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Various Artists Collections - Pre War Gospel 

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5485 Atlanta, GA. Gospel, 1923-31 ● CD $15.98
25 tracks, 76 min., recommended
This time around the indefatigable Johnny Parth, the man behind the Document label, offers a miscellany of religious groups and individuals who either lived in or recorded in Atlanta. Sound quality varies but is generally impressive given the original recording dates, and the stylistic range of the eight contributors here is considerable. On the straightforward and rather unexciting side are Swing Low Sweet Chariot by the Morehouse College Quartet, Who Was Job? by the Reverend C. D. Montgomery, and Hell is God's Chain Gang by the Reverend W. H. Gallamore. On the more harmonically and rhythmically interesting side are the recordings here by the Thankful Quartette, The Progressive Four, and the James Brothers who bemoan the lack of crap shooting on the Sabbath in Ain't It a Shame. Notes by the inimitable Ray Funk. (DH)
DEACON W.H. GALLAMORE: Hell Is God's Chain Gang/ Hide Me Over In The Rock Of Ages/ In My Dying Room/ Just Had To Tell It/ THE INDEPENDENT QUARTET: In The Bible There's A Story/ Let The Church Roll On/ THE JAMES BROTHERS QUARTET: Ain't It A Shame?/ I'm In My Saviour's Care/ THE MIDDLE GEORGIA SINGING CONVENTION: Bells Of Love/ I Am Going Home/ I Walk With Jesus/ This Song Of Love/ Walking With My King/ We'll Reap What We Sow/ REV. C. D. MONTGOMERY: Who Was Job? Part 1 (take 1)/ Who Was Job? Part 2/ MOREHOUSE COLLEGE QUARTET: Down By The Riverside/ Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/ THE PROGRESSIVE FOUR: Beautiful Land/ Ding Dong Bells/ New Name/ THE THANKFUL QUARTETTE: Goin' To Shout All Over God's Heaven/ He Took My Sins Away/ I'm Troubled Lord I'm Troubled/ Let The Church Roll On

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5639 Black Religious Music, 1930-1956 ● CD $15.98
17 tracks from Rev. A.W. Nix, Mr. & Mrs. F.H. Lacy, The Original Kings Of Harmony, Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux and Harlem Congregations.
HARLEM CONGREGATIONS: Complete Recordings Christmas Day Service/ Saint Sylvester's Day Service/ MR. & MRS. F. H. LACY: The Grumbler Song/ The Meeting In The Air/ ELDER LIGHTFOOT SOLOMON MICHAUX: Part 1 Glory Bound Rejoicing/ Part 2 Dawn Of Eternal Day/ Part 3 Text; The City All Christians Seek/ Part 4 Homeland In The Sky/ Part 5 Meeting In The Air/ Part 6 Oh What A Day/ REV. A.W. NIX: How Will You Spend Christmas?/ Slow This Year For The Danger Signal/ THE ORIGINAL KINGS OF HARMONY: I Want Two Wings/ It Soon Will Be Over/ On The Ocean Sailing/ Remaining Titles So Glad/ Wandering Child

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5606 Black Vocal Groups, Vol. 9 ● CD $15.98
MORRIS BROWN QUARTET: Rock Of Ages/ You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley/ THE DEEP RIVER PLANTATION SINGERS: Roll, Jordan, Roll/ THE DIXIE SYMPHONY FOUR: Good News, The Chariot's Coming/ Leaning On The Lord/ Little David Play On Your Harp/ Swanee River/ Sweet Kentucky Babe/ Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/ THE FOUR WANDERERS: Farmer's Life For Me/ I Ain't Got Nothing To Lose/ In My Father's House/ Preaching Of The Elder/ Street Urchin'/ You'se My Lady Love/ P.C. JOHNSON AND HIS SINGERS: Hail, Hail, Hail/ My Lord Delivered Daniel/ Roll, Roll Chariot/ We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder/ THE PLANTATION SINGERS: Glory Glory Hallelujah/ Good News/ I Wanna Go To Heav'n/ Ride Up In The Chariot/ THE ROYAL HARMONY QUARTET: (we'll Be Singing Hallelujah) Marching Through Berlin/ Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition/ THE SILVERTONE QUARTET: I Don't Know What I'd Do Without The Lord/ THE THREE GOSPEL TONES: He Knows How Much We Can Bear/ I Just Can't Keep It To Myself Alone

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5562 Carolina Gospel, Vol. 2 : 1936-1939 ● CD $15.98
20 tracks, highly recommended
