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DAVE ALVIN Hightone 8122 Public Domain ● CD $15.98
New album by this popular performer is a collection of traditional songs from both the white and black traditions - Shenandoah/ A Short Life Of Trouble/ Engine 143/ Dark Eye/ Walk Right In/ Murder Of The Lawson family/ Railroad Bill/ Mama, Ain't Long For Day/ Sign Of Judgement, etc.

THE ARMSTRONG FAMILY Flying Fish 594 Wheel Of The Year ● CD $15.98

AZTEC TWO-STEP Flying Fish 505 See It Was Like This ● CD $15.98

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard 113/14 In Concert ● CD $15.98

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard 125/27 Rare, Live & Classic ● CD $45.98
3 discs, 60 tracks, 213 min., recommended
A solid overview of the long career of this lovely and strong-willed singer/ activist/ pacifist, beginning in 1958 with several "unauthorized" recordings and ending in 1989 with her convictions apparently still intact. The set includes numerous previously unreleased and privately recorded numbers, with previously issued numbers drawn from the Fantasy, Veritas, Vanguard, Columbia, A&M, Portrait, Ariola, and Gold Castle labels. Among the many highlight performances are recordings from her late 50's days in the clubs near Harvard University and later duets with Eric Von Schmidt, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Mimi Faria, Jeff Shurtleff, and Odetta. Specific titles include Careless Love (1959), Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream (1962), Troubled and I Don't Know Why (1963), Colours (1965), I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger (1969), The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (1971), Gracias a la Vida (1974), Honest Lullaby (1979), Forever Young (1982), and Speaking of Dreams (1989). A delightful collection from start to finish, sprinkled with unexpected gems, featuring excellent sound once you get past the numbers from the 50s, and a 32 page booklet with loads of pictures of the artist as a young woman and her first person notes on each of the songs. (DH)

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard 79594 Joan Baez ● CD $15.98
Newly remastered reissue of Joan's first album from 1960 with two previously unissued songs Maid Of Constant Sorrow and I Know You Rider and a previously unreleased verse on John Riley. Pacakged in a slipcase with new artwork and liner notes as well as replicas of the original album art and liner notes.

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard 79595 Joan Baez, Volume 2 ● CD $15.98
Joan's second album from 1961 with two previously unissued songs - Copper Kettle and Once I Loved A Boy.

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard VCD 6560/1 The First Ten Years ● CD $15.98
Equivalent to Vanguard 2-LP set.

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard 6570 Blessed Are... ● CD $21.98
Two CD set.
JOAN BAEZ: Angeline/ Fifteen Months/ Gabriel And Me/ Heaven Help Us All/ Help Me Make It Through The Night/ Last, Lonely & Wretched/ Let It Be/ Lincoln Freed Me Today/ Maria Dolores/ Milanese Waltz/ Marie Flore/ Outside The Nashville City Limits/ Plane Wreck At Los Gatos/ Put Your Hand In The Hand/ San Francisco Mabel Joy/ The 33rd Of August/ The Brand New Tennessee Waltz/ The Hitchhiker's Song/ The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down/ The Salt Of The Earth/ Three Horses/ When Time Is Stolen

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard 77015 Live At Newport ● CD $15.98
17 tracks, 65 min., recommended These performances come from the 1963 through 1965 Newport Folk Festivals, a time during which Joan Baez was securely ensconced as America's reigning folk queen. And her repertoire here covers both her early Child Ballad stage and her later enigmatic-songs-of-Bob-Dylan stage. Solo numbers include Farewell Angelina, Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens, Long Black Veil, Te Ador/Te Manha, and Johnny Cuckoo. Feature duets include Lonesome Valley with Mary Travers, Hush Little Baby with Peter Yarrow, and, the highlights for me, both It Ain't Me Babe and With God on Our Side with Bob Dylan. Vintage, vibrato-laden folk music, tied to its era as securely as doo-wop is tied to the 50's. Sound quality, notes, and photos are all first class. (DH)

