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American Folk Music

Tony Bird -> Bob Brozman



TONY BIRD Philo 1135 Sorry Africa ● CD $14.98

NORMAN BLAKE Flying Fish 004 The Fields Of November / Old And New ● CD $14.98

NORMAN BLAKE Rounder 0012 Back Home In Sulphur Springs ● CD $14.98
CD issue of classic 1972 album - with Tut Taylor/ dobro.

NORMAN & NANCY BLAKE Rounder 11505 Norman & Nancy Blake ● CD $14.98
21 songs and tunes drawn from their various Rounder albums - Hello Stranger/ Marquis Of Huntley/ Jordan Am A Hard Road To Travel/ Elzic's Farewell/ Grand Junction/ President Garfield's Hornpipe/ Wrozall/ The Chrysanthemum/ Boston Boy/ Last Night's Joy, etc.

NORMAN & NANCY BLAKE Shanachie 6001 Just Gimme Somethin' I'm Used To ● CD $14.98
This aptly titled album contains thirteen sterling examples of this couple's deceptively artless approach to old time country music. Norman is one of the finest guitarists, fiddlers and singers of American folk. His wife Nancy accompanies on guitar and cello - the cello adds a stately undercurrent to the rustic feel of Norman's playing and singing approach. Included are such traditional numbers as the cowboy standard When The Work's All Done This Fall/ Mr. Garfield/ Wabash Cannonball/ I'd Rather Be An Old Time Christian, and the traditional English ballad Matty Groves. Great stuff - Norman and Nancy are among our foremost interpreters of traditional music from the American south. (RP)

NORMAN & NANCY BLAKE Shanachie 6012 While Passing Along This Way ● CD $14.98

NORMAN & NANCY BLAKE Shanachie 6020 The Hobo's Last Ride ● CD $14.98

RORY BLOCK Rounder 3073 Blue Horizon ● CD $14.98

RORY BLOCK Rounder 3097 I've got a Rock In My Sock ● CD $14.98

RORY BLOCK Rounder 3104 House Of Hearts ● CD $14.98

RORY BLOCK Rounder 3120 Ain't I A Woman ● CD $14.98

RORY BLOCK Rounder 11525 Best Blues And Originals ● CD $14.98
Selections from Rory's first four albums on Rounder - 20 tracks in all.

GINGER BOATWRIGHT Flying Fish 70550 Fertile Ground ● CD $14.98

BOILED IN LEAD Atomic Theory 1104 From The Ladle To The Grave ● CD $16.98

BOILED IN LEAD Omnium 2001 Old Lead ● CD $17.98
A 75-minute compilation of two mid-80s Boiled In Lead albums--Bold Ned and Hotheads, plus two extra tracks. Nice package, amusing liner notes, okay but derivative music. The early work of this Minnesota band sounds a bit earnest in its attempt to follow the Steeleye/Albion lead--energetic but still fishing for its own voice. The first half draws mostly from ballad chestnuts and the International Short List of Jigs and Reels, straight or given twists, mostly of the benzedrine-Morris variety. The second half fares somewhat better, having remixed the fiddle so it doesn't threaten to remove one's fillings. The only cut which matches the promise of the packaging panache and hints at the band's current concert popularity is a fine, over-the-top Sex Pistols reading of Gypsy Rover. Pogues fans are certain to like this. Others proceed with caution. (DC)

GORDON BOK Folk Legacy 112 Ensemble ● CD $14.98

GORDON BOK Folk Legacy 118 Return To The Land ● CD $14.98
17 tracks from folk guitarist/singer 1990

GORDON BOK Folk Legacy 1003 The First 15 Years Vol. I ● CD $14.98
Folk vocalists' favorites from first 6 recordings

GORDON BOK Folk Legacy 1004 The First 15 Years Vol. Ii ● CD $14.98
More favorites from first 6 recordings

GORDON BOK & ANN MAYO-MUIR Folk Legacy 116 And So Will We Yet ● CD $14.98
w. Ed Trickett

