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The world's longest lived folk/rock band is now in its 35th year and for their new album they revisit some of the songs from the past. They are careful to avoid the most obvious choices which have been recycled many times and, instead, feature lesser know titles (mostly from their later years) including Madeleine/ The Happy Man/ The Crowd/ The Deserter/ I Wandered By A Brookside/ Everything But The Skirl/ Now Be Thankful and others.

FAIRPORT CONVENTIONFree Reed FRQCD 35 Fairport Unconventional - Rare, Live And Classic ● CD $74.98
Four CD box set devoted to this great folk rock band featuring 75 tracks - mostly currently unavailable including rare live, radio and TV performances, outtakes and demos (including their first from 1967). Each CD has a different theme and set comes in a box with a 148 page book, a definitive "family tree" and a Cropredy souvenir booklet.
FAIRPORT CONVENTION: A Sailor's Life (Southampton, 1969)/ A Shattering Live Experience (BBC Radio Session, 1969)/ Accountancy Shanty (Live in Hull, 1989)/ Adieu Adieu (TV Performance, 1976)/ Angel Delight (Cropredy, 1997)/ Autopsy (1968)/ Battle Of The Somme (Troubadour, 1970)/ Bonny Bunch Of Roses (Live In Australia , 1977)/ Breakfast In Mayfair (Sandy Denny/Simon Nicol Vcls, 1973)/ Come All Ye (Liege & Lief Out-takes , 1969)/ Crazy Man Michael (Out-take, 1969)/ Dear Landlord (1968 )/ Dirty Linen (Cropredy, 1988)/ Farewell Farewell (Fairport Rehearsal Tape, 1969)/ Farewell To A Poor Man's Son (BBC-TV Babbacombe Lee, 1973)/ Fiddlestix (Australian Single, 1973)/ Flowers Of The Forest (London, 1977)/ Fotheringay (Symonds On Sunday, 1969)/ General Taylor (Live In Chicago, 1972)/ Genesis Hall (Cropredy, 1993 )/ Get Together (1967)/ Here's To Tom Paine (Weston-Super-Mare, 1997)/ Hexamshire Lass (Capital Radio, 1976 w Dan Ar Bras)/ Hiring Fair (Cropredy, 1989)/ I Don't Believe You ('Nine' Out-take, 1973)/ If I Had A Ribbon Bow (Single, 1967)/ It's Now Or Never (with Steve Tilston, 2000)/ Jewel In The Crown (Apollo 1995)/ John Gaudie (Bottom Line, 4 Mar 1998)/ Journeyman's Grace (1970)/ Lay Down Your Weary Tune (1st Radio Session,'67)/ Lord Marlborough (El Pea, 1971)/ Matty Groves (Special compiled multi-version)/ Maverick Child (David Rea /Tom Farnell Line-up, 1972)/ Meet On The Ledge (BBC, 1968)/ Meet On The Ledge ({overture} (Cropredy, 1990)/ Mr Lacey (Dutch TV, 1969 )/ Naked Highwayman (Bottom Line, 1998)/ Nottamun Town (Alternative Version, 1968)/ Now Be Thankful (BBC World Service, 1970)/ One Sure Thing ({excerpt} Sound Techniques, 1967 - Fairport's First Demo Re/ Percy's Song (1968)/ Polly On The Shore (Live, 1973)/ Poor Will & Jolly Hangman (Moat On The Ledge, '82)/ Red And Gold (Cropredy 1996)/ Reno Nevada (French TV, 1968 )/ Reynard The Fox (TV Performance, 1987)/ Rising For The Moon (BBC Session, 1974)/ Rosie (Melbourne Assembly Hall, 1996)/ Rubber Band (Simons Records, 1980)/ Sad Song (The Manor Sessions, 1972)/ Si Tu Dois Partir (Radio Recording, 1968)/ Sir B Mckenzie (1976)/ Sir Patrick Spens (1969)/ Slip Jigs And Reels (Oxford Apollo, 1995)/ Sloth (UBU, 1974)/ Staines Morris (Philadelphia Folk Fest, 1970)/ Stranger To Himself (UBU, 1974)/ Summer Before The War (BBC In Concert, 1990)/ Suzanne (1968)/ Tam Lin (Liege & Lief Out-takes , 1969)/ The Crowd (Woodworm, 2002)/ The Deserter (BBC, 1970)/ The Lady Is A Tramp (BBC Top Gear, 1968)/ The Wood And The Wire (Cropredy 1999)/ Time Is Near (Roger Hill/tom Farnell Lineup, 1972)/ Time Will Show The Wiser (1968)/ To Althea (Cropredy 1984)/ Walk Awhile (Bumpers, 1970)/ Wat Tyler (York, 1992)/ Who Knows Where The Time Goes (BBC, 1968)/ Wings (Cropredy, 1997)

