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RICK KEMP Fellside FECD 114 Escape ● CD $17.98
12 original songs from man best known as bass player with Steeleye Span - with various guest musicians and vocalists including Michael Chapman/guitar, Andrew "Spud" Sinclair/guitar, Ian keller/ keyboards, Maddy prior/ vocals, Charlie Carruthers/ drums, John Kirkpatrick/ accordion and others. Some of it is vey pop oriented.

SANDRA & NANCY KERR Fellside FECD 107 Neat And Complete ● CD $17.98
Mother and duaghter duo performing mostly traditional songs and tunes with fiddle, viola, concertina, guitar and Appalachian dulcimer - Tha Lads Of Alnwick/ The Wee Weaver/ The Shoemaker/ The Welcome Home/ Saucy Nancy/ The Great Silkie/ Jackie Munroe, etc

NANCY KERR & JAMES FAGAN Fellside 145 Steely Water ● CD $17.98

JOHN KIRKPATRICK Fledg'ling 3018 Three In A Row - The English Melodeon ● CD $14.98
10 tracks, 45 mins, highly recommended Originally issued as an LP on John's own label in 1984 this is a most welcome CD reissue. It explores the music of the melodeon or diatonic button accordion and features John playing three different variations on the instrument - the one row melodeon, the two row melodeon and the three row button accordion. Most of the material is original compositions by John and show his talent as a composer as well as performer. The performances are all exciting and imaginative and show John's unparalled skill on these instruments. There are two songs here - a moving original Sing A Full Song and a breezy version of A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square. Wonderful stuff! (FS)

JOHN KIRKPATRICK Music & Words MW 4002 Sheepskins ● CD $18.98

JOHN KIRKPATRICK Music & Words MWCD 4006 Earthling ● CD $20.98

THE JOHN KIRKPATRICK BAND Omnium 2015 Force Of Habit ● CD $15.98
15 tracks, 69 mins, recommended Now available domestically. This album reminds one of the halcyon days of the Albion Band featuring the wizard of the squeezebox John Kirkpatrick with a top notch group of musicians including familiar names like Graeme Taylor (guitar, mandolin & banjo), Michael Gregory (drums & percussion) plus Paul Burgess on fiddle, recorder and keyboards and Dave Berry on bass & tuba. The material (recorded live in 1995) is a mixture of traditional and Kirkpatrick originals - the transition fromn one to the other is almost seamless - perhaps John is really a few hundred years old! A good deal of the material he has recorded before - some solo and some in a band context but they are given a different twist here. Occasionally the band is a little too laid back but, for the most part, it's an exciting and entertaining collection. (FS)

SAM LARNER Topic TSCD 511 Now Is The Time For Fishing ● CD $15.98
Reissue of 1960 album of one of the most influential of all source singers. Although not recorded until he was 79 years old and had lost of some of his vocal skills his unflagging spirit and good humor comes through clearly. These recordings were made by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger in 1958, '59 and '60, It not only presents Larner singing his songs but includes segments with him talking, offering rare insights into the man - delightful - Ghost Ship/ Wild Rover/ Up Jumped The Herring/ Dogger Bank/ Henry Martin/ Blow Away The Morning Dew , etc.

A.L. LLOYD Topic TSCD 496 English Drinking Songs ● CD $15.98
14 tracks, 36 mins, highly recommended Absolutely delightful collection of traditional drinking songs originally issued on Riverside in 1961. The distinctive voice of Lloyd is joined by long time playing partner Alf Edwards on concertina, Al Jeffrey on banjo and harmonica and an unidentified chorus on some songs. Lots of great songs like the Derby Ram/ Maggie May/ The Butcher & The Chambermaid/ The Parson & The Maid/ All For Me Grog/ Rosin The Beau/ John Barleycorn and others. Lloyd sings with such spirit and good humor that you feel like you're in The Eels Foot pub on a Saturday night joining in on the choruses. (FS)

A.L. LLOYD Topic TSCD 497 Leviathan! ● CD $15.98
Reissue of 1967 LP featuring 15 ballads and songs about the whaling trade with Dave Swarbrick/fiddle, Martin Carthy/ mandolin, Alf Edwards/concertina and vocal chorus from Trevor Lucas and Martin Wyndham-Read.

JEZ LOWE Fellside FECD 89 Back Shift ● CD $17.98
17 tracks, 72 min., recommended. First time on CD, here are wonderful tracks from Jez's first 5 albums (1980-86) plus a couple previously unreleased tracks. This is really wonderful. Jez has a crystal clear voice and tremendous songwriting talent. These are songs of life and love in the northeast of England, as appealing as Andy Irvine, often with similar instrumentation: Jez on cittern, guitar & banjo, Jake Walton on hurdy-gurdy, and support from the Bad Pennies. The songs share great singability with a twinkling love for the tradition. Looking for new songs to sing or a triple-threat performance by a consummate poet, fret-man, and singer? Here's the best of all the above. (DC)

JEZ LOWE & THE BAD PENNIES Fellside FECD 079 Briefly On The Street ● CD $17.98
New album by this talented North of England singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with accompaniments by Bev Sanders/ vocal, percussion & whistle; Rob Kay/ vocals, keyboards, melodeon , recorder and percussion and Chris Leslie/ fiddle.

JEZ LOWE & THE BAD PENNIES Green Linnet GLCD 1161 Tenterhooks ● CD $14.98
12 tracks, 53 mins., recommended. Why is this man not a star? I can't stop playing this CD. Not only have Jez's strong songwriting chops matured here to a new level, but the production and the full band sound are nothing short of breathtaking. The first track, Sons of the Century, could readily become an anthem and deserves heavy radio play with its inexorable rhythm bed and stunning hook of a chorus. Jez has the rare gift (shared by the likes of Si Kahn) of taking uniquely personal emotions and universalizing them without preaching. Here he maintains a focus on his love for north England and speaks of the crushing inequities in the world in songs like Workhouse and The Guilts. The band is tight and the vocals are fine, especially on the four-part a cappella The Crake in the Morning. This is an intensely singable album, filled with joy and confidence. He's been impressive in the past, but this is probably Jez's best work. (DC)

JEZ LOWE & THE BAD PENNIES Green Linnet 1192 The Parish Notices ● CD $14.98
Excellent new album of all original songs from this talented English singer and songwriter accompanied by his group

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