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DAVE SPECTER Delmark 664 Blueplicity CD $11.98
Chicago blues session w. The Bluebirds featuring vocalist Tad Robinson.

DAVE SPECTER Delmark 677 Live In Europe CD $14.98

DAVE SPECTER Delmark 693 Left Turn On Blue CD $14.98
13 Tracks, 62 min., recommended
In his liner notes, Neil Tesser calls Dave Specter and the musicians who play with him on this CD The jazziest of blues bands. Using his guitar instead of a sewing needle, he brings jazz and blues together almost seamlessly. He plays tastefully and with gorgeous tone. While the CD is issued under Specter's name, it's really an ensemble piece. He gives his bandmates plenty of room to show their skills. Jazz organist Jack McDuff plays on 4 songs, Lynwood Slim adds vocals on 8 cuts and the horn section of John Brumbach and Rob Mazurek is stellar through out. The songs range from slow and soulful to swingin'. (RS)

DAVE SPECTER Delmark 744 Speculatin' CD $14.98

DAVE SPECTER & BARKIN'BILL SMITH Delmark 652 Bluebird Blues CD $11.98
Nothin' but the blues here, dished up by young guitarist Specter and Barkin' Bill, who claims that he's been singin' the blues since he was thirteen (and that was fifty years ago). You gotta wonder about someone who has to work for half a century before he can get his own record out - Smith's voice is pretty ragged, with a heavy throatiness that reminds me of Zuzu Bollin. So what's the attraction - mainly a razor sharp band that includes the gourmet guitar of Ronnie Earl, plus a nice guest spot by female singer Deitra Farr. Specter isn't a bad guitarist either, having twisted a few strings with Hubert Sumlin, Son Seals and more. The material is mainly retreads of Chicago favorites, T-Bone Walker cuts, etc - 10 in all. (MB)
DAVE SPECTOR & BARKIN' BILL SMITH: Bluebird Blues/ Buzz Me/ Get Me While I'm Free/ Lie To Me/ Our Course Is Run/ Railroad Station Blues/ Take A Little Walk With Me./ Tell Me What's The Reason/ Things I'd Do For You/ Wind Chill

VICTORIA SPIVEY Document DOCD 5316 Complete Recorded Works, Vol 1 : 1926 - 1927 CD $15.98
23 tracks, 73 mins, highly recommended
Texas singer/ piano player Victoria Spivey was a truly superb performer. She was an earthy singer with an intense nasal moaning style and her repertoire often featured themes of sex, drugs, violence and illness. Her earliest sessions here from 1926 show that her vocal style had not full developed but by her fifth session it was fully mature. Her original songs like Black Snake Blues/ It's Evil Hearted Me and Santa Fe Blues were picked up by other singers. On her first couple of tracks she accompanied herself with lovely Texas barrelhouse piano but her subsequent recordings here find her in the company of more urban piano players like De Lloyd Barnes, John Erby and Porter Grainger. On her April 27, 1927 she was joined by Lonnie Johnson on guitar who was to perform on her subsequent half a dozen sessions and his guitar playing and occasional vocal was a perfect complement to Victoria's vocals. Except for a few cuts, sound is excellent and their are excellent notes by Chris Smith. (FS)
VICTORIA SPIVEY: Arkansas Road Blues/ Big Houston Blues/ Black Snake Blues/ Blood Thirsty Blues/ Blue Valley Blues/ Christmas Morning Blues/ Dirty Woman's Blues/ Dope Head Blues/ Garter Snake Blues/ Got The Blues So Bad/ Hoodoo Man Blues/ Humored And Petted Blues/ Idle Hour Blues/ It's Evil Hearted Me/ Long Gone Blues/ No More Jelly Bean Blues/ No. 12 Let Me Roam/ Red Lantern Blues/ Santa Fe Blues/ Spider Web Blues/ Steady Grind/ T-B Blues/ The Alligator Pond Went Dry

