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ROY GAINES Crosscut CCR 11074 In The House - Live At Lucerne, Vol. 4 ● CD $21.98
11 tracks, 69 minutes, recommended
A formidable presence over the years has been Roy Gaines. "New Frontier Lover" from 2000 was a crushing display of six-string muscle and he picks up with this new offering. Neil Wauchope handles keyboards in addition to bass and drum work from Billy Haynes and Chad Wright, while a three-piece horn section fleshes things out. Gaines might be a descendant of the T-Bone Walker guitar school, but there's little sign of that here; this is high-powered modern blues with an occasional nod to the past. Whether shuffling through Wolfman, grinding through I Got My Thang On You, or taking a comical poke at B.B. King in Lucille Works For Me, Gaines and company grip together exceptionally well. One of the most exciting blues guitarists around, his fearless work here is a testament to his ethic. From the 2001 Lucerne Festival. (CR)

ROY GAINES Severn 008 New Frontier Lover ● CD $15.98
Yes, it's another new Roy Gaines on yet another label. 12 new songs all written by Roy.

BILL GAITHER (LEROY'S BUDDY) Document DOCD 5251 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol 1 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended
Bill Gaither was an excellent, though underrated performer. He was influenced by the great Leroy Carr and many of his recordings were issued under the sobriquet of "Leroy's Buddy" but he was a long way from being a Carr copyist. His wry vocal style and cynical lyrics are most engaging. Although there is not a lot of variety in Gaither's music his voice is appealing, his lyrics are above average, his tunes catchy and his accompaniments feature the brilliant piano work of Honey Hill. His guitar playing, when it can heard, is solid and presumably influenced by Scrapper Blackwell. This first volume of his complete recordings features 22 songs recorded between December 1935 and October 1936 including the driving opener Naptown Stomp, the intriguing Strange Woman whose lyrics repay careful attention, the moving tribute to Carr After The Sun's Gone Down, the lively Tired Of Your Line Of Jive with some very effective spoons playing and lots more. Excellent sound and informative notes by Pen Bogert with newly researched information. Defintely worth while. (FS)
BILL GAITHER: 'bout The Break Of Day/ After The Sun's Gone Down/ Bad Luck Child/ Curbstone Blues/ Evil Hearted Me/ Georgia Woman Stomp (carrying On Blues)/ Gravel In My Bread/ How Long Baby How Long?/ L &n Blues/ Morning Dream/ Naptown Stomp/ Pains In My Heart/ Pins And Needles/ Stoney Lonesome/ Strange Woman/ Tired Of That Same Stuff All The Time (90510)/ Tired Of That Same Stuff All The Time (90933)/ Tired Of Your Line Of Jive/ Too Many Women/ Which One I Love The Best/ Who's Been Here Since I Been Gone/ You Done Lost Your Swing/ You Done Showed Your D.b.a.

BILL GAITHER (LEROY'S BUDDY) Document DOCD 5252 Complete Record Works In Chronological Order, Vol 2 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 67 mins, recommended Another entertaining collection from this appealing singer accompanied by the wonderful piano playing of Honey Hill. Though not a terribly intense performer Gaither had an ingratiating vocal style and his songs were often interesting. On this he covers a number of Leroy Carr songs (he was "Leroy's Buddy" after all) but is at his best on original Just The Wrong Man or the fascinating Blake Street Bleus. The disc includes two cuts where Gaither and Hill accompany the excellent singer Frank Busby who does a version of the oft recorded Kokomo Blues/ Sweet Home Chicago theme - here called 'Leven Light City Blues. (FS)
BILL GAITHER: 'leven Light City (frank Busby, Vcl)/ Blake Street Blues/ Do Like I Want To Do (64188)/ Do Like You Want To Do (62572)/ I Just Keep On Worrying/ I'm Wise To Your Sweet Line Of Jive/ In The Wee Wee Hours/ Jiving Man Blues/ Just The Wrong Man/ Mean Old World To Live In/ New Bad Luck Child/ New Evil Hearted Blues/ New Little Pretty Mama/ Orneriest Girl In Town/ Prisoner Bound (frank Busby, Vcl)/ Rocky Mountain Blues/ Sunrise Blues/ Tee-ninecy Mama (little Sweet Mama)/ Thousand Years And A Day/ Tired Of Sleeping By Myself/ Won't You Tell Me Baby/ You Done Showed Your D-b-a, No. 2/ You're A Mean Mistreater

