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DADDY MACK BLUES BAND Inside Memphis 506 Fix It When I Can ● CD $16.98
Solid blues combo from Memphis led by singer/ guitarist "Daddy" Mack Orr who also composed most of the songs here. Members of the group were all members of the famed Memphis group The Fieldstones in the early 90s.

BARBARA DANE & LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS Arhoolie 451 Sometimes I Believe She Loves Me ● CD $13.98
17 tracks, 64 min., recommended Singer & guitarist Barbara Dane first recorded with clarinetist George Lewis in 1957 (including a version of Lead Belly's Good Mornin' Blues), soon followed by her 1st album on Barbary Coast Records, and a 1959 Dot album with pianist Earl Hines. Other albums followed on Capitol ('61), Horizon ('61), and this, her long awaited Arhoolie album. Five of the tracks on this CD were first issued as the 2nd side of a Lightnin' Hopkins album - the remaining 12 tracks have remained unissued until now. Of the 4 new tracks with Hopkins, Don't Push Me (Til You Find Out What I want) is the strongest track, with Ms. Dane referring to him as Mr. Hipkins! As this is a Barbara Dane release, the balance of the CD is made up of her solo set that afternoon in 1964 (with tasty piano overdubs), including her versions of Careless Love, Tampa Red's Love Her With A Feeling, Memphis Slim's Mother Earth and Woody Guthrie's Deportees (with only her guitar accompaniment). (EL)
BARBARA DANE: Betty Told Dupree/ Bury Me In My Overalls/ Careless Love/ Deportees (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)/ Don't You Push Me Down/ Hold On/ Love Her With A Feeling/ LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS & BARBARA DANE: Baby Shake That Thing/ Don't Push Me/ I'm Going Back, Baby/ Jesus Will You Come By Here/ Let Me Be Your Rag Doll/ Lonesome Town/ Mama Told Papa/ Mother Earth/ Sometimes I Believe She Loves Me/ You Got Another Man

BLIND TEDDY DARBY Blues Documents BDCD 6042 Complete Chronological Recordings 1929-37 ● CD $15.98
20 tracks, 61 min., recommended
"I drive my spike in your fat pine and your rosin begin to run," sings Darby on Spike Driver, just in case anybody thought the song wasn't really about trees. Yeah, he could do the risque blues things quite well (I'm Gonna Wreck Your Vee Eight/ She Thinks She's Slick/ Don't Like The Way You Do), but he was equally skilled at a more personal brand of blues, as heard on Heart Trouble Blues/ My Laona Blues/ The Girl I Left Behind, and others, where he is often accompanied by Roosevelt Sykes, Ike Rodgers, Peetie Wheatstraw and other top notch talent. Darby mourns the lack of profit in illegal liquor sales on Bootleggin' Ain't No Good No More; of course, he cut that in 1937 and Prohibition ended in '33, so that might be a partial explanation. Completely enjoyable. (JC)

COW COW DAVENPORT Blues Documents BDCD 6040 The Accompanist 1924-29 ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 66 min., recommended
A veteran vaudeville performer and staff writer for Vocalion, Davenport is here featured as a vocal accompanist with Dora Carr, a piano accompanist with Hound Head Henry, Jim Towel, Memphis Joe, and Lovin' Sam Theard, and as both with the Southern Blues Singers. There's enough stylistic variety on the program to round out a mid-20s tent show. Featured numbers include Carr's Black Girl Gets There Just The Same, Henry's sound effect-laden Freight Train Special, Towel's turn-of-the-century minstrel number, Buckwheat Cakes, and Theard's practical The Lover And The Beggar. The emphasis throughout is on the lighter side of the blues. Sound quality varies considerably; brief but informative notes. (DH)

COW COW DAVENPORT Document DOCD 5142 Complete Chronological Recordings, Vol. 2 (1929-45) ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 56 mins, good
This disc opens with 4 fine sides from May and June 1929 - 4 brilliantly inventive instrumentals - one with spoken comments. This is followed by five dullish hokum pieces including duets with Ivy Smith and Sam Tarpley. During the 30s Davenport experienced several misfortunes described in Mike Rowe's notes including a period of time when he lost the use of his right arm due to arthritis. He didn't return to the studio until 1938 when he only sang and was accompanied by a group of New York studio musicians including Sam Price on piano and Teddy Bunn on guitar. These performances are enjoyable enough but nothing out of the ordinary. He recorded for the final time in 1945 for the small Comet label by which time he had regained the use of his arm. These eight, mostly instrumental sides, are excellent but lack the fervor of his earlier recordings. (FS)

