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JIMMY "FAST FINGERS" DAWKINS Delmark 623 Jimmy "Fast Fingers" Dawkins ● CD $14.98
Reissue of Jimmy's debut album from 1969 with Eddie Shaw, Lafayette Leake, Mighty Joe Young, Joe Harper & Ernest Gatewood. Includes one previously unissued cut.

JIMMY DAWKINS Delmark 634 All For Business ● CD $14.98
CD issue of Dawkins' second Delmark album recorded in 1971. A tough set of contemporary Chicago blues with Dawkins joined by an outstanding group including Otis Rush/ gtr, Jim Conley/ ts, Sonny Thompson/piano & organ, Ernest Gatweeod/ bass and Robert Crowder or Charles Hicks/ drums. Most of the vocals are taken by B. B. King influenced singer Andrew "Big Voice" Odom who is a less interesting singer than Dawkins who only takes the vocal spotlight on two songs here - one, the previously unissued Hippies Playground should have remained so! There are a couple of driving instrumentals including a fine duet with Rush on the previously unissued Jammin' With Otis. (FS)

JIMMY DAWKINS Delmark 641 Blisterstring ● CD $14.98
11 tracks, 61 min., recommended
Reissues Dawkins' third Delmark LP, recorded at Chess studios in Chicago (apparently the last blues album cut there), and generously adds 4 previously unreleased tracks (She Got The Blues Too/ Shufflin The Blues/ Peeple Will Talk/ Sea Of Love), all originals. The original release had only one Dawkins-penned tune, the nearly 8 minute Welfare Line, favoring Jimmy's versions of such chestnuts as Chuck Willis' Feel So Bad, Blue Monday, and Blues With A Feeling. Oh yeah, Ode To Billy Joe is there too. Sometimes it takes him a minute or 2 to get warmed up, but when he does he gets mighty warm, which is why some of the best licks are on the lengthy bonus songs. Worthwhile. (JC)

JIMMY DAWKINS Earwig 4920 Kant Sheck Dees Bluze ● CD $15.98
Former Delmark recording artist Jimmy "Fast Fingers" Dawkins is one talented guitarist. Sometimes he almost sounds like two talented guitarists. And his new album might just be the best new blues release so far this year. Dawkins' guitar rips through 13 songs - 11 written by J.D. - including the smoking instrumental Gittar Rapp and the incredible 9:09 title cut. The two non-Dawkins tunes A Love Like That/ My Man Loves Me are sung by a young talent named Nora Jean Wallace. Meanwhile, arranger and professor of the keys Eddie Lusk is a perfect accompaniment to Dawkins, with Lusk's gospel-flavored piano runs as understated as Dawkins' guitar is flamboyant. Standouts include I Ain't Got It/ Gotta Hold On/ Rockin' D. Blues/ Wes Cide Bluze and more - 70:36 total!

JIMMY DAWKINS Evidence 26031 Tribute To Orange ● CD $12.98
13 tracks, 64 min., good
Reissue of Black & Blue CD 59.556, compiled originally from two Black & Blue LP's. All early 70's tour recordings with Gatemouth Brown, Ted Harvey, Otis Rush and others. I've always enjoyed Dawkins' mournful singing and potent guitar work, although his Delmark albums present him with a little more focus than these sessions do. With All For Business/ It Serves You Right To Suffer/ Ode To Billy Joe. (MB)