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard VMD 79160 Joan Baez 5 ● CD $13.98
JOAN BAEZ: Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 Aria/ Birmingham Sunday/ Go 'way From My Window/ I Still Miss Someone/ It Ain't Me Babe/ O'cangaceiro/ So We'll Go No More A-roving/ Stewball/ The Death Of Queen Jane/ The Unquiet Grave (child No.78)/ There But For Fortune/ When You Hear Them Cuckoos Hollerin'

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard VCD 79200 Farewell Angelina ● CD $13.98

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard VMD 79230 Noel ● CD $13.98

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard VMD 79240 Joan ● CD $13.98
JOAN BAEZ: Annabel Lee/ Be Not Too Hard/ Children Of Darkness/ Dangling Conversation/ Eleanor Rigby/ If You Were A Carpenter/ La Colombe/ North/ Saigon Bride/ The Dove/ The Greenwood Side/ The Lady Came From Baltimore/ Turquoise

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard VCD 79306 Any Day Now/ Songs Of Bob Dylan ● CD $15.98

JOAN BAEZ Vanguard VCD 79332 Hits/ Greatest & Others ● CD $13.98

DUCK BAKER Shanachie 98005 Art Of Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar ● CD $15.98

BALL AND SULTAN Flying Fish 619 Filthy Rich ● CD $15.98

RUSS BARENBERG Rounder 0249 Moving Pictures ● CD $15.98

RUSS BARENBERG Rounder 11534 Halloween Rehearsal ● CD $15.98

SISTER R. MILDRED BARKER & OTHERS Rounder 0078 Early Shaker Spirituals ● CD $15.98
40 songs, 51 minutes, essential A remarkable sampler of the music heritage left us by the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing -- the "two-hundred-year-old millenarian, celibate, communistic sect" known as the Shakers. Calling these songs "spirituals" hardly does the genre justice; these songs are the spiritual bridge between a devout community and its rapturous communion with the Holy Spirit. Sung artlessly, unadorned with harmonies or instrumental accompaniments, solo or unison choral, this is religious experience so pure you can almost see the angels as you listen. Sister Mildred Barker, who sings on nearly all these recordings (made between 1963 and 1976), came to live in the Shaker community in Alfred, ME in 1903 at the age of seven, following her father's death. She has in her own repertoire preserved more than two hundred of the perhaps ten thousand Shaker songs of which we have written record. There is a delightful subtext to many of her songs, a love of Holy Mother Wisdom whose spiritual daughters gave these songs to the Shaker community in their raptures; Mother seems very close, and loving, in these, and gives the notion of daughterhood a whole new dimension. Beautiful 36-page booklet with notes by Daniel W. Patterson, who produced this astonishing disc; song transcripts are well annotated and there are some wonderful and evocative photographs. (NSN)

ROBBIE BASHO Takoma 8902 Guitar Soli ● CD $15.98
11 tracks, 78 min., recommended Of the three guitarists to first record for John Fahey's Takoma Records, including Fahey himself and Leo Kotke, Robbie Basho was certainly the least commercially successful. To non-initiates, his music could seem meandering and interminable at first. But his fans, including influential New Age guitarists, find beauty in his rambling, Eastern-influenced numbers. Featured numbers here include Seal of the Blue Lotus, Dravidian Sunday, The Dharma Prince, Oriental Love Song, Sansara in Sweetness After Sandstorm, Salangadou, and Chung Mei - The Chinese Orchid. Artsy music to be sure, capable of being meditative, serene, and passionate. Reminiscent to me at least of Berkeley in the 60's. (DH)
ROBBIE BASHO: Chung Mei- The Chinese Orchid/ Dravidian Sunday/ Mountain Man's Farewell/ Oriental Love Song/ Salangadou/ Sansara In Sweetness After Sandstorm/ Seal Of The Blue Lotus/ Street Dakini/ The Dharma Prince/ The Golden Shamrock/ The Grail And The Lotus

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