Excellent collection featuring three very different quartets from the Carolinas. The Bright Moon Quartet who have 8 tracks are exceptionally fine with beautiful lead and bass vocals from Chester Clark and John Wardell, respectively and beautiful interweaving among the four voices. The quality of the singing and the arrangements put them in the front rank of pre-war quartets. The Capitol City Four are less impressive but nevertheless have strong singing and tight harmonies on their six songs. The Moore Spiritual Singers have an interesting and rather idiosyncratic style which includes interesting rhyming spoken breaks in their songs - sort of mini-raps! Unfortunately, they use the exact same arrangement on every song. Sounds is generally very good and the set has notes from gospel expert Ray Funk. (FS)
THE BRIGHT MOON QUARTET: Dying Gambler (o Save Me Lord)/ Good News, The Chariot Is Coming/ I See The Sign Of Judgement/ Is Your Name Signed Down?/ Lord Send Thee/ Lord, I'm Goin' Through/ You Can't Go Wrong And Get By/ You're Going To Need That Pure Religion/ THE CAPITOL CITY FOUR: Be Ready When He Comes/ Climbing Up All Day/ Fire Down Yonder/ Leanin' On The Lord/ Let The Church Roll On/ That's What's The Matter With The Church/ MOORE SPIRITUAL SINGERS: Hezekiah/ Moses/ Nicodemus/ Noah/ Satan/ The Kings

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5486 Charlotte, N.C. Gospel, 1920-1938 ● CD $15.98
26 tracks, 69 min., recommended
The North Carolina gospel scene is seen here through the works of five different ensembles. There are three university-based aggregations, groups which performed in order to represent and raise money for their colleges. The Biddle University Quintet sings Who'll Be a Witness and Ezekiel Saw de Wheel, and the Livingstone College Male Quartet offers Good Old Songs and Mosquito in a barbershop style. The Carolinians also hail from Biddle University, representing the school some 18 years later with Precious Lord, Dry Bones, and Let the Church Roll On. The two community-based groups are the Four Gospel Singers, who perform Dry Bones and New Jerusalem, and the Evening Four, who sing Don't Feel No Way Tired and Don't Drive Me Away. Interesting music, offered here with steadily improving sound quality and solid notes by Ray Funk. (DH)
THE BIDDLE UNIVERSITY QUINTET: Ezekiel Saw De Wheel/ Heaven/ I've Got A Home In That Rock/ Who'll Be A Witness/ THE CAROLINIANS: Bad Conditions/ Dry Bones/ I'm A-Rollin'/ John Was A Writer/ Let The Church Roll On/ On The Battlefield/ Precious Lord/ You Better Mind/ THE EVENING FOUR: Don't Drive Me Away/ Don't Feel No Way Tired/ Got A Mother 'Way Over Yonder/ Hard Trials/ Oh Link, Oh Link/ See How They Done My Lord/ THE FOUR GOSPEL SINGERS: Angels Shouting Glory (Just To Tell The Story)/ Do You Want To Be A Worker For The Lord?/ Dry Bones/ New Jerusalem/ THE LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE MALE QUARTET: Good Old Songs/ Gospel Train/ Mosquito/ Quartet Rehearsal

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5589 Church Choirs, Singers & Preachers, Vol. 2: 1925-1955 ● CD $15.98
25 tracks - the complete recorded works and supplements from the Jewel Male Quartette, Perfect Harmony Quartette, Forbes Randolph's Kentucky Jubilee Choir, Rev. W. M. Rimson, Elder Charles Beck, etc
ELDER CHARLES BECK: I'm Walking With Jesus At My Side/ When/ THE BIG BETHEL CHOIR: Go Down Moses/ Hand Me Down The Silver Trumpet, Gabriel/ ANTHONY BUTLER: Judgement's Coming/ My God Is A Mighty Man/ Will My Mother Know Me/ World's Testimonial/ THE FOUR GREAT WONDERS: He's Sweet I Know/ Just A Little Talk With Jesus/ Mme. C. MAE FRIERSON MOORE & FOUR ACES OF HARMONY: Everytime I Feel The Spirit/ Going To Study War No More/ REV. M. E. HOLMES: He'll Answer Prayer/ Sign Of Judgement/ THE JEWEL MALE QUARTETTE: Give Me That Old Time Religion/ I Ain't Gonna Study War No More/ THE KETON SEXTETTE: Jubilee/ THE PERFECT HARMONY QUARTETTE: My Good Lord's Done Been Here/ There's A Meetin' Here Tonight/ FORBES RANDOLPH'S KENTUCKY JUBILEE CHOIR: Deep River/ I'll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes/ I'm Gonna Shout All Over God's Heab'n/ My Old Kentucky Choir/ REV. W. M. RIMSON: Believe On Me/ Living Waters

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5605 Church Choirs, Vocal Groups & Preachers, Vol. 3: 1923- ● CD $15.98
25 tracks from Homer Rodeheaver & Wiseman Sextet (1923), The Paramount Ladies Four (1926), Violet Harmony Singers (1927), Harmony Four Quartette (1927), Winkfield Sentiment Singers (1928), Rev. Snowball of Snowball And And Sunshine (1931), Swanee Jubilee Singers (unknown date) and others.