VICTORIA SPIVEY Document DOCD 5317 Complete Recorded Works, Vol 2 : 1927 - 1929 CD $15.98
24 tracks, 74 mins, recommended
More fine sides from Ms. Spivey including quite few with the great Lonnie Johnson including several risque two part vocal duets - New Black Snake Blues/ Furniture Man Blues, etc. These recordings find Victoria moving away from the intense blood-thirsty lyrics of earlier songs towards more hokum flavored risque songs though her ferocious vocals prevents them from becoming too trite. When she was not accompanied by Johnson she was backed by small groups including such musicians as King Oliver, Eddie Lang, Louis Armstrong, Zutty Singletone, Henry Allen, Albert Nicholas and others. There is more than one take featured of a number of songs. (FS)
VICTORIA SPIVEY: A Good Man Is Hard To Find/ Funny Feathers/ Funny Feathers Blues (take 1)/ Funny Feathers Blues (take 2)/ Furniture Man Blues - Part 1 (Duet with Lonnie Johnson)/ Furniture Man Blues - Part 2 (Duet with Lonnie Johnson)/ How Do They Do It That Way (take 1)/ How Do They Do It That Way (take 2)/ How Do You Do It That Way?/ Jelly Look What You Done Done/ Mosquito, Fly and Flea/ Murder In The First Degree/ My Handy Man/ New Black Snake Blues - Part 1 (Duet with Lonnie Johnson)/ New Black Snake Blues - Part 2 (Duet with Lonnie Johnson)/ Nightmare Blues/ No, Papa, No!/ Organ Grinder Blues (take A)/ Organ Grinder Blues (take C)/ Toothache Blues - Part 1 (Duet with Lonnie Johnson)/ Toothache Blues - Part 2 (Duet with Lonnie Johnson)/ You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now! - Part 1 (Duet with Lonnie Johnson)/ You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now! - Part 2 (Duet with Lonnie Johnson)/ Your Worries Ain't Like Mine

VICTORIA SPIVEY Document DOCD 5318 Complete Recorded Works, Vol 3 : 1929 - 1936 CD $15.98
23 tracks, 70 mins, highly recommended
The third volume of sides by this superb singer opens with some incredibly intense performances from 1929 accompanied by a small group with great piano by Luis Russell. Blood Hound Blues/ Dirty T.B. Blues and Moaning The Blues are not only staggering performances but have great lyrics too. There are a couple of humorous, two part duets with porter Grainger, some country blues flavored items with accompaniments by J.T. "Funny Paper" Smith, some pop flavored songs and ends up with another version from 1936 of her classic T.B. Blues with a very different arrangement than the 1929 version earlier on the disc. (FS)
VICTORIA SPIVEY: Baulin' Water Blues - Part 1 (Duet with Porter Grainger)/ Baulin' Water Blues - Part 2 (Duet with Porter Grainger)/ Black Snake Swing/ Blood Hound Blues/ Dirty T. B. Blues/ Don't Trust Nobody Blues/ Dreaming 'Bout My Man/ Haunted By The Blues/ He Wants Too Much/ I'll Never Fall In Love Again/ Lonesome With The Blues/ Low Down Man Blues/ Mama's Quittin' And Leavin' - Part 1 (Duet with Howling Smith)/ Mama's Quittin' And Leavin' - Part 2 (Duet with Howling Smith)/ Moaning The Blues/ Nebraska Blues/ New York Blues/ Showered With The Blues/ Sweet Pease/ T B's Got Me/ Telephoning The Blues/ You've Gotta Have What It Takes - Part 1 (Duet with Porter Grainger)/ You've Gotta Have What It Takes - Part 2 (Duet with Porter Grainger)

VICTORIA SPIVEY Document DOCD 5319 Complete Recorded Works, Vol 4 : 1937 - 1937 CD $15.98
VICTORIA SPIVEY: Any-Kind-A-Man (take 1)/ Any-Kind-A-Man (take 2)/ Detroit Moan/ Don't Love No Married Man/ Down Hill Pull/ Dreaming Of You (take 1)/ Dreaming Of You (take 2)/ From 1 To 12 (Dirty Dozen)/ Give It To Him (take 1)/ Give It To Him (take 2)/ Good Cabbage/ Got The Blues So Bad/ Harlem Susie-Kue/ I Ain't Gonna Let You See My Santa Claus/ I Can't Last Long/ Mr. Freddie Blues (take 1)/ Mr. Freddie Blues (take 2)/ One Hour Mama/ Time Ain't Long (take 1)/ Time Ain't Long (take 2)/ Trouble In Mind /Hollywood Stomp