BILL GAITHER (LEROY'S BUDDY) Document DOCD 5253 Complete Record Works In Chronological Order, Vol 3 ● CD $15.98
BILL GAITHER: Babyfied Ways Girl/ Big Time Town Woman/ Boogie Woogie (Honey Hill)/ Champ Joe Louis/ I Got Your Water On/ If I Was The Devil/ It's Coming Back Home To You/ It's Grieving Me/ New Pains In My Heart/ New Rocky Mountain Blues/ Noah's Dove/ Old Coals Will Kindle/ Old Fashioned Woman/ Old Model 'A' Blues/ Racket Blues/ Right Hand Friend/ Set 'Em (Honey Hill)/ So Much Trouble/ Sweet Mama/ Too Late Too Late/ When My Woman's Lovin' Someone Else/ You Done Lost Your Swing No. 2

BILL GAITHER (LEROY'S BUDDY) Document DOCD 5254 Complete Record Works In Chronological Order, Vol 4 ● CD $15.98
BILL GAITHER: Another Big Leg Woman/ Army Bound Blues/ Bachelor Man Blues/ Bloody Eyed Woman/ Changing Blues/ Cheatin' Blues/ Evil Yalla Woman/ Fairy Tale Blues/ Greyhound Blues/ Hard Way To Go/ It's Too Late Now/ Jungle Man Blues/ Kentland Blues/ Lazy Woman Blues/ Mean Devil Blues/ New So Much Trouble/ Rainy Morning/ See My Grieve Blues/ Sing Sing Blues/ Stony Lonesome Graveyard/ Sweet Woman Blues/ Triflin' Woman Blues/ Wintertime Blues

BILL GAITHER (LEROY'S BUDDY) Document DOCD 5255 Complete Recorded Work, Vol 5 : 1940-1941 ● CD $15.98
BILL GAITHER: 1941 Blues/ A Short Cut To The Grave/ Bad Luck Child's Bequest/ Creole Queen/ Georgia Barrel House/ I Can Drink Muddy Water/ I Got So Many Women/ I'm Behind The 8 Ball Now/ It's A Sad Story/ It's Just A Woman's Way/ Jealous Woman Blues/ Life Of Leroy Carr/ Love Crying Blues/ Love Trifling Blues/ Money Kills Love/ Moonshine By The Keg/ Old Rainy Day Blues/ Please Baby/ That Will Never Do/ Tired Of Your Trifling Ways/ Uncle Sam Called The Roll/ Wandering Rosa Lee/ Why Do You Tease Me So?/ Why Is My Baby So Nice To Me/ Worried Life Blues/ You Done Ranked Yourself With Me

CECIL GANT Blue Moon BMCD 6022 The Complete Recordings, Volume 1: 1944 ● CD $22.98
25 tracks, 70 mins, highly recommended
Several years in the making this is the first in a series of reissues of the complete recordings of the fine and very important singer and piano player. A lot of new research has gone into the preparation of this series which has unearthed fascinating information of these recordings. For instance, previous discographies have indicated that Cecil recorded his trademark song I Wonder once for Bronze which was then reissued on Gilt Edge. We now find that the Bronze and Gilt Edge recordings are from different sessions and that four different takes were used for different Gilt Edge pressings so we have five different (albeit not very different) versions of I Wonder on this CD.