BARBOUR'S PLANTATION SINGERS: Doan Let Satan Git You/ In-A-De-Mornin'/ THE COMMONWEALTH QUARTET: I Ain't Gonna Grieve/ THE HARMONY FOUR QUARTETTE: You Can Hear Those Darkies Singing/ THE NAZARENE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH CHOIR OF: Who'll Join This Union?/ You Gonna Reap What You Sow/ ORIOLE MALE QUARTETTE: Deep River/ Get On Board Little Children/ THE PARAMOUNT LADIES FOUR: God's Gonna Set This World On Fire (take 1)/ HOMER RODEHEAVER & WISEMAN SEXTET: The Gospel Train Am Comin'/ Walk In Jerusalem Just Like John/ REV. SNOWBALL OF SNOWBALL AND SUNSHINE: Moses And The Bull Rush - Part 1/ Moses And The Bull Rush - Part 2/ THE SPIRITUAL SINGERS: Oh Lord! Done What You Told Me To/ Roll, Jordan, Roll/ Steal Away To Jesus/ Swing Low Sweet Chariot/ SWANEE JUBILEE SINGERS: I've Opened My Soul/ My Good Lord's Done Been Here/ THE VIOLET HARMONY SINGERS: Lord, I Can't Stay Away/ When All The Saints Go Marching In/ WINKFIELD SENTIMENT SINGERS: Going To See My Friend Again/ Oh Judgment/ WORLD FAMOUS WILLIAMS JUBILEE SINGERS: Ding Dong Bells/ Reign Massa Jesus Reign

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document 5616 Church Choirs, Vocal Groups & Preachers, Vol. 4:1927-43 ● CD $15.98
25 tracks from The Tuskegee Quartet, Mr. William Henry Smith's Jubilee Singers, Goodwill Male Chorus, Wandering Boys, Bishop C.H. Mason and others.
HE GOODWILL MALE CHORUS: Good News, Good News/ We Will Soon Be Done/ PROF. A. S. LONDON & FAMILY: Hand Me Down The Silver Trumpet Gabriel/ Steal Away/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/ BISHOP C. H. MASON: Preaching In The Spirit, Pt. 1/ Preaching In The Spirit, Pt. 2/ THE NATIONAL JUBILEE SINGERS: Get On Board/ When The Train Comes Along/ THE ORIGINAL KINGS OF HARMONY: Fare You Well/ Good News/ He Knows How Much We Can Bear/ Home On The Rock/ Moses Smote The Water/ New Born Again/ Preacher And The Bear/ MR. WILLIAM HENRY SMITH'S JUBILEE SINGERS: The Time Is Drawing Nigh/ This Old Hammer Killed John Henry/ THE SPIRITUAL JUBILEE SINGERS OF CHICAGO: Ezekiel Saw The Wheel/ He That Believeth/ Little David/ The Walls Of Jericho/ THE TUSKEGEE QUARTET: Steal Away To Jesus/ The Old Time Religion/ THE WANDERING BOYS: Hide Me In Thy Bosom/ I Want Jesus To Walk With Me/ I'll Be Satisfied/ Lead Me To That Rock

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5487 Columbia, SC Gospel, 1938 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 64 min., recommended
Tracks are divided between 3 obscure Columbia, S.C., gospel quartets who, after these '38 sessions, never recorded again. Too bad, too. Presumably influenced by local heroes the Heavenly Gospel Singers and the Golden Gates, these groups dabble in the approaching-hard style of the former and the ultra-smooth style of the later. It's difficult not to hear the Gates' influence during such cuts as All Over This World by the Silvertone Jubilee Quartette and May Be The Last Time by the Eagle Jubilee Four, both of which feature the forgotten art of mouth trumpet playing. The Seven Starts Quartette favor the Heavenly's sound to the point of imitation, though not a pale one. A fine release. (JC)
THE EAGLE JUBILEE FOUR: Good Lord I Can't Turn Back/ In My Father's House/ May Be The Last Time/ No More Weeping And Wailing/ On Calvary's Mountain/ When That Trumpet Sounds/ THE SEVEN STARS QUARTETTE: God Called John/ I'm Going To Work On The Battlefield/ Lord I'm Troubled/ The Little Black Train/ Walking Down The Lonesome Road/ We'll All Rise Together/ THE SILVERTONE JUBILEE QUARTETTE: Ain't Nobody's Fault But Mine/ All Over This World/ Beulah Land/ I Felt Like Shoutin'/ I'm Gonna Sit Down Beside King Jesus/ I've Been Down To Jordan/ Oh Lord You Know/ Oh My Lordy Lord/ Old Ship Of Zion/ The Bible Is Right/ The Old Rugged Cross/ Wait On The Rising Sun

VARIOUS ARTISTS Body & Soul 3052952 Gospel - La Grande Anthologie, 1927-1963 ● CD $29.98
Two CDs, 48 tracks, highly recommended
A wonderful collection of black gospel compiled by legendary French jazz/blues researcher Jacques Demetre. The compilation touches on a wide variety of black gospel styles from a lengthy time period including preachers (Rev. Kelsey & Congregation), early quartets (Golden Gate Quartet, Mitchell's Christian Singers, Golden Eagle Gospel Singers, etc), lots of post war quartets (Swan Silvertone Singers, Staple Singers, Harmonizing Four, Highway QCs, Rolling Stone Quintet, etc), guitar playing gospel singers (Blind Willie Johnson, Roosevelt Graves, Gary Davis), bluesmen crossing over (Bull City Red, Blind Boy Fullers), gospel with a jazz flavor (Clarence Williams' Swing Band, Louis Armstrong, etc), legendary solo vocalists (Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Mahalia Jackson, etc), choirs (St. Paul Church Choir Of Los Angeles) and more. Every track is excellent or better and the sound quality is exceptional. There are extensive notes by Demetre (in French unfortunately), some photos and full discographical information. There are a few duplications with collections on Disky, Fremeaux and other labels but, outside of single artist sets there is a lot of great music not readily available on CD. (FS)