COW COW DAVENPORT Document DOCD 5586 Vol. 3 : The Unissued 1940s Acetate Recordings ● CD $15.98
16 previously unissued and unknown tracks taken from acetates recorded by this great piano player and singer sometime in the 40s including several with vocals by his then wife Peggy Taylor. There are two bonus cuts featuring vocals by Mama Yancey accompanied by husband Jimmy recorded in Jimmy's apartment in 1951.

LESTER DAVENPORT Earwig 4923 When The Blues Hit You ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 60 min., recommended. Though he's spent the last 7 years blowing harp for Big Daddy Kinsey and the Kinsey Report, Lester Davenport got his first call up to the big leagues in '55, playing and recording with Bo Diddley. Hit You, with Sunnyland Slim and his rhythm section, and noteworthy guitarist John Primer, is Davenport's first LP as boss. The harmonica playing is excellent, but Lester's singing and songwriting, while adequate, aren't up to the same high level. Maybe that's why the instrumental Mad Dog On The Loose is the best cut here. [JC]

MAD DOG LESTER DAVENPORT Delmark 763 I Smell A Rat ● CD $15.98
13 tracks, highly recommended
Mad Dog Lester Davenport in the company of Jimmy Dawkins, Billy Flynn, Detroit Junior, Allen Batts, Bob Stroger, Sho Komiya, and Jimi Schutte is a strong cast indeed. Lester's harp has the influence of Little Walter, although there's a bit more of a rough edge, but his tone is motor oil thick. The grooves here run from grinding shuffles to gritty, slow blues plus a few Wolf-like rockers with Dawkins sounding less frenetic when he steps out. West Side Blues Harp and To Our Lost Ones 9/11/01 offer plenty of smoldering harmonica and Lester lays on the chromatic grease for Stop Beggin' Me. While not the most gut-wrenching vocalist in Chicago, Davenport's blue-collar voice is pleasing and well-suited to his raw approach. Stellar support from the rhythm section and no hint of grandstanding from Dawkins or Flynn, and it's great to hear Detroit Junior still playing piano. I Smell A Rat is a lowdown blowdown. (CR)

BOO BOO DAVIS Black & Tan 012 Can Man ● CD $15.98
Second album for Black & Tan by St. Louis based singer and harmonica player. A collection of mostly original songs recorded in Holland with backup by Dutch band.

CEDELL DAVIS Fat Possum 80315 The Horror Of It All ● CD $13.98

CEDELL DAVIS/ HERMAN ALEXANDER Wolf 120.920 Highway 61 ● CD $16.98
Recordings of two Southern country bluesmen including 8 tracks by idiosyncratic Arkansas singer/ guitarist Cedell davis and 11 fine sides by the obscure Tunica, Mississippi bluesman Herman Alexander who plays in the rhythmic Hill Country style of people like Fred McDowell, Ranie Burnette and Jessie Mae Hemphill.

DARYL DAVIS Armadillo 010 American Roots ● CD $18.98
12 tracks, 40 min, very good
Rock 'n' roll, boogie, country a little blues, even a bit of Cajun from this fine Chicago pianist who's best know for playing piano with Chuck Berry AND with being hand-picked by Pinetop Perkins to replace him in The Legendary Blues Band. "Double D" pays tribute to America's roots music in style & also in pictures - there's shots in the booklet of Daryl with Chuck, Little Richard, Pinetop, Jerry Lee, Fats Domino & Johnnie Johnson, who he dedicates his Double D Boogie to. (GM)

REVEREND GARY DAVIS Genes 9908 The Apostolic Studio Sessions ● CD $14.98
12 tracks, 52 mins., recommended
he Reverend Gary Davis rarely recorded with other musicians until this beautifully recorded session in 1969, his last in a studio. He sings, growls, shouts, plays guitar, and picks up two instruments that he had not recorded with before, a piano and a 5-string banjo. The high point of "O Glory" is Right Now, a rousing, call and response, holiness shouting, admonition to "Make up your mind, make up your mind, Let your savior bless your soul right now." For the occasion of this and other songs, we are graced by the appearance of the Apostolic Family Chorus, Sister Annie Davis on vocals, and Larry Johnson on Harmonica. There are many great moments on this CD, including a travelin' solo harmonica piece called Birmingham Special that will summon up images of days gone by and make you want to go out and hit the road immediately. This is definitely the real thing. ( SM)

