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THE FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS CBS Associated ZK 40304 Tuff Enuff ● CD $7.98
Album produced by Dave Edmunds.

THE FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS Epic 53007 Hot Stuff: The Greatest Hits ● CD $7.98
11 tracks, 42 min., good. Sampler of later T-Bird's successes, plus unreleased stuff. Tuff Enuff/ Twist Of The Knife/ Why Get Up/ Got Love If You Want It/ Rock This Place/ Stand Back/ You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover/ Powerful Stuff/ Wrap It Up/ Two Time My Lovin'/ Look At That.

THE FAIRFIELD FOUR Ace CDCHM 771 The Bells Are Tolling ● CD $13.98
12 tracks, 34 mins, highly recommended
By 1960 when these sides were recorded The Fairfield Four was a different group than the one that recorded those classic sides for Bullet, Dot & Nashboro. Apart from leader Rev. Sam McCrary the rest of the group was all different but very fine including tenor Clarence Mills who shares most of the leads with McCrary and incredible bass singer Joe Henderson (who also plays guitar) and takes a couple of superb leads. Acapella gospel singing was no longer in favor and so the group recorded with accompaniment. The music is consistently fine ranging from the hard driving The Bells Are Tolling to the gentle and exquisite Memories Of My Mother. The album was released by Old Town in 1962 but disappeared soon after and was impossible to find until it was reissued on Athens in 1973 when it became merely very difficult to find. Ace has now restored its splendor - remastered from original tapes and with reproduction of front and back covers of original album and extensive new notes from gospel expert Opal Louis Nations. A must for gospel enthusiats. (FS)
THE FAIRFIELD FOUR: At The Gates Of The City/ Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around/ Every Knee Has Got To Bow/ Hide Me In Thy Bosom/ I John Saw The Number/ I'll Be So Happy/ In The Old Time Way/ Memories Of My Mother/ My Work On Earth Will Soon Be Done/ The Bells Are Tolling/ Wait On The Lord/ What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?

JOHNNY FARMER Fat Possum 80321 Wrong Doers Respect Me ● CD $17.98

THE FISK JUBILEE SINGERS Document DOCD 5534 In Chronological Order, Vol. 2 : 1915-1920 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 70 min., recommended
In their continuing quest for dignity and authenticity, the members of the Fisk Jubilee Singers in the late teens continued to eschew outside influences, including those associated with ragtime and blues, when it came to the performance of treasured hymns. So the performances here, even through they display real drive and emotion, remain within the pure classical harmony tradition. On the Columbia label at this point, the group's output includes Steal Away to Jesus, Shout All Over God's Heaven, Little David Play on your Harp, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, O Mary Don't You Weep Don't You Moan, Brethren Rise, I Want to Be Ready, Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Give 'Way Jordon, and I Ain't Going to Study War No More. Sound quality remains in the varied-but-acceptable range. (DH)
THE FISK UNIVERSITY JUBILEE SINGERS: Brethern Rise!/ Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray/ Ezekiel Saw De Wheel/ Give 'Way Jordan/ Good News, The Chariot's Coming/ I Ain't Going To Study War No More/ I Know I Have Another Building/ I Know The Lord Laid His Hand On Me/ I Want To Be Ready/ In The Great Gettin' Up Mawnin'/ Little David Play On Your Harp/ Most Done Traveling/ My Soul Is A Witness For My Lord/ O Mary Don't You Weep Don't You Mourn/ Oh! Reign Massa Jesus Reign/ River Of Jordan/ Roll Jordan Roll/ Shout All Over God's Heaven/ Steal Away To Jesus/ Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/ The Great Camp Meeting/ There Is A Light Shining For Me/ You Hear The Lambs A-Cryin'/ You're Going To Reap Just What You Sow

THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA Savgos 5006 Original Blind Boys Of Alabama ● CD $16.98
Here are some of the Blind Boys of Alabama's finest Gospel label singles sides from 1959 and 1961. This set contains some of Clarence Fountain's (lead) most spirited performances, including the church wrecking Revival Time, George Scott's beautiful rendition of My God Can Do No Wrong and Clarence's spine chilling enunciations on Mother's On The Train.

THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA Specialty 7041 The Sermon ● CD $14.98
27 tracks, 71 min., recommended
Jazzy, joyful, jubilant - all words that aptly describe this hard-singing quartet out of the Talladega Institute. Besides the world-renowned Clarence Fountain, the church-wrecking pipes of the Reverends Samuel K. Lewis, Paul Exkano, George W. Warren, and Percell Perkins can be heard singing, shouting, preaching, and testifying. This speaker-popping set includes alternate takes, and demos rendered here for the first time. The set opens with a novelty whose roots date back to the 20's, and ends with a psuedo-secular jump rendition of In The Garden. An amazingly broad range of styles and experiments from 1952-'56. (OLN)

THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA Specialty 7203 Oh Lord Stand By Me/ Marching Up To Zion ● CD $14.98
The Original 5 Blind Boys Of Alabama, a.k.a. The Happyland Singers, first formed at Birmingham's Talladega School For The Blind during World War II. Their initial recordings were made for Coleman in 1948 (see Gospel Heritage LP #315). Between 1952 and 1958 the quintet recorded 30 titles for Specialty Records, led by the soulfully sanctified hard-tenor voice of founding member Clarence Fountain and occasionally "Singing" Rev. Samuel K. Lewis and guitarist/ tenor George Scott. Veteran "journeyman" gospel singer/ preacher Rev. Percell Perkins sometimes hitched up with the group to add yet more unbridled fervor. These were the group's glory days, and most of their indelible sides were cut for this label. First reissued as Specialty albums 2123 and 2138 with improved sound here. Indispensable collection. (OLN)

THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF MISSISSIPPI MCA Special Products MCAD 22047 The Best Of The Blind Boys ● CD $8.98
Available again. As issued in 1973, The Best Of The Blind Boys LP contained choice material - I Ain't Got Long from 1961 with shouts and sermonizing from Roscoe Robinson, Big Henry Johnson's powerful pipes on John Saw The Number/ Love Lifted Me/ Where There's A Will There's A Way and more, the late Lloyd Woodard narrates on What Is An Album, Rev. Willie Mincey tears it up on My Soul Is A Witness, and the legendary Archie Brownlee wails on two precious cuts, Certainly Lord/ Leaning On The Everlasting Arm. Necessary upsetting gospel by one of this nation's leading exponents. Great sound quality, but shameful lack of notes. (OLN)

THE FLYING CLOUDS OF DETROIT Heritage HTCD 46 1942-1950 ● CD $16.98
Superb collection of acapella gospel from this long lived group from Detroit. About half these tracks were reissued a while back by P-vine on their collection of Detroit gospel (P-Vine PCD 5822 - $21.98) but this set includes some remarkable and superb tracks from 1942 radio transcriptions including introductions and commercials includes three tracks with the great Silas Steele as a member of the group. Includes illustrated booklet with notes by gospel expert Opal Louis Nations.

CANRAY FONTENOT Arhoolie 381 Louisiana Hot Sauce Creole Sauce ● CD $13.98
Great compilation of the irrepressible black fiddler from Welsh, La., from 3 different Arhoolie LPs, plus 11 unissued performances. His delightfully raw sides with "Bois Sec" Ardoin on accordion from 1971-3 start it off, with 4 extra cuts, like the soulful Lorita's Blues. 13 lovely tunes (4 new) come from his 1981 session with himself and Michael Doucet seconding on fiddle or mandolin, while he is accompanied in 1985 by the whole of Beausoleil for 4 rollicking numbers. Finally we have a nice solo on Bernadette from 1987 and a fine Fi-Do from 1991 with Danny & Edward Poullard on guitar & accordion. The one constant is the energy and joy of Canray's playing & fiddling, as he keeps alive the Creole music which harkens back to the last century. (JM )
CANRAY FONTENOT: Allons Danser/ Bee De La Manche/ Bernadette/ Bernadette/ Bonsoir, Moreau (Good Evening Moreau)/ Canray's Breakdown/ Canray's One Step/ Fi-Do (Dixieland)/ Hey, Hey Blues/ Jig Cajin/ Joe Pitre A Deux Femmes (Joe Pitre Got Two Women)/ La Coule Rodair/ La Jog A Plombeau/ La Robe Barre/ La Table Ronde (The Round Table)/ La Valse De Mom Et Pop/ Le Slow Drag A Nonc Adam/ Les Barres De La Prison (The Prison Bars)/ Les Blues A Canray (Canray's Blues)/ Les Plats Sont Tous Mis Sur La Table (The Table's Already Set)/ Lorita's Blues/ Malinda/ Midland Two-Step/ Old Carpenter's Waltz/ Shoo, Black/ Tes Parents Ne Veulent Plus Me Voir (Your Folks Don't Want To See Me No Mor/ Two-Step De Grand Mallet

THE CHARLES FORD BAND Arhoolie 353 The Charles Ford Band ● CD $13.98
CD reissue of Arhoolie LP 4005 from 1972. I don't think this was ever a big seller, but it does benefit from a re-assessment here in the CD age (20 years later!) when young white blues bands are no longer the exception to the rule. These guys sounded really good - in fact they're amazing when you consider their age (16-21) and Northern California roots! And their potential has certainly blossomed since then - Robben Ford has gone on to fame as a top-flight guitarist, Mark Ford's impressive harmonica is heard in his own band, Patrick Ford is still drumming, and bassist Stan Poplin is a regular on Bob Brozman's recordings. Fresh guitar and jazzy harmonica in the Musselwhite/ Butterfield vein enliven 8 standards, two Robben Ford originals, and a wild extended live jam with Mark's harp taking the place of John Coltrane! With 4 unissued cuts. (MB)
THE CHARLES FORD BAND: Black Night/ Blue And Lonesome/ Gibson Creek Shuffle/ I Know What You're Putting Down (*)/ Live The Life I Love (*)/ My Time After Awhile/ Reconsider Baby/ Rest My Mind On Jesus/ Tell Him I Was Flyin' (*)/ The Promise (*)/ Wild Woman

T-MODEL FORD Fat Possum 80363 Bad Man ● CD $15.98
10 tracks, recommended
New album of raw electric stripped down blues from Mississippi blues James "T-Model" Ford. Most of the tracks are just Ford and drummer Spam doing idiosyncratic reworkings of songs from the repertoire of Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and others along with a few originals. Powerful and hypnotic music. (FS)

JESSE FORTUNE Delmark 658 Fortune Tellin' Man ● CD $11.98
Sizzling collaboration of this veteran chicago vocalist with Dave Specter and The Bluebirds

KEITH FRANK Maison De Soul 1053 What's His Name? ● CD $16.98

ARETHA FRANKLIN Rhino 75627 Amazing Grace - The Complete Recordings ● CD $24.98
Two CD set. First time reissue on CD of all 28 cuts recorded in 1972 by Aretha with James Cleveland & The Southern California Community Choir.

REVEREND C.L. FRANKLIN MCA Special Products 21145 Legendary Sermons ● CD $7.98

REVEREND C.L. FRANKLIN MCA Special Products 21146 Sermons & Hymns ● CD $7.98

REVEREND C.L. FRANKLIN MCA Special Products 21147 My Favorite Sermons ● CD $7.98


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