LEE ROY ABERNATHY: Gospel Boogie/ LOUIS ARMSTRONG: Bye And Bye/ BROTHER SON BONDS: Ain't That News?/ BULL CITY RED: Talkin' With Jesus/ ELDER BURCH & CONGREGATION: My Heart Keeps Singing/ REV. B.C. CAMPBELL: I'll Fly Avay/ THE CARAVANS: It's Jesus In Me/ BLIND GARY DAVIS: I Am The True Vine/ ECHO GOSPEL SINGERS: I'm Gonna Have A Happy Time/ EVELYN FREEMAN: Didn't It Rain/ BLIND BOY FULLER: Twelve Gates To The City/ GOLDEN EAGLE GOSPEL SINGERS: Tone The Bell/ THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET: Joshua Fit Ihe Battle Of Jericho/ Swing Down Chariot/ ROOSEVELT GRAVES AND BROTHER: Woke Up This Morning/ THE HARMONIZING FOUR: In Jerusalem/ THE HIGHWAY QC'S: Somewhere To Lay My Head/ J. EARLE HINES: I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me/ THE INGRAM GOSPEL SINGERS: Take Time To Be Holy/ MAHALIA JACKSON: Move On Up A Little Higher - Part 1/ Tired/ BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON: Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning/ BUNK JOHNSON'S BAND: Lord Lord Youre Certainly Good To Me/ THE JUBALAIRES: God Almighty's Gonna Cut You Down/ My God Called Me This Morning/ REV. KELSEY AND HIS CONGREGATION: Little Boy/ Tell Me How Long/ MARIE KNIGHT: Gospel Train/ THE SALLIE MARTIN SINGERS: I Was Glad When They Said To Me/ ELDER LIGHTFOOT SOLOMON MICHAUX: I Am So Happy - Part 1/ MITCHELL'S CHRISTIAN SINGERS: When The Saints Go Marching In/ THE PATTERSON SINGERS: Great Day Coming/ SISTER LOTTIE PEAVEY: When I Move To The Sky/ THE PILGRIM TRAVELERS: Good News/ THE PROPHETEERS: He's Mine, He's Mine/ THE ROLLING STONE QUINTET: I Want To Know/ SEVEN MELODY MEN: Nobody Knows - Nobody Cares/ THE SOUL STIRRERS: Does Jesus Care?/ THE SOUTHERN LARKS: Blessed Jesus/ THE STAPLE SINGERS: Will The Circle Be Unbroken/ SWAN'S SILVERTONE SINGERS: Down On My Knees/ SISTER ROSETTA THARPE: This Train/ My Journey To The Sky/ SISTER ERNESTINE WASHINGTON: Did I Wonder/ CLARENCE WILLIAMS: Old Time Religion/ ELDER R. WILSON AND FAMILY: This Train/ WINGS OVER JORDAN: Old Ship Of Zion/ Trampin'

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fremeaux & Associates 008 Gospel - Negro Spirituals & Gospel Songs, 1926-1942 ● CD $29.98
2 discs, 36 tracks, 108 min., recommended
Long time gospel fans may already have many of the tracks that are included here, nonetheless this two disc collection is a particularly nice one. It covers the years 1926-1942 and is highlighted by two of the four numbers that a young Mahalia Jackson recorded in 1937 for Decca, Oh My Lord and God Shall Wipe All Tears Away. At this very early stage of her career, she sounds just a bit like Josephine Baker. Among the other fine selections are Blind Willie Johnson's Let Your Light Shine On Me, Washington Phillips's Take Your Burden to the Lord, the Norfolk Jubilee Quartet's No Hiding Place, the Heavenly Gospel Singers' Precious Lord Take My Hand, the Selah Jubilee Singers' I Want Jesus to Walk Around My Bedside, Reverend Gary Davis's Twelve Gates to the City, Louis Armstrong's Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen, the Golden Gate Quartet's The Valley of Time, Sister Rosetta Tharpe's Rock Me, and the Charioteers' Wade in the Water. All in all, a thoroughly satisfying compilation, featuring fine sound quality, notes in both French and English, and several vintage photos. My one slight quibble: the front and back photos feature photos of 50's or 60's gospel performers. Thematically appropriate, but chronologically out of sync. (DH)
LOUIS ARMSTRONG: Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/ ELDER CHARLES BECK: Gabriel/ REV. J.C. BURNETT: True Friendship/ THE CHARIOTEERS: Wade In The Water/ CHICAGO SANCTIFIED SINGERS: Tell Me What Kind Of Man Jesus Is/ REV. EDWARD CLAYBORN: Then We'll Need That True Religion/ ELDER CURRY: Memphis Flu/ BLIND WILLIE DAVIS: When The Saints Go Marching In/ REV. GARY DAVIS: Twelve Gate To The City/ THOMAS A. DORSEY: If You See My Saviour/ ARIZONA DRANES: I'll Go Where You Want Me To Do/ SISTER CALLY FANCY: Goin' On To Heaven In The Sanctified Way/ REV. J.M. GATES: The Need Of Prayer/ GEORGIA PEACH: Do Lord Send Me/ THE GOLDEN EAGLE GOSPEL SINGERS: Shake Mother's Hand For Me/ THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET: The Sun Didn't Shine/ The Valley Of Time/ THE HEAVENLY GOSPEL SINGERS: Precious Lord, Take My Hand/ The Prodigal Son/ THE HOLY GHOST SANCTIFIED SINGERS: Thou Carest Lord For Me/ MAHALIA JACKSON: God Shall Wipe All Tears Away/ Oh My Lord/ BESSIE JOHNSON: He Got Better Things For You/ BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON: Let Your Light Shine On Me/ Mother's Children Have A Hard Time/ MITCHELL'S CHRISTIAN SINGERS: Sign Of The Judgement/ REV. A.W. NIX: The Black Diamond Express To Hell (I & II)/ THE NORFOLK JUBILEE QUARTET: No Hiding Place/ WASHINGTON PHILLIPS: Take Your Burden To The Lord/ REV. D.C. RICE: He's Got His Eyes On You/ THE SELAH JUBILEE SINGERS: I Want Jesus To Walk Around My Bedside/ BESSIE SMITH: Moan, You Moaners/ THE SOUTHERN SONS: I'm Free At Last/ BLIND JOE TAGGART: When I Stand Before The King/ SISTER ROSETTA THARPE: Rock Me/ This Train

