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JOHN FAHEY Rhino 71737 The Return Of The Repressed - The John Fahey Anthology ● CD $29.98
2 discs, 42 tracks, 148 min., recommended Ever eclectic, enigmatic, and, at least reputedly, egotistical, this genius of the acoustic guitar now has the apparent distinction of being thought of as at least one founder of "new age" music. A credit/charge, the liner notes herein assure us, that he resolutely denies. But then what does one call Fahey's music? Again the liner notes offer: "He was the first to demonstrate that the finger picking techniques of traditional country and blues steel-string guitar could be used to express . . . harmonies and melodies that you'd associate with Bartok, Charles Ives, or maybe the music of India." Whatever you choose to call it, the music of John Fahey is surely an indelible reminder of the artistic culture that developed in the 1960's - the influence of which continues to be felt. Disc one here focuses on the period from 1959 to 1967, with such characteristically-named numbers as Dance of the Inhabitants of the Palace of King Phillip XIV of Spain/ Revelation on the Banks of the Pawtuxent/ Night Train to Valhalla, and A Raga Called Pat - Part One. Disc two focuses on the late 60's through the early 90's, with The Yellow Princess/ The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith California/ Hawaiian Two Step/ Jaya Shiva Shankarah, and Summer Cat by My Door. And, make of it what you will, the last three tracks on disc two are Twilight Time/ Sea of Love, and Yes Jesus Loves Me. Analysis notwithstanding , this is delightful music, with the specific tracks well chosen by Rhino, informative and rather nostalgic liner notes by Barry Hansen a.k.a. Dr. Demento, and excellent sound quality. Highly recommended. (DH)

JOHN FAHEY Rounder 11503 Christmas Guitar ● CD $14.98

JOHN FAHEY Shanachie 97006 God, Time and Causality ● CD $14.98
Best John Fahey record in a long time - a return to form for the originator and master of "American Primitive Guitar" (his own tongue-in-cheek phrase.) Part of the reason for this is that here he re-interprets many of his themes from the '60s and early '70s (the original LPs on which they appeared are all long unavailable) and darn if they don't sound great! (I tell you..) No one is better suited for playing Fahey's music. His hypnotic and melancholy style long ago fused ragtime with the country blues, raga, tin pan alley, and classical, and if these days his playing has slightly less bite, he's still the only one doing it. Includes sheet music for 2 of the pieces. Includes Requiem for John Hurt/ Portland Cement Factory/ Steamboat 'Gwine Round the Bend/ Revelation, more. (RS)

JOHN FAHEY Takoma 6501 The Voice Of The Turtle ● CD $14.98
12 tracks, 40 min, essential Subtitled "The Fahey Picture Album" and accompanied by an impenetrable text of mythological liner notes, this 1968 reissue must stand as one of Fahey's most hilarious and maddening releases ever-- and also one of his best. Framed by mysterious gong echoes, the musical contents are basically a series of duets that use Fahey's unique reverence of early folk-blues guitar forms as a mere starting point. Accompanyists include Hubert Thomas on fiddle on Bill Cheatum, Nancy McLean on flute on Lewisdale Blues, Harmonica Ed on Je Ne Me Suis Reveillais Maitan Pas En May, and of course Fahey's mentor and alter-ego Blind Joe Death on Bottleneck Blues/Nine-Pound Hammer/Bean Vine Blues. Meanwhile, A Raga Called Pat, pts. III&IV/The Story Of Dorothy Gooch, pt. 1 experiment with found sounds and extended guitar playing in much the same way that would typify later albums like "Requia." Simultaneously accessible and enigmatic, Voice Of The Turtle is in every way a fully realized work, one that conclusively reveals Fahey's imaginative, paranoid wit alongside his singular guitar technique in a very rare musical world. (GDR)

JOHN FAHEY Takoma 6504 The Transfiguration Of Blind Joe Death ● CD $14.98
15 tracks, 39 min., recommended The digital reissue of Fahey's fifth album, reputed to be one of his most influential, originally released in the mid-60's. In it, his playing displays the by now well known, fluid mix of country blues, ragtime, and string band sounds, and cover art remains in the pompously sophomoric world of the pretended mythic bluesman/magician. Big deal. The music's good. Featured tracks include Beautiful Linda Getchell, Orinda-Moraga, I Am the Resurrection, My Station Will Be Changed After While, Brenda's Blues, Come Back Baby, Poor Boy, and St. Patrick's Hymn. Sound quality is above reproach. The cover, as you may have guessed by now, duplicates the original issue, and there are meaningful liner notes by both George Winston from 1996 and Samuel Charters from 1968. (DH)
JOHN FAHEY: 101 Is A Hard Road To Travel/ Beautiful Linda Getchell/ Bicycle Built For Two/ Brend'a Blues/ Come Back Baby/ I Am The Resurrection/ My Station Will Be Changed After A While/ Old Southern Medley/ On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean/ Orinda-moraga/ Poor Boy/ Saint Patrick''s Hymn/ Tell Her To Come Back Home/ The Death Of The Clayton Peacock

JOHN FAHEY Takoma 8901 The Legend Of Blind Joe Death ● CD $16.98
21 tracks, 75 min., recommended Now ironically considered one of the pioneers of the New Age sound, here is the founder of the Takoma label in his earliest incarnation as the made-up bluesman Joe Death. Fahey invented this persona for some of his first recordings in 1959. Those and other similar numbers from the early 60's make up this digital program. Those recordings include On Doing An Evil Deed Blues, Poor Boy Long Ways From Home, Uncloudy Day, Desperate Man Blues, two versions of Sligo River Blues, a ten and a half minute performance of The Transcendental Waterfall, and West Coast Blues. Interesting music from both a personal enjoyment and an historical perspective - at its best, bouncy and blues-derived - at its occasional worst, a bit labored and aimless. Nicely prepared for reissue by the good folks at Fantasy Records. (DH)