ROY BOOKBINDER Rounder 3107 Bookeroo ● CD $14.98

BRYAN BOWERS Flying Fish 037 The View From Home ● CD $14.98

BRYAN BOWERS Flying Fish 091 Home, Home On The Road ● CD $14.98

BRYAN BOWERS Flying Fish 313 By Heart ● CD $14.98

BRYAN BOWERS Flying Fish 524 For You ● CD $14.98

BILLY BRAGG & WILCO Elektra 62204 Mermaid Avenue ● CD $15.98
Fascinating project featuring 15 songs written by Woody Guthrie for which no music exists. New tunes were added by British folk-rocker Bragg and members of country-rock band Wilco who perform them here. Songs include Walt Whitman's Niece/ Way Over Yonder In the Minor Key/ Hoodoo Voodoo/ At My Window Sad & Lonely/ Christ For President, etc.

OSCAR BRAND Tradition TCD 1021 Pie In The Sky ● CD $9.98
16 tracks, 41 min., recommended The reissue of Brand's identically titled early 60's LP, which offers a program dedicated to satirical send-ups of society's foibles and of people who take themselves just a bit too seriously. Opening the program is Joe Hill's famous Pie in the Sky which parodies the hymn The Sweet Bye and Bye and its promise of the delivery of justice and peace in the hereafter. Talking Atom pokes fun at the pitfalls of man's discovery of atomic energy. Give My Regards takes aim at New York's onetime mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. The Dodger makes fun of the hypocrisy and pretentiousness that occasionally infects all of us. And A Dollar Ain't a Dollar Anymore offers the time-honored complaint that price increases inexorably precede any matching workers' wage increase. A delightful mix of often simultaneously timeless and dated material. The names may have changed, but the human frailties that are musically lampooned herein are surely still with us. (DH)

KATE BRISLIN & KATY MOFFATT Rounder 0374 Sleepless Nights ● CD $14.98
12 tracks, 41 min., good I admire the earlier work of both of these fine singers, but, in spite of the pronounced laudatory tone of the liner notes here, I find it hard to put this particular outing in the same league as the work of the Everly Brothers, the Louvin Brothers, or the Delmore Brothers. There is vocal sympathy between Brislin and Moffatt to be sure, but that subtle and almost complete union that family duets seem best able to achieve eludes them. The program itself pays homage to their predecessors. The title track and So Sad come from the Everly Brothers' repertoire, and I Wish It Had Been a Dream, Every Time You Leave, Childish Love, and You're Learning are Louvin Brothers' numbers. A good program for steady fans perhaps, but not a great way to begin an experience with either Kate or Katy. (DH)

DAVID BROMBERG Columbia CK 34467 The Best Of / Out Of The Blue ● CD $11.98
CD issue of 1977 album featuring 10 tracks from his various 70s albums - The Hold Up/ The Joke's On Me/ The New Lee Highway Blues/ Kansas City/ (What A) Wonderful World, etc.

DAVID BROMBERG Fantasy 7705 How Late'll Ya Play 'Til? - Vol. 2: Studio ● CD $14.98
The original 2-LP release of How Late'll Ya Play 'Til has been split up between 2 CD's for reissue. The live set contains Sloppy Drunk, Sweet Home Chicago, Such A Night and five more long cuts. The studio sessions include Idol With The Golden Head, Nashville Again, Danger Man II, Get Up And Go/Fiddle Tunes and ten more.