REV. GARY DAVIS Original Blues Classics 519 Say No To The Devil ● CD $11.98
REV. GARY DAVIS: Bad Company Brought Me Here/ Hold To God's Unchanging Hand/ I Decided To Go Down/ Little Bitty Baby/ Lord, I Looked Down The Road/ Lost Boy In The Wilderness/ No One Can Do Me Like Jesus/ Say No To The Devil/ Time Is Drawing Near/ Tryin' To Get To Heaven In Due Time

REV. GARY DAVIS Original Blues Classics 547 Harlem Street Singer ● CD $11.98
12 tracks, 44 mins, recommended. Reissue of Bluesville 1015 from 1960. Rev Davis was in terrific form on this collection of gospel songs including Samson And Delilah/ I Belong To The Band/ Great Change Since I Been Born/ Twelve Gates To The City/ Tryin' To Get Home/ I Am The Light Of This World, etc. Expressive vocals and endlessly inventive guitar playing. Recording quality and remastering are superb and there are high qaulity notes by Larry Cohn. One not to miss. (FS)
REV. GARY DAVIS: Death Don't Have No Mercy/ Goin' To Sit Down On The Banks Of The River/ Great Change Since I Been Born/ I Am The Light Of This World/ I Belong To The Band/ Let Us Get Together Right Down Here/ Lo, I Be With You Always/ Lord, I Feel Just Like Goin' On/ Pure Religion/ Samson And Delilah/ Tryin' To Get Home/ Twelve Gates To The City

REVEREND GARY DAVIS Original Blues Classics 592 The Guitar & Banjo Of Reverend Gary Davis ● CD $11.98
Reissue of Prestige Folklore 14033 from 1964. A great all instrumental set with six guitar pieces (Maple Leaf Rag/ The Boy Was Kissing The Girl (And Playing The Guitar At The Sam Time)/ United States March plus 3), two banjo pieces (Devil's Dream/ Please Baby) and one harmonica piece (The Coon Hunt).

REV. GARY DAVIS Shanachie 97024 Blues & Ragtime ● CD $15.98
16 tracks, 71 min., essential
With the possible exception of Blind Blake, Rev. Gary was simply the best of the authentic blues/ ragtime guitar pickers, and this mid-60's collection (originally on Kicking Mule) is an essential pick. Devotee Stefan Grossman followed Davis around New York, capturing the blind master at the peak of his revived powers on banjo, 6 and 12-string guitars; his 6-string versions of Walkin' Dog Blues/ Cincinnati Flow Rag/ Buck Rag/ C-Rag are fingerpicking masterpieces. The Rev. gets hot on the 12-string for the flashy Twelve Sticks/ Buck Dance, and balances the spiritual inclinations of Children Of Zion with "profane" repertoire like Hesitation Blues/ Baby Let Me Lay It On You. Guitarists will fret for weeks over the detailed tab transcriptions included in the booklet - anyone else will just love the rough-hewn honesty of these well-recorded workshop and concert settings. (MB)
REV. GARY DAVIS: Baby, Let Me Lay It On You/ Buck Dance/ Buck Rag/ C-Rag/ Candyman/ Children Of Zion/ Cincinnati Flow Rag/ Cocaine Blues/ Hesitation Blues/ Little Boy, Little Boy Who Made Your Britches/ She's Funny That Way/ Twelve Sticks/ Walkin' Dog Blues/ Wall Hollow Blues/ Whistlin' Blues/ Whoopin' Blues