HOUSTON STACKHOUSE Genes 9904 Cryin' Won't Help You CD $14.98
13 tracks, 49 mins, recommended
Houston Stackhouse was a fine Mississippi bluesmen with a tremendouly appealing vocal style and a fine guitarist. His guitar style was an amplified version of the approach he'd learned in his youth when he ran with the likes of Tommy Johnson and Robert Johnson. He later worked with Robert Nighthawk who he taught to play guitar - some years later Nighthawk returned the favor by teaching Stackhouse how to play with a slide. These recordings are from 1972 and are mostly solo. The material is mostly Mississippi blues standards like Kind Hearted Woman/ Bye Bye Blues/ Sweet Black Angel/ Sweet Home Chicago and Big Road Blues along with a couple of nice originals (Cry On!, Cry On!/ I Got Something and an uexpected but very effective version of My Babe. 12 page booklet has detailed notes by Steve LaVere. These tracks are a nice complement to his recordings on Testament 5010 from 1967 where he plays with a small juke joint band. (FS)

HOUSTON STACKHOUSE Wolf 120.915 Big Road Blues CD $14.98

THE STAPLE SINGERS Milestone 47028 Great Day CD $12.98
Two LP set reissued as 27 track, 78 minute CD featuring solid folk-gospel recordings from the 1962-64 time period, originally issued on Riverside. The whole family is in fine form here, with Papa Roebuck's bluesy guitar work setting the mood and daughter Mavis's soulful voice usually occupying center stage. Tracks include Gloryland/ Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/ What Are They Doing (In Heaven Today)/ My Dying Bed and their stunning version of Bob Dylan's Masters of War. Great material from a unique group of artists. Fine stereo sound, good photos and notes. (DH)

THE STARS OF BETHLEHEM/ STARS OF BETHEL Gospel Treasures 2000 Above My Head CD $15.98
12 tracks from 1960 by the Stars Of Bethlehem and two from 1954 by The Stars Of Bethel - two fine Los Angeles gospel groups who shared some of the same members. The latter group featured the first recordings of Johnny Lamar Young who later became better known as Little Johnny Taylor.

THE STATE STREET SWINGERS, ETC RST Records JPCD 1507 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, 1936-37 CD $15.98
25 tracks, 76 mins, recommended
The State Street Swingers, who recorded 14 sides in 1936 &'37 (2 issued as by The Chicago Black Swans) were a fine jazzy, bluesy, hokum group featuring the vocals of Leonard Scott, Washboard Sam, Bob Robinson, Mary Mack or Big Bill Broonzy with trumpet by Herb Morand or Alfred Bell, clarinet by Arnett Nelson and piano by the superb Black Bob or Myrtle Jenkins with various other musicians on bass & guitar. Their music covers the same sort of territory as The Harlem Hamfats. This set also features 4 nice solo sides by Mary Mack with (probably) Aletha Dickson/ piano and Big Bill/ guitar and 7 sides by the rather unexciting Leonard Scott with a similar line up to the Swingers. Good sound and informative notes from David Evans. (FS)

THE STATE STREET RAMBLERS RST Records JPCD 1512 The State Street Ramblers, Vol. 1 CD $15.98
THE STATE STREET RAMBLERS: Barrel House Stomp/ Brown-Skin Mama/ Cootie Stomp/ Do Right Blues/ Endurance Stomp/ Georgia Grind/ How Would You Like To Be Me?/ My Baby/ Oriental Man/ Pleasure Mad/ Road House Blues/ Shanghai Honeymoon/ Some Do And Som Don't/ Someday You'll Know/ St. Louis Man/ St. Louis Nightmare/ Tack It Down/ Tell Me, Cutie/ The Weary Way Blues/ There'll Come A Day/ Tiger Moan/ Tuxedo Stomp/ Yearning And Blue

THE STATE STREET RAMBLERS RST Records JPCD 1513 The State Street Ramblers, Vol. 2 CD $15.98