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5190 Gospel Classics, 1927-31 ● CD $15.98
25 tracks, 74 min., recommended. Talk about your direct religious experience! Jessie May Hill, who opens this fine collection with 7 energized cuts with piano backing, is filled with the spirit that is, if intensity of performance is any judge. Her version of The Crucifixion Of Christ is stunning. Other artists represented here include bottleneck guitar evangelist Blind Willie Davis who turns in some fine performances, including Trust In God And Do The Right. The rich voiced Laura Heton's half dozen tracks, some featuring Bennie Moten on piano, are quite jazzy and include brass bass accompaniment. Excellent songs like He's Coming Soon/ I Can Tell The World About This make Heton required listening. The mighty pair of songs by the Louisville Sanctified Singers that end this set are a rollicking good time, too. Hallelujah! (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5313 Gospel Classics, Vol 2 : 1927-1935 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 73 mins, recommended
This set opens with six dull tracks featuring the oh-so-precise delivery of Blind Connie Rosemond but things pick up after that with some nice testifying from Rev. P.W. Williams and Rev A.A. Gundy is so so. After that, the sisters appear and things improve substantially. Sister Minnie Pearl is a powerful vocalist and piano player in the vein of Arizona Dranes and is accompanied by a male vocalist. Her songs are pretty unique - particularly You Make Your Troubles So Hard. Sister Clara Hudmon (aka Clara Gholston Brock aka Georgia Peach) is a terrific singer and her two songs are accompanied by piano, washboard and congregation. Things get even better with the sensational Sister Cally Fancy whose six songs from three very different sessions - the first finds her accompanied by piano & tambourine, the second by slide guitar and harmonica and the third - the remarkable two part Death Is Riding Through The Land has piano and vocal accompaniments. The disc ends with two interesting but rather chaotic sides by The Lynch Sisters. Good, informative notes from Chris Smith. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5350 Gospel Classics, Vol 3 : 1924-1942 ● CD $15.98
26 tracks, 76 min., recommended
"Classic" here means unknown. Emotionally and stylistically, these artists run the proverbial gamut from downright unrefined to studied and restrained. With the exception of Homer Quincy Smith, who has at his service a fine falsetto, the performers here are women. Missionary Josephine Miles & Sister Elizabeth Cooper preach and sing their way past most of their rough edges to offer some spirited and interesting performances, especially Vacation In Heaven. Likewise, "The Baptist Duet" of Odette (Jackson) And Ethel (Grainger) radiate goodness on their pair (Befo' This Time Another Year/ When The Train Comes Along). Notes indicate that Clara Belle Gholston, a.k.a. The Georgia Peach, is the same as Sister Clara Hudmon on Vol. 2 (DOCD-5313). Her 4 cuts here, including the wonderful Do Lord Send Me, feature an unidentified male vocal quartet that complements her sound nicely. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5585 Gospel Singers & Preachers, 1926-1948 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks from Sister Sallie Sanders, Dunham Jubilee Singers, Rev. T.T. Rose, Elder Benjaminn H. Broadie and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fremeaux & Associates 044 Gospel, Vol. 3 - Guitar Evangelists & Bluesmen, 1927-44 ● CD $29.98
2 discs, 36 tracks, 113 min., highly recommended
Having already put out several individual artist gospel sets and two gospel group double discs, this solid French label now takes a two disc look at the sacred numbers recorded by individual performers in the blues tradition. The time frame is 1927-1944, and the play list is nothing short of terrific. Disc one includes God's Gonna Separate the Wheat from the Tares and Religion is Something Within You by Blind Joe Taggart, Men Don't Forget Your Wives for Your Sweethearts by The Guitar Evangelist (Edward W. Clayborn), When That Great Ship Went Down by Lonnie McIntorsh, Go Wash in the Beautiful Stream by the Reverend Moses Mason, You Can't Hide by Mother McCollum, and Denomination Blues Parts I and II by Washington Phillips. And Disc Two offers Sow Good Seeds by Lil McClintock, Jonah in the Wilderness by Henry Thomas, Jesus Is a Mighty Good Leader by Skip James, When the Saints Go Marching In by the Delta Boys, Lord I Want to Die Easy by Joshua White the Singing Christian, Church Bells by Kid Prince Moore, Done What My Lord Said by Brother George & his Sanctified Singers, and I Want Two Wings by the Reverend Utah Smith. Much of this music is available elsewhere, but the program here is so well selected, it's darned hard to resist. Sound quality is solid for the era, and the English language version of the notes is intelligent and informative. (DH)