DAVID BROMBERG Fantasy 24752 My Own House/ You Should See The Rest Of The Band ● CD $16.98
Recommended Bromberg's 2 LPs from 1979, together on this disc, couldn't be more different. HOUSE is acoustic & mainly solo, with Bromberg doing everything from medlies of reels (Hangman's Reel) & old timey numbers (Possum Up A Gum Tree) to country blues (Cocaine Blues) to To Know Her Is To Love Her. YOU SHOULD SEE has Bromberg & his large band, complete with fiddles & horn section and Garth Hudson guesting on accordion and organ on a couple of cuts.The romp out live with a medley of reels (Teetotaler's Reel), old timey numbers (Yankee's Revenge), blues (Key To The Highway) & Bromberg's classic tale, the 10 minute saga of Sharon, the hoochie dancer (Sharon/what do you do to these men?/Well the same rowdy crowd that was here last night is back again) (GM)

DAVID BROMBERG Rounder 3110 Sideman Serenade ● CD $14.98

GREG BROWN Red House 01 The Iowa Waltz ● CD $14.98

GREG BROWN Red House 08 In The Dark With You ● CD $14.98

GREG BROWN Red House 14 Songs Of Innocence And Experience ● CD $14.98
This is singer-songwriter Brown's fifth album, & his first of non-original material. It's a concept album featuring Greg's interpretation of 18th century poems by William Blake. The music he has composed for this special labor of love is similar in ton & complexity with his past work, so it is not quite the radical departure in style that it might appear to be. His partner in crime Lane Moore is again at his side adding colorful splashes of panpipes, harmonica, & button accordion. Also helping out this time are two masters of the violin - Michael Doucet & Peter Ostroushko, who also doubles on mandolin. If you have never heard Greg sing, you are missing one of the most original & unique voices recording today. Not only is he a monster of the acoustic guitar, but he can also spin a yarn & keep you in stitches for hours. Only a master storyteller the calibre of Greg Brown would attempt to tackle such an adventurous undertaking & be able to pull it off. The album is divided neatly - Side One begins with "Songs of Innocence," and includes Infant Joy / The Chimney Sweeper , and The Echoing Green. "Songs of Experience" is the theme for Side Two, and it features The Tyger / The Angel, and The Little Vagabond. Highest recommendation. 

GREG BROWN Red House 23 One More Goodnight Kiss ● CD $14.98
This is singer/ songwriter & storyteller extraordinaire Brown's sixth album. Kiss will no doubt garner Greg a new batch of devoted fans because this is his best album yet. Brown's grasp of the fragile human condition coupled with his sense of humor and his subtle appreciation for life's simple pleasures like Grandma's Canned Goods combine for a multidimensional & sublimely enlightning look at Americana as in Our Little Town . Another strong suit of Greg's is his perceptive and endearing look at children's fresh outlook on life, Walking Down To Casey's . Brown is equally adept at describing the various phases of a romantic relationship with all its complexities - Cheapest Kind , I Can't Get Used To It and the title tune. Those familiar with Greg's material will probably recognize his Rooty Toot Toot For The Moon , often covered but never fully realized until now. Kiss is superbly embellished by Radoslav Lorkovic's flowing piano work. As usual each of Greg's song stories is given the perfect arrangement & instrumental backing. Certainly Brown is headed for a larger audience and to the upper reaches of my Top 10 list for '88. (SG)

GREG BROWN Red House 28 One Big Town ● CD $14.98

BOB BROZMAN Kicking Mule 3905 Blue Hula Stomp ● CD $14.98
13 tracks, 41 min., recommended The digital reissue of Brozman's identically-titled LP from 1981, a musical celebration of this one-time Santa Cruz, California street musician's love of the National Steel guitar and the music of the 1920's. It was the artist's announced intention to broaden the stylistic range of his chosen instrument, in pursuit of which he mixes the devices of several traditions including those indicated in the disc title here. He even sings on several tracks. Highlights include C Stomp Blues, Hilo March, Do You Call That a Buddy?, Chili Blues, Paauau Waltz, Hano Hano Hanalei, and the title track. Quirky music to be sure, but also undeniably fun, interesting, and influential as well. Reissued here with original cover art and original notes. (DH)
BOB BROZMAN: Agogostein's Lament/ Blue Hula Stomp/ Body And Soul/ C Stomp Blues/ Chili Blues/ Do You Call That A Buddy?/ Hano Hano Hanlei/ Hilo Hula/ Hilo March/ Paauau Waltz/ Short Man's Vindication/ Ukulele Spaghetti/ Wasting My Love On You

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