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JERRY GARCIA & DAVID GRISMAN Acoustic Disc 9 Not For Kids Only ● CD $15.98

BOB GIBSON Riverside 9909 Riverside Folklore Series 1 - Joy! Joy ! ● CD $16.98
27 tracks, 63 min., recommended A generous program of folk numbers from the dawn of the mid-century folk revival, recorded by a young Bob Gibson between 1956 and 1959. And like the music of many other late 50's and early 60's folksters, the selections and performances here are youthful, energetic, and generally optimistic. Highlights include Joy Joy, This Train, Abilene, Pastures of Plenty, Easy Rider, Titanic, Lula Gal, Drill Ye Tarriers, I Come for to Sing, Theres a Meeting Here Tonight, Alberta, and Mighty Day. A pleasing, upbeat, and rather polite program, from the days before folk music was driven by anti-Vietnam War and more general anti-establishment points of view, before it was socially unacceptable to be happy. (DH)

STEVE GILLETTE Vanguard VMD 79251 Steve Gillette ● CD $13.98
12 tracks, 36 min., highly recommended The digital reissue of Steve Gillette's one and only album, at least that I know of, originally issued in 1967. It's a particularly fine example of that small school of folk/rock in which the folk styling clearly predominates even with the expert and tasteful support of Bruce Langhorne's electric guitar. Program highlights include The Erlking, Back on the Street Again, You Don't Know Her Like I Do, the lovely Darcy Farrow, The Bells in the Evening, Molly and Tenbrooks, and Many the Times. Delightful story telling and lost love lamenting in largely self-penned numbers. It's an album well worth buying whether you've worn out your vinyl copy or you weren't even hip to it the first time around. (DH)

TEXAS GLADDEN Rounder 1800 Ballad Legacy ● CD $15.98
More gems from Alan Lomax. This collection features 37 tracks of this great Virginia singer - ballads, comic material, game songs, country songs, a ghost story and several interviews. Most of the material was recorded for the Library Of Congress in 1941 but the set also includes four sides from 1946 with Gladden accompanied by her brother Hobart Smith!

STEVE GOODMAN Buddah 99626 Somebody Else's Troubles ● CD $11.98

STEVE GOODMAN Red Pajamas 001 Artistic Hair ● CD $11.98

STEVE GOODMAN Red Pajamas 002 Affordable Art ● CD $11.98

STEVE GOODMAN Red Pajamas 005 Unfinished Business ● CD $11.98
A fine collection of 10 songs previously unreleased by this late, great Chicago singer/ songwriter. Goodman's recorded works spanned some 15 years and his humor and pleasant character were forever present in every musical style, be it the funky white boy blues, left of center folk musings or country homilies. There is no info about recording dates but my guess is the bulk of the material is from the early 80's and it's more or less evenly split between Steve and a backing band, which inc. Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (g) and 4 tunes recorded solo or with Jethro Burns adding mandolin, one from a radio broadcast with Jethro, and My Funny Valentine plus a very moving live version of Michael Smith's The Dutchman are the solo's inc. here. The songs Steve recorded in a band setting are divided between the obvious comedic vignettes - Millie Make Some Chili & Don't Get Sand In It and the more successful introspective & tender tunes In Real Life/ Whispering Man (co-written with Michael Smith) and Colorado Christmas. Highly recommended for any tied & true fan of Steve's, but if this is your first taste of Goodman I'd suggest the marvelous Santa Ana Winds (Red PJ's 003), his last gift before leaving us. (SG)

STEVE GOODMAN Red Pajamas 006 The Best Of The Asylum Years Vol. 1 ● CD $11.98
The main body of material on this retrospective is drawn from Steve's more commercial era, '76 through '79. Three songs each are pulled from "Words We Can Dance To", "Say It In Private", and "High And Outside" plus one song from "Jessie's Jig" from 1975 which is considered one of his best albums. Critically these LP's were never consistently satisfying, for the material was often hampered by schmaltzy production values. However there are some bright moments - The One That Got Away, Banana Republics, Hand It To You and Smokey Robinson's Two Lovers are solid enough.

STEVE GOODMAN Red Pajamas 007 The Best Of The Asylum Years, Vol. 2 ● CD $13.98
This Hotel Room/ My Old Man/ Door Number Three/ Spoon River and 8 more.