MERCY DEE Arhoolie 369 Mercy's Troubles ● CD $12.98
Mercy Dee Walton has long been a favorite of mine with his wonderful rolling barrelhouse playing, warm wistful vocal style and unique songs. What makes his songs so engaging are the wonderful original lyrics full of careful observations and brilliant witticisms - much of it based on his own experiences. This 64 minute disc is a real treasure trove of great music featuring 16 sides recorded for Chris Strachwitz in 1961 - 10 of them previously on Arhoolie or Bluesville and 6 previously unissued songs or alternate. Five of the songs are vocal and piano only and the rest feature various combinations of Sidney Maiden/ hca, K.C. Douglas/ gtr and Otis Cherry/ dms. The songs include a remake of his most famous song (and R&B chart hit) One Room Country Shack, the long and semi autobiographical Mercy's Troubles, the jumping instrumental Mercy's Shuffle, the risque Red Light and more. The mood is general slow and introspective but never dull. Sound is excellent and there is full discographical information and good liner notes by Chris Strachwitz. Very highly recommended! (FS)
MERCY DEE WALTON: After The Fight (*)/ Betty Jean (*)/ Call The Asylum (*)/ Eighth Wonder Of The World/ Five Card Hand/ Have You Ever Been Out In The Country/ I Been A Fool/ Lady Luck (*)/ Mercy's Shuffle (*)/ Mercy's Troubles/ On Room Country Shack/ Red Light/ Shady Lane (*)/ Sugar Daddy/ Troublesome Mind/ Walked Down So Many Turnrows

GENO DELAFOSE Rounder 2131 French Rockin' Boogie ● CD $16.98
3 tracks, 48 mins., recommended
This isn't about flash but about rock solid, high-energy band grooves. Maybe the most experienced 22 year old Zydeco pro, Geno started with his dad at age 7. Now he's in the driver's seat, leading the Eunice Playboys with his vocals and accordion in the best dancing tradition. There's a nice. loose-limbed live feel to this CD. C'est pas la peine brailler is magnificently sexy. Then Geno kicks into Ris et la Gres and I defy anyone with a pulse to sit still during that one! An intriguing mix of recharged Cajun repertoire and new R&B and Zydeco grooves, punched out by Geno and a hot horn section. For a youngster, this is one hot songwriter. Seven of these songs are his own. A talent to watch. (DC)

GENO DELAFOSE & FRENCH ROCKIN' BOOGIE Rounder 2141 That's What I'm Talkin' About ● CD $16.98

JOHN DELAFOSE Arhoolie 335 "Joe Pete Got Two Women" ● CD $12.98
Reissue of hot-stepping zydeco music by John Delafose and his Eunice Playboys, from 1980-82. Taken from Zydeco Man (Arhoolie 1083), with his big hit Joe Pete A Deuz Femme and 9 others, and Uncle Bud Zydeco, with 3 songs recorded live at the 1981 Festival Acadienne and 7 fine studio cuts, including how Joe Pete Lost His 2 Women! Plus there are 2 unreleased romps, Sweet Girl In Texas & Johnny Can't Dance. With solid backing from Charles & Joseph Prudhomme on guitar & bass and sons Geno & Tony on drums & rubboard, Delafose puts out the churning rhythms that get the dancefloor hopping. (JM)
JOHN DELAFOSE: Arthritis Two-Step/ Bye Bye Mo NG/ Co-Fe (Why)/ Crying In The Streets/ Grand Mamou/ Hippity Hop/ I Just Want To Be Your Lovin' Man/ Joe Pete Got Two Women/ Joe Pete Lost His Two Women/ Johnny Can't Dance/ La Valse De Freole/ Lonesome Road/ Mardi Gras Song/ Mother's Day Blues/ Oh Negresse/ One Hour Too Late/ Petite Et La Grosse/ Prudhomme Stomp/ Rag Around Your Head/ Sweet Girl In Texas/ Uncle Bud Zydeco/ You Took My Heartache

JOHN DELAFOSE Maison De Soul 1035 Heartaches & Hot Steps ● CD $16.98

PAUL DELAY Evidence 26101 DeLay Does Chicago ● CD $15.98
The "Great Big Kid' from the Portland OR area, harpist DeLay went to Chicago to cut a fine Chicago blues set with local boys The Rockin' Johnny Burgin Band. A dozen fine DeLay originals (no covers!) featuring DeLay's great harp, especially wild when on chromatic, with a voice that sounds like a cross between Paul Butterfield & Elvin Bishop! 2 of the best tunes, El Train & What's Comin' Next features guest Jimmy Dawkins, & Zora Young does vocals on Come On Home. (GM)

PAUL DELAY BAND Evidence 26076 Take It From The Turnaround .. ● CD $15.98
Most of two albums by DeLay previously issued on the Criminal label.