FAIRPORT CONVENTIONIsland (UK) IMCD 289 House Full - Live At The L.A. Troubadour ● CD $10.98
10 tracks, highly recommended. Previously available on Hannibal. A marvelously exciting live set recorded live at the Troubadour in Los Angeles in 1970 featuring the great line up of Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick, Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg & Dave Swarbrick. This album is a considerably revised version of the album that was originally issued as Live At The Troubadour. This version features 3 additions - the centuries old ballad Sir Patrick Spens, the lovely Staines Morris and the beautiful march Battle Of the Somme plus a different and better version of the monumental Sloth . Held over from the previously album are a couple of instrumental sets, Richard's chilling and exciting version of Matty Groves and one of my all time favorite songs Banks Of Sweet Primroses. The tracks issued previously seemed to have been remixed to give more presence to the vocals and to Richard's guitar. A tremendously exciting album (FS)

 FAIRPORT CONVENTIONIsland (UK) IMCD 290 Heyday ● CD $10.98
20 tracks, 72 mins, highly recommended A real treat for Fairport fans - this is a reissue of the 1987 album featuring live cut for various BBC radio programs in 1968 and '69 plus eight bonus, previously unreleased, tracks. These recordings cover the period from just after the release of their debut album on Polydor in early 1968 through the release of their seminal "Liege And Lief" in late 1969 and the line up on most of the tracks is Sandy Denny, Ian Matthews, Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Ashley Hutchings & Martin Lamble. The earlier sessions find them sounding rather like a U.S. West Coast folk rock band performing songs from Eric Anderson, Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Leonard Cohen, Richard Farina and others while the later sessions find a greater emphasis on original songs by Sandy & Richard as well as their groundbreaking electrification of traditional songs. Although some of the earlier performances are not exceptional the group sounds like it's having a good time and it's always a pleasure to hear Sandy's superb vocals and to hear Richard playing a differnt style guitar to the one we're used to. Songs include Close The Door Lightly When You Go/ Some Sweet Day/ Suzanne/ I Still Miss Someone/ Gone, Gone, Gone/ Shattering Live Experience/ You Never Wanted Me (Sandy's breathtaking performance of this Jackson C. Frank song is alone worth the price of this album)/ Fotheringay/ Cajun Woman/ Reynardine and more. Includes brief original LP notes from Joe Boyd and new and more elaborate notes from Ashley Hutching. (FS)
FAIRPORT CONVENTION: Autopsy (bonus Track)/ Bird On A Wire/ Cajun Woman (bonus Track)/ Close The Door Lightly When You Go/ Fotheringay (bonus Track)/ Gone Gone Gone/ I Don't Know Where I Stand/ I Still Miss Someone/ If It Feels Good You Know It Can't Be Wrong/ Nottamun Town (bonus Track)/ Percy's Song/ Reno Nevada/ Reynardine (bonus Track)/ Shattering Live Experience/ Si Tu Dois Partir (bonus Track)/ Some Sweet Day/ Suzanne/ Tam Lin (bonus Track)/ Tried So Hard/ You Never Wanted Me (bonus Track)

FAIRPORT CONVENTIONIsland (UK) IMCD 291 Liege & Lief ● CD $14.98
10 tracks, 53 mins, essential. The crown jewel in Island's recent series of newly remastered reissues of classic Fairport Convention albums. This 1970 album is probably Fairport's finest hour and a pivotal album in the development of English folk-rock and a big influence all over the world. This is the greatest line up of the band with breath takingly beautiful vocals by Sandy Denny with Richard Thompson/ guitar, Dave Swarbrick/ fiddle, Simon Nicol/ guitar, Ashley Hutchings/ bass guitar and Dave Mattacks/ drums. The songs are mostly traditional along with a few written by band members in tradional vein. Fabulous versions of Matty Groves and Tam Lin plus Come All ye/ Farewell, Farwell/ Instrumental Medley/ Crazy Man Michael, etc. This newly remastered version has a cleaner and richer sound than previous issues and includes two previously unissued tracks from the Liege & Lief sessions - the epic traditional ballad Sir Patrick Spens and an exquisite rendering of Richard Farina's Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (a different take to the one previously issued). The set comes with a 16 page booklet with new notes by Ashley Hutchings and producer Joe Boyd, the original vintage illustrations from the LP set and some wonderful photos taken in 1969 at Farley Chamberlayne where the band rehearsed for this album. (FS)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION Mooncrest CRESTBCD 042 The Cropredy Box ● CD $23.98
Three CD set featuring highlights of the 1997 Fairport Convention reunion festival which is held at Cropredy. This concert marked the 30th anniversary of the band and over two nights traced the history of the band featuring many of the musicians who played in the band over the years. Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol and Dave Mattacks appear on more than half the tracks and other musicians and vocalists include Ashley Hutchings, Judy Dyble, Vikki Clayton, Dave Pegg, Dave Swarbrick, Bruce Rowland, Jerry Donahue, Ric Sanders and many more. Songs includes Jack O'Diamonds/ Mr Lacey/ Genesis Hall/ Come All Ye/ Matty Groves/ Walk Awhile/ Poor Will & The Jolly hangman/ Rain/ Sloth/ John barleycorn/ Red And Gold/ JohnGaudie/ Meet On The Ledge and more.