BARBECUE BOB: Jesus' Blood Can Make Me Whole/ SON BONDS: Give Me That Old Time Religion/ BULL CITY RED: I Saw The Light/ REV. EDWARD CLAYBORN: Men Don't Forget Your Wives For Your Sweetheart/ CRUMPTON & SUMMERS: Everybody Ought To Pray Sometime/ BLIND GARY DAVIS: O Lord Search My Heart/ BLIND WILLIE DAVIS: Rock Of Ages/ BLIND GARY DAVIS: You Can Go Home/ SLEEPY JOHN ESTES: When The Saints Go Marching In/ A.C. FOREHAND: Mother's Prayer/ BLIND ROOSEVELT GRAVES: I'll Be Rested/ BLIND WILLIE HARRIS: Where He Leads Me I Will Follow/ SKIP JAMES: Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader/ BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON: Where Shall I Be/ BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON: Dark Was The Night - Cold Was The Ground/ It's Nobody's Fault But Mine/ Praise God I'm Satisfied/ REV. MOSES MASON: Go Wash In The Beautiful Stream/ LIL MCCLINTOCK: Sow Good Seeds/ MOTHER MCCOLLUM: You Can't Hide/ BROWNIE MCGHEE: Done What My Lord Said/ LONNIE MCINTORSH: How Much I Owe/ BLIND WILLIE & KATE MCTELL: God Don't Like It/ MEMPHIS MINNIE: Let Me Ride/ KID PRINCE MOORE: Church Bells/ BLIND GUSSIE NESBITT: Pure Religion/ CHARLEY PATTON: Prayer Of Death/ WASHINGTON PHILLIPS: Denomination Blues/ REV. UTAH SMITH: I Want Two Wings/ WILLIAM & VERSEY SMITH: When That Great Ship Went Down/ BLIND JOE TAGGART: God's Gonna Seperate The Wheat From The Tares/ Religion Is Something Within You/ SISTER ROSETTA THARPE: Let That Liar Alone/ HENRY THOMAS: Jonah In The Wilderness/ JOSH WHITE: Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed/ Lord, I Want To Die Easy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2020 How Can I Keep From Singing, Vol. 1 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 69 min., essential
A dynamite two volume collection of 1920's American religious music, performed by both professional and semi-professional performers, some white, some black. Volume 1 opens with My Heart Keeps Singing by Elder Burch and Congregation, then offers Woke Up This Morning by Roosevelt Graves and brother, followed by Standing on the Promises by the Tennessee Mountaineers, Walking in Sunlight by Uncle Dave Macon and the Fruit Jar Drinkers, I'm Gonna Cross the River of Jordan by Jaybird Coleman, the delightful I Can the World About This by Laura Henton, He's Got Better Things for You by the Memphis Sanctified Singers, I Want to Go Where Jesus Is by Slim Ducket and Pig Norwood, and Bringing in the Sheaves by the Mountain Singers Male Quartette. Great, reverential music, offered here in surprisingly good sound quality and with informative but minimal notes. (DH)
ALLISON'S SACRED HARP SINGERS: Weeping Pilgrim/ REV. AND MRS. EDWARD BOONE: Will David Play His Harp For Me/ ELDER BURCH AND CONGREGATION: My Heart Keeps Singing/ REV. BURNETT: Trus Friendship/ REV. JOSEPH CALLENDER: God Leads His Dear Children Along/ REV. E.D. CAMPBELL AND CONGREGATION: Come Let Us Eat Together/ THE CAROLINA LADIES QUARTETTE: My Loved Ones Are Waiting/ JAYBIRD COLEMAN: I'm Gonna Cross The River Of Jordan/ DANILES-DEASON SACRED HARP SINGERS: Coronation/ SLIM DUCKET AND PIG NORWOOD: I Want To Go Where Jesus Is/ BLIND ROOSEVELT GRAVES: Woke Up This Morning/ REV. J.O. HANES AND CHOIR: The Great Transaction's Done/ ELDER GOLDEN HARRIS: My Christian Friends In Bonds Of Love/ LAURA HENTON: I Can Tell The World About This/ REV. H.B. JACKSON: Everytime I Feel The Spirit/ UNCLE DAVE MACON AND FRUIT JAR DRINKERS: Walking In Sunlight/ LONNIE MCINTORSH: Sleep On Mother, Sleep On/ MEMPHIS SANCTIFIED SINGERS: He's Got Better Things For You/ THE MIDDLE GEORGIA SINGING CONVENTION NO. 1: This Song Of Love/ THE MOUNTAIN SINGERS MALE QUARTETTE: Bringing In The Sheaves/ NAZARENE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH CHOIR OF: Who'll Join This Union/ WALTER SMITH AND NORMAN WOODLIEFF: It Won't Be Long Till My Grave Is Made/ THE TENNESSEE MOUNTAINEERS: Standing On The Promises

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2021 How Can I Keep From Singing, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 67 min., essential
No less wonderful than the first installment in this series, Volume 2 features a similar mix of 1920's fundamentalist modal hymns, gospel quartet selections, and guitar accompanied songster numbers drawn from both the black and white communities. And all featuring solid sound quality. Program highlights include What Shall Our Answer Be by George Long and His Singers, Rock of Ages by Blind Willie Davis, He Rose Unknown by the Morris Family, the particularly rocking Memphis Flu by Elder Curry and Congregation, Will My Mother Know Me by L. V. Jones and his Virginia Singing Class, Job by the Golden Gate Quartet, There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood by the Copperhill Male Quartet, Shine on Me by the Cliff Carlisle Quartet, Thou Carest Lord by the Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers, and Goin' to Rest Where Jesus Is by Blind Joe Taggart. Powerful, eloquent music from start to finish. Not to be missed. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5300 Memphis Sactified Jug Bands ● CD $15.98