PAUL DELAY BAND Evidence 26079 Ocean Of Tears ● CD $15.98
New album of all original songs from talented singer/ harmonica player.

THE DELTA JUKES Black Magic 9044 Working For The Blues ● CD $16.98
Fine set of Mississippi juke joint blues featuring an occasional group consisting of singer/ guitarist Dave Riley, singer/ harmonica player John Weston and legendary Delta drummer Sam Carr with producer Fred James providing sterling backup on rhythm guitar, bass and piano. All the musicians are fine, good if not exceptional singers, Riley's guitar playing is gritty and funky and Weston plays good harmonica including some nice chromatic work. Most of the songs are good original compositions. It's a bit like a Fat Possum record but without the "attitude".

SUGAR PIE DESANTO Jasman 01000 Sugar Is Salty ● CD $15.98

SUGAR PIE DESANTO Jasman 10004 Classic Sugar Pie ● CD $15.98
New album from this Bay Area bombshell is collection of 11 songs, all written by Sugar Pie - some new and some she originally recorded in the 50s and 60s. Main tracks were recorded in New Orleans under the guidance of veteran arranger Wardell Quezerque with overdubs in Berkeley. Some fine singing from Sugar Pie with generally good arrangements except for the mediocre guitarist. (FS)

DETROIT JR. Blue Suit 105 Turn Up The Heat ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 41 mins, good
Pleasant but unexceptional set from this veteran Chicago singer and piano player. Accompanied by a small band he performs a selection of mostly originals (Turn Up The Heat/ Boogie Blues/ Come Back To Me/ Your Begging Too Much, etc) and covers (Killing Floor/ Bad Bad Whisker). (FS)

DETROIT JR. Blue Suit 109 Take Out The Time ● CD $15.98
Recent album from veteran singer/ piano player. Accompanied by The Maurice John Vaughn Band with guest Eddie Burns.

THE DETROITERS/ GOLDEN ECHOES Specialty 7034 Old Time Religion ● CD $15.98
26 tracks, 70 min., recommended
The Detroiters and Golden Echoes were hard-singing quartets from the golden age. The Detroiters, featuring Oliver Green and Leroy Barnes, deliver 15 selections. 11 of these are previously unissued and taken from unsweetened studio tapes recorded at United Sound. The Golden Echoes are led by legendary gospel vets Paul Foster Sr. and "Little Axe", coming from a 1949 session. Ten of the eleven sides are now made available for the first time having been carefully transcribed from original 16" metal masters. ( OLN )

REV. EMMETT DICKINSON Document DOCD 5441 In Chronological Order, 1929-1930 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 71 min., recommended
Although many of his sermons were more than similar to sermons recorded by Rev. J. M. Gates (compare his A Black Cat Has Crossed Your Path to Gates' Dead Cat On The Line) and Rev. A. W. Nix (compare his Pay Your Bills to Nix's Pay Your Honest Debts recorded one month earlier), he will no doubt be remembered as the only preacher to record a eulogy for a blues singer. His Death Of Blind Lemon not only praises the blues singer, it directly compares him to Jesus Christ! In fact, Dickinson's first record Is There Harm In Singing The Blues answers the question with a firm no, and sermons to follow borrow blues titles, a practice later adopted by Rev. Nix and others. Predictably, some have argued that strong-voiced Dickinson recorded blues under a different name--John Byrd has been suggested. Sadly, the sermon entitled What The Men Wanted The Women Was Settin' On remains undiscovered. (Unsurprisingly, sound quality is frequently poor on the Paramount sides.) (JC) 

BO DIDDLEY Ace CDCH 396 Bo's Blues ● CD $18.98
22 tracks, 63 minutes, recommended
Bo knows rock'n'roll but Bo also knows the blues. Like all of the Chess crew Bo had a strong blues background, after all he was from Mississippi. Rock'n'rollers dug his "shave and a haircut" beat and probably never bothered to flip over those Checker 45's to hear the 'B' side blues tunes. This collection brings together the blueiest of those tunes, but there's no mistaking Bo's blues from the bulk of Chicago blues. He lays it on hot'n'heavy with lots of humor and upbeat intensity. Collectors will probably have almost all of these already but this CD does make for fine listening. Some of the lesser known tunes include Two Flies/ Down Home Special/ 500% More Man/ Blues, Blues/ Live My Life/ Call Me , etc. (AE)