JOHN FAHEY Takoma 8903 America ● CD $16.98

JOHN FAHEY: Amazing Grace/ America/ And Then A Mosquito Came And Ate Up My Sweetheart/ Dalehart, Texas, 1967/ Dvorak/ Finale/ Jesus Is A Dying Bedmaker/ Knoxville Blues/ Mark 1:15/ Song #3/ Special Rider Blues/ The Waltz That Carried Us Away/ Voice Of The Turtle

JOHN FAHEY Takoma 8909 The Dance Of Death & Other Plantation Favorites ● CD $16.98
Reissue of 1964 Takoma album with 4 previously unissued tracks from the same session - Wine And Roses/ On The Banks Of Owchita/ What The Sand Said/ Poor Boy/ The Last Steam Engine Train/ Dance Of Death/ Daisy/ Steel Guitar Rag, etc.

JOHN FAHEY Takoma 8908 Death Chants, Breakdowns & Military Waltzes ● CD $16.98
CD issue of album considered by many Fahey fans to be his finest work. Two different versions, from different sessions, of the album were released in 1963 and 1967 and this CD features both versions.

JOHN FAHEY Vanguard VCD 55/56 The Essential John Fahey ● CD $15.98
13 tracks, 66 min., recommended A generous slice of this nimble-fingered, rather idiosyncratic guitarist's work from the late 60s into the early 70s, originally issued in this configuration on vinyl in 1974. It's all enjoyable material, but rather solemn and meandering, as is typical of Fahey. Among the fancifully named highlights are View (East from the Top of the Riggs Road/B & O Trestle)/ Dance of the Inhabitants of the Invisible City of Bladensburg/ Commemoration Transfiguration and Communion at Magruder Park and the more mundane Requiem for John Hurt. Fine sound, original cover art, but, sadly, no notes at all. (DH)

JOHN FAHEY Varrick 019 Rain Forests, Oceans & Other Themes ● CD $14.98

JOHN FAHEY Varrick 028 I Remember Blind Joe Death ● CD $14.98

JOHN FAHEY Varrick 31 Old Girlfriends And Other Horrible Memories ● CD $14.98
The first cut finds the primitive master in a supporting role (playing rhythm to producer Terry Robb's deliciously comfy Twilight Time), and we wonder - what's the deal? But without that sense of quirky surprise, John would be just another folk relic. Sea Of Love gives us the trademark hum-along simplicity, rolling rhythm and stark dissonance of classic Fahey. He raids musical Americana on Blueberry Hill/ A Rose And A Baby Ruth/ Don't, and the originals are well-crafted, often on par with his inspired early years on Takoma. And yet there is something fragile, even frail here, like rice paper compared to the rough-hewn woodiness of yesteryear. Thank you. (MB)

JOHN FAHEY Varrick 11503 Christmas Guitar ● CD $16.98
I believe this compiles Fahey's two Xmas records - anyway there are plenty of good eggnog-guzzling tunes and medleys (26 in all), including Silent Night/ Joy To The World/ Skater's Waltz/ Bells Of Saint Mary's/ Auld Lang Syne/ Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

MIMI & RICHARD FARINA Vanguard VCD 21/22 The Best Of Richard & Mimi Farina ● CD $15.98

RICHARD & MIMI FARINA Vanguard 79204 Reflections In A Crystal Wind ● CD $13.98

GLENDA FAYE Flying Fish 70432 Flatpickin' Favorites ● CD $14.98

FRANK FERREL Flying Fish 70572 Yankee Dreams ● CD $14.98

CATHY FINK Rounder 8013 When The Rain Comes Down ● CD $14.98
16 children's songs - old favorites and originals.

CATHY FINK Sugarhill 3783 Doggone My Time ● CD $15.98

CATHY FINK & MARCY MARXER Rounder 8031 A Parents Home Companion ● CD $14.98
10 tracks, 36 mins, very good. This is Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer's second album of children's songs. This time out the songs were chosen to reflect the parent's point of view and deal with such familiar situations as family car trips (Are we There Yet), kids tendency to reject their elder's values (Daughters of Feminists) and swearing (The F-Word Song). While not as interesting musically as Kathy Kallick's recent kids album, the songs are enjoyable and well chosen. This is thanks largely to the inclusion of very funny and wise material by Nancy White and Lou and Peter Berryman. I particularly enjoyed the Berrymans' Orange Cocoa Cake, which Fink and Marxer performed to enthusiastic reception at a recent Strawberry Festival. Many songs feature accompaniment by guitar or piano, several tunes receive a full band treatment. Listeners who enjoy this recording are encouraged to check out Nancy White's classic Momnipotent and the Berrymans recordings. (DP)

CATHY FINK & MARCY MARXER Sugarhill 3775 Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer ● CD $15.98

BROWNIE FORD Flying Fish 70559 Songs From Swamps, Mountains & Honkytonk ● CD $14.98

JOHN FORSTER Philo 1164 Entering Marion ● CD $14.98

JACKSON C. FRANK Mooncrest CRESTCD 021 Blues Run The Game ● CD $16.98
First CD release for 1965 album by cult folk singer/ songwriter plus five bonus unreleased songs from 1975.

BOB FRANKE Flying Fish 70495 Brief Histories ● CD $14.98

BOB FRANKE Flying Fish 70563 In This Night ● CD $14.98


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