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American Folk Music

Si Kahn -> Jim Kweskin


SI KAHN Appleseed APR 1020 Companion ● CD $15.98
14 all new songs from this acclaimed singer/ songwriter.

SI KAHN Flying Fish 509 I'll Be There ● CD $15.98

SI KAHN Flying Fish 578 I Have Seen Freedom ● CD $15.98

SI KAHN Philo 1168 New Wood ● CD $15.98

SI KAHN Philo 1169 In My Heart - A Retrospective ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 69 mins., recommended. No modern American has more ennobled the title "folksinger" than has Si Kahn. Here he collects songs covering 25 years in a live solo performance given in Holland in 1993. Kahn's lyrics reveal the core of the human heart, letting us learn more about ourselves as we see ourselves reflected in his characters, one at a time. We feel the field hand's aching muscles in Mississippi Summer. We feel the fighter's simple dignity in People Like You. One of Kahn's recurrent themes is generational connection  - the idea that our forebears and indeed the whole family of mankind are still standing off in the wings, coaxing us forward to do a little better than they did. Luray Women and Children of Poland are two good examples here. The CD also includes better-known Kahn classics like Wild Rose of the Mountain and Gone Gonna Rise Again. His is not a strong voice, but it's clear enough to let the strength of his words shine through. (DC)

SI KAHN Rounder 8027 Good Times & Bedtimes ● CD $15.98

CONNIE KALDOR Philo 1205 Small Cafe ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 44 min., recommended Though the music of this accomplished singer/songwriter is new to me, the liner notes here point out that in her native Canada, this album is her first of American origin but her eighth overall. A veteran of the folk scene, she is in her forties, and she brings a refreshing grown-up point of view to her songwriting. Among the fine vignettes here are Someday, about the difficulty of fully forgetting former lovers; What Do They Know?, about independence as Emerson might have defined it; If I Was to Tell You, about an unrequited love; Coyote's Call, about the trials of single motherhood, and Get Lucky, which the writer introduces by saying, "and now for something completely shallow." You can probably figure out what it's about if you just think of how a stereotypic male might use that phrase. I must admit that He's Running in his Sleep, about the tormenting memories of childhood molestation, doesn't work as a subject for a song to me. Nor am I very fond of the rather gushy I Love That Dog. Probably a sign of my cynicism and nothing more. Either way, this lady is a talent to be reckoned with. (DH)

KATHY KALLICK Sugarhill 3833 Use A Napkin (not Your Mom) ● CD $16.98

LARRY KAPLAN Folk Legacy 122 Worth All The Telling ● CD $15.98
Original ballads drawn from singer/songwriter Kaplan's experiences living & working in New England 

LUCY KAPLANSKY Red House 65 The Tide ● CD $15.98

LUCY KAPLANSKY Red House 92 Flesh And Bone ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 53 mins, highly recommended I don't listen to too many "singer/ songwriters" but Lucy Kalplansky is something special. She's a beautiful singer whose voice really gets under your skin with its conviction and sincerity. 8 of the songs are originals (written in conjunction with Richard Litvin) and are intelligent and perceptive vignettes of real life and some wonderful melodies. All of them are good highlighted by the jaunty Scorpion, the beautiful If You Could See, the insightful Still Life and the bitter The Thief. The covers are beautifully chosen to showcase Lucy's exceptional talent including Nick Lowe's (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding, Richard Thompson's Don't Renege On Our Love and a lovely version of the traditional Irish song Mary And The Soldier. Arrangements range from simple acoustic to bluegrass to country to rock and beautifully complement the vocals. A real talent! (FS)

LUCY KAPLANSKY Red House 126 Ten Year Night ● CD $15.98
New album from this excellent singer & songwriter. Not as immediately compelling as her previous effort (Flesh & Bone - Red House 92) it's certainly worth a listen.

LUCY KAPLANSKY Red House 156 Every Single Day ● CD $15.98
Newest from this talented singer/ songwriter is mostly original songs along with one from Paul Brady and one from Julie Miller.

KIDS OF WIDNEY HIGH Rounder 8014 Special Music From Special Kids ● CD $15.98

CHARLIE & M. L KING Flying Fish 70536 Food Phone Gas Lodging ● CD $15.98

THE KINGSTON TRIO Bear Family BCD 16160 The Guard Years ● CD $259.98
10 CD box set with large book.

THE KINGSTON TRIO Bear Family BCD 16161 The Stewart Years ● CD $259.98
10 CD box set with large book.

THE KINGSTON TRIO Vanguard VCD 77009 Live At Newport ● CD $15.98

SPIDER JOHN KOERNER Red House 12 Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Been ● CD $15.98

KOERNER, RAY & GLOVER Red House 130 Lots More Blues, Rags & Hollers ● CD $15.98
Reissue of 1964 album which was a follow-up to their classic "Blues, Rags & Hollers" album plus five bonus tracks originally issued on the "The Blues Project" landmark album.