CECIL GANT Blue Moon BMCD 6023 The Complete Recordings, Volume 2: 1945 ● CD $22.98

CECIL GANT Blue Moon 6029 The Complete Recordings, Volume 3 : 1945-1946 ● CD $22.98
The long awaited third volume of the carefully compiled series of the work of this fine and important singer and piano player

CECIL GANT Flyright 61 Cecil Gant ● CD $16.98
Great piano boogie & blues, 1944-45
CECIL GANT: Blues In L.A./ Boogie Blues/ Cecil Boogie/ Cecil's Mop Mop/ Hit That Jive Jack/ I Gotta Gal/ I Wonder/ I'll Remember You/ It's All Over Darling/ Jump Jack Jump/ Killer Diller Boogie/ Little Baby You're Running Wild/ Midnight On central Avenue/ New Cecil Boogie/ Rhumba Boogie Woogie/ Soft And Mellow/ Special Delivery/ That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch/ Wake Up cecil, Wake Up/ What's On Your Worried Mind?/ When I Wanted You

REV. J. M. GATES Document DOCD 5414 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 : 1926 ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 70 min., recommended
How popular was Baptist preacher J. M. Gates? Well, the first 3 of his 9 volume collected works only cover April to November of 1926! His total of 200-plus sides equals more than a fourth of all sermons recorded up to 1943--and Gates dies around 1941. The catch is that the good Reverend recorded for a bus load of labels and often re-recorded titles such as Death's Black Train Is Coming and Goin' To Die With The Staff In My Hand many times. Identified as sermons with singing, these are more properly singing with spoken introductions resembling sermons. Gates is variously accompanied by two unknown females, his congregation, or mixed voices; about half the time he goes it alone. Essential to fans of the genre, of limited interest to the average human. (JC)

REV. J. M. GATES Document DOCD 5432 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 : 1926 ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 70 min., good Volume 2 (of 9!) covers only 6 days in Sept. 1926. With that kind of recording schedule, few will be stunned by the news that Gates re-recorded several titles, sometimes 4 and 5 times for as many labels. As usual for this early period, his "sermons" are often haltingly brief in favor of the hymns which he (and his unidentified backing vocalists) sings with conviction. Still, things tend to be a bit tepid emotionally much of the time. Titles include I Know I Got Religion/ Waiting At The Beautiful Gates/ Goin' To Heaven Anyhow/ Four And Twenty Elders/ You Can Tell The World About This/ Tramping To Make Heaven My Home, and more. A transitional period. (JC)

REV. J. M. GATES Document DOCD 5433 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 3 : 1926 ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 66 min., recommended Covering Sept. to Nov. 1926, vol. 3--the best so far--offers several previously seen titles, some (Funeral Train/ I Know I Got Religion) in multiple versions, usually with little noteworthy difference. The sermon portions of most of these sides, though, tend to be longer--a trend that Gates would continue--and the performances are generally more emotional. On such cuts as The Blind Man By The Wayside, Gates spend his air straining his voice, achieving a fervency often absent from his previous work. On the oddly titled Death Might Be Your Santa Claus, he argues that giving toy pistols and decks of cards to kids at Xmas may lead to death. The reason why is not quite clear, but the power of his admonition is. (JC)

REV. J. M. GATES Document DOCD 5442 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 4 : 1926 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 73 min., recommended As with previous volumes, this one demonstrates Gates' frantic recording pace, offering, as it does, 23 titles from 2 sessions -- first from Victor, then for Gennett -- in the space of 6 December days in 1926. On the Victor session (15 cuts), Gates and His Congregation produce new material including some on 12" records that clock in at nearly 4 minutes each. His preaching is longer and stronger, more frenetic than usual, using farm imagery for metaphors, condemning hypocrites, warning the flock about dishonest cops, comparing women and serpents without finding much difference. On Sad Home Of Death, Gates stages a mock funeral service in the studio. The usual. (JC)

