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David Paton -> Frank Proffitt


DAVID PATON Folk Legacy 120 Music From The Mountain ● CD $15.98
Instrumentals featuring English concertina, hammered dulcimer and more.

TOM PAXTON Rhino 73515 I Can't But Wonder Where I Am ● CD $11.98

TOM PAXTON Sugarhill 1045 Wearing The Time ● CD $15.98

TOM PAXTON Vanguard 79561 Best Of The Vanguard Years ● CD $17.98
24 track compilation of this fine folk artists' recordings including 10 tracks from his 1977 album "New Songs From The Briarpatch", 8 from his 1978 album "Heroes" and six tracks recorded at the Newport Folk Festival in 1963 and '64 - most of them unreleased including the first recordings of some of his most famous songs like Ramblin' Boy/ Bottle Of Wine/ The Last Thing On My Mind and The Willing Conscript.

SUNI PAZ Smithsonian Folkways 45055 ALERTA Sings/ Canciones Para El Recreo ● CD $14.98

PETER, PAUL AND MARY Warner Bros. 1473 (Moving) ● CD $16.98
1962 reissue with Settle Down/ This Land Is Your Land/ Puff The Magic Dragon plus 9 more.

PETER, PAUL & MARY Warner Bros. 1555 In Concert ● CD $24.98
2-CD set, 18 live versions of all their hits.

PETER, PAUL & MARY Warner Bros. 45070 A Holiday Celebration ● CD $16.98
Live recordings from their PBS holiday special with the New York Choral Society, featuring this venerable folk trio on such classics as The Cherry Tree Carol/ A Soalin'/ I Wonder As I Wander/ Hayo, Haya, and, of course, Blowing in the Wind. (JM)

ROBIN PETRIE Gourd Music 115 A Victorian Noel ● CD $15.98
13 tracks, 43 min., recommended. Here's a gorgeous set of all-acoustic holiday music built around the centerpiece of Robin Petrie's glittering hammered dulcimer. Well-known guest stars include harpist Cheryl Ann Fulton, pianist Tom Constanten, and Danny Carnahan on guitar and mandolin. In addition to the stunning musicianship displayed throughout, Robin's unique selection of instrumental carols, gathered from throughout the European folk tradition, is a refreshing take on the holiday repertoire. Informative historical notes top off this lovely set. (MB)

ROBIN PETRIE Gourd Music 125 A Victorian Christmas ● CD $15.98
13 all-instrumental carols from The Oxford Book Of Carols (1928) played on the delicate hammered dulcimer. Local favorite Robin Petrie has chosen many timeless christmas tunes from the last century, giving them a sparkling new life with support from Danny Carnahan on guitar, harpist Kim Robertson, violinists Mike Marshall and Kaila Flexer, and more. A lovely 46-minute disc with lots of old-fashioned fireside charm - highly recommended. (MB)

UTAH PHILLIPS Alcazar 114 I've Got To Know ● CD $15.98
Utah fans will know what to expect from this entertaining 70-minute ramble of songs, poems, and political memoirs. If you're new to Utah, this is not background music. It requires and deserves your undivided attention. Nowadays, popular media have pretty much shut out the kind of well-presented pro-labor, pro-people, antiwar politics that run in Utah's veins. This CD has the unhurried feel of an NPR interview with a true American philosopher. In these days when so many seem comforted by the notion of military strength, we need to be reminded, as Utah so pleasantly does here, of Brecht's line: "General, your tank is a powerful vehicle... but it has one defect. It needs a driver." (DC)

UTAH PHILLIPS Philo 1004 Good Though ● CD $16.98

U. UTAH PHILLIPS & MARK ROSS Red House 103 Loafer's Glory ● CD $17.98

UTAH PHILLIPS/ ANI DIFRANCO Righteous Babe 009 The Past Didn't Go Anywhere ● CD $16.98
10 tracks recorded over the past 20 years by political songwriter Phillips with newly produced musical setting by cult favorite Difranco using train whistles, found soundbites and drum samples incorporating elements of funk, ambient, classical, and rap music!!