REV. GARY DAVIS Shout Factory 30257 Heroes Of The Blues - The Very Best Of Rev. Gary Davis ● CD $9.98
16 tracks, 61 minutes, recommended
Of the numerous guitar evangelists who have crossed into the blues field, perhaps none have the amount of respect Rev. Gary Davis has. Although dead for more than three decades, his name is still mentioned with awe and admiration while his music lives on through others. Blinded as a youngster, Davis played mostly religious titles (and the occasional blues although he wouldn't sing the lyrics) and throughout his lengthy career recorded a number of masterpieces. Of the 16 tracks here, a few are from his initial 1935 session for ARC (Cross & Evil Woman Blues and I Belong To The Band - Hallelujah! are stellar) while the remainder date from the late-1950s to the early 1970s. His banjo playing on Out On The Ocean Sailing is a reminder what a wonderful instrument this is in the hands of a master. A fine introduction to the music of Rev. Gary Davis compiled by Frank Scott. (CR)
REV. GARY DAVIS: Bad Company (brought Me Here)/ Can't Be Satisfied/ Candy Man/ Cocaine Blues/ Cross & Evil Woman Blues/ Crucifixion/ Death Don't Have No Mercy/ How Happy I Am/ I Belong To The Band - Hallelujah!/ Lord I Wish I Could See/ Out On The Ocean Sailing/ Samson & Delilah/ Soon My Work Will All Be Done/ Twelve Gates To The City/ Whistlin' Blues/ You Got To Move

REV. GARY DAVIS Smithsonian Folkways 40035 Pure Religion And Bad Company ● CD $15.98
Reissue of the third Davis long-player, recorded in 1957. As with most of his recordings, this is a rough diamond of hard, pure country gospel expression, at odds with the earthly concerns of the blues and yet entwined with the devil's rhythms. By this time, the street preacher's repertoire included a few favorites - Candy Man/ Hesitation Blues/ Cocaine Blues etc. - as well as variants on material by Blind Boy Fuller, Blind Blake and other itinerant East Coast bluesmen. But Davis was no mere copyist; listen to the splendid Moon Goes Down, the skittering guitar figures on Bad Company and classic ragtime of I Didn't Want To Join The Band for confirmation of his brilliant originality. 17 cuts total, including a couple of unreleased items. (MB) 
REV. GARY DAVIS: Bad Company/ Buck Dance/ Candy Man/ Cocaine Blues/ Crucifixion/ Devil's Dream/ Evening Sun Goes Down/ Hesitation Blues/ I Didn't Want To join The Band/ Moon Goes Down/ Mountain Jack/ My Heart is Fixed/ Pure Religion/ Right Now/ Runnin' To The Judgement/ Seven Sisters/ Time Is Drawing Near

REV. GARY DAVIS Stefan Grossman's Guitar Works 114/5/6 Live At Gerdes Folk City - February, 1962 ● CD $26.98
Three CD set of live recordings by the great singing reverend and guitar player captured live at New York's famed Gerde's Folk City club in February 1962 by Stefan Grossman who was one of Gary's students at the time. Davis was enthusiastic about performing songs that he hadn't recorded before and so this set of 36 tracks features a number of songs not available elsewhere along with more familiar items from his repertoire. Includes You Got To Move/ Wouldn't Say Quit/ People That Use To See Can't See No More/ Soon My Work Will All Be Done/ I Want To Be Saved/ Lord I Wont Go Back In Sin/ Samson & Delilah/ Sun Goin' Down/ Lord Search My Jesus, etc. It also includes excerpts of his on stage patter including his announcement that he was available to give guitar lessons.

REV. GARY DAVIS Vanguard VMD 73007 At Newport ● CD $11.98
REV. GARY DAVIS: Buck Dance/ Death Don't Have No Mercy/ I Will Do My Last Singin' In This Land Somewhere/ I Wont't Be Back No More/ I've Done all My Singin' For My Lord/ Lovin' Spoonful/ Samson and Delilah (If I Had My Way)/ She Wouldn't Say Quit/ Twelve Gates to the City/ Twelve Sticks/ You Got To Move

REV. GARY DAVIS World Arbiter 2005 The Sun Of Our Life ● CD $16.98
19 tracks, 77 mins, highly recommended
Remarkable set of previously unissued recordings from this great singer and guitarist made between 1955 and 1957. The first half of the album features informal performances of instrumental pieces and songs - some he never recorded elsewhere. The second half of the album is truly unique featuring recordings made at a church service at a store front church in New York where Gary was a visiting preacher and includes a song by Gary as well as an 20 minute excerpt of an inspired one hour sermon by him. The 23 page booklet includes extensive notes by Allan Evans who was one of Davis's students. (FS)