REV. J. M. GATES Document DOCD 5449 Complete Recordings, Vol. 5 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 71 min., recommended Easily the best of the series so far -- 9 volumes in all--this disc contains all Gates' 1927 recordings -- surprising considering volumes 1-4 cover only 9 months of 1926! These sides cut for OKeh and Victor find the good Reverend preaching up a storm in the then topical God's Wrath In The St. Louis Cyclone, warning about Armageddon on White Horse And His Rider and brightening the holidays just a touch with the jolly You May Be Alive Or You May Be Dead, Christmas Day and the equally festive Will The Coffin Be Your Santa Claus. Throughout, Gates is powerful, stronger than ever, skillfully building his sermons on familiar images or stories (Noah And The Flood, Jonah And The Whale) while fervently leading his listeners to his own unique conclusions. For sheer power, nothing can beat Are You Bound For Heaven Or Hell. For Gates, of course, the answer is always 'yes.' These tracks go a long way toward explaining his massive popularity. (JC)

REV. J. M. GATES Document DOCD 5457 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 6 : 1928-1929 ● CD $15.98
Count Somebody's Been Stealin', a sermon-song concerning miscegenation, among the more interesting moments here. In Stop For The Red Light, Gates uses the proliferation of traffic signals to form a lesson in the equalizing force of mortality, the deady effect of sin, and the glorifying power of salvation. In A Bank That Never Fails he uses the failure of those financial institutions as a metaphor for salvation (i.e., your treasure's always safe in God's bank). As usual, the ever didactic Gates uses current events to shape his timeless messages (The California Kidnapping) and, as usual, he cannot resist taking a few chauvinistic shots at women (Women SpendToo Much Money). (JC)

REV. J. M. GATES Document DOCD 5469 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 7 : 1929-1930 ● CD $15.98
This volume moves into Great Depression territory, finds Gates taking a conservative posture one moment by taking a firm stance against breaking one's mother's heart, and a radical stance the next in a sermon concerning black and white relations in the south! Gates offers the latter preach as Straining At A Gnat And Swallowing A Camel, a title sure to have titillated his potential record buyers. But if the good Reverend was a little progressive in matters of race, Manish Woman once again shows him traditional in matters of sexual roles in society. (The Woman And The Snake is not exactly forward-thinking either.) Another oddly-titled piece, Dead Cat On The Line worries itself with the subject of children who do not "favor" their fathers, a recurring theme in Gates' repertoire and not coincidentally a big seller. Did You Spend Xmas Day In Jail continues his tradition of uplifting Santa-time sermons. (JC)

REV. J. M. GATES Document DOCD 5483 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 8 : 1930-1934 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 74 min., recommended The 8-song 1930 OKeh session that begins this volume was his last for that label and marked a 4-year recording hiatus for Gates -- and most other gospel and blues acts -- thanks to the Great Depression. (His These Hard Times Are Tight Like That and Pray For Better TImes To Come take the Depression for their subject.) The intriguingly titled Kinky Hair Is No Disgrace takes the position that a "black face and kinky hair" are nothing to be ashamed of because God looks inwardly, and yet Gates agrees with his congregation that kinky hair is "bad," a sad comment, it would seem, on the effect of racist attitudes. In '34 he began his Bluebird career with a return to singing and some familiar subjects, including another in his Xmas series, Will You Have Christmas Dinner In Jail? and Don't Hide From Your Furniture Man, another homage to A. W. Nix's Pay Your Honest Debts. Other titles of interest include Hell Ain't Half Full, No Bread Line In Heaven,Born To Die, and a pair of laudatory sermons about the recently-elected FDR. (JC)

REV. J. M. GATES Document DOCD 5484 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 9 : 1934-1941 ● CD $15.98