STEVE GOODMAN Red Pajamas 009 The Easter Tapes ● CD $12.98
19 tracks, 76 min., recommended In the mid-'70s, Goodman did some live shows for WNEW-FM in New York on dj Vin Scelsa's Easter morning show--it was a three year tradition. Scelsa taped the shows and then let the tapes deteriorate, but through magic and technology most of the stuff was saved. The performances range from Red Red Robin to Don't Fence Me In to Splish Splash to Rudolph The Red-Nosed (Easter) Reindeer to his own Somebody Else's Troubles and This Hotel Room. What comes across again and again is Goodman's musical genius, his disarming good nature, and the enormity of the loss that his death to leukemia in 1984 represents. (Track 20 is an unlisted free for all with David Amram and Goodman on Mama Don't Allow.) (JC)

JOHN GORKA Red House 18 I Know ● CD $15.98
Outstanding debut by this Pennsylvania folksinger and composer. His 12 songs reveal a maturity in lyric content and accompaniment that soon becomes a calming revelation with each spin on the turntable. His vocal timbre brings to mind Bill Staines but his inner rhythmic drive and strength of character is uplifting in its individuality. His acknowledged inspirations range from Ray Charles to Stan Rogers & Claudia Schmidt to Bill Withers. John has surrounded his superbly crafted tales of the heart with a fine ensemble of musicians. Firstly, there's the perfectly matched harmonies of Shawn Colvin & Lucy Kaplansky who take 7 songs by storm, pushing them to new heights. Guitarists Tim Pitt & Frank Christian team up with bassist and co-arranger Janice Kollar & Howie Wyeth(d) producing a tight foundation. There's a nice balance between ballads - I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair , Out Of My Mind & Down In The Milltown and the toe tappers, B.B. King Was Wrong (The Thrill Isn't Gone) & Downtown Tonight . This LP is a cause for celebration, bring on the next one. Kollar's production is top flight. Five stars. (SG)

NANCI GRIFFITH Philo 1097 There's A Light Beyond These Windows ● CD $15.98

DAVID GRISMAN Rounder 0190 David Grisman's Acoustic Christmas ● CD $15.98
11 carols and popular songs of Christmas performed by Grisman on mandolin & mandola accompanied by various musicians on recorders, fiddle, mandocello, guitar, bass, etc. - What Child Is This / The Christmas Song / We Wish You A Merry Christmas / Good Ki g Wenceslas, etc.

DAVID GRISMAN & TONY RICE Acoustic Disc 10 Tone Poems ● CD $17.98

DAVID GRISMAN & MARTIN TAYLOR Acoustic Disc 18 Tone Poems II ● CD $17.98

DAVID GRISMAN QUINTET Acoustic Disc 7 Dawgwood ● CD $15.98

THE DAVID GRISMAN QUINTET Acoustic Disc ACD 20 DGQ 20 ● CD $29.98
3 discs, 39 tracks, 215 minutes, highly recommended So what is "dawg" music? You could say it's a blend of bluegrass, pop, improvisational jazz, gypsy, Klezmer, or that it's "new acoustic music"..... but that wouldn't really describe it. I was a fan of the DGQ in the '70's and went to their performances around San Francisco at that time--but listening to this 20-year retrospective really showed me what I've been missing since then. I came back into contact with the band about four years ago when I was doing my first fund-raising on KPFA in Berkeley with David Gans, producer of the Dead to the World show. The DGQ were playing live in the studio, and we were doing everything we could to convince listeners to call in subscriptions to our community radio station. "How often do you get a chance to hear the David Grisman Quartet play live?" I asked. Gans interupted me and said, "that's Quintet, Sandy." "Ok," I addded,"For those of you who know the difference between a Quartet and a Qunitet, call 848-5732." We got lots of calls. But back to the DGQ-20 three CD set. The first disc (1976-1981) reminded me why I fell in love with the band in the first place. As I drove from Berkeley down to the peninsula listening to it, the second CD (1982-1988) made me fall in love all over again. I was continually amazed at the variation and originality from piece to piece, and I had to listen to cut 4, " Free Dawg Night" several times. This was the beginning of a "free jazz" session, resembling nothing that had been recorded by the DGQ before. "Steppin' With Stephane" dedicated to Mr. Grappelli, is also a jumpin' cut. The band gets pretty "out" around this time and you'll probably like it a lot. They certainly take the ensemble to places that it hasn't gone before. It's probably my favorite of the three discs. But then, the third CD (1989-1996) is so good that you forget you're listening to it. You know what I mean? It just completely becomes part of the room you're in and seems like it should have always been there. The members of the band have changed over the years, and many of them have become leaders on their own. People who have contributed to the genius of the group include Todd Phillips, Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Tony Rice, Andy Statman, Joe Craven, Jerry Garcia, Rob Wasserman, Stephane Grappelli, Vassar Clements, Kronos Quartet, Norton Buffalo, and on and on. Jazzin' With Jazzbeaux is a wonderful free-improv rap by Al "Jazzbeauz" Collins, now in his 70's and still going strong as one of America's great disc jockeys. Grisman used to tune in Jazzbeaux's famed show from the "Purple Grotto" in New York and was thrilled to meet him years later. This three CD set comes with a well-conceived booklet that gives details of each cut, personnel, dates, and many photos. A significant addition to any collection, these discs cross and blend many boundaries, creating new destinations all their own. ( SM)