THE DIXIE HUMMINGBIRDS & ANGELICS Collectables 6103 Up In Heaven ● CD $11.98
13 tracks, 37 mins, recommended
Some great music but what are the people at Collectables up to? These 13 fine tracks were recorded in the late 40s and early 50s for Gotham - 5 of them with The Angelic Gospel Singers. Not only is the source of these recordings not given but all the songs are given different titles! What is going on here? Some fine singing by both groups and excellent sound. Booklet has nice notes by Mark Marymount which gives no clue to the contents of this disc. (FS)
THE DIXIE HUMMINGBIRDS: Any Time Anywhere/ Gonna Move on up/ I Wanna Cross over to See My Lord/ Jesus All the Way/ Look down upon Me Lord/ Oh Lord What Then/ The Lord Will Always Fix a Way/ Trust in Jesus/ Turn the Light from Heaven on My Soul/ Up in Heaven/ When I Get Home/ When My Troubles Will Be over/ When the Dark Clouds Roll Away

THE DIXIE HUMMINGBIRDS MCA Special Products MCAD 22043 The Best Of The Dixie Hummingbirds ● CD $8.98
The Dixie Hummingbirds were organized in Greenville, S.C. in 1928, and have remained one of the nation's foremost dual-lead singing quartets since WWII. The group's long recording career stretches back to the Decca label (1939). In 1952 when the guys signed to Peacock Records, they were comprised of James Davis, manager and baritone; Ira Tucker, lead tenor; "Willie" Bobo, basso profundo; Beechy Thompson, tenor; James Walker, lead tenor; and Howard Carroll from Philly on guitar. This 12-selection collection is a reissue of Peacock LP 138 (1973). Singles and album cuts include many of their finest 60's sides Let's Go Out To The Programs/ Christian's Automobile/ In The Morning/ Our Prayer For Peace particularly impress. A great collection transferred from analog tape - again, no box-notes or pics. [OLN]

THE DIXIELAND JUG BLOWERS Frog DGF 6 Louisville Stomp ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 76 mins, highly recommended
The Dixieland Jug Blowers featuring the violin of Clifford Hayes, jug of earl McDonald, banjo & guitar of Cal Smith and others was probably the jazziest of all the jug bands and this wonderful CD featuring all 19 tunes the band recorded between December 1926 and June 1927 plus 6 alternate takes. The music is consistently delightful and creative. Mostly instrumental with occasional vocals from fine blueswoman Elizabeth Washington, alto saxist Lockwood Lewis and a group vocal on Boodle-Am Shake. One session features the great jazz clarinetist Johnny Dodds. Superb sound thanks to John R.T. Davies and informative notes from Ron Geesin. (FS)

FLOYD DIXON Ace CDCHD 740 Cow Town Blues ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 78 min., highly recommended
Born in Marshall in 1928 or 1929, Floyd Dixon's first solo recordings (1949-1951) have finally been reissued. Given the CD 80-minute time restriction, we have here nearly all his Modern sides (except for Precious Lord and maybe a few as-yet-reported takes or sides). Seven unissued sides have been included, containing early versions of Prairie Dog Hole and Houston Jump that he would record for the African-American record owner Al Patrick (1910-1973). Influenced by the piano playing of Charles Brown, Eddie Heywood Jr. and Jay McShann, the highlights include Mississippi Blues, Dallas Blues, and Baby Come Home, a 1950 rewrite of the Walter Davis standard, Come Back Baby with a Chuck Norris guitar solo. Norris is also heard on I'll Be Lonely, People Like Me, and the instrumental Shuffle Boogie, while Mitchell "Tiny" Webb handles the guitar solos on most of the other tracks, particularily strong on Roamin' Around, and the gospel track, Milky White Way. As for the occasional tenor sax break (mostly by Maxwell Davis) on Baby Baby Will You Mary Me, Doin' The Town, and Freightening Poor Me, these early show (again) the influence Amos Milburn had at the time on West coast Blues. Carefully remastered, I highly recommended this CD if you're a fan of Johnny Moore & The Three Blazers' club-style blues. (EL)