PRISCILLA STEWART Document DOCD 5476 Complete Record Works, 1924-28 CD $15.98
25 tracks - most with Jimmy Blythe/ piano plus occasional other musicians - Stump Evans/ as, Jimmy O'Bryant/ cl, Shirley Clay/ cnt and others.
PRISCILLA STEWART: A Little Bit Closer/ Biscuit Roller/ Charleston Mad (take 1)/ Charleston Mad (take 2)/ Charleston, South Carolina/ Delta Bottom Blues (9030)/ Going To The Nation/ I Never Call My Man's Name/ I Want To See My Baby/ I Was Born A Brownskin And You Can't Make Me Blue (take 1)/ It Must Be Hard/ Jefferson County/ Lonesome Hour Blues/ Mecca Flat Blues (take 2)/ Mr. Freddie Blues/ New Mr. Freddie Blues/ P. D. Q. Blues/ Priscilla Blues (take 1)/ Somebody's Chewin' You Too/ Someday, Sweetheart/ Switch It Miss Mitchell/ Tall Brown Blues/ The Woman Ain't Born/ True Blues/ You Ain't Foolin' Me

ARBEE STIDHAM Blue Moon BMCD 6038 The Complete Recordings, Vol. 1: 1947-1951 CD $18.98
20 tracks, good
In my early days as a blues collector, I like many other young fans, took a dislike to the singing of Arbee Stidham and he was rarely spoken of among blues cognoscenti except in a tone of disdain. Nevertheless he was quite popular with the African-American audience his recordings were originally aimed at and his ballad My Heart Belongs To You reached #1 in the R&B charts in 1948 - his only hit. Now that Blue Moon has reissued his complete recordings (not counting later LP sessions) I was hoping that my growing musical maturity would enable me to finally appreciate Stidham. I must admit that I still find Stidham's voice hard to listen to - it's deep and expressionless and I find listening to more than a few tracks at a time gets pretty wearing. Still, there are some good songs and he is accompanied by fine bands including sidemen like Sax Mallard, Lucky Millinder, Hal Singers, Tab Smith, Bob Call, Tampa Red and others. Sound quality is excellent and there are detailed notes and discographical info. (FS)

ARBEE STIDHAM Blue Moon BMCD 6039 The Complete Recordings, Vol. 2: 1951-1957 CD $18.98
22 tracks, good
The second volume is a little more interesting than they first though you still have to contend with Stidham's droning voice and three of the songs are featured in more than one take which is real overkill. The first six sides recorded in Atlanta find Arbee sounding a lot more energetic than usual and are quite a change from his usual dreary performances. Mr. Commisioner from 1952 is an interesting topical song and on When I Find My Baby he is accompanied by a fine band including a double tracked Walter Horton, Wayne Bennet, Odie Payne and others. His final session from 1957 finds him accompanied by the likes of Earl Hooker, Lefty Bates, Red Holloway and others and it's mostly the accompaniment that appeals. (FS)

FRANK STOKES Document DOCD 5013 The Victor Recordings In Chronological Order 1928-1929 CD $15.98
Essential. A superb, powerful singer and fine guitarist, Frank Stokes is one of the most important figures in the first generation of blues singers. His repertoire is also one of the most interesting, encompassing pre Civil War songs and medicine show tunes as well as original and compelling blues. Here he is accompanied by violinist Will Batts on four titles, including the achingly lovely Right Now Blues. Document have remastered their original version of this CD and achieved some further reduction in surface noise, but a few tracks are still pretty rough. No matter, the consistent excellence of the music shines through. Brief but informative notes by Chris Smith. (The two titles shown as undiscovered in the discographical notes have been located in good condition and issued by Document on DOCD 5411- Too Late, Too Late Vol 5.) (DPR)
FRANK STOKES: 'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do - Part 1/ 'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do - Part 2 (take 1)/ 'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do - Part 2 (take 2)/ Bedtime Blues/ Bunker Hill Blues/ Downtown Blues (take 1)/ Downtown Blues (take 2)/ Frank Stokes' Dream/ How Long/ I Got Mine/ It Won't Be Long Now (take 1)/ It Won't Be Long Now (take 2)/ Memphis Rounders Blues/ Mistreatin' Blues/ Nehi Mamma Blues/ Right Now Blues/ Shiney Town Blue/ South Memphis Blues/ Stomp That Thing/ Take Me Back/ What's The Matter Blues