21 tracks, 66 mins, recommended
This is an expanded version of the old LP Matchbox 222. The Sanctified churches, unlike other black churches were willing to have musical accompaniments to the singing and services and in the South this accompaniment often took the form of a jug band or similiar with jug, harmonica, guitar, piano, etc. This album gives us a sampling of what that exciting music must of been like featuring 13 tracks by Elder Richard Bryant (1928), two by Rev. E.S. (Shy) Moore, two by Brother Williams Memphis Sanctified Singers and four by The Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers. Half the Bryant sides and the Moore cuts are essentially sermons with brief musical passages at the end. The music is consistently exciting and vibrant, sound is good and there are interesting notes from legendary collector Bernard Klatzko who first reissued some of these sides on his pioneering Herwin label. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5312 Negro Religious Field Recordings ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 69 mins, essential
This collection of field recordings made for the Library Of Congress in Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee in 1934, 1941 and 1942 features some truly stunning music. It opens with three tracks by a trio of singers led by Austin Coleman recorded in Louisiana that must rank among the most ferocious examples of African-American music on recorded featuring guttural chanting and insistent hand clapping and stamping giving them a strong African feel. The Church Of God In Christ recorded at the Moorehead Plantation in Lula, Mississippi is a wonderful example of sanctified gospel singing. There is a wonderful duet on I'm Going Home On the Morning by Rev E.M Martin and Pearline Johns - the intertwining of the two voices is truly affecting. The Silent Grove Baptist Church Congregation is presented in various settings - two different and outstanding quartets The Four Star Quartet and Union Jubilee Quartet whose powerful stylings point to the hard gospel style to gain favor. Also from the same congregation is the magnificent solo singer Bozie Sturdivant who is accompanied by the gentle chanting of the congregation. Turner Junior Johnson is an interesting performer accompanying himself with harmonica on four songs but his tracks are among the weakest here. All, in all, a truly magnificent set. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document 5629 Negro Religious Field Recordings, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
This collection features 13 tracks by two unknown groups recorded in Greenville, SC between 1924 and 1936 plus The Brown Brothers Jubilee Quartet (SC - 1940), Four Blind Boys (Jackson, Miss, 1937 - possibly a precursor to The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi!) plus several groups recorded in Austin, Texas in 1941.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fremeaux & Associates 168 Negro Spirituals - The Concert Tradition ● CD $25.98
Two CD set of Negro Spirituals recorded between 1909 and 1948. The first disc features trained singers like Marian Anderson, Elabelle Davis, Roland Hayes, John Payne, Paul Robeson and others. The second disc features jubilee quartets and university choirs - Elkins Payne Jubilee Singers, Hall Negro Quartet, New Orleans University Glee Club, Southern University Quartet, Utica Jubilee Singers and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5529 Preachers & Congregation, Vol. 1 : 1927-1938 ● CD $15.98
The complete recorded works of Rev. Jim Beal, T.N.T. Burton, Rev. James Beard, Black Billy Sunday, Rev. Benny Campbell, Rev. W.M. Clark & the remaining titles of Rev. Johnnie Blakey.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5530 Preachers & Congregation, Vol. 2 : 1926-1941 ● CD $15.98
The complete recorded works of Rev. W.M. Chambers, Rev. Frank Cotton and Deacon Leon Davis.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5547 Preachers & Congregations, Vol. 3, 1925-29 ● CD $15.98
Features Rev. Wm. McKinley Dawkins, Calvin P. Dixon, Rev. Mose Doolittle, Rev. P.C. Edmonds & Rev. J.F. Forest.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5548 Preachers & Congregations, Vol. 4, 1924-31 ● CD $15.98
Includes Sister O.F. Franklin, Brother Fullbosom, Rev. H.C. Gatewood, Bishop Grace From The Holy Land, Evangelist R.H. Harris, Rev. J.L. Hendrix, Rev. M.H. Holt, Hooten & Hooten and Cora Hopson.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5559 Preachers & Congregations, Vol. 5, 1926-1931 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, highly recommended