FLOYD DIXON Alligator 4841 Wake Up And Live! ● CD $13.98
16 tracks, 58 minutes, very good
The return of one of the great jump blues pianists, Floyd is heard on 16 originals, old tunes, new tunes, even re-writes of old tunes. Starting off with Hey Bartender, his best known tunes thanks to The Blues Brothers, (is it my imagination, or are the horns in the wrong key?), the titles here are self explanatory - I Wanna Rock Now/ Mean & Jealous Man/ Got The Blues So Bad/ 450 Pound Woman/ Rockin' At Home. I'm not familiar with the backers, but the only ones that are on all the tracks are guitarist Port Barlow, who helped persuade Floyd to go back to the recording studio, & tenor saxist Eddie Synigal, longtime member of BB King's band. (GM)

FLOYD DIXON Specialty 7011 Marshall Texas Is My Home ● CD $15.98
A fine collection of 22 sides by this West Coast singer and piano player. Dixon was a fine singer and piano player with a husky, plummy style which was similar to Charles Brown though a little rougher. 14 tracks are from his two 1953 Specialty sessions where he is accompanied by a small group featuring the outstanding West Coast guitarist Chuck Norris. Only 6 of the songs were issued and the remainder are unissued songs or alternate takes. There is a lovely solo performance of his minor hit Call Operator 210 taken from his Specialty audition tape. From 1954 there is the whimsical Hey Bartender recorded for the Cat label. There are two fairly nondescript sides recorded for John Dolphin's Cash label in 1956 and the set winds up with 4 fine songs recorded for the Ebb label run by Specialty owner Art Rupe's ex-wife Leona. Digital transfer and remastering by Gordon Skene and Kirk Felton is superb, there are informtive notes by Billy Vera and some nice photos. (FS)

WILLIE DIXON Columbia 53627 I Am The Blues ● CD $11.98
Willie performs some of his best known songs on this 1970 album with an all star band including Shakey Jake/ hca, Sunnyland Slim/p, Johnny Shines/ gtr & Clifton James/ dms. Includes Back Door Man/ The Seventh Son/ I Ain't Superstitious/ I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man/ The Same Thing and others.
WILLIE DIXON: Back Door Man/ I Ain't Superstitious/ I Can't Quit You Baby/ I'm Your Hoochie Couche Man/ Spoonful/ The Little Red Rooster/ The Same Thing/ The Seventh Son/ You Shook Me

WILLIE DIXON Original Blues Classics 501 Willie's Blues ● CD $11.98

WILLIE DIXON & MEMPHIS SLIM Ace CDCHD 349 Willie's Blues ● CD $19.98
Dixon's Willie's Blues was first released in 1960 as Bluesville 1003, then became the first reissue on the Original Blues Classics label. It is here in its entirety, with Don't You Tell Nobody/ I Got A Razor/ Built For Comfort/ Move Me and 8 more, plus nine cuts from Memphis Slim's Just Blues (Bluesville 1018). This album hasn't surfaced on OBC yet, although all of these tracks are on the Raining The Blues comp (Fantasy 24705). Slim also appears on Dixon's album, making this a good one for fans of his sophisticated piano style. (MB)

WILLIE DIXON & THE CHICAGO ALLSTARS Wolf 120.700 Good Advice ● CD $15.98

LEFTY DIZZ Black & Blue 453.2 Shake For Me ● CD $23.98
Solid set of Chicago blues recorded in 1979 featuring singer and left handed guitarist Dizz with a fine band including guitarist Willie James Lyons, pianist Big Moosse Walker (who also does a couple of vocals and instrumentals), bassist Mojo Elem and drummer Odie Payne. Dizz is not a great singer but does a nice job on songs like R.M. Blues/ Take Put Some Insurance/ Cummins Prison Farm and others including a couple of originals.



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