FRANK STOKES Yazoo 2072 The Best Of Frank Stokes CD $16.98
FRANK STOKES: Bedtime Blues/ Blues in "DĒ/ Downtown Blues/ Frank Stokesí Dream/ How Long/ I Got Mine/ It Wonít Be Long Now/ Itís a Good Thing (Take One)/ Iím Going Away Blues/ Jumpin on the Hill (Unissued)/ Memphis Rounders Blues/ Mistreatiní Blues/ Mr. Crump Donít Like It/ Nehi Mama/ Old Sometime Blues/ Right Now Blues/ South Memphis Blues/ Sweet to Mama/ Tainít Nobodyís Business if I Do Ė Part Two (Take One Unissued)/ Take Me Back/ Whatís the Matter Blues/ You Shall

WARREN STORM & THE BLUES ROCKERS St. George 7709 Dust My Blues CD $14.98
14 tracks, 43 min., recommended
Born Warren Schexnider, Mr. Storm established himself as a leading progenitor of Louisiana swamp pop in the 1950s and '60s. In LA where he soaked up his eclectic musical approach, Storm paid the rent as an in-demand session drummer. "Dust My Blues" features Cajun and rockabilly tunes but is decidedly blues heavy. Storm drums and sings his way back in time, covering such favorites as Honey Hush, If You Need Me, Slim Harpo's Rainin' In My Heart, and others. Yet for all that it doesn't sound like a man trying to recapture his musical youth so much as a man who is still genuinely in love with the music. Storm and the aptly named Blues Rockers know how to create a disturbance in the atmosphere, thanks in part to the spirited guitar work of Studebaker John and Rockin' Billy Harnden. Pull up a dance floor. (JC)

BABE STOVALL Arcola 1005 The Old Ace - Mississippi Blues & Religious Songs CD $15.98
15 tracks, 50 mins, essential
A most welcome release - the first ever CD release of fine New Orleans singer/ guitarist Babe Stovall. Babe was originally from Mississippi where he was born in 1907 and started playing music when 8 years old. He performed with his eight older brothers - all of whom played music. In his 20s he met legendary Mississippi bluesman Tommy Johnson and learned from him. He never become a full time musician though by the time he moved to New Orleans in the early 60s it became his primary source of income. Babe was more of a songster than a straight bluesman and played a wide variety of material drawing on both black and white musical traditions. He was a powerful singer with gruff voice and played some fine guitar usually on a steel bodied National. The recordings here were made by Bob West in 1968 and find Babe in fine form on a collection of mostly traditional blues and gospel songs including Good Morning Blues/ Going To Wear You Off My Mind/ Baby let Me Follow You Down/ Will The Circle Be Unbroken?/ Dirty Mistreater/ God's Word Shall Never Pass Away and others including a particularly nice version of Tommy Johnson's Big Road Blues which he neatly segues into a superb version of Careless Love. The disc ends with a couple of spoken word tracks where Babe talks about his family and playing music in New Orleans. Babe was recorded quite often between the late 50s and late 60s and it would sure be nice if some of those recordings were also to find their way on to CD. Includes 12 page booklet wqith some great photos and informative notes by David Evans who knew Babe well. An exemplarary and important release. (FS)

BOB STROGER & HIS CHICAGO LEGENDS Crosscut CCR 11065 In The House - Live At Lucerne, Vol. 2 CD $22.98
10 tracks, 68 mins, recommended
While Bob Stroger is actually the only figure here deserving regard as a legend, there's little question that his sidemen are certainly contributors to the long history of blues. Joined by James Wheeler and Billy Flynn on guitar and vocals, Ken Saydak's piano, Ron Sorin's harp, and Marty Binder's backbeats, Stroger takes the vocals for a few tracks and even though his voice is less than riveting, his conviction is apparent. Flynn steps up for a rumbling version of Muddy Waters' Lovin' Man and the microphone goes to Wheeler for his own Extension 309 before stepping forward to offer the disc's best singing and excellent guitar. Stroger rolls back out front for a stumbling Loan Me Train Fare before the gloves come off on Heads Up, an instrumental example of a unit working remarkably well together. Recorded at the 1999 Lucerne Blues Festival. (CR)

PERCY STROTHER Black Magic 9030 Highway Is My Home CD $16.98
Good, solid contemporary blues from Minneapolis based bluesman Strother. Mostly original songs along with a few nice and not overly familiar covers (Easy Baby/ Forty days And Forty Nights). Tracks come from a variety of sessions with varied accompaniments and arrangements.