A varied and thrilling collection which opens with six solo performances by powerful baritone Rev. H. B. Jackson - accompanied by harmonium on three songs and piano on the rest. The performances are somewhat formal but Jackson's delivery is very affecting. In complete contrast this is followed by the two part Old Time Baptism - a re-enactment of a black baptismal ritual is is an immensely powerful performance with lining out responses from the congregation. There are six cuts from the excellent Rev. J.M. Milton with his congregation with some fine preaching often dealing with the perils of modern society. Jazz Baby Moore aka Philip Moore is an anomaly since his performances are actually parodies of sermons, a couple of them stylistically in the form of toasts. They are funny and clever and I wonder what kind of response they got from their audience or the serious preachers. Rev. Perkins is a wonderful and ferocious "straining" preacher with two fine offerings and the set ends up with the excellent mainstream preacher Rev. William Ransom. Fine and important material with generally excellent sound and good notes by Ken Romanowski. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5560 Preachers & Congregations, Vol. 6, 1924-1936 ● CD $15.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5567 Preachers & Congregations, Vol. 7, 1926-1928 ● CD $15.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Columbia Special Products 23801 Precious Lord - The Great Gospel Songs Of Thomas Dorsey ● CD $7.98
19 tracks, 76 min., recommended
Mr. Dorsey wa s one of the finest (and most prolific) song writers of the 20th century. Whether his idiom is risqué blues --which he wrote and performed as "Georgia Tom" -- or gospel, his music never fails to please. Author Tony Heilbut claims that "one out of four modern gospel standards. . .is a Dorsey composition." So this reissue of the 1973 album, featuring some of gospel's most renown performers singing some of Dorsey's best-loved songs, is a winner all the way. Marion Williams, Alex Bradford, R. H. Harris, The Dixie Hummingbirds, Sallie Martin, Bessie Griffin, and Chicago's favorite Delois Barrett Campbell provide stirring versions of familiar numbers, including Take My Hand, Precious Lord/ Old Ship Of Zion/ Search Me Lord/ It's A Highway To Heaven and many others. (Note: One song, Let Us Go Back To God, has been deleted from the original album because of time limitations. Ironically it was one of only two cuts that featured Dorsey on piano.) (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5653 Religious Music, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
A collection of 24 remaining titles, supplements and alternate takes. It includes concert style vocalists Edna Thomas and George Dosher recorded in England - the latter sounding quite a bit like Paul Robeson. It also includes quartets and larger groups including the Norfolk Jazz Quartet (froma damaged 78), the Paramount Jubilee Singers, Emory University Glee Club, Little Mt. Zion Choir, Williams Black Patti Jubilee Singers, Bryant's Jubilee Quartet, bluesman Joe McCoy in his gospel guise as Hallelujah Joe and more.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5326 Singing The Gospel, 1933-36 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 76 min., recommended
Of the four artists whose complete recordings are featured, Professor Hull's Anthems Of Joy stand out because they sing in front of what sounds like a New Orleans jazz band, complete with unknown trombone, clarinet, guitar, piano, and trumpet, though the last may be Punch Miller's. Four of their 8 tracks, including Everybody Talkin' 'Bout Heaven Ain't Goin' There/ My Last Trip went unissued. Elder Oscar Sanders, Elder Otis Jones, and Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux are also represented, each with Pentecostal, evangelical leanings. Michaux ends each of his 4 songs with his special understanding of his radio station's call letters, WJSV ("Willingly Jesus Suffered for Victory"). Jones and congregation shake the house down on Holy Mountain and 5 other cymbal smashing, hand clapping explosions of holy wildness (mini-sermons included). Bet his Charlotte, N.C. church was packed on Sunday. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5054 Storefront & Streetcorner Gospel, 1927-29 ● CD $15.98
A truly lovely selection of black gospel featuring 3 unique performers. "Star" of this set is the incredible Washington Phillips who recorded 16 sides in Dallas, Texas between 1927 and '29. He was a wonderful and moving singer with a gentle, artless voice and accompanied himself on the rare dulceola - a plucked instrument similar to a hammer dulcimer with a haunting quality. His songs were originals, sometimes based on biblical themes, but often exploring his own view of the world. Truly incredible music. These tracks alone are worth the cost of the disc but we also get the two thundering performances by Luther Magby accompanying himself on portable organ with tambourine accompaniment - two joyous performances. Finally we have four songs (2 takes of three of them) by A.C. & Blind Mamie Forehand accompanying their sensitive vocals with guitar, harmonica and etherial hand cymbals. Excellent sound and brief notes by Chris Smith. Essential! (FS)

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