STEFAN GROSSMAN Shanachie 97001 Love, Devils & Blues ● CD $15.98

STEFAN GROSSMAN Shanachie 97010 Guitar Landscapes ● CD $15.98

STEFAN GROSSMAN Shanachie 97013 Yazoo Basin Boogie ● CD $15.98

STEFAN GROSSMAN Shanachie 98001/2 How To Play Blues Guitar ● CD $15.98

STEFAN GROSSMAN Shanachie 98011/12 Black Melodies On A Clear Afternoon ● CD $15.98

ARLO GUTHRIE Koch 7949 Running Down The Road ● CD $11.98

ARLO GUTHRIE & PETE SEEGER Warner Bros. 3644 Precious Friend ● CD $25.98
2-CD set of 26 songs recorded in 1981, with Pretty Boy Floyd, Precious Friend, The Neutron Bomb, Wimoweh, Will The Circle be Unbroken, If I Had A Hammer, Amazing Grace.

WOODY GUTHRIE Rounder 1036 Columbia River Collection ● CD $15.98
In 1941 Woody Guthrie was commissioned by The Bonneville Power Administration to write songs for a film to promote public power and the Columbia River development. As part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the BPA this album has been compiled featuring 17 songs Woody wrote at that time - many of them from previously unissued acetates along with songs from his commercial Folkways Recordings. Songs include Oregon Trail/ New Found Land/ Roll Columbia, Roll/ Ramblin' Blues/ Hard Travelin'/ Jackhammer Blues/ Grand Coulee Dam/ Ramblin' Round/ End Of My Line, etc. Although Woody recorded many of the songs elsewhere some of these versions are different to the familiar ones. A valuable addition to the available recordings of this important artist. (FS)

WOODY GUTHRIE Rounder 1040 Dust Bowl Ballads ● CD $15.98
It's great to have this album available again after too long an absence. Originally recorded for RCA in 1940 and released on a series of 78s these recordings were made available as an RCA LP in 1964 but have been out of print for many years. These were Woody's first commercial recordings, he previously recorded for the Library Of Congress (soon to be reissued on Rounder too) and subsequently recorded for various Moe Asch labels. These feature Woody in his prime singing some of his most enduring songs about the inhabitants of the Oklahoma Dust Bowl - I Ain't Got No Home/ Vigilante Man/ Pretty Boy Floyd/ Blowin' Down This Road/ Do Re Mi/ Dusty Old Dust (So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh). It also includes Woody's remarkable Tom Joad, Parts 1 & 2 which was his 6 minute synopsis of John Steinbeck's great novel "Grapes Of Wrath" which Woody was inspired to write after seeing the movie based on the novel. Excellent sound and informative notes by Dr Guy Logsden. (FS)

WOODY GUTHRIE Rounder 1041/2/3 Library Of Congress Recordings ● CD $29.98
At last, the legendary 1940 recordings of Woody Guthrie, as interviewed by Alan Lomax, are available again. Released in 1964 by Elektra, this 3-CD set, full of Woody's reminiscences and ruminations, interspersed with his unprecedented, hard-hitting songs and his versions of American classics, spells out his "vision" in unsparing, but utterly compelling terms, demonstrating his true greatness. (JM)

WOODY GUTHRIE Smithsonian Folkways 40007 Woody Guthrie Sings Folk Songs ● CD $15.98
14 classics on this Folkways reissue (originally Folkways #2483). Hard Travellin'/John Henry/We Shall Be Free/Brown Eyes/Boll Weevil Blues/Will You Miss Me? with Leadbelly, Cisco Houston, Sonny Terry and Bess Hawes.

WOODY GUTHRIE Smithsonian Folkways 40025 Struggle ● CD $15.98
Reissue of 1976 album (Folkways 2485) issued on the two hundredth anniversary of the American Revolution featuring songs by Woody about the struggles of the American working man. Several of the songs were previously unissued prior to the release. Helping Woody on some cuts are Cisco Houston/ guitar & vocals and Sonny Terry/ harmonica. Songs include Struggle Blues/ Get Along Little Doggies/ Waiting At the Gate/ Union Burying Ground/ Buffalo Skinners/ Ludlow Masascre and others. (FS)

WOODY GUTHRIE Smithsonian Folkways 40046 Long Ways To Travel - Unreleased Folkways Masters ● CD $15.98
17 tracks, 55 min., recommended An invaluable addition to the canon of America's preeminent folk songwriter: various tracks originally recorded for the Folkways label, but rejected back then for a variety of minor reasons such as a forgotten line or a song's failure to fit into a projected album's theme. There is a previously unissued version of Hard Travelin' here, but most of the selections are much less well known: Farmer-Labor Train/ Harriet Tubman's Ballad/ Warden in the Sky, and Kissin' On. The program includes duets with Cisco Houston and Sonny Terry, musical accompaniment by those two plus Bess Lomax Hawes and Butch Hawes, and several brief narrations. Not all selections are complete. But so what? It's a lovingly presented collection, several years in the making, with surprisingly good sound, extensive liner notes, and several vintage photos. (DH)