PAUL GEREMIA Red House 101 Live From Uncle Sam's Backyard ● CD $15.98
16 tracks, 55 min., highly recommended
Those of us who have seen singer/guitarist/harmonica player Paul Albert Geremia perform know that he's very committed to his music, and is a master of traditional country blues. For this 1991 Minneapolis concert, he's chosen to perform songs by Bo Carter ("Arrangement For Me Blues"), Skip James ("Devil Got My Woman"), Blind Willie McTell ("Dying Crapshooter's Blues", "Broke Down Engine"), Pink Anderson ("Ain't Nobody Home But Me"), as well as 5 original songs, including his tributes to Son House ("My Kinda Place") and Walter Horton ("Big Walter"). (EL) 

AUBREY GHENT & FRIENDS Arhoolie 463 Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus-Sacred Steel Guitar,Vol 4 ● CD $13.98
AUBREY GHENT: Amazing Grace/ Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus/ How Great Thou Art/ I Am Thine, Oh Lord/ Just A Closer Walk With Thee/ Sweet, Sweet Spirit/ There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood/ Walk With Me/ What He's Done For Me/ When The Saints Go Marching In

CLIFFORD GIBSON Blues Documents BDCD 6015 Complete Recorded Works 1929-1931 ● CD $15.98
23-track collection featuring this superb singer/ guitarist. Gibson was born in Kentucky, but he made his name in St. Louis in the Twenties and Thirties, where his only unquestioned superior as a stylist and wit was Lonnie Johnson. Gibson's voice was never one of the strongest of country blues instruments, but his inventive guitar fills made such shortcomings unimportant, as did vivid couplets like this one from Tired Of Being Mistreated: "You go out with me baby, in a brand new car/ Treat me right woman, you won't have to walk so far". (JG)
CLIFFORD GIBSON: Bad Luck Dice/ Beat You Doing It/ Blues Without A Dime/ Brooklyn Blues (45th Street Blues)/ Don't Put That Thing On Me/ Drayman Blues/ Hard-headed Blues/ Ice And Snow Blues/ Jive Me Blues/ Keep Your Windows Pinned/ Levee Camp Moan/ Old Time Rider/ Railroad Man Blues/ She Rolls It Slow/ Society Blues/ Stop Your Rambling/ Sunshine Moan/ Tired Of Being Mistreated Part 1/ Tired Of Being Mistreated Part 2/ Whiskey Moan Blues/ R. T. HANEN: Happy Days Blues/ She's Got Jordan River In Her Hips/ JIMMIE RODGERS: Let Me Be Your Sidetrack (take 2)

LACY GIBSON Delmark 689 Crying For My Baby ● CD $15.98
11 tracks, 47 mins, recommended
Another in the series of recordings produced by Ralph Bass in 1977 to showcase some of the, then, lesser known Chicago blues performers. This one features journeyman singer/ guitarist Lacy Gibson accompanied by the great Sunnyland Slim on piano, Willie Black/ bass & Fred Below/ drums. The group also accompanies Lee Jackson on three songs. Gibson is a tough, if not exceptional singer and a very fine guitarist whose playing has graced many other artists discs through the years. His material is a mixture of originals (Easy Woman/ CB Blues and My Love Is Real) and some worthwhile covers like Ray Charles' Blackjack and Little Willie John's Take My Love. (FS)

DANA GILLESPIE Ace CDCHD 950 Blues It Up ● CD $18.98
23-cut compilation from Gillespie's 3 risque blues LP's - Blue Job, Below The Belt and Sweet Meat. Keeping alive the great tradition of subtle (and not so subtle) innuendo that enlivened early blues and R&B recordings, Dana does Don't You Make Me High/ Big Ten Inch Record/ Wasn't That Good/ Organ Grinder/ Nosey Joe/ It Ain't The Meat/ Sixty Minute Man/ Snatch And Grab It and if that ain't enough to put a few impure thoughts in your head then I guess this one isn't for you, pal! (MB)

DANA GILLESPIE Wolf 120.951 Big Boy ● CD $15.98


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