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THE ELKINS-PAYNE JUBILEE SINGERS Document DOCD 5356 In Chronological Order, 1923-29 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 71 min., good
Elkins, who formed several similar groups (Elkins Mixed Quartette, William C. Elkins Jubilee Singers, Elkins Negro Ensemble, etc.), aimed his music largely at white audiences, or so it sounds on these tracks. (Liner noter Ken Romanowski points to the inclusion of the white carol Silent Night as a solid indication of the latter.) The humorous sermons (Elder Take It All Part 1 & 2) recited (probably) by George Stamper rank among the earliest recorded examples of a form that was popularized a few years later by Rev. A. W. Nix and others. The compilation includes the rare QRS sides (6 of them), and a handful of unusual and less than completely satisfying versions of familiar songs such as Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho/ Ezekiel Saw De Wheel/ Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/When The Saints Go Marching In. (JC)

TINSLEY ELLIS Alligator 4765 Georgia Blue ● CD $15.98
Debut work by acclaimed Heartfixers axeman, includes New Orleans classics Double Eyed Whammy & Look-Ka-Py-Py .

TINSLEY ELLIS Alligator 4778 Fanning The Flames ● CD $15.98

TINSLEY ELLIS Alligator 4805 Trouble Time ● CD $15.98

TINSLEY ELLIS Alligator 4823 Storm Warning ● CD $15.98

BLUES QUEEN SYLVIA EMBRY Evidence 26057 Midnight Baby ● CD $11.98
With Jimmy Dawkins

BLUES QUEEN SYLVIA EMBRY Evidence 26062 Midnight Baby ● CD $11.98

SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Delmark 603 The Legend Of Slepy John Estes ● CD $11.98
CD issue of 1962 album by this brilliant and creative Tennessee ainger with Hammie Nixon/ harmonica, "Knocky" Parker/ piano and Ed Wilkinson/ bass. Includes the moving and intensely personal Rats In My Kitchen along with remakes of some of his classic 30s recordings and other songs including Someday Baby/ Diving Duck Blues/ Married Woman Blues/ Who's Been Telling You, Buddy Brown/ You Got To Go/ I'd Been Well Warned, etc. (FS)
SLEEPY JOHN ESTES: Death Valley Blues/ Diving Duck Blues/ Down South Blues/ Drop Down Mama/ I'd Been Well Warned/ Married Woman Blues/ Milk Cow Blues/ Rats In My Kitchen/ Someday Baby/ Stop That Thing/ Who's Been Telling You, Buddy Brown/ You Got To Go

SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Delmark 608 Broke and Hungry ● CD $11.98
Now on CD with two previously unissued cuts. 1964 recordings with Yank Rachell, Mike Bloomfield and Hammie Nixon.
SLEEPY JOHN ESTES: 3 Three O'clock Morning Blues/ Al Rawls/ Beale Street Sugar/ Black Mattie/ Broke And Hungry/ Electric Chair/ Everybody Oughta Change/ Freedom Loan/ Olie Blues/ Sleepy John's Twist/ So Glad I'm Livin'/ The Girl I Love

SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Delmark 611 In Europe ● CD $11.98
This great Tennessee bluesman recorded live in London in Copenhagen in 1964 accompanied on jug and harmonica by his old friend Hammie Nixon. they perform a mixture of old Estes favorites - Needmore Blues/ Airplane Blues/ Denmark Blues/ I Stayed Away Too Long/ The Woman I Love/ Easin' Back To Tennessee, etc. The CD includes the previously unissued Blues For JFK and an alternate of I'm A Tearing Little Daddy.

SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Delmark 613 Brownsville Blues ● CD $11.98
Like other surviving rural blues singers who recorded originally in the late 20's and early 30's, John Adam Estes was "rediscovered" in the early 1960's and given a chance to record again as an authentic folk artist. He recorded several albums for Delmark between 1962 and 1969. The 18 cuts issued here date from his first few years with that label and include six previously unreleased numbers. Among the titles are God Can Use Me/ Working Man Blues, the jumping Mary Come on Home/ Young Lawyer, and Rats in My Kitchen. Taken as a whole, the poignant lyrics here paint a picture of hard life in a Tennessee town, made all the more moving by the number of years of experience clearly expressed in Estes' voice. Fine sound, two photos, and original liner notes by Bob Koester. (DH)

SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Delmark 619 Electric Sleep ● CD $11.98
CD reissue of 1968 recordings featuring a rare session in which the great country bluesman was accompanied by an electric band including Sunnyland Slim, Jimmy Dawkins, Carey Bell and others.
SLEEPY JOHN ESTES: Airplane/ Drop Down Mama - Let Your Papa See/ Easin' Back To Tennessee/ Everybody's Got To Change Sometime/ How To Sing The Blues/ I Ain't Gonna Sell It/ If The River Was Whiskey/ Laura Had A Dream/ May West/ Needmore Has Harmed Many A Man/ Newport Blues/ Sweet Little Flower/ Walking Down Beale Street

SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Fremeaux & Associés 258 The Blues From Memphis To Chicago, 1929-1941 ● CD $21.98
Two CD set featuring 36 tracks.
SLEEPY JOHN ESTES: Airplane Blues/ Broken-hearted, Ragged And Dirty Too/ Brownsville Blues/ Clean It Up At Home/ Divin' Duck Blues/ Down South Blues/ Drop Down/ Drop Down Mama/ Easin' Back To Tennessee/ Everybody Ought To Make A Change/ Fire Department Blues/ Floating Bridge/ Government Money/ Hobo Jungle Blues/ Jack And Jill Blues/ Jailhouse Blues/ Lawyer Clark Blues/ Liquor Store Blues/ Mailman Blues/ Married Woman Blues/ Milk Cow Blues/ My Black Gal Blues/ Need More Blues/ New Someday Baby/ Poor John Blues/ Poor Man's Friend/ Someday Baby Blues/ Special Agent/ Stack O'dollars/ Stop That Thing/ Tell Me How About It/ The Girl I Love She Got Long Curly Hair/ Time Is Drawing Near/ Vernita Blues/ Who's Telling You Buddy Brown?/ Working Man Blues

SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Testament TCD 6008 Goin' To Brownsville ● CD $13.98
21 previously unissued performances from 1962 by one of the most distinctive country blues performers. Also includes an interview with John conducted by Pete Welding.
SLEEPY JOHN ESTES: Bring Me My . 38 Pistol/ Bye And Bye When The Morning Comes/ Divin' Duck Blues/ Floating Bridge/ Freedom Loan/ Goin' To Brownsville/ I'm Goin' Home/ In My Father's House/ It Was A Dream/ Lost My Eyesight/ Married Woman Blues/ Rats In My Kitchen/ Run Around/ Sleepy John Estes Interviewed By Pete Welding/ Sloppy Drunk Blues/ Someday Baby Blues/ Stop That Thing/ Street Car Blues/ Sweet Sugar Mama/ Try Him And See/ Vernita Blues/ Working Man Blues

SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Yazoo 2004 I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More, 1929-1941 ● CD $15.98
In recent times Sleepy John Estes' pre-war recordings having been getting quite a bit of exposure with his complete recordings on Document, releases on Indigo and Fremeaux and this release which is essentially a "best of". This release is probably the best of them as Yazoo have chosen 23 of John's very best recordings covering the period 1929-41, impeccably remastered them, organized them for best listening rather than in chronological order and provided excellent notes by Don Kent, a fine writer, who has been gone to long from the blues scene. It includes such popular and influential songs as The Girl I Love, She Got Long Curly Hair/ Someday Baby Blues/ Drop Down Mama/ Diving Duck Blues and others. John's mournful vocals and guitar are joined by such musicians as Yank Rachell, Jab Jones, Hammie Nixon, Son Bonds and others. If you only want only one disc of early Sleepy John this is the one to get. (FS)
SLEEPY JOHN ESTES: Airplane Blues/ Black Mattie Blues/ Broken-Hearted, Ragged And Dirty Too/ Clean Up At Home/ Diving Duck Blues/ Down South Blues/ Drop Down Mama/ Everybody Oughta Make A Change/ Fire Department Blues/ Floating Bridge/ I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More/ Lawyer Clark Blues/ Little Laura Blues/ Milk Cow Blues/ Poor John Blues/ Someday Baby Blues/ Special Agent/ Stop That Thing/ Street Car Blues/ The Girl I Love, She Got Long Curly Hair/ Whatcha Doin'?/ Who's Been Tellin' You Buddy Brown Blues/ Working Man Blues

SISTER ELIZABETH EUSTIS Delmark 737 Walk With Me ● CD $11.98
CD issue of 1962 recording by New Orleans gospel vocalist Sister Elizabeth Eustis. 4 of the tracks were originally issued on Euphonic Sounds but the rest are previously unissued.

LUCKY LOPEZ EVANS JSP 2142 Southside Saturday Night ● CD $15.98
11 tracks, recommended. Singer-guitarist Evans has been around awhile, just not been too lucky! He made his name with Howlin' Wolf's live band, both as guitarist & relief vocalist. This set is a remixed reissue of JSP 234 from '90, which has some fine tunes - however, there's no writing credits, but they seem like they're originals, except Wolf's mighty Tail Draggin'. Recorded in London '89 & '90, + a couple live '90 tunes. His tune Paycheck is heard both studio & live. My fave is Good Lovings with the great chorus "If you walk out on me/ I hope you fall & break your neck". Also Cut You Loose/ Smell Something Funny/ Hail To The King. (GM)

TERRY EVANS Audioquest 1057 Mississippi Magic ● CD $15.98

WILL EZELL Blues Documents BDCD 6033 Complete Chronological Recordings 1927-1931 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 70 min., recommended
Ezell was a formidable, albeit little-known purveyor of pre-war barrelhouse piano. This set, presented in characteristic comprehensive fashion, presents Ezell in a variety of pre-boogie-woogie styles. He accompanies several strong and even lesser-known singers (Marie Bradley, Ora Brown), but the heart of this set is its dozen solo piano tunes, two of which also offer sharp, direct vocals. Ezell was no innovator, but he was consistently able to travel the distance between ragtime and blues with speed and power. Guitarist Roosevelt Graves chips in several numbers; more of their work together is available on Document DOCD-5105. (JG)
WILL EZELL: Alabama Hustler (Slim Tarpley, vcl)/ Barrel House Man/ Barrel House Woman (take 1)/ Barrel House Woman (take 2)/ Black Bordered Letter (Bertha Henderson, vcl)/ Bucket Of Blood/ Crawlin' Spider Blues/ Ezell's Precious Five/ Freakish Mistreater Blues/ Heifer Dust/ Hot Spot Stuff/ Jailhouse Moan (Ora Brown, vcl)/ Just Can't Stay Here/ Mixed Up Rag/ Old Mill Blues (take 1)/ Old Mill Blues (take 2)/ Pitchin' Boogie/ Playing The Dozen/ Restless Blues (Ora Brown, vcl)/ Six Thirty Blues (Bertha Henderson, vcl)/ Stormy Hailing Blues (Marie Bradley, vcl)/ Try Some Of That (Slim Tarpley, vcl)/ West Coast Rag


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