JOHN PRINE Atlantic 18127 Common Sense ● CD $9.98

JOHN PRINE Atlantic 18202 Prime Prine - The Best Of John Prine ● CD $11.98

JOHN PRINE Oh Boy 002 Aimless Love ● CD $12.98

JOHN PRINE Oh Boy 003 German Afternoons ● CD $12.98
John's tenth album finds him exploring the country sounds which made past efforts Diamonds In the Rough and Sweet Revenge such treasures. The players Sam Bush, Stuart Duncan and Roy Huskey, Jr. seem right at home. The songs come from a wide variety of collaborations and influences. From the country hall of fame there's A.P. Carter's Lulu Walls and Leon Payne's They'll Never Take Her Love From Me . John's association with fellow songwriters Steve Goodman, Keith Sykes, and roger Cook have brought these fruits to harvest If She Were You, Love, Love, Love and I Just Want to Dance With You , respectively. The tunes I most enjoyed are the ones he penned himself - Speed of the Sound of Loneliness, Bad Boy, Sailin Around, Linda Goes to Mars a nice reprise of the classic Paradise , and the title tune - "When the unexpected visitor/ Arrives one day too soon/ Your usual Tuesday morning/ May become a German Afternnoon". All in all another engaging Prine sampler, but a tad less cohesive than his last release. (SG)

JOHN PRINE Oh Boy 005 John Prine Live ● CD $13.98
This is singer/ songwriter Prine's first live album. Most of the 19 tunes were recorded at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Prine entertains us as no one else can. His gift of storytelling is present throughout, both in his spoken introductions and of course in the songs themselves. On the inner sleeves of this two-record set are the printed lyrics for each tune as well as a paragraph of explanation regarding the inspiration for each song's genesis. Prine's 18 year recording career is represented in fine style here. The signature, ol' favorites, Sam Stone/ Donald & Lydia/ Hello In There/ Illegal Smile/ Angel From Montgomery (with Bonnie Raitt) are evenly balanced with the bulk of the material, of which Souvenirs/ Blue Umbrella/ Mexican Home/ Six O'Clock News & Grandpa Was A Carpenter are my favorites. John carries the show with acoustic guitar and the strength of his songs and the supportive audience is firmly entrenched in the palm of his hand. I had a swell time spending time with this charismatic performer, and I'm sure you will enjoy his subtle artistry. (SG)

JOHN PRINE Oh Boy 006 Bruised Orange ● CD $12.98

JOHN PRINE Oh Boy 009 The Missing Years ● CD $15.98
Prine's latest on his own Oh Boy label is one wonderful album. Sure he's got musical helpers like David Lindley and Albert Lee, and background vocal assistance from Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Christina Amphlett, Bonnie Raitt (didn't she used to open shows for him?) and Phil Everly, but that doesn't matter as much as the songs - simple melodies, touchingly honest lyrics. This guy has lived a little and knows how to pack some of that life into songs you wish you'd written. Everybody Wants To Feel Like You takes on romantic awkwardness, and wins. All The Best/ Daddy's Little Pumpkin/ Way Back Then/ Everything Is Cool are deceptively simple slices of imperfect life - love is a favorite topic. He sounds good with just his guitar. He sounds good with a full band. He sounds good. It's nothing less than a crime that Prine doesn't get much radio play. Recommended. (JC)

JOHN PRINE Oh Boy 011 A John Prine Christmas ● CD $10.98
8 tracks, 33 min., recommended. Why debate the existence of Santa when you could be listening to Prine's mini-album of Xmas tunes? He opens with new versions of Everything Is Cool/ All The Best, the latter recorded live. They're sort of Xmasy. So's Silent Night All Day Long/ If you Were The Woman And I Was The Man, a duet with the Cowboy Junkies' Margo Timmins. All right, the last one isn't really a Xmas song, but give the guy a break. Best thing is the solo take of Christmas In Prison, and for purists he's included Silver Bells/ I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. (JC)

JOHN PRINE Oh Boy 013 Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings ● CD $15.98

FRANK PROFFITT Folk Legacy 1 Ballads & Songs Of Appalachia ● CD $15.98
CD issue of Folk Legacy's first album from 1962 featuring this great North Carolina singer and banjo player.


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