WOODY GUTHRIE Smithsonian Folkways SF CD 40060 Ballads Of Sacco & Vanzetti ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 48 min., recommended The arrest, trial, appeals, and ultimate execution that are commemorated here collectively point to a dark chapter in American history, a time in the 20's when recent immigrants and the labor unions that they supported were deeply distrusted by many American citizens. In the hands of Woody Guthrie, the story of Sacco and Vanzetti is told from a sympathetic point of view, of course, and in the kind of specific detail for which some of the best of his work is known. Track titles include The Flood and the Storm, Two Good Men, I Just Want to Sing Your Name, Suasso's Lane, You Souls of Boston. The last track is Sacco's Letter to His Son, performed by Pete Seeger. Important topical music, composed and performed in 1946-1947 in response to a suggestion from Folkways founder Moses Asch, and offered here with a 24 page booklet that provides the necessary background information. (DH)

WOODY GUTHRIE Smithsonian Folkways 40100 The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1 - This Land Is Your Land ● CD $15.98

WOODY GUTHRIE Smithsonian Folkways 40101 The Asch Recordings, Vol. 2 - Muleskinner Blues ● CD $15.98
27 tracks from 1944 - 3 previously unissued.

WOODY GUTHRIE Smithsonian Folkways 40102 The Asch Recordings, Vol. 3 - Muleskinner Blues ● CD $15.98
27 tracks, 76 minutes, recommended Volume 3 of this series of recordings made by Moses Asch during the 1940's focuses on Guthrie's many topical songs referring to labor, social and political issues. Guthrie was passionate about the plight of the poor and downtrodden and his stinging use of humor and irony was never more clever or effective as in this material. Many of these songs document the lives of the displaced migrants and farmworkers of the Dust Bowl era, a life Guthrie knew first hand, as in Oregon Trail and Vigilante Man. Others refer to episodes of violence against the labor movement little known today, such as 1913 Massacre and Ludlow Massacre. Other ballads and talking blues touch on Saco and Vanzetti (Two Good Men), World War II (When the Yanks Go Marching In/ Sally Don't You Grieve), and a song written for Henry Wallace's 1948 presidential campaign (Farmer-Labor Train). The only known recording by Guthrie of his classic labor song Union Maid is also included. (DP)

WOODY GUTHRIE Smithsonian Folkways 40103 The Asch Recordings, Vol. 4 - Buffalo Skinners ● CD $15.98
26 tracks, 74 minutes, recommended The final volume of the series is comprised of material with a Western theme and includes Guthrie originals and well as his versions of various traditional songs. Cisco Houston and Sonny Terry accompany Guthrie on several numbers. Guthrie plays mandolin on these tunes and on the instrumental Cowboy Waltz he plays fiddle! This is not material usually associated with Guthrie, adding to the interest of these recordings. Traditional songs found here include Froggie Went a Courtin'/ Red River Valley/ Cocaine Blues/ Chisholm Trail/ Buffalo Gals, and I Ride an Old Paint; Guthrie originals include Pretty Boy Floyd, When the Curfew Blows, Fastest of Ponies, and others. All volumes of the series come with informative booklets that include annotations and personnel for each song. (DP)

WOODY GUTHRIE Smithsonian Folkways 45035 Songs To Grow On For Mother & Child ● CD $15.98
Drawn from two Folkways albums recorded in 1956, these simple but infectious songs are designed to be enjoyed by 4 to 6 year olds and their parents, and illustrate another side of Woody's innate genius for reaching people. These are by no means elaborate songs or nursery rhyme sagas; that is clear from the titles. Grassy Grassy Grass/ Swimmy Swim/ Rattle My Rattle/ Pick It Up and other songs are simple, rhythmic, and are concerned with the events and actions in a child's everyday life. The most famous song here Why, Oh, Why is about the young child's insatiable curiousity, and has been recorded many times. There are eighteen songs in all, and Woody's original notes explaining how the songs could be best enjoyed by parents and children alike. (RP)

WOODY GUTHRIE Smithsonian Folkways 45036 Nursery Days ● CD $15.98
A companion to Songs To Grow On For Mother And Child (#45035), this reissues 16 more Guthrie recordings from the Folkways catalog. Wake Up/ Riding In My Car/ Put Your Finger In The Air/ Race You Down The Mountain/ Sleep Eye/ Bubble Gum and more for the kiddie set.

WOODY GUTHRIE/LEADBELLY Smithsonian Folkways 40001 Folkways: The Original Vision ● CD $15.98

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