REV. GARY DAVIS Yazoo 2011 Complete Early Recordings ● CD $15.98
Same as Document 5060.
REV. GARY DAVIS: Cross And Evil Woman Blues/ Have More Faith In Jesus/ I Am The Light/ I Am The True Vine/ I Belong To The Band/ I Can't Bear My Burden By Myself/ I Saw The Light/ I'm Throwin' Up My Hand/ Lord, Stand By Me/ Meet Me At The Station/ O Lord, Search My Heart/ The Angel's Message To Me/ The Great Change In Me/ Twelve Gates To The City/ You Can Go Home/ You Got To Go Down

REV. GARY DAVIS/ PINK ANDERSON Original Blues Classics 524 Gospel, Blues & Street Songs ● CD $11.98

GUY DAVIS Red House 113 You Don't Know My Mind ● CD $16.98

BLIND JOHN DAVIS Document DOCD 5647 Complete Recordings, Vol. 1 : 1938-1952 ● CD $15.98
22 track collection by this fine and important performer including blues, boogie and pop tunes.

BLIND JOHN DAVIS Evidence 26056 Blind John Davis ● CD $12.98
Reissue of L+R album with one bonus cuts.

LARRY DAVIS Evidence 26016 I Ain't Beggin' Nobody ● CD $12.98
9 tracks, 40 min., recommended. Unlike some over-recorded performers, St. Louis singer/ guitarist Larry Davis' records are few and far between, and worth waiting for. Like the critically acclaimed Rooster album Funny Stuff, this album was produced by Oliver Sain, who also wrote most of the songs here and plays sax and keyboards. Larry is a splendid gospel flavored singer and an excellent guitarist. The songs are fine and intelligent, and in addition to the Sain compositions there is one by Larry plus a couple of totally original covers of B.B.'s Sneaking Around, Chuck Willis' Please Don't Go and Little Walters' Last Night. Larry's music is not of the high energy, blast you into submission school, but is beautifully crafted, subtle, soulful and a joy to listen to. Originally on Pulsar LP 1001.

LARRY DAVIS & BYTHER SMITH Evidence 26042 Blues Knights ● CD $12.98

LITTLE SAMMY DAVIS Delmark 682 I Ain't Lyin' ● CD $14.98
14 tracks, 54 min., recommended These are Sam Davis' first sides since recording for Trix Records in 1971/72 (one accompanying Eddie Kirkland). Old timers will recognize his name from the Nighthawk albums which contained his 1953 Rockin' Recordings with Earl Hooker. On this set, Little Sam Davis is accompanied by guitarist Fred Scribner's band (Midnight Slim) with special guest, the late bassist Brad Lee Sexton. All the songs are originals except for a clever version of Lucky Millinder's Shorty's Got To Go. The instrumentals (Devil's Trail, I-Man Stomp), and acoustic tracks (That's My Girl,Hey Little Girl) offer a nice variety to what is a solid set of original blues. (EL)

WALTER DAVIS Document DOCD 5282 Complete Recorded Works, 1933-1952 : Vol 2, 1935-37 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 77 mins, essential
By July 1935 when the first tracks on this CD were recorded Walter had now hit his stride. The brilliant but sometimes overly fussy piano playing of his mentor Roosevelt Sykes was replaced by his own piano playing. Deceptively simple yet full of interesting rhythmic ideas it was a perfect backup for Davis's own beautiful and melancholy vocals. Guitarist Henry Townsend provides suitably pungent guitar accompaniments. The disc, featuring recordinsg made between July 1935 and May 1937 is full of wonderful songs - one often hears elemnts of Davis's songs in the work of a number of post war bluesmen. His songs are full of evocative images and and such performances as Moonlight Is My Spread/ Ashes In My Whiskey/ Fallin' Rain/ West Coast Blues/ Angel Child are masterpieces. There are some wonderful risque songs which gain a new dimension thanks to Walter's soulful delivery which take them out of the novelty category. His imagery in songs like I Can Tell By The Way You Smell/ Carpenter Man and Think You Need A Shot is pretty explicit. Well Diggin' Papa has the provocative line "Sometimes I Dig The Little Boys/ And Sometimes I Dig The Girls". Sound quality is generally very good and there are informative notes by Julian though they often seem more concerened with musical structure than the songs themselves and the influence of Davis on other blues artists. (FS)