STUDEBAKER JOHN AND THE HAWKS Blind Pig 5010 Too Tough CD $15.98
Chicago based blues band led by singer/songwriter John Grimaldi - harmonica.

SUGAR BLUE Alligator 4819 Blue Blazes CD $11.98

SUGAR BLUE Alligator 4831 In Your Eyes CD $15.98

SUGAR RAY & THE BLUETONES Severn 0012 Rockin' Sugar Daddy CD $15.98

SUGAR RAY & THE BLUETONES Severn 033 Hands Across The Table CD $15.98
13 tracks, 49 minutes, highly recommended
Sugar Ray Norcia's exceptional voice, top-shelf harp, and heartfelt songwriting skills are all front and center once again. Following the departure of guitarist Monster Mike Welch (who appeared on the band's Severn disc in 2003), Paul Size (ex-Red Devils) steps in with veterans Mudcat Ward, Neil Gouvin, and Anthony Geraci for a highly rewarding set of blues. Vintage Excello and classic Chicago sounds loom large for I Done Got Wise/ Livin' A Lie/ Cloud Cover/ (I'm Gonna Break Into) Folsom Prison/ I Won't Leave Home No More, and others, plus they tap into some rolling swing for River Stay Away From My Door, and a particularly moody West Coast vein on Dark Clouds Calling with Size showing his formidable skills to great effect. Blues as good as it gets! (CR)

HUBERT SUMLIN Blind Pig 73389 Heart & Soul CD $15.98

HUBERT SUMLIN Shout Factory 31156 Hubert Sumlin's Blues Party CD $11.98
10 tracks, 37 min., essential
That's Sumlin's guitar on Howlin' Wolf's original Chess recordings of The Red Rooster and Spoonful and on 23 years' worth of other Wolfish blues. His guitar work was as unorthodox as Howlin' Wolf was powerful, which is plenty. One listen to the incendiary string work on West Side Soul and listeners will immediately understand the Sumlin magic. Party goers include Ronnie Earl, whose guitar is heard through the right channel (with Sumlin's on the left), and Ron Levy on various keys. The addition of soul man Mighty Sam (McClain) lending his Bobby Blandish vocals on four cuts (Hidden Charms, A Soul That's Been Abused, Can't Call You No More, Down In The Bottom) is by itself more than enough reason to recommend this album. A short show at 37:22 but sweet while it lasts. Originally released on Black Top Records (BT-1036) in 1987, this album might be the best blues reissue of the year. (JC)

HUBERT SUMLIN Shout Factory 31157 Healing Feeling CD $11.98
11 tracks, 44 min., highly recommended
The lead guitar on Howlin' Wolf's songs from 1953-76 (minus a one-year stint with Muddy Waters) was Sumlin's. That's all the introduction anyone should need. As this reissue of a Black Top Records album (BT-1053) originally released in 1990 (his 2nd on that label) demonstrates, Sumlin's guitar work is still as frenetic and compelling as ever, the instrumental title track being a scorching case in point. Sumlin turns in a few vocal performances, but James "Thunderbird" Davis' voice on the first cut (I Don't Want To Hear About Yours) sets the bar higher than Sumlin can reach. But it doesn't matter because his guitar is the show. Tracks include Play It Cool, Down The Dusty Road, Just Like I Treat You, Blue Shadows, and more. Another well-chosen Black Top reissue from the folks at Shout Factory. (JC)

HUBERT SUMLIN Tone-Cool 51609 About Them Shoes CD $16.98
13 tracks, 55 minutes, recommended
While many all-star aggregations fall short of their intended target, a great cast gathers for what can be looked at as a tribute to Muddy Waters (12 cuts were longtime McKinley Morganfield gems). The core band consists of Bob Margolin, David Maxwell, Mudcat Ward, Paul Oscher, and two rotating drummers, with guests including Eric Clapton, James Cotton, Keith Richards, David Johansen and others. I'm Ready/ Still A Fool/ Long Distance Call/ The Same Thing/ Don't Go No Farther/ Walkin' Thru The Park and much more. Hubert stamps his trademark guitar onto each track, and the band offers the necessary tough support. No lengthy guitar heroics, no extended harmonica flights, and thankfully, no vocal excesses which often belabor recordings of this sort. Hubert hasn't sounded this focused, forceful, or blistering in a good while. (CR)

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