FRED KOLLER Alcazar 107 Songs From The Night Before ● CD $15.98

FRED KOLLER Alcazar 112 Where The Fast Lane Ends ● CD $15.98

LEO KOTTKE Chrysalis 21852 Essential Leo Kottke - Special 22 Track Collection ● CD $11.98
Kottke's voice isn't as bad as he once claimed (like "geese farts on a muggy day"). It's just not nearly as interesting to listen to as his guitar. This generous, 22-song compilation CD contains more than enough guitar picking to delight any Kottke enthusiast. Trouble is, there's also more than enough singing (I could swear he's channelling Pat Boone on the country ditty Julie's House). But let's stick to the guitar--Kottke's 12-string work is exquisite, even definitive. The four albums from which these cuts were selected were produced by various studio pros and the consistence and clarity are pleasant indeed. Kottke's technique is particularly mouth-watering on Airproofing and the almost Zulu-slide Part Two. A few cuts suffer from overproduction, but Kottke's irreverence and confidence suffuses all of them. Even if "essential" is too strong an adjective, "highly-enjoyable" isn't. (DC)

LEO KOTTKE Private Music 2025 Regards From Chuck Pink ● CD $11.98
This is space age-new age instrumental and synthesizer music. All the compositionbs are by Kottke and are varied. However, this is light music and is like a late Twentieth Century equivalent of the Nineteenth Century "light classical". It ain't deep but it ain't particularly disturbing either. ( DB)

LEO KOTTKE Private Music 2050 My Father's Face ● CD $11.98

LEO KOTTKE Private Music 82146 Standing In My Shoes ● CD $15.98
11 tracks, 39 min., recommended The latest from guitar wizard Kottke is a winner, offering instrumental workouts in a variety of tempos and moods and a few of his patented, limited-range vocals. Those vocals do take a bit of getting used to, I suppose, but they work for me. Program highlights include the title track, a vocal, plus a sitar-punctuated World Turning, a delightful vocal version of Corrina Corrina, rather in the same loping spirit as the version that Bob Dylan did on his first album back in 1961, Cripple Creek, a duet with none other than Chet Atkins on Twice, Across the Street, and Don't Call Me Ray. Otherwise: state-of-the-art sound quality, a sepia-toned photo of the artist on the cover, and liner notes confined to legalities and minimal production details. (DH)

LEO KOTTKE Rhino 72585 The Leo Kottke Anthology ● CD $29.98
2 discs, 37 tracks, 125 min., highly recommended A rock solid look at the 1969-1983 output of this splendid Minnesota acoustic guitarist and sometime vocalist. Disc one opens with four numbers from his Takoma debut LP entitled 6- and 12-String Guitar - The Driving of the Year Nail, Ojo, the original recording of Vaseline Machine Gun, and Busted Bicycle. Subsequent numbers on disc one move into Kottke's years with the Capitol label. Highlights include Cripple Creek, Eight Miles High, Tiny Island, In Christ There Is No East or West, and his delightful version, vocal and guitar, of Tom T. Hall's Pamela Brown. Disc two finishes out the Capitol years with Mona Ray, When Shrimps Learn to Whistle, The Scarlatti Rip-Off, and Open Country Joy - then covers the artist's years with the Chrysalis label through such numbers as Buckaroo, Airproofing, Endless Sleep, Embryonic Journey, Buddy Holly's Learning the Game, Sleep Walk, and Julie's House, featuring a particularly fine duet with Emmylou Harris. A fit companion to the double disc John Fahey retrospective that Rhino put out three years ago (Return of the Repressed, 71737), and even more proof positive that the steel stringed, bottle necked guitar can work as a pop music instrument. (DH)

LEO KOTTKE/ PETER LANG/ JOHN FAHEY Takoma 6502 Leo Kottke/ Peter Lang/ John Fahey ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 35 min., recommended The straightforward digital reissue of the identically-titled 1974 Takoma LP, the last of the great solo guitar albums put out by this venerable Berkeley, California label. On it, each of the three artists performs four blues/folk numbers. Kottke offers up Cripple Creek, Ice Miner, and Anyway. Lang performs St. Charles Shuffle, When Kings Come Home, and Thoth Song. And Fahey plays On the Sunny Side of the Ocean, Sunflower River Blues, and In Christ There Is No East or West. Stellar and sometimes meandering music, evocative of both an era and a generation, offered here with original front and back cover art, plus appreciative and informative 1996 liner notes by Dale Miller. (DH)
JOHN FAHEY: In Christ There Is No East Or West/ On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean/ Revolt Of The Dyke Brigade/ Sunflower River Blues/ LEO KOTTKE: Anyway/ Cripple Creek/ Ice Miner/ Red And White/ PETER LANG: As I Lay Sleeping/ St. Charles Shuffle/ Thoth Song/ When Kings Come Home

JOHN KRUTH Flying Fish 602 Banshee Mandolin ● CD $15.98

JIM KWESKIN & THE JUG BAND Vanguard VCD 13/14 Greatest Hits! ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 72 min., highly recommended An utterly delightful collection drawn from the four early to late 60's LPs of this authentic but irreverent New England folk aggregation. Led by Kweskin the group featured the stellar talents of Mel Lyman on harmonica; Geoff Muldaur on guitar, washboard, kazoo, and vocals; Geoff's soon-to-be wife, Maria D'Amato on fiddle and vocals; Bill Keith on banjo; and Fritz Richmond on washtub bass and, of course, jug. Featured selections include Jug Band Music, Somebody Stole My Gal, That's When I'll Come Back to You, Never Swat a Fly, Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me, the wonderfully deadpan Ukelele Lady, I'm a Woman, Morning Blues, Chevrolet, and Blues in the Bottle. Too much fun not to own. The exact reissue of the identically titled double LP from 1970, sadly with no liner notes at all here. (DH)

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