WALTER DAVIS Document DOCD 5283 Complete Recorded Works, 1933-1952 : Vol 3, 1937-1938 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended More wonderful sides from this brilliant performer. There was not a lot of variety in Davis's approach but the heartfelt directness of his music and the straightforward yet never mundane lyrics are continually appealing. His piano playing, though deceptively simple was full of subtle nuances as in the quotes from Jabo Williams Pratt City Blues in his own My Babe and the subtle boogie undertow in I Hear My Baby Crying. There are some wonderful raunchy songs like Guiding Rod/ Candy Man and If You Only Understand which J.B. Hutto reworked nearly 20 years later as Pet Cream man. The opening cut Good Gal is a rarity for Davis an almost hokum song sung as duet with Robert Lee McCoy (aka Nighthawk) accompanied by two guitars - no piano in sight. Lots of other great stuff like Streamline Woman/ Big Jack Engine Blues/ Million-Dollar Baby/ 13 Highway/ Love Will Kill You and more. Most of the cuts feature Davis accompanied by the guitar of Henry Townsend or Yank rachell - the later occasionally on mandolin. Another indispensable collection. (FS)

WALTER DAVIS Document DOCD 5284 Complete Recorded Works, 1933-1952 : Vol 4, 1938-1939 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 74 mins, highly recommended More splendid sides. The 12 cuts from 1938 feature him with either mandolin or guitar accompaniment while the rest are completely solo which was to remain the format of his recordings for the next few years. Even on the tracks here where he is accompanied, the accompaniment is so far in the background that these are, to all extent and purposes, solo cuts. In the solo setting one can really appreciate the uniqueness of his instrmental style. His vocals are as usual mournful and the lyrics are frequently interesting. Includes Just Tell Me Your Trouble/ Cuttin' Off My Days/ Smoky Mountin/ Troubled And Wearied/ Corrine/ Airplane Blues, etc. (FS)

WALTER DAVIS Document DOCD 5285 Complete Recorded Works, 1933-1952 : Vol 5, 1939-1940 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 69 mins, highly recommended More wonderful recordings from the talented Walter Davis including eight accompaniments to the very fine vocalist Booker. T. Washington. The only accompaniment on all these recordings is Davis's piano playing which is now at it's peak -- fluid and full of imaginative yet understated flourishes. His singing is equally fine and his songs, if somewhat formulaic, are down to earth tales of everyday life and includes several songs which have been covered by post war singers like Come Back Baby and Hello Blues. Washington is a very interesting singer with some imaginative lyrics. His moving Death Of Bessie Smith is a stunning performance both lyrically, vocally and instrumentally featuring some of Davis's most haunting playing. Julian Yarrow's fine notes puts Davis' playing into a technical perspective. (FS)

WALTER DAVIS Document DOCD 5286 Complete Recorded Works, 1933-1952 : Vol 6, 1940-1946 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 73 mins, essential This disc features some of the very finest work of this brilliant performer. All but one track feature only his own piano accompaniment and the result is some of his very finest piano work - deceptively simple on the surface but full of complex ideas. It features his only two instrumental recordings - the magnificent Frisco Blues and Biddle Street Blues. His songs are vivid tableaux of life in the urban ghetto including the wonderful minor key song The Only Woman, a suicide story, that was covered ten years later by Blue Smitty (as Sad Story. He reworks a couple of his older songs Santa Claus and Come Back Baby and does his own unique treatment of the Sweet Home Chicago theme as Don't You Want To Go. It's all wonderful and worth adding to your collection. (FS)

THE DAVIS SISTERS Heritage HTCD 47 1949-1952 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, highly recommended
Tremendously exciting gospel group from Philadelphia featuring the ferocious contralto vocals of Ruth "Baby Sis" Davis with rousing support from sisters Thelma, Audrey and Alfreda plus Imogene Green . They were accompanied by pianist Curtis Dublin who also provides co-lead vocal on some tracks. 22 performances recorded for Gotham between 1949 and 1952 including In The Morning When I Rise/ Get Away Jordan/ Jesus Is Near/ I'm Tired/ When I Get Home/ When He Spoke/ Bye & Bye (Parts 1 & 2)/ Jesus Is A Waymaker and more. Includes notes by Opal Louis Nations. (FS)


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