FAIRPORT CONVENTION Raven 47 Fiddlestix - The Best Of Fairport, 1972-1984 ● CD $18.98
19 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended In spite of the title the earliest cuts here are from 1970 - two tracks recorded live at the Troubadour in Los Angeles (Sir Patrick Spens/Banks Of Sweet Primroses) and previously issued in shorter versions on the "House Full" album. There are several cuts from "Rosie" and "Nine" (1973) with Trevor Lucas and Jerry Donahue in the band. Trevor was a stunning singer and his version of Polly On The Shore is a real spine chiller. From the same period are a couple of live cuts (Days Of '49/ Possibly Parsons Green) previously only available on a limited edition Australian cassette. There are three tracks by the group when Sandy Denny rejoined them - her vocal on Rising For The Moon is simply spellbinding. There are five cuts drawn from their "Bonny Bunch Of Roses" and "Tippler's Tale" LPs from 1977 & '78 - some of their less inspiring work. There are also more goodies - an Australian only single, an unissued instrumental medley and tracks from a solo Swarb album and a Simon/Swarb album. Great sound and 16 page booklet is full of interesting details and neat photos. (FS)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION Varrick 023 Gladys' Leap ● CD $14.98

FAIRPORT CONVENTION Varrick 029 Expletive Delighted ● CD $14.98
This 1986 album is a delightful all instrumental set on which the line up at the time (Dave Pegg, Dave Mattacks, Ric Sanders & Simon Nicol) are joined by multi-instrumentalist Maartin Allcock who joins in on guitars, bouzouki, bass, etc. The tunes are mostly originals by band members, some of which are very traditional in flavor (The Rutland Reel/ Sack the Juggler/ The Cat On The Mixer/ 3 Left Feet ) with the band playing in a manner as whimsical as the titles. It's interesting to compare Ric Sanders' classically flavored fiddle playing with former Fairporter Dave Swarbrick's more florid style. The group do a very tasteful rendition of the traditional Sigh Beg Sigh Mor and a great driving version of John Kirkpatrick's composition The Gas Almost Works which is left off the track listing on the cover. The album ends up with a tribute to English instrumental group The Shadows with versions of some of their most popular tunes with guest guitarists Richard Thompson and Jerry Donahue lending a hand. (FS)

CHRIS FOSTER Green Man 001 Traces ● CD $17.98
12 tracks, 54 mins, recommended A pleasant surprise - the first new album in more than 20 years by this performer who I thought had completely vanished off the scene. Chris is an excellent and compelling singer with a distinctive voice and is also a very fine guitarist whose playing subtly enhances his vocals. There are ten traditional songs and two from the acid pen of Leon Rosselson. Although most of the traditional songs are fairly familiar Chris often finds unfamiliar versions and his expressive performances breathes life into the most familiar of songs and his interpretions of Rosselson's songs are striking. Includes The Bold Princess Royal/ When A Man's In Love/ The Flower Of Serving Men/ The Coast Of peru/ The Ranter/ Flying High, Flying Free, etc. (FS)

BOB FOX Woodworm 035 Dreams Never Leave You ● CD $21.98
12 tracks, 54 mins, good Fox is a truly superb singer from Tyneside who is perhaps best known for his collaborations with Stu Luckley. He has appeared in various other collaborations over the years but this is, I think, the first album under his own name exclusively. That's the good news - the bad news is that the accompaniments by various Fairport Conventioneers (Dave Pegg, Chris Leslie, Gerry Conway) and others comes off as very heavy handed and really reduces the impact of the songs. The songs are a mix of traditional and contemporary but often seem inappropriate in these settings - the two Andy Stewart songs Rambling Rover and Take Her In Your Arms are whimsical delights by Andy but sound ponderous here. In the right setting Bob could make a killer album but this isn't it. (FS)

BOB FOX & BENNY GRAHAM Fellside FECD 111 How Are You Off For Coals? ● CD $16.98
Songs of the mining communities of North East England performed by singer/ guitarist Fox and singer/ melodeon player Graham with The Celebrated Working Men Chorus on some cuts. Traditional songs plus songs by Tommy Armstrong, Johnny Handle, Jock Purdon, etc.


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