allen/ Down In The Willow Garden/ I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail/ Kentucky/ Lightning Express/ Long Time Gone/ Oh So Many Years/ Put My Little Shoes Away/ Rockin' Alone/ Roving Gambler/ That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine/ Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot

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